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All Is Hell That Ends WellTwo Steps from Hell
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Clarence Chanteau













Colonel Chanteau

United Canadian EmpireUCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 Nov 2008



John Chanteau, Capt., CAF (father, deceased)

Lucille 'Lucy' Chanteau (mother)




Born in Calgary, Ontario, Canada, Clarence Chanteau is the son of a disgraced Canadian Air Force Captain John Chanteau, a pilot who died after crashing his plane in a residential area while flying drunk, killing over a dozen civilians in the process.  The mother, noted for her mental instability, did the best she could to raise Clarence, however, with her lies and exaggerations that she was a distinguished ex-Canadian congresswoman (which she wasn't) and had a lineage of royalty (again, she didn't), Clarence's mother, Lucy, soon found herself ostracized from any all she tried to make her friends.  Growing up, Clarence took on the same traits exaggerating his father's 'superior' pilot status and his mother's ties to royalty, resulting in his friends becoming agitated and alienated with Clarence's claims.

At the age of 17, Clarence's mother was committed to a psychiatric hospital after she tried to take charge of a Parliamentary proceeding in Ontario's House of Commons.  Clarence with no where else to go, joined the military as an enlisted special forces soldier. During his time there, he was able to quickly make friends and strong connections through his dutiful and eccentric means of signing up for every dangerous mission.  As a result, he was quickly picked up for an officer program and quickly moved up the ranks in special forces as an officer and a leader.  During that time, he learned to take care of his troops and ensure that they knew he was taking care of them.  This endeared his troops to his kindness, creating a cult of personality in his ranks.  Chanteau's upper echelon was painfully aware of his actions, however, Chanteau's endearment to his troops made them work harder and more effectively, garnering citations and awards for their units.  In 2000, when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, Chanteau found the opportunity to make himself legendary in addition to becoming a greater threat to those above him.

During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, most of the world's military forces took a severe hit from the invading Soltans.  The Canadian military was hit just as hard, however, through Chanteau's luck and the Soltan's belief that the Canadian military was not worth their effort, Chanteau's unit was able to win battle after battle, spouting rhetoric and propaganda to his troops, all while using fear as a tool to motivate his men.  Remarkably, Chanteau's unit not only 'claimed' over 2000 Soltan kills, but only 70 of Chanteau's 350-strong unit died in combat against the Soltans, an admirable rate against the Soltans anywhere on Earth.

During the war, Chanteau enacted as a packrat, squirreling away equipment, weapons, food and munitions in various locations across Canada, sometimes at the expense of his unit's troops.  In all truth, the Soltans tried to understand the logic behind Chanteau's military practices, applying militant and psychological assessment techniques including highly successful cognizant enemy anticipation computer models in repeated attempt to thwart and defeat Chanteau's unit, however, Chanteau was so 'off the wall' with his tactics, the Soltans couldn't make a strategy to defeat him.  Eventually, a special weapon was discovered to be used against the Soltans.  After printing the designs, Chanteau made his entire unit build these weapons from spare parts and junk from scratch.  As a result, Chanteau's unit was the first full regiment to be armed with the Soltan-Killer weapons in the North American theater.  His strange tactics and 'out-of-the-box thinking' were the only things that prevented his unit's massacre dozens of times over. Most of his men considered Chanteau's tactics as 'military brilliance' when instead, it was Chanteau coming up with some crazy idea and making his troops do it. Regardless, his efforts helped drive the Soltans back into space and was one of the predominant leaders (again, subtly leaked to others) that helped drive off the Soltans.

After the invasion, Chanteau was promoted to Colonel and awarded many citations and medals for his actions.  Chanteau didn't pass up the opportunity to impress his men, demanding some of the highest awards and medals for his men, unconditionally.  One such individual was his Executive Officer, Lt. Colonel Malcolm McGuiness, whom Chanteau had codenamed "Enforcer Alpha". In the end, Chanteau's troops considered him one of the greatest military minds in Canada, writing and singing songs about him and their unit's victories over the SoltansChanteau's cult of personality continued to permeate his unit's  ranks, however, his excessive self-promotion would lead to his undoing...and the start of a greater evil building up within Chanteau's soul.


As Chanteau continued his demand for praise of his ‘legendary’ status, the United States and Canadian military echelons finished a post-Soltan Invasion combat analysis of all their units.  In the final assessment, Colonel Chanteau was given a grade of ‘D minus” for his leadership, strategy, combat effectiveness and resource utilization.  Eventually, the news media leaked this evaluation, making Chanteau a laughing stock.  More reports came in about how Chanteau’s hastily-made Soltan-Killer weapons would break after being fired several times and only through the kit-bashing skills of several other super-groups and United States military contractors and manufacturers did the baseline weapon the Exterminators devised actually get build to meet the combat standards the weapons were expected to operate in. Although deemed ‘useful’ in battling the Soltans, Chanteau was now considered an impetuous Canadian clown that was more hype than substance.

Chanteau went on a tirade against the United States and even against his own Canadian military leaders, stating over and over again that he saved the world.  Over time, the media forgot about him, but Canada’s military leaders and politicians, who tried to get Chanteau to retire quietly, were forced to remove him from service the hard way.

In 2005, Chanteau was ordered to retire early or face courts martial for creating a ‘cult of personality’ amongst his troops.


Chanteau became extremely irate and angry in front of the upper echelon board and told the board if they ‘value their own lives’ they would immediately grant him Brigadier, drop the ‘retirement’ issue and award him Canada’s highest military award, the Victoria Cross.  The upper echelon incensed at Chanteau’s threats and ordered him arrested on the spot.  


For the next three days, Chanteau awaited his trial, but that day never came.


On his third night of incarceration, Chanteau was broken out of jail thanks to over 200 of his devoted unit troops (several others who’d been jailed for protesting for Chanteau were also broken out).  Knowing full well they’d committed treason, the troops that performed the jail break, all led by Lt. Colonel Malcolm McGuiness (AKA Enforcer Alpha), made off with Chanteau to a remote island base of operations that only Chanteau and his troops knew about on Wolfe Island, located between the Canadian New Brunswick and United States’ Maine border.  There, years before, Chanteau had accumulated tons of weapons, ordnance, food stores and equipment during the Soltan Invasion as one of his ‘pack rat’ storage locations.  Little did Chanteau know that Wolfe Island would become his new home in the forthcoming years.

Over the next few years, Chanteau and his 200+ expatriated troops built up Wolfe Island and started their own militaristic nation called the “United Canadian Empire (UCE)”.  There, he met and recruited thousands more new troops and several super-powered beings.  One such person was Dr. Phlebotinum, a brilliant engineering physicist and a highly disturbed man.  Under Chanteau’s leadership, the new “UCE” created a powerful military base and devised their own UCE Manifesto to highlight their new empire’s primary strategic goal taking over the North American continent and claiming it as the new UCE.  As a result of his cult of personality and the hype about the Canadian government trying to ‘take down’ the great war hero Colonel Chanteau, the UCE was able to recruit thousands of new troops and even several super-powered people, of which three were previous Canadian super heroes.  Over the same period of time, the UCE performed raids along the U.S./Canadian border, stealing more supplies, weapons, equipment and materials for their burgeoning military movement.   Most of the raids, usually led by Chanteau himself, involved using a new super-powered recruit, Netherbride, to teleport the troops and raid teams into the raid locations, sometimes without the military even knowing they were there.  During this time, Chanteau also had new identities made up for his main commanders and supporters, including himself, to help prevent capture and aid in their covert operations.  As such, even Chanteau changed his last name to North.  His troops “voted” Chanteau to hold a new title as well, and thus Colonel Chanteau has since become “Emperor North”.

As the raids continued, the United States and the Canadian military finally took the initiative and attacked him and his troops on Wolfe Island.  Thanks to Doctor Phlebotinum’s powerful force field array he’d devised, the island was protected from any and all attacks, all the while the US and Canadian ships and airplanes were able to be destroyed with missiles, torpedoes, mines and defense turrets from Wolfe Island.  Eventually, the U.S. and Canadian military retreated leaving reconnaissance drones and a Coast Guard/U.S. Navy naval blockade around the island.  The UCE won a major victory, but their manifesto was far from being fulfilled.  Over the next year, Emperor North and the UCE prepared for their grandest plan yet: the UCE’s annexation of all of New England into a new UCE province to be called “New Canada”.

Emperor North was now set to implement Operation: Gambit; a plan North had devised to take over all of New England and make it a new province of the UCE. To do so, the UCE required several nuclear weapons, the use of larger, portable force field generators, the use of all of his now highly-trained UCE troops and the implementation of his new super-powered UCE team, the UCE Enforcers. After raiding two of the United States’ nuclear bunkers, the Emperor had the last pieces needed to initiate Operation: Gambit.  A few years ago, he did just that.  With mere seconds from achieving his goal, he was stopped by a band of heroes that disarmed the nukes and forced the UCE to retreat back to Wolfe Island (the heroes would eventually form a new super-group, the Yankee Minutemen). To add insult to injury, during that final battle, the Emperor's right-hand man, Enforcer Alpha, was killed in action.

Although Operation: Gambit failed, it did make the UCE as one of the most dangerous para-military terrorist organizations on Earth overnight, but also roiled the Emperor so badly that he insisted on setting off another nuclear weapon in New York City to ‘make them pay for what they did’. When Emperor North ensured his remaining UCE troops were all back on Wolfe Island, he initiated the nuclear weapon’s countdown.  During the countdown, a UCE Trooper attacked the Emperor and stabbed him through the heart. The UCE Trooper attacked the emperor to prevent his family and relatives who lived in New York City from being killed.  In a brazen effort, the same trooper locked himself in a communications booth and broadcast across on all frequencies the location of the bomb to anyone listening.  Within mere minutes left, the nuclear weapon in New York City was disabled before it could go off.  The rogue UCE trooper was summarily executed in front of the troops. Even though the Emperor died on the operating table twice, he miraculously survived his lethal attack, but was physically the worse for wear after that incident from there out.

Over the years since Operation: Gambit’s failure, Emperor North has bequeathed leadership of the UCE Enforcers to his new #2, (still called Enforcer Alpha), as well as a majority of the day-to-day operations of the UCE Emperor North, on the other hand, has become more bitter and angry over his defeat.  His disgust of the United States and Canada has metastasized into an ever greater cancerous hate. He continues to plot and plan for other actions to take over North America, but no longer ‘leads from the front’, due to his injuries.  Instead, Emperor North sits on his throne devising his next plan to not only have the UCE take over North America, but to destroy the super-groups that have thus far dared to oppose him and the UCE.


Emperor North's next operation may be even deadlier and bolder than his failed Operation: Gambit escapade.




Power Origin: Normal (with a single tech enhancement)


Emperor North is a normal human, however, as a result of being stabbed in the heart, he now has a uniquely designed artificial heart.


Artificial Heart Enhancement

  • Designed by Doctor Phlebotinum

  • Operates as a normal artificial heart, but has an Override feature

    • Override Feature

      • When activated by the Emperor, his strength, enurance, speed, agility and fighting are doubled for up to 5 minutes.

      • At the end of the five minutes, he will be exhausted and more than likely will collapse from the stress of the overdrive

      • Normal recovery time after the override feature's activation time runs out: at least an entire day (feeble endurance and physical attributes during this time). 



  • Body Armor

    • He wears excellent body armor, able to protect him from all forms of attacks.

  • Helmet

    • Provides excellent protection from all forms of attacks.

    • Contains a full array of equipment:

      • Encrypted Communications transceiver with unlimited range

      • Visor provides electronic visual enhancements to see into infra red, ultra violet, thermal and night vision

      • Visor also has excellent magical detection items that can see through any form of magical illusion, charm or alteration spell

      • Voice Amplification System of a good rank (1 mile range)

      • Self-contained breathing system that can provide him oxygen for up to 30 minutes

  • Weapons 

    • 'Victory' Assault Weapon (VAW)

      • Can fire up to 10 excellent explosive grenades (1 shot each several seconds)

      • Can fire 0.50 caliber rounds (good shooting damage) with armor piercing ammunition (can penetrate up to excellent armor) (10 bursts/magazine)

      • Can be used as a flamethrower with good heat/fire at a range of 250 feet (20 blasts/cylinder)

      • Can fire up to remarkable level laser energy beam (4 shots @ remarkable (2 additional shots added for each lower level shot used) up to a max range of 300 yards (@ remarkable)(200 yards at excellent level, etc.)

      • Amazing material composition

    • Sidearms (2)

      • Semi-Automatic 9mm Pistols (typical shooting damage)(4 bursts/magazine (arced damage) or 12 single shots)

      • Remarkable material composition

    • Grenades (6)

      • Excellent explosive grenades (3)

      • Incredible EMP Grenade (affects all in target area) (1)

      • Excellent flash grenade (1)

      • Smoke Grenade (-4x visibility) (1)

    • Knives (2)

      • Remarkably strong composition military serrated-edged combat knives

    • ECM & Teleporter Jamming Bomb (1)

      • Affects all electronic equipment within a 1-mile range of the bomb up to monstrous level of ionization of electronic, communications and teleporter equipment and signals

      • Can be set on a 1-minute timer

      • Effect duration: 1 hour

  • Additional Equipment

    • Flares (2)

      • Good intensity red flares (much like road flares)

      • Each flare lasts for 15 minutes

    • Storage Belt (1)

      • Magazine of 0.50 caliber machine gun ammunition (10 bursts/magazine) (2)

      • Cylinder of flamethrower fuel (20 flame bursts/cylinder) (1)

      • Magazine of 9mm armor piercing ammunition (typical shooting damage; 4 bursts/magazine (arced damage) or 12 single shots) (4)

      • Force Field Protection System Spare Power Pack (1)

      • Spare VAW Laser Energy Pack (1)

    • Emperor's Command Pad (1)

      • Like an iPAD but has amazing encrypted network access to the UCE network

      • Amazing protection against damage (except magic and psionic)

      • Self destructs after 2 failed attempts to bypass security access/codes/encryption (monstrous molecular acid)

      • Has direct control to all UCE equipment, facilities, videos, communications, doors, portals, teleporter activation and a Wolfe Island destruction access (when activated, 1-minute audible countdown activates followed by an unearthly level explosion throughout all of the UCE Wolfe Island facilities)

    • Remote Signaling Device (1)

      • 100-mile range when activated

      • Lasts for 3 days

      • Transmits on a unique old Civil Defense frequency (unused in the rest of the world today)

    • Archduke of Ontario Magical Control Artifact (1)

      • used to summon, control, punish or imprison the Archduke of Ontario in (up to) unearthly levels of interaction

      • Range: Planetwide (Earth) (not tested elsewhere)

  • Force Field Protection System

    • Suit contains an amazingly strong, compact, personal force field generation system than he can use to protect himself, expand it to protect others within a 50-foot radius of his location

    • Acts like a repulsion field to anything trying to enter the field (creates ricochets and deflections)

    • Field can be maintained for 10 minutes before additional power pack has to be used/activated



  • Military (Master)

  • Military Weapons (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Electrical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Teleporter Technology (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Hold/Escape (Proficient)

  • Military Vehicles (Proficient)

  • Pilot (Single & Multi-Engine) (Proficient)

  • Tanks (Professional)

  • Sniper/Stealth (Professional)

  • Black Ops/Special Forces (Master)

  • Government (Professional)

  • Economics (Proficient)

  • Management (Professional)

  • Logistics (Master)

  • Farming/Food Distribution (Proficient)

  • Force Field Technology (Professional)

  • Robotics (Proficient)

  • Canadian History (Professional)

  • Canadian Military History (Professional)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Survival Techniques/Winter Survival (Professional)

  • Swimming (Proficient)

  • Communications Systems/Equipment (Proficient)

  • Weapons Manufacturing/Design (Proficient)

  • Blueprints/3D Design (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Battlefield Tactics (Professional)

  • First Aid/CPR (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • New England History/Geography (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • French (Master)

    • German (professional)

    • First People (50% of their languages) (Proficient)

    • Icelandic (proficient)

    • Scandinavian (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Korean (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Barely proficient)

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