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Je T'Aime Till My Dying DayEnigma
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Heather Holloway





May 1997

Single (was to be wed the day of her death)








UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 Aug 2009



Thad Boseman (ex-fiancée)




In 1995, Heather Halloway was a large Canadian high school sophomore girl who was into the Goth scene and obsessed with her high school crush, Thad BosemanThad, a rich blonde-haired senior in high school, was the big Man of Campus (BMOC) and was wanted by nearly every girl in the high school.  Heather's awkward and strange nature made her an outcast in school, garnering no friends nor boyfriends for that matter.


One day Thad happened to smile at her during lunch.


Heather decided then and there that Thad wanted her, but believed he was too shy to say how he felt.  After a week of pulling together every ounce of courage she could to talk with him, she did, only to be mortified by Thad, his friends and Thad's girl entourage.  Left humiliated and in despair, she considered suicide, but instead decided to try one last time to make Thad hers. 


She went to an old First Person shaman and asked for help in obtaining a love potion and/or spell to make Thad hers forever. The shaman said that in order to make the potion and spell, it would cost Heather her own soul.  Heather didn't care; she wanted Thad.  The shaman said it would take two years to concoct the potion and meld it to the needs of the spell that would make the potions effects permanent.  Heather agreed, but hated the idea of waiting a whole two years more, yet wait she did.

In that long two year wait, Thad's father and mother died in a plane crash, leaving Thad the family inheritance of millions of Canadian dollars.  Thad settled into the life of a young rich bachelor with parties at his manor every weekend, with a new girl wrapped around him every three days.  He was living a young man's dream.  Heather, over the next two years, instead grew more and more obsessed with Thad.  She made a shrine to him in her closet; she stole his hair clippings from the barber shop floor and went through his trash to find any personal things she could call hers.  Finally, after the long two year wait, Heather had just graduated high school and went back to the shaman.

When Heather arrived at the shaman's home, she noticed it had been cleared out.  Asking others in the shaman's tribe what had happened to the shaman, they mentioned he'd died over a year ago.  They told of the twisted and fearful look on his face when they found him.  Heather, angered over being cheated out of her need for the shaman's potion went back to the shaman's home and tore it apart looking for anything that might be a potion. In her wake of destructive searching, she finally spied a bottle and a note in the back corner of a cupboard with Heather's name on it.  Heather grabbed the items and drove back to her home, where she read the note.  The note provided directions to use the love potion and that within a fortnight of taking the potion, she had to perform a spell-like ritual on the day of their wedding for the effects to become permanent.   The shaman also left a caution stating that strange things happened to him while conjuring the magics to empower the potion and that she should rethink her decision carefully.  Ignoring the cautionary note, she set about enacting getting her heart's desire.

Over the previous two years, Heather had lost lots of weight and was now a slender size 6.  In order for the love potion to work, both Thad and Heather would have to ingest the potion within seconds of drinking it.  The potion was able to work even if mixed in with any other drink or concoction (i.e., it was ok if it was mixed with, say, wine or beer).  Heather crashed one of Thad's weekend parties and found her way to Thad rather quickly.  Thad never even recognized Heather; instead he DID notice Heather's body.  He sauntered up to her and started talking to her.  She asked him if he wanted a drink, for which he said 'sure'.  Heather, knowing every detail about Thad, got him his favorite beer, a Molson's Ale, and poured the potion into the beer.  After she brought him the potion-filled beer, he started pounding it back.  Heather, fearful that she wouldn't be able to get a drink herself of the potion, grabbed the beer bottle from his lips and started guzzling the beer, emptying the bottle.  It wasn't but seconds later that Thad started acting woozy and then turned to Heather and professed his undying love for her.  He even started stripping in the middle of the party wanting to have sex with Heather right there and then on the kitchen floor.  She instead, took him upstairs, and, well, you can guess how the first night went. And the 2nd night.  And the 3rd night...well, all week that is.

By the 4th night, the wedding date was set. As Heather rushed to get all their wedding day plans finalized over the next few days,  Thad followed her around like a puppy dog, totally smitten with everything about her. Thad's friends had no idea what was going on with him and after getting nowhere in trying to convince Thad to rethink his upcoming marriage to Heather, they instead contacted Thad's army of female lovers he'd acquired over the years and got them to 'confront' Heather


Thad's prior girlfriends ambushed Heather one night, beating her badly and hospitalizing her. Thad of course was there trying to protect her, but instead, Thad kept only trying to sing love sonnets to her while the several women kicked Heather into unconsciousness.


When Heather awoke in the hospital, it had been 3 days.  The potion's effects were mere days away from being negated. Heather had to get the wedding going, but she wasn't in any shape to even stand at this point.  She could be married right there in the hospital that day, but Heather wanted more; she wanted the 'big' wedding, she wanted Thad in a gothic tuxedo, with her in her gothic wedding gown, with a priest, all at a beautiful site near a lumber mill she dreamed of being married at. She wanted the whole package. Nonetheless, Heather wasn't at all happy with those 'harpies' that put her in the hospital. As such, she intended to hurt them back.


Heather ordered Thad (who never left her side during the whole event) to go out and hurt the women that put Heather in the hospital.  Thad left the hospital and within an hour, reports started coming in about Thad Boseman going on a one-man murder spree.  He'd already killed four women he'd once dated and was killing a fifth before Thad got shot by the fifth woman's current boyfriend. Thad was considered armed, wounded and dangerous.  The police put out an all points bulletin to shoot to kill Thad. When Thad was found at another ex-girlfriends apartment, Thad barely escaped after he was seen hacking said ex-girlfriend to death with a meat cleaver, all the while shouting "I'm doing this for you, Heather my love! I'm doing what you want me to do! I love you!". This news came out on the TV within minutes of it occurring.


Heather realized the police would be there at any moment in the hospital to demand answers from Heather. Heather knew this was getting out of control, but still wanted the wedding and Thad more than anything. Heather tried to get up out of her bed and stumbled across the room to another patients bed; a patient who was near already death.


How did Heather know the patient was dying?


Heather sensed it.


She knew it.


In fact, she felt she could take that last spark of energy from that dying patient and add it to Heather's own 'being' and make herself stronger.


Unwittingly, Heather touched the patient in the bed before her. Seconds later, that patient died...and Heather felt better. Heather realized she was now able to stand better and that her bruises on her body were healing right before her eyes. She quickly realized the potion was most likely the 'strange effect' the shaman mentioned. In her determined state, Heather quickly went from room to room, patient to patient, taking their lives to fuel her health and healing.  As she did this, her skin became greyer and her eyes began to whiten more with each dying victim. After Heather killed about a dozen patients, she was in good health and felt more energized that ever before.  She left the hospital, killing anyone that tried to stop her...even the police when they arrived to interrogate her.


As Heather exited the hospital to the cries an screams of those around her witnessing her killing whomever tried to stop her, Thad arrived back to Heather at the hospital, stating he'd carried out what Heather had asked him to do. Thad, however, was in bad shape. Bloodied through multiple cuts, scrapes, wounds and two bullet holes, Thad was in need of medical assistance...which Heather was not about to allow.


Realizing Thad may die from his wounds soon, coupled with the distant police sirens closing in on the hospital, Heather, now nearly out of her mind with her one-track desire to complete the spell and get wed, ordered Thad to quickly go 'get dressed and cleaned up for the wedding' as well as pick-up (kidnap) the priest and bring him to the  an old lumber mill on the outskirts of St. John in New Brunswick, Canada so that they could finally be wed. Although there wouldn't be any witnesses or decorations or organ music like she wanted, Heather knew this was something that she'd better do now before the situation with the authorities got any worse. For now, all she cared about was getting married to Thad and completing the potion's instructions once and for all. She'd have a better ceremony later...after she made Thad hers forever.

Hours later, now nighttime, with the abducted priest brought in tow by a Gothic-styled, Tuxedo-wearing, cleaned-up (yet still bleeding) Thad, they all went down to the water's edge to the location where Heather's 'dream' wedding was now to be hastily done. Heather, wearing her black gothic wedding dress she'd made for herself, read the potion's instructions aloud and performed her final ritual for the potion's spell that would make the potion's effects permanent, bonding Thad to her for eternity. 


As Heather read and performed the steps in the shaman's note, she was constantly interrupted by the priest who kept pleading with Heather to stop what she was doing.  Thad of course didn't help by wanting to constantly have sex with her on the spot and kept pawing at Heather, all the while she was trying to focus on completing the spell's ritual.


With all the distractions, Heather missed performing several steps in the shaman's spell note.


As Heather was about to perform the last step, police sirens blared to life just outside of the lumber mill.


The police knew they were there.


The priest, in a belief that Heather was about to perform a satanic ceremony, damaged two offerings used in the spell just as Thad rushed off to stop the incoming police.  In the mass confusion, Heather dropped the last ingredient outside the ceremonial spell's ring. Dark swirling bands of smoke and energy started forming around the ritual's circle.


As Thad rushed at the police, he was shot by the police twice.


The priest, believing the ceremony was the work of the devil, attempted to counter whatever it was that Heather was doing with a blessing, trying to maybe 'undo' whatever dark magics Heather was trying to concoct. As such, the dark, swirling energy slowly enveloped the room also forming and swirling about each person (police, Thad, priest, Heather) at the lumber mill site.  As Thad laid on the ground dying, the potion's effects seemed to stop working. Thad was mystified at where he was and what was happening around him. Heather, thinking the potion's effects had worn off, dropped an entire bottle of the shaman's note's mentioned ritual ingredients to just inside the circle, wherein Heather became enveloped in the new, powerful swirling mass of dark energy.  Moments later, Heather's image and body disappeared, leaving the police baffled by what they'd walked in on, as well as a catatonic priest and a dying young alleged mass murderer dressed in a Gothic-looking wedding tuxedo.  Heather had instead passed a whole new world.

Heather had become an ethereal ghost like being, infused with dark magical energies, but unable to touch, talk or interact with the real world.  Instead, she merely floated from place to place trying to make sense of what happened to her.  In her meanderings over the next week, she came across an outdoor wedding many miles away.  Angered that she wasn't able to have her fairy tale wedding, Heather, in her unseen ethereal form attacked the bride-to-be with her dark energies, draining the life out of the bride-to-be, causing the bride to die moments before wedlock.  Strangely, Heather was able to gain a slight form as a result.  As the wedding guests stood stunned at the dead bride, they saw the ghostly image of Heather standing over the dead body in her gothic wedding gown, with glowing white eyes and what looked like her black eye mascara was running down her from her eyes and onto her cheeks.  Wedding guests screamed and ran from the sight of the ghostly Heather.  Within a minutes of killing the bride-to-be, Heather returned to her ethereal state, now unable to be seen by the naked eye. 

Heather quickly realized that she had to drain the life from other living people in order to partially reverse the effects of her ghostly state.  With that in mind, she went to a nearby highway and started taking the lives of drivers, creating accidents and causing a traffic pileup of epic proportions, resulting in over 20 deaths.  As she'd thought, their deaths further solidified Heather's body, however, it also empowered her, making her powers stronger with each death.  When the police arrived at the highway accident site, they saw the opaque form of heather in her Gothic wedding dress floating above the ground. One of the scared policemen shot at her.  Although unhurt by the bullet, Heather did feel the effects of the bullet passing through her, surprising her. She felt it. As such, she wanted to run as fast as she could from the scene. In doing so, she opened up a portal in front of her and flew through it, which transported Heather to her hometown in St. Johns.  She soon realized she could not only manipulate the dark energies around her, but could also teleport great distances with her portals.  The effects of the 20 deaths left Heather opaque for over 10 days.  In this state, she was still ghost-like, but realized it harder to phase through things while in this empowered state. 


After the 10 days, Heather became ethereal again and her powers waned.  Heather now realized that in order to access more dark energies and be able to be seen in the real world, she had to take lives.

Over the next few years, Heather did just that.  Reports of her 'ghost sightings' became newsworthy, with pictures of her ghostly form and image seen at the death scenes.  Soon, ghost hunters and exorcism leaders began combing across Canada, tracking her activities, attempting to stop her and 'send her back to the beyond'.  It was in one such encounter that Heather, in one of her many 'wedding day' killings, ran into the last person she'd ever thought to see again - Thad.

Thad, after recovering from his multiple gunshot wounds was released from the murders Heather made Thad commit. the priest told the police that Heather obviously 'drugged' and/or 'ensorcelled' him to do his bidding and that Thad was obviously not in control of himself during that whole ordeal, so much so that the priest got the Vatican involved to help get the murder charges against Thad dropped. As such, after Thad's release from prison, Thad and the priest, in a dedicated team effort, joined forces and went searching for Heather to save...and stop...her.


On that fateful day that Heather, in her new super-powered form, saw Thad again, she once again felt her obsession for Thad resurface. As she floated across the church to embrace Thad, she realized that she was instead being repelled from Thad's location.  The spell done by Heather on her 'wedding day' had instead generated a repelling spell rather than a love potion attraction.  Try as she might, she couldn't get anywhere close to Thad, nor could Thad get closer to her, although, rather than embrace Heather, Thad, along with the priest, instead wanted to perform an exorcism to help banish Heather from the earthly plane, finally putting Heather's soul to rest and stopping her ethereal killing spree.  Realizing that Thad was once again alive, yet unable to be near him, Heather teleported away to ponder what was happening.

Eventually, after Heather killed several others over the course of a day, she deduced that if she killed enough bodies, she might be able to change her state long enough to physically touch solid objects again and recreate the potion and spell thus allowing her to finally get her heart's desire, Thad.  Try as she might, Heather, now labeled as 'Netherbride' by the media, was unable to kill enough people to solidify enough to follow through with her desires towards Thad.  That's when she realized that Canada was not a great place for mass murders and killings. When she tried to travel to New York City, she realized she became exponentially weaker each day she was away from Canadian soil.  When she tried to teleport to Mexico City, the trip nearly discorporated her.  She was able to teleport back to Canada just in time. She thus realized her teleportation powers were tied to the North American Canadian region, and that even though she could teleport up to a thousand miles, the further away from the Canadian region she was, the weaker she was and the longer it took to reform a portal.  She tried to teleport to the North Pole, but again, was severely weakened as a result.  Regardless of her current limitations of being repelled from Thad and that she could only teleport in the Canadian region, and that she needed mass deaths to fuel her plan to get Thad back, she began searching for a means to which she could kill indiscriminately to empower herself. She found it with Emperor North of the United Canadian Empire (UCE).

Over the last few years, Heather has since become a linchpin in helping the UCE in weapons raids, killings and taking on super-powered UCE antagonists. She enjoys Emperor North's company, however, she is still obsessed with her desire to still marry Thad and live together - in death.  Woe be it to any who attempt to stop her in her murderous goals. 

To this day, Thad and the priest are still hunting Heather to hopefully 'save Heather's eternal soul' and 'stop her dark killing spree'.




Power Origin: Magic (Death)

  • Death Empowerment

    • She requires to draw life from living things to feed her physical attributes and powers between feeble and unearthly levels. The more deaths she creates, the more powerful she becomes.

    • 1-4 people grant her Poor power strength

    • 6-10 grants her Typical power strength

    • 100 deaths deal her an unearthly level of power

  • Dark Energy

    • Level, effect and range of this power is dependent on power strength (see 'Death Empowerment' above)

    • Can shoot dark energy bolts from her hands and eyes

    • Can bind or entrap people/objects in a dark energy mass

    • Can create solid dark energy barriers (walls)

  • Teleportation

    • Can teleport up to 1,000 miles distance in North America, however, she is mostly  confined to the North American continent (she gets weaker the further away from the continent she teleports from).

    • Can teleport up to 10, 000 lbs of people of equipment per jaunt

    • Teleporting weight/mass doesn't weaken her, but the distance does; takes over 1 hour to regain enough energy to attempt a teleport again from a max distance (1,000 miles)

    • Can teleport from ground level up into the exosphere as well (>500 km/310 miles)

  • Spirit Body State

    • She is always in a ghost-like body state wherein objects and energies pass through her as if she had unearthly levels (negligent of her Death Empowerment need) of a non-corporeal, non-physical, ghost/spirit body

    • In this state, nothing can damage her except psionic and magical powers, which, while she is in this state, she has remarkable protections against.

    • Her state, in sync with her Death Empowerment power, alters to where Netherbide's body to appear more opaque to all light spectrums as well as directly increasing her level of psionic and magical protection (example: At amazing levels of Death empowerment (killing at least 50 people/beings), she will increase her opaqueness by 50% (from ghost-like to semi-solid).

      • The more she becomes solid the more powerful she becomes, including physical level increases (After 50 deaths, her state will be 1/2 solid as well as with amazing protection against all forms of attack, eventually allowing her full body mass with unearthly levels of protection against all forms of attack).

  • Flight

    • Can levitate at a speed of 15 mph to an unlimited altitude

  • Vision

    • Good Telescopic vision (10x normal range)

    • Good Spectral/Astral vision

    • Automatic perfect vision in darkness or night time

  • Death Sense

    • Can detect death of any living person/being up to 1000 miles away at unearthly levels







  • Death (able to feel if others are dying) Sense (Master)

  • Spatial Navigation (Doctorate)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Mental Focus-Mental/Psionic Protection (Professional)

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