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Lady Urchin

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Kyla Washington


Ivory Coast (presumed dead)/Atlantean/Villain


25 before change









Atlantic Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Jan 2007






Kyla Washington was an educated woman with a PhD in Medicine from the University of Abidjan (now known as the Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny) located in the Republic of Ivory Coast.  In December 1999, a military coupe erupted in Ivory Coast.  As Kyla was trying to help shot and wounded civilians along a bridge, she was shot in the head, causing her to reel over the bridge and into the river below.  The river drained out into the Atlantic Ocean. Kyla, in a desperate attempt at survival, found four other bodies bound together with life vests (who'd seemed to have been shot while escaping out to sea and killed) and used them as a means of staying afloat.

For days, she drifted out into the Atlantic Ocean until she was found by King Dolphin of the Atlantic Kingdom.  Kyla, barely alive, was then taken to the nearest of King Dolphin's new underwater cities and, as standard practice for nearly-dead bodies the king found floating about in the ocean, he began genetic and DNA experiments on her. Just as King Dolphin finished his DNA recombination of Kyla's human DNA and that of a Sea Urchin, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.


Kyla, who had not be loaded with a synaptic control device at this time, was placed in a laboratory cell, where she remained for three months, but with a unique twist - she didn't know who she was.  The bullet wound, coupled with the trauma of nearly dying at sea and the results of the DNA experimentation caused Kyla to lose her memory.


At one point, the Soltans attacked the city that Kyla was imprisoned in.  King Dolphin and his Ningren warriors, along with his new super-powered Atlantic Guard team, showed up to fight the Soltans only to find Kyla already free and fighting the Soltans like a warrior born, flinging poisonous spikes and spines, killing the Soltans in waves, all the while evading being shot by using a set of water-propulsion boots King Dolphin had left in the same lab Kylas was in.  After King Dolphin and his forces arrived, the Soltans were soundly beaten causing the Soltans to retreat from attacking the city.


When King Dolphin went to talk with Kyla, she asked him if he was her king, which her replied solidly, 'yes'. The memory--lost Kyla then knelt before him and honored him as her king, asking that she be allowed to fight for the kingdom rather than be 'boxed up' for some crime or punishment that she had no idea she'd done.  After further discussion, King Dolphin realizes Kyla had indeed lost her memory and that she'd become a 'tabula rasa' (clean slate) for him to control and make his.


As such, King Dolphin 'pardoned' Kyla and placed her as one of the founding members of the Atlantic Guard team, calling her "Lady Urchin" as her new name. To this day, he has never placed a synaptic control device or remotely operated explosive in her head as King Dolphin has to all of his subjects.


For the next nearly two decades, Lady Urchin has fought alongside the Atlantic Guard as one of the most dedicated and dangerous members of the team.  She believes herself to be a hero of the Atlantic Kingdom and as such, prides herself in being an Atlantean citizen.


Over the years, she has also caught the eye of King Dolphin.  He has fawned over her more than any other female, and, in quiet discussion circles, it is said that King Dolphin is in love with Lady Urchin.  Whether if Lady Urchin feels the same way is unknown.


Today, Lady Urchin continues as a champion of the Atlantic Kingdom and deputy leader of the Atlantic Guard. King Dolphin still fawns over her, but again, her responses have been aloof, but not dismissive.  She has also been seen swimming about the Ivory Coast of late, almost as if she was trying to find something...or someone...there...





Power Origin: Science


  • Body Spines

    • Has several dozen long thin incredibly strong spike-like spines that can extend and retract from her body and limbs at will.

    • Each spine contains an excellent-ranked  nuerotoxin that can overload one's nervous system, immobilizing a target for several minutes to an hour...or even killing them.

    • Can fire spines singularly, as part of a frontal assault or in a full 360 degree spread.

    • Can spread neurotoxins into flowing water and directly affect anyone that is in, drinking or touching said poisoned water, providing a good-ranked neurotoxic shock to their nervous system of those in contact with the poisoned water (in such cases, Lady Urchin goes 'up current' and releases the neurotoxins in the water current's flow, thus affecting everyone down current without them even having seen her).


  • Protective Skin

    • Her purplish skin provides for good physical protection from physical and energy based attacks.

    • Skin also provides remarkable protection against temperate, radiation and electrical attacks.

    • Skin also provides amazing protection against all toxins/toxic attacks as well as mental attacks.

  • Blending

    • Her spines and skin have a slightly refractive surface, making her blend into her surroundings much like a chameleon, thus providing her good stealth capabilities.

  • Vision

    • Black eye membranes protect her vision while also allowing her to see in the darkest depths.

    • Has night vision as a result on the DNA recombination.


  • Regeneration

    • Spines are immediately regenerated in less than 6 seconds each.

    • Health is regenerated at a 20% rate in less than 6 seconds from that of her normal health.

    • Can regrow limbs, but not head (if head is completely severed from the body, she dies)

  • Enhanced Abilities

    • Can breath water or air without issue.

    • Strength, Agility and Endurance are all at excellent levels while underwater

    • Strength, Agility and Endurance are all at remarkable levels while outside of water

    • Out of water, she can leap up to 60 feet in a single bound.


  • Moisture

    • If her body doesn't receive at least 10 cups of water a day,she will weaken by an endurance level every 2 hours thereafter until she withers and dies (spines will actually lock extended (she can't control them at this point) when her endurance drops to a poor level, with each spine over-charged with a remarkably potent amount of neurotoxins that can still affect anyone pricked by the spines even after her body is long dead).



  • Water Propulsion Boots

    • Max speed: 50 knots; max depth to operate in: 70,000 feet

    • Allows Lady Urchin to perform hyper-speed launches from 0 to 50 knots in 3 seconds

    • When fully charged, can operate for a full day at full power

    • Requires recharge to repower boots (can use Atlantic Kingdom's universal power ports or 120V AC adapter plug as needed)

  • Communications

    • Atlantic Kingdom encrypted communications transceiver

    • Range in water: 200 miles

    • Range out of water: 50 miles

  • Emergency Locator Beacon

    • Present from King Dolphin

    • When activated, it emits a unique frequency allowing tracking for a range of over 500 miles underwater, 200 miles above water.



  • Stealth (Master)

  • Aquatic Combat (Master)

  • Marksmanship with Spines (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Atlantic Kingdom history/Lore (Professional)

  • Fighting: Melee with spines (Master)

  • Fighting: Savate (Professional)

  • Fighting: Krav Maga (Proficient)

  • First Aid (Proficient)

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