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Red Crescent

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Omar Ali




late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 May 2013



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An Iraqi mutant doctor of medicine and member of Red Crescent  (a Muslim version of the Red Cross), Omar Ali has become a worldwide hero - and villain - for using his incredible lifesaving powers.

As a teenager, Omar discovered he had a mutant ability to heal and mend broken bones and arteries with mere concentration and the application of his power.  His tribe/village ran him out calling him a 'devil' for having those powers.  Eventually, he made his way to Baghdad where he started working as an nurse at one of the city's hospitals during the Iraqi war with the West.  Quietly and secretly healing and saving hundreds of lives over the next few years, a progressive Muslim surgeon named Dr. Hamir Al-Zahari, added two and two and figured out about Omar and his powers.  Rather than rat him out, he instead sent him to medical school where he "could be of greater service to the people of Iraq and the world". 

After six years of hard work, studying and interning in America, he received his Doctors license. By this time, Iraq qas under ALlied control and was in the midst of trying to be rebuilt. Upon his return to Baghdad, Ali went to visit Dr. Al-Zahari, but quickly discovered Al-Zahiri had been kidnapped by a religious extremist group. Ali set out to find Dr. Al-Zahar, and within several days, Ali found where the doctor was being held.  When Ali attempted to inform local police about the terrorists' lair, he was knocked unconscious and brought to the lair.  Several of the police at the police station were actually secretive members of the extremist group.  Both doctors were bound and beaten. While being beaten, Ali and Al-Zahari overheard that the extremists were going to use chemical weapons they'd found in the desert and use them against the Allies during a change of command ceremony being performed in mere minutes. Both doctors realized with the winds gusting as they were, the chemical weapon's gas would cover nearly half of Baghdad killing innocents by the tens of thousands.  Just as Ali was about to make an ill-conceived escape attempt, the cavalry arrived to help save the day.

G.U.A.R.D.'s TERRAGUARD troops and elements from the Aeroguardians supergroup all showed up to rescue the doctors and a dozen other captives, as well as take out the terrorist cell. A young Iraqi boy, using the internet, sent a message out on GUARD's social media network asking to help save the 'two doctor's being beaten, especially the man who helped save his family years before (one of Dr. Ali's first set of patients). GUARD's communications teams intercepted the social media message and activated a local TERRAGUARD unit and a squad of Aerogaurdians already in the area.


In mere minutes, GUARD's forces defeated all in the compound and rescued all the prisoners (including the two doctors).  Ali mentioned the chemical attack that was about to happen in Baghdad for the GUARD personnel. One of the Aeroguardians, Expeditor, opened a teleportation portal, allowing everyone to walk through and to the Baghdad location, inviting the two doctors to join them if they wished to do so. 


Unfortunately, when the heroes were seen, the terrorists set off the chemical bomb.  Ali, using every fiber of his being, created a healing aura about himself and walked amongst the crowd, healing them as best he could.  With every step he took, he became weaker and weaker to the point he was crawling.  Aeroguardian and another team member, Red Cross, took him under each other's arms, walking him throughout the crowd, helping to heal all that were affected.  In the interim, the rest of the team members dissipated the gas and defeated the terrorists.  All in all, only several died that day but saved tens of thousands thanks to their intervention. 

The crowd cheered Ali's actions, saying he was a blessing from Allah.  The Aeroguardians and Ali finally fell to the ground exhausted and completely spent.  Amidst all of this, Dr. Al-Zahid, who beamed with pride at Ali for what Ali had done, lifted and carried Ali to the rally's dais.  There, Al-Zahid, spoke out to the crowds of the heroic actions GUARD and Ali had done to save Baghdad's sons and daughters. As the crowd began chanting "GUARD! Omar Ali!", a sniper shot Dr. Al-Zahari through the chest, Ali in the shoulder, and the female hero, Red Cross in the arm.  Too exhausted to use his powers, Ali could only watch as his most outspoken mentor died right in front of him.

After a few second's shock, the TERRAGUARD troops spotted and killed the sniper. Expeditor teleported anyone in need of medical attention to one of the Aeroguardian's Air Stations over Turkey.  As the heroes and Ali were healed at their emergency medical bay there, Iraqi TV announced Omar as a 'devil' that the extremist group was trying to stop from lighting off a chemical bomb during the Baghdad rally. They pinned the attack on Omar Ali, and mentioned the United States allies, GUARD and the two doctors as conspirators in an attempt to overthrow the new Iraqi government. Of course none of what they said on the news was true, but millions of people in Iraq wanted justice.


The masses condemned GUARD for their ignorance in support Ali. They also expatriated Ali from his native Iraq, never being allowed to return to Iraq ever again, unless he wished to be executed on site.

After a proper Muslim burial of his mentor, Omar pledged to join the Aeroguardians, where he felt he might be able to "do some good" with his powers. The Aeroguardian leader, Aeroguardian, and the rest of the team welcomed Ali with open arms.  Since then, he has taken on his new code-name as "Red Crescent"!



Omar has the fantastic mutant power of healing to any and all within an eight foot radius of his body.  So long as he is able to concentrate, he can heal most injuries, currently, just short of death.  The longer he's able to focus on a wound or injury, the better it is healed.  He does have limitations though; he is only able to heal up to several people a minute.  He was able to heal hundreds a minute in the Baghdad incident, but since that event, he feels his powers 'broke' a bit and he has not been able to return to that level of healing since.




Equipped with a standard SAR Suit and related utilities.



More to come!

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