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Seabolt-1980s Original Art
Seabolt-1980s Original Art

by Don 'Major Deej' Finger (not my best...I was a kid, after all...)

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Robot (Kölsch Remix)Ennio Morricone
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Atlantean Robot/Villain


Mk ! created in 1990








Mk 13

Atlantic Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 April 2007





Seabolt is the first robotic construct made by the infamous King Dolphin of the Atlantic Kingdom in 1990.

Seabolt's original purpose was to follow the king's verbal orders to protect King Dolphin from any and all forms of attack.  As such, Seabolt not only protected King Dolphin, but also killed on command.  In the early 1990s, King Dolphin needed expensive equipment from ocean-going government spy and research vessels, from which he had Seabolt attack each ship's propulsion system, try their communications equipment so as to send an S.O.S., and used Seabolt's powerful mechanical design to steal tons of vital equipment King Dolphin wanted.

Over time, King Dolphin updated its programming with limited Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing Sealbolt rudimentary independent functionality, but was still required to follow the voice commands of King Dolphin and now also the assigned warlord in charge of the newly formed Atlantic GuardSeabolt was not programmed to think, but it was programmed to problem-solve and produce solutions in-line with its robotic laws.

In 2000 when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, Seabolt became an indispensable killing machine during the invasion by taking out over thousands of Soltan warriors and their assault ships practically by itself within months before the Soltans finally retreated from Earth and its invasion plans.  As such, King Dolphin upgraded Seabolt's AI to include speech and writing in over 50 languages, thus to prevent any issues in 'future diplomacy'. 


Over the years, Seabolt got into some heavy duty combat, and at times was destroyed by super-heroes or national military organizations, only for King Dolphin to rebuild Seabolt with backed up AI and memory again and again.  In conjunction with this, King Dolphin every two years or so, updates Seabolt to include the latest software and hardware to further improve Seabolt's powerful electrical attacks and defenses.

Today, Seabolt continues to be a programmed killing machine with independent problem-solving capabilities.  It can be sent out on a mission, perform the mission, and return without error.  It continues to operate unerringly for King Dolphin.  To this day, King Dolphin has a place in his heart for Seabolt, being his first 'robotic child', thus taking personal offense against anyone or any organization that damages or destroys Seabolt


The last time G.U.A.R.D. destroyed Seabolt in combat, King Dolphin sent an assault force of amazing proportions and sunk several GUARD Seaguard ships and subs, stating that the assault was authorized due to GUARD's unauthorized presence well 'within' the sovereign waters of the Atlantic Kingdom's realm. Hundreds of GUARD agents lost their lives as a result of King Dolphin's anger over having to rebuilt Seabolt (once again). Since then, GUARD and most superhero groups know full well that there 'will' be consequences if Seabolt is ever dealt such a blow again.



Power Origin: Technology


Robotic Electric Dynamo Design

All its powers are based on its inherent robot design and features.


  • Electrical Generation/Shields

    • Incredibly powerful electrical attacks, ranging from single blasts, full arcing, immobilization fields, electrical cages and electrical explosions.

    • Can create an electrical shield around itself, providing itself additional remarkable protection from all forms of energy attacks.

    • Can create a good static field that can electrify anyone/anything within a 10 foot radius of itself.

    • Can generate enough power to energize an entire aircraft carrier if need be.


  • Electrical Field/Generation Detection

    • Can detect electrical generation down to feeble levels up to 100 miles away.


  • Hyper-Swimming/Running

    • Seabolt has excellent hyper-swimming with speeds over 70 knots using dynamic water jets built into its body and legs.

    • On surface, Narwhal can run up to a max of 45 mph in a run, or for a charging or ramming attack.

  • Physical Attributes

    • Incredible strength, able to rend aluminum and iron walls and armor.

    • Fantastic endurance, thus requiring non-stop action with no sleep or rest required.

    • Doesn't breath or eat, ergo, it can survive in water, air and even the vacuum of space.

  • Mental Resistance

    • It cannot be affected by psionic or mental attack due to its robotic nature.

  • Body Armor

    • Layered composite materials provide monstrous protection from energy and electrical attacks.

    • Layered composite materials provide incredible protection from physical, toxic and temperate attacks

    • Layered composite materials provide unearthly protection from radiation attacks

    • Wards hidden inside Seabolt's body provide a remarkably powerful protective field against magical attacks.

  • Vision

    • Incredible night vision infra red and even thermal vision.

    • Cameras in eyes record and transmit in any spectrum listed above as imagery to transceiver stations or can be directly fed out if receiver is within 50 miles underwater or above water.

    • Flash attacks do not affect Seabolt, but will affect cameras in eyes versus excellent quality video processing equipment.


  • Communications

    • Atlantic Kingdom encrypted communications transceiver

    • In water range of 200 miles.

    • Out of water range of 50 miles.

  • Automatically Activated Tracking Device

    • Can emit encrypted tracking frequencies to aid in finding Seabolt's body with a range of 500 miles and a battery life of 2 weeks.​