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Red Cross

It's Probably MeSting
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Sylvia Snyder/ Cynthia "Cindy" Cross

See note below*



early 30s








None on record




Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 May 2013​




NOTE: Sylvia Snyder is normal human being believed to be in federal protective custody (as established by Homeland Security), however, unknown to all but a select few, she now goes by the fake established identity of Cynthia "Cindy" Cross who is listed as a 'mutant' under the Superpowers Registration Law.



A previous US Navy Independent Duty Corpsman-gone-doctor, Dr. Snyder eventually became doctor in metaphysics and a bionanotechnologist.  For several years, she developed a nanothechnology with new scientific biological  healing techniques. Using auto-functioning nanites, Dr. Snyder discovered she could infuse nanites into a patient's body, allowing the nanites to remarkably repair tissue damage, counter toxins and poisons, mend bones and even cure a plethora of diseases (multi-vaccination). The nanites would even transmit biological data about the host to Dr. Snyder's computers (all on a wrist pad) to provide vitals and patient status. The medical community hailed her work as revolutionary, however, several villainous organizations wanted to steal her technology and use it themselves and/or sell the tech to the highest bidder on the black market.

While giving a lecture on her discoveries, several villain groups, all at the same time, descended upon Dr. Snyder to kidnap her for the technology.  Several members of the audience were initially killed as a result of the super-villain fight for Dr. Snyder, yet Dr. Snyder's jumped into the fray and released her nanites to those same victims, reviving the 'dead' people and saving their lives. At one point, Crimewave's thugs got ahold of the doctor and started making off with her.  Luckily for her, Aeroguardian, leader of the Aeroguardians, was attending the lecture incognito.  He called upon the Aeroguardians team to fight the villains and save Dr. Snyder. Aeroguardian gave pursuit to Dr. Snyder and in an incredible aerial combat display, rescued her from what would have been a 1000 foot fall from the sky.

Angered at the abduction, Dr. Snyder realized her work would only prompt more attacks.  Although she wanted the world to receive her healing tech gift, international health organizations prompted for years of 'field studies' before they could allow the nanites to be legally used anywhere in the world. Sadly, Dr. Snyder also had to go into a Federal Protection Program to prevent possible further abductions.  Dr. Snyder was appalled over these decisions.  Again, luckily, Aeroguardian was there to help one more time.

Initially, GUARD didn't agree to the deal, but after several discussions, Aeroguardian convinced the GUARD director to create a new identity for a new 'mutant healing hero' in the Aeroguardians that would be called Red Cross. The new identity and 'mutant' aspect of Red Cross' powers were all made up.  The nanites were the supposed 'mutant healing power', which, by the way, had NO legal repercussions or required 'field studies' to allow the application thereof, so instead, Dr. Snyder, under her new identity's name of Cynthia "Cindy" Cross, would use her nanites as her 'mutant' power for healing, and no one would be the wiser (since the nanites basically dissolve seconds after administering their care).

Today, 'Cindy Cross' goes by the codename Red Cross and works with the Aeroguardians.  Since she is also a member of GUARD, she has access to some of the best medical and research labs in the world, and continues her work on improving her nanites, hoping that one day, her nanites will be a household remedy for saving lives and healing injuries.



Officially, Red Cross has the remarkable power of healing people with either direct contact or within several feet of a target/patient; unofficially, she has no powers at all.


What Red Cross actually does is use a neural interlink that programs biomechanical nanites that she either injects via retractable injectors through her gloves into a patient or out into the air in an aerosol form from ports on the back of her gloves. To everyone watching her, she seems like she's using a mutant power, but in all truth she is releasing nanites that will heal the patient. Once healed, the nanites die off inside the patient, causing no residual health effects.



Red Cross has the standard SAR Suit with all the common capabilities and accessories.


She also has a belt with several medical pouches, and gloves filled with programmable nanites, bio-injectors for the nanites in her gloves, an aerosol shooter for the nanites in ports on the back of her gloves, and a standard SARSuit jetpack. 

Her helmet provides a Heads Up Display (HUD) of biofeedback from the nanites so that Red Cross can monitor one or multiple patient vitals and stats so long as the nanites are alive and working in the patient. the same helmet also provides a neural interlink that programs the bio-mechanical nanites. The helmet also contains Infrared visor for night vision, thermal scanner for heat signatures and a full comms array with multi-band frequencies for transmission and receiving.


  • Military (Professional)

  • Military Medicine (Master)

  • Field Medicine/Surgery (Professional)

  • Bionanotechnologist (Master)

  • Anthropology (Professional)

  • Doctor, Medical (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Small arms/weapons (Proficient)

  • Rifles/ranged weapons (Proficient)

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