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Ningren Warriors
Ningren Warriors

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The HurtingTears for Fears
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The Ningren have been genetically changed and modified to fulfill the Atlantic Kingdom's needs.  Each 'species' of Ningren are now broken altered from their original DNA and re-engineered into a hybrid humanoid Ningren for the following roles: 


Nearly 1-3 million across all of the kingdom.  Citizens are like the 'gears' that make the Atlantic Kingdom machine go.  They perform physical, administrative, educational and other contemporary jobs and tasks all across the kingdom.

Each citizen is fitted with a unique 'necklace' that is awarded to them should they pass their certifications for their job practice they were made and assigned to.

Any citizens that fail are killed in a public execution.

The necklace provides a secretive generated sub-sonic harmonic that stimulates the Ningren citizens during their work hours and gives them relaxation after hours.

Council Leaders

There are about 200,000 Council Leaders across all of the kingdom.  Council Leaders are specially trained at the kingdom's academies to be leaders and motivators for the citizens, scientists and engineers.  They create short-term and long-term plans on what the Royal Court and/or King Dolphin decides upon.

These are like the 'businessmen' of the Atlantic Kingdom. Their math skills, coupled with their economic and logistical knowledge create the plans necessary for the citizens, scientists and engineers to do their jobs.

Council Leaders are also trained in psychology, but since nearly all Ningren are docile thanks to King Dolphin's bio-engineering, they rarely use these skills except to deal with humans.


There are over 400,000 to 500,000 Ningren Engineers across all of the kingdom. Engineers create and design buildings, equipment, weapons, transportation vehicles, warships and equipment to use for science.  They are usually led by Council Leaders in each city and sector.

These engineers are like most others, having to learn at the kingdom's academies and certifying in their respective assigned field of expertise.  Any engineers who fail certification are not only killed, but fed alive to one of dozens of the kingdom's great beasts.

Engineers can be ornery and at times detractable.  They retain a laser-focus on their job and are rarely found doing anything BUT their assigned, allotted job.


There are over 400,000 to 500,000 Ningren Scientists across all of the kingdom. Scientists discover and hypothesize about future sciences, as well as perform as medical personnel, applied science experts, and aquaculture.  They are usually led by Council Leaders in each city and sector.

These scientists are like most others, having to learn at the kingdom's academies and certifying in their respective assigned field of expertise.  Any scientists who fail certification are not only killed, but fed alive to one of dozens of the kingdom's great beasts.

Scientists can be hyper-focused on their tasks. It is common for a scientist to stay awake for days at a time and make a mistake due to fatigue, rather than rest and be more alert.  Their golden rule is "if you can't science, then mining is for you".


There are over 2 to 3 million Ningren Slaves across all of the kingdom. Slaves are forced (and created) to perform hard labor and survive in sub-Ningren conditions.  They are usually led by Council Leaders in each city and sector.

These slaves receive no education and are not only illiterate but forced to believe King Dolphin is their equivocal god.  Any slaves that fail to perform or are involved in an accident or incident are killed for food to feed the other slaves, which, in their circles, is considered a 'gift' to be able to 'give back' to your fellow slaves.

Slaves are docile, yet tenacious.  They will work a job until it is done or it is dead.  Slaves are not allowed friendships, and as such, any unauthorized interaction results in severe beatings and a reduction of rations.

Special Operations

There are over 10,000 Special Operations troops throughout the kingdom.  The serve to perform exhaustive, intense assaults and shadow operations against anyone they are ordered to do so against.  They are stealthy (with or without their tech) and are highly trained in all forms of warfare.

The kingdom's warlord is in charge of these troops, however, the warlord has of recent, assigned a "Master Operative" to lead the Special Operations forces while the warlord (Krellar) instead goes to fight alongside his new comrades, the Atlantic Guard.

The remarkably powerful weapons, armor and tech these troopers have is at least 5 years ahead of anything the surface world has for their SpecOp troopers. These troops are 100% reliable.  Motto: "Victory for our King; Death to all others".


There are over 6-8 million warriors throughout the kingdom.  These warriors brandish an excellent array of weapons, armor and tech, as well as the best military training without the need for an academy.

These warriors operate aquatanks, warships, flyers, skimmers, high speed assault craft and of course perform infantry and artillery operations.

They are trained to give their lives for the kingdom and to save any other Ningren other than the slaves (if possible, but not considered a priority in the rules). They are aggressive and rueful.  They taunt and jeer as well as aggressive attack and defend any location, outpost or city with their dying breath.

Warriors are led by Special Operations normally, but of recent, they are now being led by newly assigned 'Generals' and 'Captains'.

Species "Z"

In January 2000, King Dolphin was creating a new line of Ningren specie, series "Z", when the Soltan Star Empire attacked Earth.  Weeks after leaving the lab to combat the Soltans, King Dolphin returned to his lab to discover that not only did the new Species "Z" escape their sealed vats, they'd somehow reduced the existing Ningren Scientists back to the base Ningren specie's DNA, leaving them dead upon the lab floors in their reverted states.

King Dolphin, after the invasion was stopped, searched for Species Z but to no avail.  Since he hadn't encoded them yet with his control code, they did not answer nor consider King dolphin to be their master.

In 2018, however, a band of Ningren Engineers were found reverted back to their original state in an Arctic region 300 miles north of the Atlantic Kingdom's city of Nautilia.  After several attempts to recon the area, none have returned. 



The Ningren are a pre-historic specie that is not indigenous to Earth.  Instead, they were brought to Earth be accident from a way-fairing spaceship of refugees that were escaping the Soltan Star Empire after they'd invaded their planet.  Sadly, that planet died and is nothing more than a dead rock in space, thanks to the Soltans draining that planet of all its power and resources.

The Ningren that were left on Earth thrived on the plentiful and rich nutrients in the sea.  After a few hundred thousand years, these small (3-5 inch) "sea monkey"-like Plank Shrimp gained a form of adaptable intelligence. Sadly, just as the species was about to evolve on land, a meteor struck Earth, obliterating the entire region and setting Earth into a catastrophic climate change.  The Ningren swam to safety, losing nearly 80% of their population before they found a relatively safe location in the Atlantic Ocean down in the continental rift.

For the next 65 million years, the Ningren stayed close to their new home, however, due to the loss of their food sources, they began to become sick and die off, nonetheless evolve any further than what they were.

Between 2.5 million years ago and 100,000 years ago, the Ningren all froze in the icy waters and glacial formations, staying in a state of suspended animation during that whole time.

About 1,000 years ago, the Ningren finally had enough of their few remaining number start to breed again.  Within 500 years, they were back to large colonies in the tens of thousands.  They adapted to the new fish...and man...learning to stay away from being a food source for others as best it could.

About 70 years ago, toxic, radioactive waste and pollutants were dumped down into the same crevasse that the Ningren  had now made home.  Within 50 years, there were only a few hundred Ningren left, all of which had to leave their home and find a safer place to live.  25 years, ago, they were discovered by a mad scientists, Dr. Dolph...a madman that would later become the rule of the Atlantic Kingdom and the Ningren.

Dr. Dolph, upon finding the Ningren species, quickly realized they were not from Earth and had somehow survived some of the most horrendous environments Earth had thrown at it.  Using his DNA recombination calculations and equipment, he discovered the Ningren's DNA was highly adaptable with infused SNA from other species from anywhere else on Earth.  As such, Dolph ran thousands of experiments integrating Ningren DNA with those of snakes, penguins, sharks...and even humans.

A majority of the test subjects lived, but seemed to always want to flee from Dr. Dolph no matter how he tried to reason with them...or force them to stay.  Instead, he formulated a bio-engineered command system into the Ningren DNA strands such that the Ningren would not only be susceptible to control, but control only by him and whomever he elects to have control (which was usually no one else).  The next generation of hybrid Ningren were his to control.

After a couple of years of attempting to sway the world's scientific community of the 'good' he was doing for this once-dying species, the world's scientists banned him from science and demanded Dolph be arrested for immoral practices and illegal experimentation on an endangered species (not just the Ningren, mind you).

With that, Dolph left the surface world and created his own underwater lab in an old, unused superhero base from the 1970s.  There, he experimented on himself, turning himself into a hybrid human-dolphin, now calling himself "King Dolphin".  He then created dozens of other creatures and beings as well as several sturdy, humanoid Ningren hybrid specie variants.  he then took them and cloned them, making them do whatever he commanded.  After awhile, he started feeling like the ruler of a kingdom, with his subjects being the Ningren, thus he held a 'royal election' wherein he demanded the Ningren to vote him as their king.  Not a single vote was cast against King Dolphin, and as such, King Dolphin considers himself the 'permanent regent' to the Atlantic Kingdom and his Ningren subjects.

Although he did make a slave specie to work in the mines and perform hard labor, most of his other Ningren specie were developed with a foresight to allow them more though, productivity and creativity, but all the while, still under his control.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  A species series "Z" was being created by King Dolphin at the time of the invasion, however, that species escaped their sealed vats, somehow 'degenerated' several Ningren Scientists, and left for parts unknown.  Only recently has there been a hint of their possible location...however, anyone sent to investigate that area has never returned.

Today, the Ningren are a content specie.  They are productive and reliable, as well as dedicated to the Atlantic Kingdom and of course to its ruler, King Dolphin.  Ningren would rather kill themselves than do anything in opposition to their king.  They are hateful of outsiders and are highly defensive around surface people unless the king tells them otherwise.  The mental faculties of these current Ningren allow them to think tactically, build to a level 10-years ahead of the surface world's tech, and build cities and outposts with full dedication and energy.  Even the Slave Ningren are said to be happy in their daily toils in the radioactive mines and unstable tunnels.  Just ask King Dolphin...he'll let you know ALL his Ningren subjects are 'happy'.



More to come!