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Leila McPhereson

Codename: "Green Bean"

A Kind Of MagicQueen
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At age 14, Leila, daughter to the renown Professor Paragon mystical superhero, watched in horror as she saw her father attacked by dozens of demonic creatures; creatures that shredded her father's body and astral form in a great battle in London, destroying her father's soul.  Racing down to her father's relics cellar, she sought to find a magical device to defeat the demons and stop them.  Instead, the demons followed her into the cellar, knocked Leila unconscious and stole ALL of the Professor Paragon's artifacts.

A family relative took Leila in.  That relative was a novice magic user and had a couple magical trinkets.  Leila demanded to be taught magic so she could protect herself better than her father had.  The relative helped, but was unable to satiate Leila's longing for more.

Committed and driven, Leila sought out several adepts and secretive 'white light' mages to learn magic from them.  Since at one time or another, these mages owed Professor Paragon a favor, they agreed to help her with her magical training.  The only issue was, most of the mages only knew nature magic, not powerful spirit or arcane magic, just...nature.  Leila learned it regardless.

After years of training, she embarked on her 'vengeance quest'; a quest to destroy the demons that killed her father, but to also take down the people who unleashed those same demons and (as she discovered later in life) also killed her mother.  It didn't take but 3 weeks into her quest before she found the demons hiding in an old cave in Scotland.  Within seconds, she destroyed them.  Another week later she found the mages responsible for all of her woes; it was the evil arcane group known as the Cult of Arkaenus.  With hundreds of powerful arcane magic users at their beck and call, Leila knew she could not defeat them alone.

After a failed attempt to create a magical super-group, Leila decided to find all the magical artifacts that had been taken from her, wherein she'd learn how to use them to combat and maybe defeat the Cult of Arkaenus.

In the last three years, Leila has only found about 40% of the artifacts, as well as discovered another two dozen that no one else knew about.  During that same time, she encountered G.U.A.R.D. in a particular magical battle.  There, she talked to GUARD's director and they agreed to form MYSTIGUARD which not only would aid her in the recovery and storage of all of the mystical artifacts but to also work with others in magic to increase her fledgling skills.

Although Leila is still on her 'vengeance quest', she is being silent and patient about it; no one from GUARD knows about her quest. She is slowly amassing her weapons and artifacts, using GUARD to get all the intel she needs on the Cult of Arkaenus, and then, when the time is right...




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