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Atlantic Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 May 2008






Kelp is a creature created and raised by the ruler of the Atlantic Kingdom, King Dolphin.

This creature was produced using the recombinant DNA of Ningren specie #58 and that of...kelp.  Initially, the experiment only yielded a giant kelp grove that grew at a 500% rate, but on the 3rd of May 1991, King Dolphin discovered a Kelp cocoon amidst the tangle of kelp. Months later, 58X001-3-5-91 was born.


Kelp grew at a monstrous rate and had the mentality of a baby animal upon birth.  King Dolphin and his scientists took the time to raise and train it, but not without expense.  In 1998, Kelp had a 'temper tantrum' and destroyed nearly half of the Atlantis Cloning labs in the process, along with killing over 50 Ningren and Atlantic Kingdom citizens.


Kelp's rudimentary and slow understanding of things sadly puts it at a 1st grade reading and writing level even to this day. It does, however, understand verbal and hand signal commands with quick, automatic reactions.  It is learning more every day, but when it gets 'overstimulated' with learning, it tends to lash out, killing and destroying until it is subdued or calmed down.


Today, Kelp is still a member of the Atlantic Guard and has been treated equally as a mascot, a child of the family...and especially as a weapon against their enemies. It is highly protective of its fellow Atlantic Guard members and considers and worships King Dolphin as his 'Creator'.  It has little independent thought and rarely operates without others.  It tends to stay close to Atlantis, however, it is more than happy to perform and please his fellow Atlantic Guard members of King Dolphin by performing any mission it is sent to - even if it means killing itself in the process.




Power Origin: Science


  • Kelp Creation

    • Can create Kelp growths and tangles from seeds it has planted all over its plant-like body.

    • He can cause the Kelp to grow at a 500% to 5000% rate, depending on the amount of Kelp that is needs to grow

    • Maximum volume that Kelp can grow is 50 square feet per second to a maximum mass of 5 square miles.

    • Can only grow kelp plants that are within 50 yards of his location.

    • Kelp enacts as a poor plant-like material strength and can perform poor-level holds on people and things, however, as the mass of the kelp is increased, the kelp plants can impart the equivocal of an incredibly strong hold and strength, enough to immobilize and/or hold Aircraft Carriers, Oil Tankers and submarines in place.

    • Kelp tangle can also limit visual distance for viewing things to mere inches from one's eyes, severely decreasing a victim's perception and intuition, thus allowing stealth attack through the kelp (whether advantageous or not).

  • Kelp Body & Enhancements

    • Retains amazing strength and unearthly endurance in this form.

    • Provides good protections from all forms of damage except heat, cold and magic

    • Has an innate healing system that provides amazing levels of healing, regrowth and recovery.

    • All severed or removed limbs and body parts can be regrown

    • Body can be regenerated back from ANY single seed that isn't destroyed from its body (King Dolphin also has multiple seed copies in his own labs in multiple locations to 'regrow' Kelp if need be).

    • Can see through the pitch darkness of night and in the deep depths of the ocean

    • Can withstand pressures down to 10,000 feet bsl

    • Cannot withstand sustained temperatures below -10 degrees (plants/body/seeds begin to die)

    • It breathes both air and water, with no diminishing results


  • Environmental Awareness

    • Anything swimming within the grove of kelp that Kelp creates/grow/produces, it can sense at an unearthly level even the feeblest movements in and amongst the kelp plants, alerting Kelp of beings/things inside the kelp grove, much like a fly caught in a spider's web​

  • Prehensile Tail

    • Has remarkable strength unto itself

    • Used as a battering ram or to hold something or someone with

  • Flight (Wings)

    • Has large retractable wings that allow it to fly up to 70 mph at a max altitude of 1,000 feet

    • Looses 15% of it speed and altitude for every extra 400 lbs of weight it carries

  • Hyper-Swimming

    • Can swim up to speeds of 40 knots in the water

    • Can run up to speeds of 33 mph out of the water


  • Speaking

    • It has no vocal cords but tries to form sounds or words.  It relies primarily on sign language to communicate.

  • Moisture

    • If her body doesn't receive at least 100 cups of water every 10 hours, its plant-like kelp body will begin to wither and rot at an endurance rank per hour until it dies. It's powers are also affected at the same rate.

  • Vulnerability to Heat and cold

    • Hot and/or cold temperate damage is 2x more damaging to Kelp.



  • Chest/Shoulder armor

    • Provides an additional remarkable chest/back and shoulder protection from all forms of damage including magic.

  • Headpiece

    • Eye Protection

      • Provides protection from sunlight while above water; sunlight can cause a momentary blindness unless the eye protection is worn.

      • Made of amazing-ranked material.

    • Mouth piece

      • Allows Kelp to vocalize better and amplify its whispered voice so that others can hear it

      • Also acts as storage for water to help prevent it from drying out if in an arid location

    • Ear Wig

      • Atlantic Kingdom encrypted communications transceiver

      • Range of 200 miles bsl

      • Range of 50 miles asl



  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Fighting: Melee - wrestling (professional)

  • Kelp Growth and Control (master)

  • Education - 1st grade level

  • Languages: English, Ningren (proficient)

  • Sign Language (master)

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