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Cor Turgo

On Earth, few know; In Galaxy, known

Villain/Soltan (Expatriate)



Multiple wives over time, currently single







Master Universe

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980s; 20 June 2011


Multiple wives and children (most all were killed save those that escaped/hid); their identifies are considered classified by Soltan Intelligence




Cor Turgo is a mutant warrior born on the planet Solta.  In his youth, he was indoctrinated into a powerful military unit of other super-powered and tech-augmented Soltans to create what they called the "Universals".  The Universals believed that nothing would stand in their way once the Soltan Star Empire unleashed them upon their enemies.

For Turgo's first four decades of life, he fought in glorious battles of conquest and victory over countless worlds and civilizations. Solta cheered him and promoted him over the decades until he became a fleet admiral. At that point, conquests seemed 'trivial' to Turgo and instead, by age 70,  educated himself, mastering many skills and trades other than just military-based (which he was already a master of).  During this same time, Turgo's mutant powers grew stronger (since he now had time to focus on their development). When it came time for Fleet Admiral Turgo to lead a Soltan invasion on a distant backwater planet, Turgo declined, stating that he had other 'interests' to pursue.


This did NOT sit well with the Soltan Star Empire hierarchy.


Turgo soon realized with his knowledge, skills and his honed mutant powers, he was nigh unstoppable. He had a following of millions of Soltan Star Empire troops and loyalists, making him a dangerous popular figure in the Soltan worlds (all except those that obviously had been conquered or defeated by Turgo). Turgo instead used his 'Universals', now with him calling himself Master Universe, to instead use their power and influence (and threats) to start 'changing' Soltan Star Empire politics, shifting power to his desires, further influencing the empire to make him the Grandmaster of the Soltan Star Empire (top leader). Of course the Grandmaster and his Soltan High Command had other plans, as they plotted a devious plan to stop him and his Universals once and for all.


As Turgo rose to power, he started asking for simple requests no other Soltan leader had ever be allowed to have, like his own personal heavily armored and weaponized starship 'yacht', slaves to take care of his personal needs and even a brothel of hundreds of alien sex slaves. His demands became even greater, finally resulting in his demand for the position as Grandmaster.  That's when the existing Grandmaster's master plan to do away with Turgo went into effect.


The Grandmaster and the Soltan High Command planted the seeds influencing the empire to demand that if Turgo was to ascend to be the new Grandmaster, Turgo would have to conquer a world that would be worthy of his ascent -  the planet Kragstaria. To prove his worth as the new leader of the Soltan Star Empire, Turgo was implored to conquer the 'stubbornly resistant' Kragstaria world once and for all. With that Turgo, unmindful of the current Grandmaster's/Soltan Hight Command's secret plans, formed an invasion force of several dozen starships and transports, amassing over 7 million Soltan troops, far more than enough to not only conquer the Kragstarians, but practically destroy the planet in the process.  To Turgo, this was a clarion to his ascent as Grandmaster - a gloriously monumental victory that would set him as the empire's greatest leader ever.  He went in with his pride and ambition overextended for the first time in his life. It was a move he'd later regret.

The Soltan High Command put their secret plot into effect.


Turgo's fleet arrived at Kragstaria to the unexpected swarm of nuclear missiles that destroyed all of the Turgo's invading fleet. The Kragstarians, although physically and endurably strong, were not technologically adept to even make their own missiles, nonetheless nuclear weapons. As it was, the Soltan Star Command, weeks before, had set up secret missile launchers in orbit, all designed to easily be 'untrackable' and 'invisible' to Soltan radar/tracking systems and thus capable of stealthily launching thousands of nuclear missiles.


Turgo's entire invasion fleet, along with its 7 million Soltan troops, were instantly annihilated in a massive upper atmosphere cacophony of powerful nuclear explosions; explosions that tore the planet's atmosphere to shreds, killing over 90% of the Kragstarians over the next several days, except for the few 10% that burrowed underground to survive.

The existing Grandmaster immediately blamed Turgo and his 'vainglorious' ineptitude for one of Solta's greatest and most disasterous campaigns. Denoting the loss of the 7 million troops, the Grandmaster and the Soltan Star Command set the stage stating that the Kragstarians were instead 'far more capable and dangerous' than had ever believed before and that the Kragstarians had now (actually, did NOT) send a communique stating that they survived the 'pathetic Soltan assault' and that they (the Kragstarians) were going to attack and decimate the Soltan homeworld, raining nuclear fire onto every city with the explicit desire to destroy every Soltan ever. The Soltan Empire immediately rallied to the Grandmaster, deriding Turgo's failed invasion that now directly was about to lead to Solta's nuclear destruction. The Grandmaster now had the empire's support more than ever before; support that actually led the existing Grandmaster to believe he was practically a god to the empire. As such, he set into motion to become the Empire's new 'Emperor' vice Grandmaster, allowing him unilateral control over the empire so as to stop the 'evil' Kragstarians. The worlds and people of the empire agreed and as the first act as Emperor, he called for a devastating attack with 'secret' weapons that his 'Soltan Star Command' leaders had kept from him; weapons that the new Emperor stated would have 'saved' those 7 million lives in Turgo's vainglorious and ignorant assault. As such, the new Emperor immediately called for the execution of his Soltan Star Command leaders for siding with what was now uncovered to be a plot by Turgo to overthrow the empire using those same secret weapons (which, actually, never existed).

The Soltan Star Command leaders were all arrested, sequestered and killed within minutes of the new Emperor's call for it.  All of those that knew about the secret plot against Turgo were now dead. There were no loose ends, since those that had delivered the stealth nuclear missile orbital launch platforms were all poisoned once they'd returned to Soltan Prime. As it was, the new Emperor, told the empire that his newly discovered 'secret weapons' were now on their way to destroy the Kragstarians once and for all; weapons that didn't even exist. The new emperor was banking on the 99.2% expectation that Kragstaria was going to become an unlivable rock in space thanks to the nuclear damage to the planet's atmosphere. As such, without having to lift a finger, the new Emperor, within days, would state that Kragstaria was 'destroyed' and that he, the new Emperor, was responsible to for saving the Soltan Star Empire and returning it to its former glory...and the while striking Cor Turgo's name from history and shaming and vilifying Turgo for his vanity and potential destruction of Solta that (somehow) Turgo had created.


No one was left alive that knew the real truth...that is, except Cor Turgo.

Turgo survived the multiple nuclear blasts.

Floating in orbit above Kragstaria, Turgo awoke days after the fleet's destruction. He was alive.  He saw the massive devastation of the fleet, hundreds of thousands of dead bodies and debris all floating around him, with images of hundreds of those same bodies and debris, off in the distance below him, fizzling in flames into what was barely left of Kragstaria's atmosphere.  Dumbfounded over his survival, he soon realized his mutant powers had somehow 'saved' him, empowering him with nigh-cosmic energies unlike anything he'd ever had before. He was able to use his experience with zero-G warfare to grab something and use it as a means of leaping or use its kinetic motion to move him about space. He could not fly in space, but instead 'leaped' from debris item to debris item...until he saw something he didn't want to believe true.


Dozens of Soltan-made nuclear missile orbital stealth launchers - all empty of their payloads.  It didn't take long before Turgo was able to piece together that he and the fleet had been set up for failure and destruction. Who or whom ordered and set this up had to be at the highest level of the empire - command leaders, maybe even the grandmaster himself. Regardless, Turgo realized his conquest was obviously planned for naught and that his death was an expectation; an expectation that he obviously had upset.


Finding a damaged 'recorder' droid that had anti-gravity motivators, Turgo rigged the droid to basically be his 'flight pack'. Over the next few hours, Turgo found recordings, data and video showing everything he needed to prove that the fleet had been attacked by their own nuclear weapons and NOT the Kragstarians. Turgo put all the proof into an escape pod (taking up all space in the pod) once he realized most of the debris and bodies, including himself were all going to either burn up in the damaged planet's atmosphere or crash like a meteor onto the planet below, or both. Turgo, believing his survival in space warranted survival of planetfall, followed the rest of the falling debris and dead bodies down into the atmosphere either burning up or crashing with spectacular impacts.


Turgo survived planetfall with minimal damage, as did the escape pod with all the saved and recorded proof (and Turgo's acquired recorder droid).

After a day's travel from the wasteland that he'd fallen upon, Turgo followed what looked like a burrowing animal path under the surface, leading him to an intelligently made sealed cave entrance. Turgo, dragging the escape pod with him, used his now more-powerful super strength to easily brake through the cave's entrance. Once through, he immediately resealed the entrance behind him. In the cave was scarce air, but enough to speak and breath in (not that he needed to breath anymore). There, after miles of tunnels and more sealed entrances, he found several dozen Kragstarians huddled in a corner cave, barely alive and definitely not a threat to him. He spoke to them and asked them what they knew of what happened. Although the Kragstarians were a pre-industrial era civilization, they did have telescopes, and one of the Kragstarians in from of Turgo was an Astronomer; an astronomer who saw the Soltans place the platforms in orbit before the 'cataclysm' as they were now calling the nuclear atmospheric-destroying event.  After further discussion, it was noted that the Kragstarians were actually peace-loving people and had NEVER encountered or fought the Soltans before this.

All that had been told to the Soltan Star Empire about Kragstaria was a lie. A lie obviously concocted by the only person who'd have that level of knowledge - The Grandmaster. Turgo was furious over learning about this, but had no idea how he was going to resolve his situation, or for that matter, what he planned to do once and if he was able to get off-planet.

Over the next few weeks, the Kragstarians networked with the few survivors left. One such survivor, Detendro, was considered a 'freak' amongst the Kragstarian people. Detendro was three times the size of the largest Kragstarian and was very powerful and strong. Sadly, he was also as dumb as a box of rocks. Regardless, Turgo befriended Detendro and as such, Detendro imprinted on Turgo, becoming Turgo's new muscle (not that Turgo wasn't strong himself).  During that time, Turgo went through the land-fallen debris of his fleet, trying to find anything he could to find a way back to Solta. After months of fruitless effort, the newly formed Kragstarian communications network, using their new tunnel network, identified a strange magical device in a cave. Turgo and Detendro went to go investigate to find the skeleton of a long-dead legend of Solta, a Soltan magical superhero once called Sanero Sango.

There amongst Sanero Sango's bones was one of his legendary relics - The Travel Crystal. Turgo scooped up the skeletal and equipment remains of Sango and the the crystal and returned to his relative new home. After a few days, Turgo was able to tap into the crystal's power, but it was legend had once said, Sango had to 'recharge' the crystal in the great Cave of the Ley Line of Kavikus on Soltan. Whatever charge it had left was most likely a one-way ticket. To that, Turgo and Detendro, along with the remnants of Sango and the Escape Capsule of proof against the Grandmaster and/or the Soltan Star Command, attempted to activate the crystal - and did just that.

The duo of Turgo and Detendro, and their equipment, were transported by Sango's Travel Crystal across the galaxy to the actual Cave of the ley Line of Kavikus on Solta Prime.  Turgo was home.

Before Turgo was able to exit the cave, alarms went off alerting of Turgo and Detendro as intruders.  Over two dozen Soltan guardsmen arrived, to which both Turgo and Detendro defeated even after Turgo attempted to tell them whom he was.  Within hours, Turgo found out all that had transpired in his absence. The ascension of the Grandmaster to Emperor, the executions of the leaders of the Soltan Star Command, the 'victory' of Kragstaria and the shaming and vilifying of 'Master Universe', ex-Admiral Cor Turgo, and the plans for Solta's next major conquest, a mudball civilization or beings called Terrans who lived on a planet called Earth, located clear across the entire length of the galaxy.  

Turgo knew he was fighting against the tide if he were to simply attack the Emperor. Even with his and Detendro's power and strength, it wouldn't be enough. To win victory over the Soltan Emperor and once again put the title "Master Universe" in place of the Grandmaster or Emperor titles, Turgo knew he needed to form a plan and recruit LOTS of troops. Millions of them, if he wanted to retain control of the Empire once he won it. It was a plan months in the making, but it was a plan worthy of the slyness of the new Emperor himself; a plan that should not only prove the Emperor's lies and sedition, but uncover the 7 million murders the Emperor had committed just to kill Turgo.


Months later, thanks to secretly and stealthily revealing the 'truth' to his old friends, fellow officers and troops, Turgo and his new "Universal Army" as he called them now, began to grow. As expected, once the ranks of the Universal Army began to grow, it gathered the Emperor's attention. Word was out that 'Master Universe' was still alive and that the Emperor attempted to murder Master Universe, lie about the entire Kragstarian invasion and murder millions of Solta's own troops just to cover it up.  An unease began to permeate the Empire as a result. Calls were made for the Emperor to respond the accusations, to which the Emperor instead called for the death of any who dared to utter the 'lies' being told. As a result, hundreds were killed, even innocent children, causing a massive backlash against the Emperor who eventually called for martial law when protests started cropping up on other Soltan-controlled worlds as well as Soltan Prime.


That is when Turgo as "Master Universe" initiated his plan.


Sadly, a spy in Turgo's 'Universal Army' tipped off the Emperor before Turgo and Detendro and the Universal Army could attack.


Tens of thousands in the Universal Army were captured and disarmed. Turgo and Detendro were also captured. All were hauled off to perform a 'walk of shame' on the road to the Emperor's capitol where the Emperor was to publicly call for Turgo, Detendro and the Universal Army's immediate execution. That is, of course, when Turgo's/Master Universe's REAL plan went into effect.


Turgo knew the spy and used the spy to help get him and the Universal Army to the capitol without having to kill a single person to breech the city; they were taken right to the Emperor's doorstep.  Once the call to execution was given, the video screens about the plantet (and the neighboring planets) all started playing the video recordings of what REALLY happened to Turgo's Slotan invasion fleet over Kragstaria showing the Soltan nuclear orbital platforms firing the missiles at the Soltan invasion ships, the destruction and of course the REAL story of the Kragstarians, showing that they were NEVER a threat in being a pre-industrial era of their civilization. The emperor called for his guards and loyal troops to kill the Universal Army, creating a massive battle at the capitol. During that battle, the Emperor used the same type of Travel Crystal that Turgo found on Kragstaria and teleported himself off-planet to a neighboring Soltan planet's fortress.


Seconds after the Emperor left, a nuclear bomb was armed and exploded in the heart of the capitol city of Soltan Prime, destroying the city and over 100 square miles of what was once the Soltan capitol.


The only survivors were Cor Turgo and Detendro. Several million Soltan soldiers, diplomats and innocent people and children died in that fiery unearthly nuclear blast set off remotely by the Emperor. The Emperor, once again, sacrificed millions of his subjects and troops all to try to stop Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe.


The Emperor immediately put out a televised live stream stating that 'Master Universe, Cor Turgo, had just nuked the capitol. The 'fake' video, according to the Emperor, shown of the Kragstarian Invasion force, was 'doctored' and used as a distraction to undermine the Emperor long enough so that Cor Turgo could set off his nuclear bomb to murder millions of Soltans just to get at the Emperor.  Incredibly, the Soltan Star Empire and its vast array of planetary governments believed the Emperor lies...once again. Amazingly, the severely wounded bodies of Turgo and Detendro were found amidst the capitol's destruction and death.  The Emperor called for a 'like' death sentence, where Turgo would be taken to a remote barren moon for his death sentence, this time, away from any of the empire's populace.


There on a barren, remote moon hundreds of light years away, the Emperor order Turgo die by using three nuclear weapons all at once to finally kill the murderous rebel (and now, officially as per the Emperor, expatriate). The death sentence was carried out, showing the empire the resultatnt nuclear blast, stating that Turgo was now officially dead.


Turgo wasn't dead, however, the Emperor was NOT about to tell the empire all.


The Emperor, not knowing how to kill Turgo, instead, with the empire's best engineers, created a means of keeping Turgo in confinement, as well as devising a plan to rid Turgo of the Empire and the Emperor once and for all.


With only a few dozen Soltans scientists, engineers and worlker, Turgo was placed in a specially designed prison on the most powerful Soltan Star Command's Dreadnaught starships, ironically called the "Sanero Sango".  There, using the awesome power of the ship's engines, the Soltan scientists and engineers devised a way to have Turgo restrained in captivity long as the engines on the Sanero Sango ran. At this time, the invasion of Earth was already under way. The Sanero Sango was originally set to simply dump Turgo's cell into a neighboring sun, however, the engineers still hadn't finished devising the phase of the plan. Unexpectedly, The Sanero Sango was instead called on a priority Omega status to assist in the Earth invasion, since, at that time, the Terrans were atually 'winning' against the Soltan Invasion forces - a feat that NO civilization had ever done in opposition to Soltan forces in Solta's recorded thousands of years of history.  As such, the Sanero Sango deployed to Earth..and along with it, an imprisoned (and still severely crippled) Turgo.


In Earth's year of 2000 A.D., the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  For several months, the Soltan troops destroyed cities, population centers, military resistance and basically took over every key location and nation on the planet.  Eventually, by the sixth month mark of the invasion, the people of Earth found out a way to defeat the Soltans and fought back hard. The Soltan flagship, the Sanero Sango, arrived in orbit around Earth as per the automated Soltan Star Fleet Omega priority distress call. Within hours, Earth's military, GUARD and its superheroes (and supervillains) crippled the Sanero Sango, causing the flagship dreadnought to burn up in Earth's atmosphere and crash in the Sahara Desert. Although only a few hundred Soltan soldiers and engineers survived the ship's destructive crash landing, the most natoable of the survivors was the one and only Cor Turgo AKA Master Universe. Severely wounded, heavily depowered, yet still alive, Turgo once again survived that which would have killed even the most powerful of beings in the galaxy.

Within minutes of his escape from the downed flagship's cell, Turgo realized he was still nowhere back in fighting trim; he was still very weak, with his face and body still heavily scarred from the nuclear death penalties he'd received.  For the first time, be was unsure of his own action, however, amidst the crash site, Master Universe sited a few of his fellow prisoners/escapee, one being his old loyal Soltan Scorpion pet and the other, his Kragstarian sidekick, Detendro. This was enough to encourage Turgo to go the distance through his pain to muster his confidence and determination to once again get even with the Emperor and the Soltan Star Empire once and for all.

Turgo convinced several other surviving and escaping intergalactic criminals from the crashed flagship's prison bay to join him to make Solta's Emperor, and the empire itself, pay for their atrocities against them. In recognition for their 'assistance', when all was done, he ensured that he would take each of them, his fellow intergalactic 'expatriates', back to their home worlds or wherever they wanted to go once they'd helped him destroy the Soltan Emperor and the empire first. They all agreed, and thus was born an uneasy alliance; an alliance that called itself the "Alliance of the Galactic Expatriates", or simply the 'Galactic Expatriates'. 

With Turgo as their leader, the surviving expatriates worked together at the crash site. Although they'd expected a Soltan rescue shuttle at the least to come for them, the Soltans had instead 'retreated' from Earth and left to go to the dark side of Mars to lick their wounds. Thus it was official -  for the first time in Solta's recorded history, the Soltans had been driven off a planet in defeat. This would cause MASSIVE ripples in the empire, creating new rebellions and uprisings, all against Solta and the rest of what would eventually become a collapsed empire. This turn of events actually upset Turgo. In order for Turgo's master plan to work to defeat the emperor and take over the empire in Turgo's own name, he needed to have a stable empire first as well as a conquest 'victory' under his belt to offset Turgo's still-believed failure of Kragstaria. To that end, Turgo had to alter his master plan. He had to not only take over Earth, but had to prevent the Soltan empire from falling into rancor before he was to take over Solta. First things first - he and his 'expatriates' needed transportation, weapons and a means to take over the planet.

The expatriates came across a a band of nomadic desert tribesmen that the expatriates attacked and tortured demanding the location of 'starships' and/or rockets. The tribesmen told them the only place they knew was the Jabal Hamzah ballistic missile test and launch facility in Egypt. The expatriates killed the nomads and took their camels and went off in the direction of the facility. Along the way, discussions arose to how best to 'perform' Turgo's plans; discussions that Turgo didn't enjoy. However, at one point, one of the expatriates mentioned about the galactic ruler title that existed before the Soltans; a title that had been lost in time and history; the title of 'Galaxon'.  Turgo admired this title and from that point on considered that he was no longer Cor Turgo or Master Universe, but instead "Galaxon".  The expatriates were not about to tell him no, especially since they'd seen Turgo's wounds literally begin to heal up on their journey to the rock facility.

There at the Egyptian rocket facility, after decimating nearly all the facility's military forces in less than 10 minutes, Galaxon and his band of Galactic Expatriates realized that their expected transportation of being an "interstellar spacecraft" was instead only atmospheric rockets instead. Furious, Galaxon and his crew destroyed the site and killed every living person at the facility.  Before they killed the last person there, they forced one of the site's lead engineers to find them a suitable spaceship launch facility on Earth capable of providing interstellar travel.  When the engineer told him there was no such place on Earth, Master Universe was once again displeased. After getting a printout and a deciphered map of each (publicly known) spaceport location on Earth, the beleaguered expatriates slowly made their way to one of the most out of the way locations they could find and attempt to build their own interstellar ship - Omalek Island in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Months later, Galaxon and the expatriates finally made their way to Omalek Island, bringing with them a treasure trove of stolen materials, components and equipment loaded up onto an ocean-going cargo ship the expatriates had hijacked and controlled to use to get to Omalek Island. Along with the captured Soltan Soldiers and engineers from the crashed flagship, additional 'useful' humans were abducted along the way to use as the expatriates' slave labor.  Galaxon, now about 40% healed, took over Omalek is mere minutes and set up operations to build their starship. Those that survived Galaxon's takeover of Omalek Island were added to the slave labor pool, especially those who were able to operate and launch any space vehicle for the facility.  

Since Earth was still in the throughs of rebuilding after destruction wrought by the invading Soltans (which occurred in late 2000), Omalek was one such site that got 'lost' in the shuffle. Since there was, at that time, no need for building spaceships or launching things into space, but rather rebuilding cities and towns, Omalek Island was not even a blip on the US Government's radar...until the government could no longer communicate with the island. In 2003, the US Government decided to do a reconnaissance satellite flyover of Omalek to see what was what only to find an unauthorized, massive spaceship being built there instead.

The US government, in response, sent a US Navy SEAL team in to recon the island, but were attacked by the expatriates and killed within minutes.  Next, the US Navy's barely rebuild fleet was sent in.  Using a newly rebuilt aircraft carrier and warplanes, they flew to the island to destroy the starship.  They did destroy the ship's liquid fuel silos, but did little to no damage to the rest of the facility, due in fact to the expatriates eventually destroyed all of the attacking warplanes. Next was an offshore missile and gunnery bombardment.  Each of those ships also met a similar fate, losing five warships (including the aircraft carrier) and over 500 sailors and airmen. Now believing this was a band of surviving Soltans trying to get back home (or to converge with the rest of the defeated Soltans on the dark side of Mars) the United Nations and GUARD got involved, and with it, a powerful response planned - a tactical nuclear strike against Omalek Island.

Devoid of liquid rocket fuel for the starship, Galaxon demanded the Terrans send a shipment of the same rocket fuel via ship to them or he and his 'expatriates' would start killing their human slaves one by one.  GUARD and the UN agreed to this deal, hoping to exchange some of the human slaves in the process...but instead, GUARD and the UN decided to use the rocket fuel-ladened ship as a Trojan Horse with a remotely detonatable nuclear weapon aboard. One of the GUARD directors, Vladimir Vorisch, demanded another way of resolving this, stating there were 'rumors' amongst imprisoned Soltans stating even three nuclear weapons could not kill Cor Turgo. Regardless of his effort, Vorisch was ordered to 'shut up or get locked up' for daring to go against the GUARD/UN plan for nuking the Omalek Island.

Eventually, the humans sent the cargo ship with the fuel as Galaxon requested...complete with a remotely operated and armed nuclear weapon. Galaxon, however, discovered the delivery was merely a ruse doen by the Terrans designed to destroy him and the expatriates. Galaxon instead blew up the tanker several miles offshore (NOT detonating the nuke, but instead rendering in inoperable) and told the humans they now had only 2 hours left to give him what he wanted before the expatriates were to unleashed death and destruction.


Unbeknownst to Galaxon, the US government itself (not GUARD or the UN) authorized their own (unsanctioned) tactical nuclear strike on Omalek as a last ditch means of ridding themselves of this band of powerful aliens (Earth, by this time, had very little sympathy or care in dealing with alien invaders after what happened in 2000 from the Soltan Invasion).  Surprisingly though, GUARD's Vladimir Vorisch, once he'd learned of this strike, implemented an alternate plan, hoping it'd work before the island would be nuked. The plan: transport several thousand captured Soltan Soldiers that GUARD had imprisoned and send them into battle against the expatriates; all of whom (the captured Soltans, that is) HATED 'Galaxon' (whom they called by Galaxon's other, older names and titles such as Admiral Turgo, Cor Turgo and Master Universe) and were more than willing to die to end 'Galaxon's' miserable life. In exchange, GUARD promised them a free ticket on that starship being worked on Omalek Island to take them to their fellow Soltan soldiers on the far side of Mars without incident - a deal that GUARD was not likely to ever be able to backup...but the newly allied, ex-imprisoned Soltan Soldiers were willing to bank on.  

An alien teleported named "Warp" was used to send the thousands of ex-imprisoned Soltan troops and their weapons to Omalek Island. Several dozen superheroes also volunteered to fight as well, all performing a massive and epic battle. During that same time, Vladimir Vorisch, along with hundreds of other non-GUARD personnel, collected up all the human slaves on the island and with Warp, got them to safety. The Soltan troops and heroes eventually defeated Galaxon and the expatriates.  The tactical nuke was aborted one minute away from its target and splashed down only a dozen or so miles from the island, inert and safe.  In the end, over 500 ex-imprisoned Soltan Soldiers survived, with 20% of the superheroes attending either dying or permanently disabled and over 60% of the rescuers survived as well; rescuers that were offered to later join GUARD's AEROGUARD and Medical Operations divisions.

The ex-captive Soltans that survived taking down Galaxon were eventually allowed to build their spaceship and use it to fly to Mars, where, at last report, it was never seen again after it left Earth's orbit.  As for Galaxon and his band of Galactic Expatriates, they were put into the most powerful restraints ever devised at a prison facility...on the Moon.  There, Master Universe and the Galactic Expatriates remained imprisoned...until the last few years. They broke out, commandeering a MOONGUARD shuttle and took over a classified Chinese space station that was in orbit around Earth.

Shortly after, while on the Chinese space station, Galaxon and the expatriates were greeted by a strange yet powerful cosmic being. There, the cosmic being cosmically empowered an American astronaut that was left to die in space while spying on the Chinese space station from a small shuttle.  This 'being' told Galaxon that this new "Earth" (the name the being called the astronaut at that time) was now empowered specifically to stop Galaxon and other would-be galactic tyrants from taking over the planet.  The astronaut (later calling himself Defender, and then ultimately, Astroguardian) fought Galaxon and sent him flying end over end into space. Surprisingly, Galaxon's Galactic Expatriates eventually retrieved Galaxon before he was lost to them and brought him back to the Chinese Space Station; a station that Terrans believed had bee destroyed in the battle, but instead was rebuilt by the expatriates and placed in a different orbit.


On the Expatriates freshly rebuilt orbiting base, Galaxon swore vengeance against the humans and Earth (as well as hatred of the man who'd defeated Galaxon, "Earth" (AKA Defender, Astroguardian).  Galaxon reiterated his promise to his fellow expatriates on building a starship that would get them back to where each of them wanted to go, but first, they had no choice but to take over the Terran planet not only as a 'retribution victory' for Solta, but for the planet's obstinance in daring to go against Galaxon and his fellow expatriates.

Knowing they needed a ground based point of operation, the expatriates created a short range teleporter that would take them to their newly created secret base in the Congo. From the Congo, Galaxon and his expatriates would be able to devise and work on the means to take over the Terran planet once and for all. 

Today, Galaxon continues to lead the Galactic Expatriates...but not without daily conflict. His fellow expatriates are impatient and too power-hungry to not constantly 'call Galaxon to the carpet', as it were. This annoys Galaxon to no end and as such he has fought and beaten his own fellow expatriates several times to show them who is boss each and everytime an expatriate 'forgets their place'. Since the fellow expatriates hate for the Terrans is greater than their hate for Galaxon, they 'usually' fall in line...but that's not to say that machinations and plots are devised against Galaxon by nearly all of the expatriates following Galaxon.


Galaxon is an imperious, over-bearing dictator who makes up the rules as he goes and calls them 'law'. He has little care for allies or friends, except knowing that it is best to 'keep your enemies and friends equally close' to ensure they all do not team-up on him. Galaxon has NOT DESIRE to help take his fellow teammate expatriates home or to where they want to go. Once Galaxon is done with them, he intends to kill them outright. He is vicious, cruel and has no empathy for anything. He is a brooding hulk that is ridiculously smart, tactically brilliant and yet is so disconnect with humanity and their 'emotional' needs that he can't understand what drives the Terrans to resist him so.  He wishes them all dead or as slaves to his new empire, which he is ENTITLED to rule the galaxy therein as it's "Galaxon".  Although he knows, with effort and time, he could devise a way to travel to Solta and take it over, he knows that he HAS to conquer Astroguardian, the plant and its defenders fully and completely first, otherwise, his ascent to taking over the Soltan Star Empire would instead be 'empty' and challengeable by every single warrior in the empire, leading to a massive civil war that would instead tear the empire into thousands of planetary fiefdoms instead. As such, for the 'galaxy's sake', in Galaxon's mind, he HAS to conquer Earth before he can rule the Galaxy.

On a side note, Galaxon has healed back up to about 50% of what he once was capable of. This is the most powerful he's been since he was nuked over Kragstaria.




Power Origin: Mutant/Science (Cosmic)



  • Body Resistances

    • Amazing resistance to physical, energy, magical and force damage.

    • Fantastic resistance to heat and cold attacks.

    • Spectacular resistance to toxins and poisons.

    • Unearthly resistance to radiation.

    • Resists aging; has slowly aged at a rate of 1 year for every 15 actual years of life.

  • Strength/Stamina

    • Amazingly strong, capable of punching through solid steel, coupled with a Fantastic level of endurance and stamina

  • Warrior Capabilities

    • As a highly trained Soltan soldier, Galaxon has remarkable fighting skills, coupled with remarkable agility in shooting, aiming and throwing things (or people).

  • Energy Blast

    • Can fire remarkable level energy blasts from his hands at a rate of one shot per several seconds.​

    • Can focus for a dozen or so seconds to combine both hands' blasts into a single incredible energy blast.

    • Power/Skill Stunt:

      • Can fire blasts from hands and 'quickly' flex the energy path's arc so that its like a ribbon of energy, potentially (20% chance) of damaging an object/target in front of him with the same shot meant for another target.​

      • Can fire off blasts independently from hand, meaning he can fire twice in a several second time frame, one shot from each hand towards whatever targets desired without degraded agility or aiming.

  • "Universal Blast"

    • Galaxon has a dangerously powerful cosmic power that can only be used once in a five day period (if he is in good health; longer to perform if not).

    • Can produce a powerful spectacular cosmic energy blast that emits energy, heat and force damage outward from his body to a radius of over 600 yards.

    • This blast of energy dissipates down a level of damage for every 100 yards beyond the 600 yard range.

    • It takes him at least 30 seconds to 'prime' this power to activate it.

    • While he is 'priming' his power, he cannot move or attack, but must remain perfectly still, almost like if he were frozen.

    • During this same priming sequence, an aura of protective energy envelops him providing him an amazing level of protection from all forms of attack.  

  • Leaping

    • Can leap over 1 mile across, .7 miles up and 1.7 miles down without injury to self.

  • Vision/Hearing/Senses

    • Excellent hearing, senses and vision, superior to that of normal humans.



  • SUIT

    • Armor

      • Incredible resistance to physical, energy, magical, psionic, magic and force damage.

      • Amazing resistance to heat and cold attacks.

      • Fantastic resistance to toxins and poisons.

      • Spectacular resistance to radiation.

    • Alien Electronics Suite

      • Soltan tech-based communications, computer interface, operations log/recording/playback system of battles (visual and audio) with a projector on his helmet to show a 3D display of the recorded content out in front of him.

      • Holographic eye-centric display of all data, maps, readouts and information desired or thought of to display



  • Leadership (Master)

  • Military (Master)

  • Soltan Operations (Master)

  • Strategic/Tactical Strategy (Professional)

  • Soltan Lore/History (Master)

  • Soltan Politics (Professional)

  • Starship Commander/Fleet Operations (Master)

  • Nuclear Weapons (Proficient)

  • Weapons (Professional)

  • Galactic Xeneology (Professional)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Quantum/Ion Engineering (Professional)

  • Pilot (Professional)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Finances/Logistics (Proficient)

  • Education/Academia (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Intuition (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Endurance/1 minute (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Soltan Scorpions/Scorpion Trainer (Master)

  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Soltan (Master)

    • Over 100 Galactic languages (Professional to proficient)​

    • English (Professional)

    • Chinese (Professional)

    • 50% of existing other Earth languages (Barely Proficient)

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