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Klaus Dolph













Daulphin, Dolphin

Atlantic Kingdom, Atlantic Guard

MDU Origins #1 (not by name)

27 Jan 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

1971; 14 Jan 2007



None Known




The once-famous, now infamous, Swiss bio engineer Dr. Klaus Dolph, started his career as the world's premiere bio-engineer, working on various cures for cancer Alzheimer's and varying epidemic-related cures.  As part of his research, he discovered a process to fuse varying DNAs of humans, animals and creatures while preventing cellular rejection.  His proposals into experimentation in this process brought him in conflict with medical and scientific ethics. As such, the medical boards and science community would not support any experimentation to this degree.  Angered about their refusal, Dr. Dolph instead grabbed several homeless men off the street and performed his own unethical experiments of them using animal DNA as the recombinant. The homeless men died in the ensuing experiments, all of whom meta-morphed into despicable creatures. 

His actions were discovered and was immediately banned from the medical and science communities.  Furiously, Dr. Dolph went into a frenzy of experimentation at an old (dead) friend's Caribbean research island.  There, using outdated and barely functioning equipment, he continued his experiments in his basement.   

At one point,  the doctor believed he'd reached the threshold of his knowledge and that only expanding his brain's capabilities would he be able to succeed in the next phase of his work.  After sleepless weeks of experimentation, he deduced that he should use Dolphin DNA fused with his to allow himself to expand his nuero-pathways.  In the self-performed experiment, he attempted this process with dire results.  The doctor went mad as his brain's capacity expanded to 25% more utilization.  The DNA recombinant reformed his skin into a dolphin's hide and texture; his musculature was five times stronger, and he now had certain dolphin like abilities.  His brain, did, however, allow for the nuero-pathway expansion and thus set him on his path of super-genius-level thinking and solutions.

One of the drawbacks of his human/dolphin DNA experiment on himself was his need to be in the water.  At least once a day for an hour, Dolph had to fully immerse himself in water, otherwise his new hide would whither, dry and crack. He thus decided to create an undersea lab, away from prying eyes, inaccessible to all but the denizens of the deep, and the perfect environment for him to now live in.  He took his lab to an old abandoned undersea superhero base off the United States' east coast.

Over the next few years, Dr. Dolph created hundreds of new aquatic humanoid DNA hybrids.  He gave them the ability of autonomous actions and performance, but not individual will, basically bio-engineering them to be subservient.  Dolph slowly started to mass produce these new aquatic humanoid species, even creating several dozen different types of dangerous monsters and creatures to help protect him and his labs from the world governments and their increased suspicious nature of Dolph's actions.  Eventually, Dolph engineered his hybrids to become engineers, artisans and warriors. His hybrid engineers designed several immense underwater cities that were all built by thousands of powerfully strong aquatic hybrids. The new underwater cities were grand, futuristic and engineering marvels, located throughout various sub-surface locations across the Atlantic Ocean.  Each city was powered by geothermal energies. In time his 'children' as he initially called them became his 'subjects' and his position of 'father' changed to 'king'.  Eventually, he anointed himself as 'King Dolphin', ruler of all the sub-surface realm of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the years that followed, 'King Dolphin' began to interact more with the human science community all in an attempt to 'show off' his great accomplishments.  This only led to fear and loathing by the rest of the world's leaders.  During this same time, King Dolphin had his elite bio-engineered and created warriors, the "Atlantic Guard", were also attacking over two dozen commercial shipping vessels, military warships and submarines that each got 'too close' to Dolph's cities.  As a result, tensions quickly escalated, causing the world's nations to come to a resolution on what to do with the Atlantic Kingdom.

In 1999, The United Nations security council was preparing for potential war with "King Dolphin" and his militant kingdom when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  Most of the nations of the world were devastated by the Soltan attacks and invasion, however, the Atlantic Kingdom, its subjects and Atlantic Guard held off the Soltans far better than anyone imagined.  King Dolphin and his kingdom only lost 2 cities out of the 20 Atlantic Kingdom cities that existed at that time.  Eventually, the Soltans withdrew their forces from the Atlantic Ocean two months prior to the Soltan's retreat from Earth.  In the wake of the Soltan retreat, the alien invaders destroyed the two captured Atlantic Kingdom cities, leaving them in ruins on the ocean floor.

Before the Soltans retreated from Earth, King Dolphin discovered that the United Nations security council's plan for war with the Atlantic KingdomKing Dolphin immediately broke off all diplomatic connections with the surface world and basically 'circled the wagons' around his cities, making dozens of new undersea military outposts, some less than five miles off the shore of the United States and European nations.  With the world rebuilding over the next decade from the Soltan Invasion, the Atlantic Kingdom became a non-issue...that is, until 2008.

The Orwellian island nation of "Oceania" in the south Atlantic Ocean had been dumping its manufacturing waste and toxic products into the ocean off the island chain's coastline at a staggering rate.  The Atlantic Kingdom had a city located near Oceania.  Over several months time, thousands of the Atlantic Kingdom's subjects, workers and warriors start mysteriously dying as a result of the toxic chemicals for Oceania's illegal ocean dumping.  King Dolphin discovered the dump site and immediately went to war with Oceania.  In one week's time, both Oceania and the Atlantic Kingdom fought a war between themselves that led to a standstill. Both nations were the equal of each other in all things military and industrial.  Governor Goldstein of Oceania and King Dolphin reached a cease fire agreement and eventually an official armistice.  As part of the armistice, Oceania agreed to clean up their undersea toxic dump site if the Atlantic Kingdom was willing to sign a limited shared technology partnership, wherein both nations would share with each other their extensive futuristic weaponry, engineering and scientific developments each had created.  As a result, Oceania's military war machine production doubled overnight and the Atlantic Kingdom now had weapons-enriched uranium and plutonium in their inventory, making the Atlantic Kingdom a new nuclear power in the world.  To this day, Oceania is the only surface nation that has a treaty with the Atlantic Kingdom, making them both allies, or more accurately, uneasy allies at best.

Once the world discovered the Atlantic Kingdom now had nuclear weapon capabilities, the world governments once again began fearfully spying on the kingdom and its cities, gathering as much strategic and military intelligence as they could on them.  When the results of their spying were finally viewed, much to the surprise of the world leaders, the Atlantic Kingdom was found to be a thriving and vast nation with more than 20 enormous, futuristic undersea cities, all well defended...and all ready for war.  As with any nation's 'cold war' tactics, both a Russian submarine and an American submarine, in two equal yet separate instances, got too close into the Atlantic Kingdom's disputed territory.  This resulted in both subs being destroyed with the loss of all hands on-board in each instance.  Tensions once again escalated between the world leaders and the Atlantic Kingdom between 2010 and 2012. The Atlantic Cold War, as it became known as, began heating up.  Specialized Black Ops teams from various nations, superhero groups from around the world, G.U.A.R.D. and even some super-villains and corporate organizations engaged in dangerous tactics and encounters within the Atlantic Kingdom, bringing the world closer to the brink of nuclear war with the undersea kingdom.  Just when it seemed that nuclear war was inevitable, King Dolphin did a 180-degree diplomatic turn; he began visiting the leaders of other nations vying for peace instead of war.

Visiting their surface nations' capitols and the United Nations general assembly, King Dolphin began to win the hearts and minds of the surface world. He offered up several advances in aquaculture and medicine to dozens of struggling third world nations, all for free.  He even freely provided cures for three different forms of rare yet deadly human cancers.  King Dolphin offered up some of his advanced technological designs, such as his high capacity quantum tidal energy generators.  He then pleaded to the world for his nation's 'right' to live in peace; its right to not have toxic chemicals and dangerous weapons testing done in the same vicinity as his subjects and their innocent children; he pleaded for the world leaders to help ease the 'racial' tensions the world had against his aquatic Ningren people.  His pleas were masterful, and the world's response was as expected; pity and compassion towards the plight of the innocent Atlantic Kingdom and its people vice the fear and militant buildup that King Dolphin  produced for the last two decades. Hardly anyone even questioned King Dolphin's human rights violations towards his own citizens, instead the world woefully victimized King Dolphin and began to empathize with the king's blameless subjects.

As a result of the growing social media push to make right what had been done 'to' the Atlantic Kingdom, world leaders and benevolent organizations quickly began movements to recognize King Dolphin's sovereignty, especially the Harmony Foundation. The world leaders reached out with the media showing their ambitious desire to work together with the Atlantic Kingdom towards peace and prosperity.

By 2014, several nations enacted open border treaties with the Atlantic Kingdom and its citizens, allowing exchanges of citizens between their nations, schools and businesses.  Once the world saw the futuristic images of some of the Atlantic Kingdom's cities, more and more leaders began to enact treaties and trade with King Dolphin, hoping to entice the kingdom to invest in their country's futuristic endeavors. Throughout all of this, King Dolphin performed with the air of a king and authority of a statesman.  His kind words of compassion to the world, however, were nothing more than empty political rhetoric and scheming 'Sun-Tzu-level' militant tactics; tactics to force the world's governments to allay their militant plans for the Atlantic Kingdom, thus allowing King Dolphin to look benevolent, all the while, allowing the Atlantic Kingdom to freely build itself up unhindered. 

As a result of the new UN's concessions, a peace has ensued between the world's nations and the Atlantic Kingdom. Nearly half of the United Nations, to this day, has recognized the Atlantic Kingdom as a sovereign nation or kingdom. Those that haven't, have been assaulted with benevolent offerings to their nations of technology, resources and food, pushing for the Atlantic Kingdom's place amongst the United Nations' voices.

Today, King Dolphin continues to rule over his million bio-engineered and mass bred citizen-subjects amidst his now 30+ cities, all from his seat of power in Atlantis.  His Atlantic Guard enacts as his enforcers and front line troops against any form of aggression, especially the super-powered types.  He has thousands of contacts now in the surface world, and although people are cautious in their dealings with the king, they project a far greater trust in him than most people do towards their own government leaders. 


Even though he portrays benevolence, a look into his cold, calculating eyes tells you that he has plans that are far more devious and dangerous than we could ever imagine...




Power Origin: Science


  • Remarkably strong strength with an incredibly powerful endurance/vitality ratio

  • King Dolphin can breath air or water, fresh or seawater.  

  • Mental capacity increased by 25% making his reasoning and psyche incredibly powerful

  • Good physical and energy protection, excellent radiation protection, poor resistance to heat and good resistance to cold.

  • Has good protection for his ears and eyes vs. force/physical impact

  • Remarkably slippery hide makes it difficult to grab, immobilize, grapple or entrap any part of  King Dolphin's body.


  • On land: Can attack up to 3 times in less than several seconds

  • In water: Can attack twice in several seconds, but can perform twice as many underwater movements than other standard people in the water.

  • No negative (i.e., slow, diminished) effects while fighting, dodging or evading underwater.


  • On land: maximum speed of 75 mph; leaping 30' across,20' up, 45' down

  • In water: maximum speed of 60 mph (52 knots); leaping 25' across (from water to air), or 15' up into air


  • Remarkably strong echo-ranging sonar can be used at a maximum underwater range of 2 to 5 nautical miles depending on water density, temperature and salinity

  • Has the innate ability to communicate with clicks and pops to various marine mammals, whales and dolphins over a long distance range between 5 and 30 miles, depending on water density, temperature and salinity.


    • King Dolphin must moisten his hide daily.  If this isn't done, it begins to dry out and crack after 24 hours, diminishing its body armor by one level, compounded by another level every 4 hours thereafter until after 48 hours, King Dolphin begins to die at an accelerated rate based on hours.



  • Chest Armor

    • Provides amazing protection field for whole body to all forms of damage, including magic.

  • Long Range Electronic Communications Device and Translator

    • Enacts with sub oceanic communications relay stations that are also tied into the surface world's cell phone towers, allowing communication anywhere within the Atlantic Kingdom and across the American, European and African continents, including Greenland.


  • One-Shot Emergency Teleporter

    • A device that when used, will instantaneously teleport only the user to the closest receiving teleporter  station in the Atlantic Kingdom (2 located in each Atlantic Kingdom city and 1 located in each military outpost).

  • Subdermal Tracker

    • Worldwide capability to track King Dolphin from any hand-held mobile Atlantic cPad

  • King Dolphin's Golden cPad

    • Equivocal of an Apple iPad but created by the Atlantic Kingdom and used for everything from in the kingdom from education, video communications, entertainment to tactical military operations, including launching Atlantic Kingdom's nuclear missiles.  

  • Transatlantic Undersea Kingdom Brimming with Resources, Weapons and Wealth

  • As the king to his own kingdom, with access to over 30 high tech undersea cities, an incredibly well stocked and powerful armory, over 200,000 bio-engineered troops, 10+ nuclear missiles and billions of tons of sunken secrets, creatures, sea mammals and bio-engineered citizen-slaves, his monstrously powerful list of resources listed thusfar aren't even the tip of King Dolphin's iceberg of material, vehicles and wealth.



  • Bio-Engineering (Doctorate)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Master)

  • Sealife Studies (Master)

  • Communications (Master)

  • Aquaculture (Master)

  • Farming (Master)

  • Weapons Manufacturing (Master)

  • Underwater Construction (Master)

  • Military Tactics (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Underwater Combat (Master)

  • Aquabatics (Master)

  • Nuclear weapons (Master)

  • Geothermal Engineering (Master)

  • Alternate Energy Generation (Master)

  • Mining/Ore Processing (Master)

  • Arcane Magics (Proficient)

  • Melee Combat (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Psychic Protection (Master)

  • Languages (Master):

    • Knows over 28 Earth languages fluently

    • Soltan

    • Ningren

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