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Ebony Eel

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Karen Edwards


British (presumed dead)/Atlantean/Villain


22 before change








Karen 'o the Channel

Atlantic Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

8 Jan 2009


Candice Edwards (Mother)

Jeffrey Edwards (Father, deceased)

Byron Edwards (younger brother)




Karen Edwards was a young British marathon swimmer who was in training for the next Olympic Women's Decathlon.  She 'd already earned the world record for swimming the English Channel, but was looking to break even that record. As she was attempting her fourth crossing that month, halfway across the channel, she disappeared below the waves andn in front of her trainer who was following Karen in a boat.  Karen was never seen least, not as Karen Edwards, but instead only as Ebony Eel.

Karren had been kidnapped by a rogue Ningren,  which was a scientifically enhanced and cloned sea creature. Karen's drowned body was brought to the Atlantic Kingdom's ruler, Dr. Dolph, otherwise known as the ersatz "King Dolphin" of the Atlantic Kingdom.  King Dolphin immediately killed the Ningren for the abduction, stating the cardinal rule that only humans at or near death were to be adbucted for his experiments, not drowned or killed as part of the abduction.  Sadly, the Ningren that abducted Karen didn't understand that rule, and instead abducted Karen while she was in perfect health, but, thanks to the Ningren basically drowning Karen while swimming Karen to King Dolphin, she died along the way.  King Dolphin made an attempt to revive Karen and succeeded in restoring her body to life, but with the oxygen depredation to Karen's brain for so long, Karen was basically alive, yet officially brain dead.


King Dolphin spend the next two weeks working feverishly to perform what experiments he could on her brain to try to either restart it or give her new brain functions with rewired synaptic connections.  In the end, he had to use the DNA of an American Eel and a salamander to restore basic, primitive core body functionality.  Over the next three years, King Dolphin retrained Karen, whom he now called his "Ebony Eel" due to her blackened skin and new powers resulting from the DNA recombinations.  She learned how to use her powers to remarkable levels, as well as become a founding member of the kingdom's new super-powered team known as the Atlantic Guard.

Ebony Eel never learned to talk, but mastered sign language as well as several other national languages, including Ningren.

Today, Ebony Eel is a valued member of the Atlantic Guard and an honored citizen of the Atlantic Kingdom.  She is very patient in her dealing and understanding with others, but almost always sides with the Atlantic Kingdom.  She has no compunction to kill, and is one of the slipperiest, stealthiest beings in the world, using her powers and body to get into places most humans would never be able to fit or exist in.

Recently, Ebony Eel has been seen swimming by herself...back and forth across the English if that place meant something to her...




Power Origin: Science


  • Friction-less body/slime coating

    • Generates a liquid from all over her body that makes her friction-less and nearly impossible to hold

    • Holds and Grabs against her are based on an unearthly level of capability.

    • So long as she has access to water, the secretion will continue to coat her skin and hair; if she is unable to access more than 10 cups of water a day, holds an grabs against her will increased a level at a time, each 2 hours thereafter until her skin basically shrivels, cracks and falls off her body, leaving her body exposed with no protection against anything (can die within minutes thereafter).

  • Underwater/Above Water Breathing

    • Can indefinitely breath in salt water, brackish water, fresh water and in open air without issue.

  • Flexible bones/body

    • Body's skeleton is malleable and bendable, allowing her to be the equivocal of a master contortionist.

    • Can move and change proportions of body mass to allow her body to fit into a hole/tube 8 inches in diameter

    • Can move and change proportions of hands, arms legs an feet to fit through 1/2 inch crevices/openings

    • Allows her fantastic agility in melee combat

  • Hyper-Swimming/Running/Sliding

    • Can swim at greater than 100 knots in the water

    • Can run up to 60 mph on land

    • Can 'slide', using her slime coating at 35 mph

  • Enhanced Abilities

    • Excellent endurance as a result of her body's ability to distribute pain and damage

    • Skin provides poor physical, toxic/toxins protection

    • Skin provides good protection versus energy, electrical, plasma and radiation energies

  • Night & Darkness Vision

    • Has night vision with no penalties

    • Can see in darkness at 3 times that of a normal human


  • Speaking

    • She has no vocal cords and is unable to create sounds or words.  She instead relies on sign language to communicate.

  • Moisture

    • If her body doesn't receive at least 10 cups of water a day, her skin will begin to dry out and crack and eventually flake off, exposing her inner body to exposure, allowing her to die within minutes thereafter.

  • Vulnerability to Heat

    • Heat/hot temperate damage is 2x more damaging to Ebony Eel.



  • Communications

    • Atlantic Kingdom encrypted communications transceiver

    • In water, 200 mile range

    • Above water, 50 mile range

  • Lock-pick Set

    • Kept in thin pocket on left shoulder blade (unviewable)

  • Compact Electronic Scrambler

    • Remarkable level electronic lock scrambler/descrambler

    • Kept in thin pocket on right shoulder blade (unviewable)



  • Stealth (Master)

  • Contortionist (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Master)

  • Fighting: Savate (Professional)

  • Fighting: Judo (Professional)

  • Fighting: Tae Kwon Do Proficient)

  • Fighting: Wrestling (proficient)

  • Black Operatioins/Spying (Master)

  • Lockpicking/Security Access (Master)

  • Theft/Robbery (Professional)

  • Aquatic Combat (Professional)

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