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Irish Lad

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Brendan O'Donnell




17 (looks 14)


'Bastard Boy'

Allied Fighters

New Allied Fighters, Issue 7

May 2013

Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 March 2012





Brendan O'Donnell was a normal Irish teen living in Bantry, Ireland.

His single-parent mother, Sarah O'Donnell, worked at the Fishery in town, scraping by a living. Brendan had played Rugby growing up and although small for his age, was a bit of a scrapper on and off the field, especially when other bullies called him 'bastard boy', since Kyle was never told of who his true father was.

One afternoon in 2012, Brendan was informed that drug-dealers who were smuggling drugs in the fish catches at his mom's cannery, had killed his mother when she tried to alert the police. The police caught the dealers, however, Brendan, in a fit of anger and despair, attacked the murderers at the local police station and beat them within an inch of their lives. Brendan tore the police station to the ground as a result of this event with his new powers.

After being subdued and blood tested, it was found he was the illegitimate son of the legendary WWII hero, Kyle O'Brien, AKA The Irish Fighter. The Irish Fighter from WWII was near immortal, and had sired many children in his time and had obviously had an affair with Brendan's mother.  Interestingly enough, most of the Irish Fighter's other children did not have any powers, but Brendan was one of the few with powers.

Brendan's father, the Irish Fighter, broke Brendan out of jail, much to Brendan's displeasure.  Brendan couldn't .  Irish Fighter eventually sent a 'generous sum' of money, anonymously to the Irish precinct to 'upgrade their pathetic precinct' and forget about Brendan, seeing as he'd 'no longer be of concern' to the Irish police. It turned out that the police now had a 'local' arrest for the Irish Fighter for 'bribery, jailbreak and destruction of property', with a warrant out for Brendan now as well.

Brendan was furious. 


With the death of his mother, discovery of his new powers, his arrest, the poking and prodding of doctors and scientists and the eventual disclosure that "Ireland's Most Despised" superhero was his father...who'd now broken him out of jail, making things even worse. Brendan attacked his father and beat him into unconsciousness (Irish Fighter didn't try to even stop him and took every hit without reaction). He ran from the hotel his father and him had been staying at, destined to never talk to his father again, nor stay in Ireland another second.

After talking with one of the 'good' fisherman that worked with/for the cannery and had his own boat, Brendan had him take him to Iceland where he snuck aboard a cargo ship that took him to Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.   Within an hour, he realized he had no money, no passport, no Identification, and most importantly, no friends.

Brendan knew a LOT about his father since the community talked bad about the Irish Fighter almost everyday.  As such, Brendan remembered that his father once hung out with a man who was old, but known to still be alive - Major Invader of his father's old World War II super-team, the Allied Fighters.  As he was out and about trying to find any way to contact the Major or the Allied Fighters, an older Irish woman, who'd seen Brendan digging through the trash for food, took him under her wing.  Ms. Olivia O'Shea not only put him up for a week or so, but also got his a set or two of clean clothes, some money (by doing chores around the place and neighborhood).  During that same time, Brendan explained about what had happened back in Ireland including who his father was.  Brendan was embarrassed to have the Irish Fighter as his father and figured that the only way to move forward in this world was to 'redeem' the family name in spite of his father (who, by that time was now forming a new super hero team a few miles away out on Castle Island; a team that would eventually become the Emerald Society).


Ms. O'Shea agreed that Brendan needed to go out and 'make something of himself', and if was to make the world have a better view on Irish superheroes, then she agreed that Brendan needed to address his destiny.  To help him, Ms. O'Shea made Brendan a new superhero costume, gave him her last spare $200 and told Brendan to 'go where the action is' and 'do the good that needs be done'; that would start him on his path to finding Major Invader and eventually the Allied Fighters.


After an incredible adventure, he found his way to the Allied Fighters secret base and finally met Major Invader.  The Major greeted him warmly, and even though the Major was a 'hard ass', Brendan still respected him.  The Major agreed with Brendan about not letting Brendan's father, the Irish Fighter, know of Brendan's whereabouts.  The Major, who'd just gotten in a massive fight with Irish Fighter recently before this, agreed to stay away from the Irish Fighter and instead decided that both he and Brendan would make their own futures without Kyle O'Brien's involvement.


Today, "Irish Lad" is a member of the Allied Fighters' Delta Squad. Although the Irish Fighter knows that Brendan (Irish Lad) is with the Allied Fighters, he has respectfully kept his distance, knowing that their relationship has a long way to go to mend.


  • Enhanced Strength 

    • Remarkable strength allows him to life up to 2 tons without effort.

  • Invulnerability

    • Thusfar, Brendan has shown an incredible level of invulnerability that is similar to his biological father, Irish Fighter's, physiology.  He can take a direct impact of an artillery shell or bomb and not be hurt (although the blast can potentially stun him). 

  • Leaping

    • His remarkable strength allows him to make impressive leaps of up to 1/4 mile per leap.

  • Limited immortality

    • Although his father only aged one year for every ten years, it is unknown if Brendan has this capability yet or not, but thufar, he is 17 in normal years, and still looks like he did when he was 14.


  • Earwig/Communicator

    • Provided to all Allied Fighters

    • Contains 250 mile transceiver range, and aligns to all relative frequencies

    • encrypted transmissions capability


  • Street Fighting (proficient)

    • He's learned a variety of powerful street fighting moves from is time playing Rugby and mixing it up with the local gangs and bullies. He is not above breaking someone's leg or arm to stop a fight.

  • Rugby (proficient)

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