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Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 4 Nov 2011



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Occupying the planet Kragstaria and over a dozen different planetoids in the Beta quadrant of the Galaxy, the Kragstarian silicon-based race was 'peppered' to their planet and planetoids by an unknown ancient galactic race billions of years before. In the last millennia, the Kragstarians has evolved from their basic live-off-the-land radioactive silica-based life forms into their most recent territorial, rock-burrowing alien creatures with technology barely scratching the industrial revolution, and even then, highly limited to only what they needed not what they wanted. They, as a race, were always in synch with the planet's/planetoid's biosphere, however in the last millennia, the Kragstarians had been visited by dozens of space-faring races and species, each of which were chased off the Kragstarian planet and/or planetoids.  The Kragstarians on Kragstaria 'knew' more of their kind exist on other planets, but wasn't sure where they'd been taken to. As it was, when an alien species did arrive on Kragstaria, before the aliens were chased off, the Kragstarians 'demanded' from the aliens to tell them where the rest of the Kragstarians had taken off to in space, to which, at that time, no one was able to tell the Kragstarians or for that matter able to translate their rocky, scratching voices or language.

Over 20+ years ago, the Kragstarians started seeing strange lights in their night skies flickering and disappearing. Weeks after that, one day, a massive series of nuclear explosions occurred in the Kragstarian planet's upper orbit, frying the planet's thin atmosphere and ripping most of it away. Over 90% of the Kragstarians died over the next few days. The few that did survive burrowed underground, including the largest 'freak' of a Kragstarian who was called 'Detendro'.

Over the next few weeks, the Kragstarians networked with the few survivors left amidst their surviving tunnel networks. Thanks to Detendro, he was able to save hundreds of fellow Kragstarians due to his single-minded tenacity, his loyalty to his species and that he was easily ordered to do things, seeing as he wasn't a very smart Kragstarian. Sadly, Detendro required a lot of 'nourishment', eating the rock and dirt sometimes used to prop up caves and tunnels...causing them to collapse...all due to Detendro's voracious silicon-based appetite. Before Detendro was about to be led to a place where he'd be 'scarified' for the 'safety of the surviving Kragstarians', other Kragstarians encountered a super-powered Soltan leader named Cor Turgo (AKA Master Universe AKA Galaxon) who, along with his fleet, was assassinated by the nukes that had been placed in Kragstaria's obit as part of a grand plot by the Soltan Star Empire's leader to rid the galaxy of Cor Turgo.


Cor Turgo survived a planetfall from orbit and although he had the power to most likely conquer Kragstaria in it's current nearly obliterated condition, he instead realized that the Kragstarians were just as much victims as he was to the 'Emperor' of Solta's radical plots. As such, Cor Turgo worked with the Kragstarians, which, of whom he met was Detendro. Cor Turgo took an immediate liking to Detendro. Detendro, thinking that Cor Turgo must be some type of 'god' to survive a planetfall, quickly fell under Cor Turgo's influence.  Detendro became Turgo's new muscle (not that Turgo wasn't strong himself).


After months of Detendro and Turgo trying to find anything amidst the planet-fallen debris of Turgo's nuclear-devastated fleet, the newly formed Kragstarian communications network, using their new tunnel network, identified a strange magical device in a cave. Turgo and Detendro went to go investigate to find the skeleton of a long-dead legend of Solta, a Soltan magical superhero once called Sanero Sango.

There amongst Sanero Sango's bones was one of Solta's legendary relics - The Travel Crystal. Turgo and Detendro, and their equipment, were transported by Sango's Travel Crystal across the galaxy to the actual Cave of the ley Line of Kavikus on Solta Prime. Within seconds, alarms went off in the cave and over two dozen Soltan guardsmen arrived capturing both Turgo and Detendro.


Months later, Turgo and Detendro broke out of custody as part of a grand plan by Cor Turgo to take over leadership of his own planet of Soltan. Just as Cor Turgo and Detendro and millions of pro-Corgo Soltan troops were about to usurp the Emperor, the emperor teleported away and set off a nuclear weapon on Solta's very own capitol with both Cor Turgo and Detendro in the epicenter of the explosion.  Millions perished as a result of the nuclear blast that the emperor set off himself, later blaming Cor Turgo and Detendro as the ones who set off the nuke. Incredibly, the Soltan Star Empire and its vast array of planetary governments, believed the Emperor's lies. The severely wounded bodies of Turgo and Detendro were found amidst the capitol's destruction and death.

On a barren, remote moon hundreds of light years away, the Emperor ordered Turgo's execution by using three nuclear weapons all at once on a barren distant moon to finally kill the murderous rebel. Detendro, however, was discovered to have rich, rare elements in his body; elements like diamonds, platinum and gold that the Soltan Empire intended to 'rip' from Detendro's body from that day forward.


Detendro was detained on a Soltan Dreadnaught starship (ironically) called the "Sanero Sango".  There, Detendro's imprisoned body was painfully 'mined' daily for his rare metals and materials, which were vital for repair parts and equipment aboard the starship. Unexpectedly, The Sanero Sango was called away to a priority Omega priority call to assist in an invasion of a planet called "Earth". It seems, at that time, the Terrans of Earth were actually 'winning' against the Soltan Invasion forces - a feat that NO civilization had ever done in opposition to Soltan forces in Solta's recorded thousands of years of history.  As such, the Sanero Sango deployed to Earth...and along with it, an imprisoned and mined well as the unknown addition of a secretive prisoner - Detendro's 'god', Cor Turgo.


The Soltan Sanero Sango dreadnaught arrived in orbit around Earth as per the automated Soltan Star Fleet Omega priority distress call. Within hours, Earth's military, GUARD and its superheroes (and supervillains) severely damaged the Sanero Sango, causing the ship to careen and burn up in Earth's atmosphere, eventually crashing into the Sahara Desert. Although only a few hundred Soltan soldiers and engineers survived the ship's destructive crash landing, amongst them, Detendro, Cor Turgo and a several powerful and dangerous Soltan prison escapees and expatriates.

When Detendro eventually found Cor Turgo amidst the crashed debris of the Sanero Sango, Detendro immediately considered this a 'sign of the gods' that he'd been reunited with his god, Cor TurgoDetendro swore his life to Cor Turgo and since then, has continued to fight for Cor Turgo and Turgo's new band of 'Galactic Expatriates'.


Today, Detendro still serves Cor Turgo and allies himself with the Galactic Expatriates. He is 100% willing to do anything for TurgoDetendro is feeble in reasoning, but has a good intuition about reading any beings' 'body language'.  Detendro has a VERY difficult time understanding most others' languages since its own language sounds like grated rocks. Even universal translators fail at over 75% of translations of Kragstarians. Detendro is highly loyal and will kill others if ordered to do so. Although Detendro misses his home world, he still considers his current path is the greatest story that should be experienced and told to generations of other day...somehow.




Power Origin: Mutant


Detendro's powers and capabilities relate directly to his silica-based specie.  Although he is stronger and more aggressive, Detendro has no different powers or capabilities as compared to any others in his species.

  • Strength and Stamina

    • Most Kragstarians are remarkably strong, while Detendro himself in incredibly stronger that other Kragstarians.  Most female Kragstarians have excellent strength, while most Kragstarian children start off with good strength.

  • Rock Armor

    • Detendro and his species are covered in a moderate to thick layer of stone, providing remarkable to incredible physical protection, incredible to amazing energy protection, and unearthly radiation and toxic/acidic protection.  Magically, they only have remarkable protection.

  • Movement

    • Ground movement speed is about half that of a normal human (14 mph), however, they are fully capable of burrowing into the ground and digging at about 6 mph once they start. They can dig through ground and rock materials effortlessly up to stone and concrete, however, they cannot dig through steel or high density metal barriers though.

    • Due to their incredible strength, they can leap over 200 yards in a single bound.

  • Vision

    • All Kragstarians have thermal-based vision. Being surrounded by high amounts of heat can blind or confuse them.

  • Mental Protection

    • Kragstarians have a single-minded, guarded mind set, providing remarkable mental protection from any forms of mind control, illusion or telepathic actions.

  • Appetite

    • Kragstarians have a voracious appetite for minerals and silica - Detendro, twice as much.  Silica/sand is like water to them (require about 20 lbs of sand a day for basic sustenance), while minerals such as quartz, rubies, iron and granite are meals to them (require about 10 lbs a day to survive).

    • They consider such items as gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and diamonds to be 'delicacies' much like chocolate or ice cream are to us.  Diamonds are unique in that Kragstarians digest them for their 'flavor' but can't "pass" them as excrement without serious pain, ergo, after several minutes of 'tasting' diamonds, usually Kragstarians will vomit them up willingly.


Kragstarians are highly susceptible to sonic attacks, doubling the damage to them (good damage normally = excellent damage to Detendro).



  • Earwing

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with 25 mile range on-planet and direct comms with team's orbital HQ and Brazilian HQ.​

  • Sonic Harness

    • To control Detendro if he should every dare defy his 'god' Cor Turgo AKA Galaxon, an incredibly powerful sonic belt is locked onto Detendro.

    • The belt can be activated by Cor Turgo AKA Galaxon by remote control, range: 400 yards.

    • This will do monstrous damage to Detendro every several seconds until turned off or destroyed.

    • Harness in made of amazing material.

    • Lock requires excellent electronics or lockpicking skills.



  • Minerology (Master)

  • Geology (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Block/Deflect (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Underground Burrowing/Tunneling/Navigation (Professional)

  • Language:

  • English (understand) (barely proficient)

  • Kragstarian (Proficient)

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