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Warlord Krellar

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30 (60 in human years)










Goldia (wife, deceased)

Roson (son, deceased)

Antira (daughter, deceased)

General Krellar, 11X001-1-4-95

Atlantic Kingdom



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Jan 2019




Krellar was created as an enhanced, bio-engineered creature based on the recombinant DNA of Ningren specie #11.  It was born in the Atlantic Kingdom's capitol, Atlantis, in Lab 1 on 1 April 1995. This particular Ningren 11X001-1-4-95, was specially created by King Dolphin to be a larger, more powerful Ningren than any before it (and after it, for that matter).

From its infancy, 11X001-1-4-95 proved it was a fighter.  It killed three other Ningren clones before 11X001-1-4-95 could even walk.  Rather than have it killed, King Dolphin studied it to study how it would progress.  After the first few years of it learning that outright murder was bad, it began to develop tactics to 'win' against anything it saw as a threat, either by creating booby traps that would kill his victims without the finger being pointed back to 11X001-1-4-95, or create 'incidents' that would cause the targeted victim to relent or become submissive.  Regardless, it was a being that knew how to win against its chosen enemy.  

At one point, upon its graduation to the Ningren Army, it killed its training commander for being too 'lenient' with the training division.  As King Dolphin was about to order the death of 11X001-1-4-95, who had now taken the name "Krellar", the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January 2000, including two Atlantic Kingdom cities, Clanoch and Neptunis.  When the Atlantic Kingdom's armies went to fight off the Soltans, a Ningren Military Engineer named "Zargyl" needed time to errect a 'web of defense' system to keep the Soltans from the cities; as such Zargyl demanded that the Ningren Warriors do what they could to stave off the Soltans until the web was erected. Krellar's new commander decided against a frontal attack, and instead went to defensive, making it more difficult for Zargyl and his fellow engineers to place the web defense equipment.   That's when Krellar took command.

Krellar ordered the troops to rally around him to create a 'wedge' attack against the Soltans to aid Zargyl's efforts.  Initially, the warriors were confused who to follow, but with a rousing speech by Krellar, and a weak response by the commander, the troops rallied to Krrellar's side and executed an incredible offensive against the Soltans. Three Ningren warriors died for every Soltan, but the assault was powerful enough to push back the Soltans to defend their own ships, allowing for Zargyl to place his web of defense and activate it. As a result, the web of defense kept the Soltans at bay for over three months, saving the cities and the kingdom's citizens at least for a few months, all thanks to both Krellar and Zargyl.  Sadly for Krellar, there were repercussions to his actions against his commander.

Immediately after the Clanoch and Neptunis were secured against the Soltans, Krellar was brought up on charges by the Kingdom's military tribunal, one of the first ever performed in the kingdom.  King Dolphin watched the proceedings, but was too concerned with heading up the cloning labs to rebuild his forces, rather than worry about one psychotic warrior's future.

The tribunal demanded Krellar be jailed for his insubordination and beaten daily to understand the severity of his actions.  Krellar fought over a dozen guards until they had to drug Krellar to take him to his high security cell.  Thereafter, Krellar was bound and shackled and tortured daily.  It wasn't until Clanoch and Neptunis fell months later to the Soltans that Krellar was brought back before the tribunal for 'remediation'.  Krellar's 'remediation' was to drive a suicide craft laddened with explosives into one of the Soltans enormous battleships.  Krellar agreed to it (again with King Dolphin watching from monitors over the proceedings) but asked for a blade or sword that he could use to kill himself with should he not die in the assault for some reason.  As requested, Krellar was given the blade, and old energy sword that no one could wield because it was too large and clumsy.  To Krellar, it was the perfect size for his massive hands, and accepted the equivocal 'Harikari' sword.

On the day of the suicide attack against the Soltan battleship, Krellar did indeed drive the suicide craft into the battleship's bridge and kill all on the Soltan battleship's command deck, but instead of dying in the attack, Krellar escaped the craft and instead went into the ship and commenced a one-Ningren kill-fest against all the Soltans aboard the battleship.  Hours after the suicide attack, the Ningren warrior commanders had their troops swarm the grounded, sunken battleship to fight the troops inside, only to see Krellar exit the ship, bloodied, cut, beaten...and victorious.  Krellar killed every single Soltan on the battleship, numbering close to a thousand Soltan troops.  After seeing the results of Krellar's actions, all of the Ningren warriors, including dozens of commanders, knelt to Krellar and swore allegiance to their new military Ningren Warrior Commander.  King Dolphin, not liking the fact that Krellar was about to take over the entire military against King Dolphin's own plans, was ready to remotely kill Krellar through Krellar's implanted synaptic disintegration device that King Dolphin had fitted into every singe Ningren, when Krellar himself knelt, lifted his head up and humbly called for King Dolphin to respond on whether he was worthy enough, or should die for his own insolence.

King Dolphin stayed Krellar's synaptic execution, and instead swam to the site and formally promoted Krellar as the first new Task Force Commander for the Atlantic Kingdom.

Krellar, in his new role, was able to amass the necessary troops he needed and with them and new weapons created by the Science Academy, was able to take the fight to the Soltans.  As a result, Clanoch and Neptunis were liberated from the Soltans.  Three months before the Soltans retreated to Mars in force, the Atlantic Kingdom had stopped the Soltans, preventing them from returning and, as stated, ended the Soltan Invasion's three months before the surface world was able to do the same.  Krellar, as a result of his efforts in saving the Atlantic Kingdom in his brilliant yet aggressive assaults, was promoted to General Krellar immediately thereafter.

Over the next decade or so, General Krellar built up the kingdom's defenses, doubled the military cloning rate and trained his troops to be more aggressive and assertive.  As a result, every single nation on Earth that attempted to usurp the Atlantic Kingdom was met with abject failure against General Krellar and the kingdom's military forces and defenses.  During one such incident, Krellar's family was killed by a unwitting United States fishing vessel, when his family got caught in the fishing nets and were drowned.  Krellar sunk the ship and mercilessly sliced and mutilated each crew member, hacking them all to death in his anger. To this day, the ship,  "S.S. Nantucket Knolls", is still believed to have sunk in a storm instead.


Although angry with the United States over the death of his family, Krellar has, as usual, found ways to make the United States look more like an enemy and an aggressor to the Atlantic Kingdom (and King Dolphin), than not.  Regardless, after years of exceptional service, General Krellar was finally promoted to the top Royal Court position for the the military - Warlord.

Today, Warlord Krellar is in charge of all military forces and defenses for the Atlantic Kingdom.  He answers to his old friend, Zargyl, who has now been promoted as Viceroy Zargyl, and of course to the kingdom's soverign, King Dolphin himself.  Warlord Krellar is still as strong and powerful as he was decades before and through his actions, has the entire Atlantic Kingdom's military in awe of their warlord's incredible abilities and leadership.  Krellar continues to obey King Dolphin (since Krellar, as well as every other cloned Ningren was bio-engineered to follow King Dolphin's orders since inception), and considers his role as not only the protector of the Atlantic Kingdom, but as the most dangerous Atlantean anyone could face should others chose to attack or mess with the Atlantic Kingdom and its citizens.




Power Origin: Mutant (with Science (cloned))


Bio-Enhanced Ningren Clone Experiment

  • Body Armor

    • Skin provides good protection against all forms of attack except magic.

  • Strength

    • Capable of incredible feats of strength, capable of lifting over a ton.

  • Endurance

    • Amazing level of endurance; only needs to sleep for 1 hour a day (24-hour cycle).

  • Senses

    • His hearing, sight and perception is over 3 times more than any standard humans.

    • Can see in the darkness of deep oceans and seas (3x visibility)

  • Illuminated Antennae

    • Antennae have glowing ends providing feeble lighting upon demand

  • Sharp Teeth

    • Can penetrate remarkably strong materials such as aluminum, iron and some stone types.

  • Hyper-Swimming (under water)

    • Can swim up to speeds of 60 mph (52 knots)

    • Can swim down to 67,000 feet below sea level

  • Hyper-Leaping (above water)

    • Can leap over 400 yards in a single bound

  • Running (above water)

    • Can run up to 60 mph (only at max speed for 2 hours)


Must be immerse in water (or wear a damp body/moisture suit) every 20 hours or be at the risk of losing a level of endurance each 20 hours. When endurance drop to lowest level, he goes into shock for 5 minutes before dying (has 5 minutes to get water to him to stabilize for the next 2 hours)



  • Armor

    • Wear protective body armor (and sometimes a helmet) that provides an additional remarkable level of protection against all forms of attack, including magic.

    • Contains a moisture 'drip' seepage system to keep his skin wet (see 'Limitations' in Powers); contains enough water for 2 weeks

  • Energy Sword - "Solta's Bane"

    • Made of fantastic strength material

    • Energy blade had a 3 day charge

    • Blade can slice through any material up to unearthly levels, but requires the proper weapon bearer's strength to penetrate/exert upon the material.

    • Sword's hilt is the original one Krellar used during the Soltan Invasion of 2000, but its electronics and battery chamber have been SEVERELY upgraded since then.

  • Communications​

    • Can talk and receive communications from hundreds of encrypted frequencies from each and every city, village, military outpost, Oceania and Ningren Commanders, was well as critical Royal Court personnel.​

    • Has ability to monitor several dozen national military frequencies (most nations don't know he's decrypted their codes), to include Spain and Ireland.



  • Leadership (Master)

  • Military Tactics (Master)

  • Strategic Military Operations (Master)

  • Aquatic Combat Tactics (Master)

  • Psychology (Master)

  • Intuition (+2)

  • Military Undersea Vehicles (Professional)

  • Military and Technological Weaponry (Master)

  • Communications (Professional)

  • Military construction (Proficient)

  • Aerial combat (Proficient)

  • Government/Politics (Professional)

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