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G.U.A.R.D. LEVEL 35-50





GUARD REPORT: 2000-0023

Southeast G.U.A.R.D. U.S. Intel Station Code-name: Quagmire 

Safe-house Code-name:  PITS

1 January 2000 @ 0230Z


Quagmire station security breached by severely injured alien (believed female); specie-unknown, other than humanoid in form. Alien designated self as "Dae'lt", a commander in the Soltan Star Empire.  Dae'lt, before passing out from believed loss of blood, told station intel manager that the Soltan Star Empire was going to attack Earth in the next few hours and to amass whatever planetary defenses, metahumans and magical beings to safe, small towns of cities to prevent obliteration, in hopes of forming any form of resistance to the coming Soltan Invasion.  Before passing out, Dae'lt stated that there was no chance in ever winning against a Soltan Invasion, but if lucky, the people of Earth might be able to fight long enough to allow some form of evacuation of the planet, even though the odds of that occurring were minuscule in comparison. It mentioned that no other planet had ever stopped a Soltan Invasion and that the planet, its people (which it restipulated "'s beautiful, beautiful people...") and its pure magical energies make it an equivocal 'pearl' of a planet for the Soltans to invade.

The alien Dae'lt then seemingly passed out from apparent blood loss.  Medics, unsure of how to help the alien, attempted every life-saving technique known.  At 0245Z, the alien, Dae'lt, seemed to stabilize and continued to breath, but very shallow.  Medics worked throughout the next hours, calling in medical experts from GUARD to assist.

1 January 2000 @ 0500Z


Earth has been attacked and invaded by the Soltan Star Empire.  All major cities are being decimated by tens of thousands of ground troops, aerial assaults and what seem to be pre-set explosive devices designed to destroy any and all military or defensive equipment that could be used to fight the Soltans.  Reports have identified the Pentagon, Westminster Abbey, British Parliament, the Kremlin and Beijing, China have been leveled already.

Quagmire Station manager routed resources to neighboring Baton Rouge, Louisiana US Army Reserve bases only to be decimated upon arrival at the bases.  There are only 20 personnel left at Quagmire Station.

1 January 2000 @ 0515Z

Quagmire Station Manager orders evacuation of Quagmire Intel Station.  Trucks and Flyers are being loaded with vital equipment and are evacuating in 5 minutes. Quagmire Station Manager, Alien Dae'lt and 5 medical and executive personnel utilize unmarked civilian van for evacuation.

1 January 2000 @ 0522Z

Quagmire Intel Station evacuated.

1 January 2000 @ 0556Z

Quagmire Station Manager received intel that Quagmire Intel Station servers have been wiped clean and destroyed as per protocols. Seconds prior to protocol enactment, a Soltan Airship landed inside the Quagmire Intel Station grounds, as viewed via remote security camera feed, with audio recording the alien language of what appeared to be the leader of the Soltan Invasion, looking for what was heard to by "Dae'lt".

1 January 2000 @ 0610Z

Quagmire Station Manager unable to contact remaining Quagmire Station evacuated personnel. Manager has directed driver to a remote swamp area south of Baton Rouge.  Old swamp cabin, not on any map, is destination.

1 January 2000 @ 0620Z

Arrived at new safehouse, codename: PITS (Port In The Storm).  Safehouse is old swamp cabin. No electricity. Candles only for lighting.  Killed over 50 varieties of rats, snakes, bugs and bats found in and about cabin.  Alien Dae'lt taken to 'cleanest' room in PITS. ASlien Dae'lt still in what is considered a 'stable' yet 'critical' condition.

1 January 2000 @ 0800Z

All attempts to contact GUARD, US forces or police failed. Reports on AM and FM radio report Soltan Invasion of major cities all over the world.  Baton Rogue has a complement of over 5,000 Soltan troops imposing a military takeover of the city.  Resistance fighters have had no effect thusfar. All military efforts were reported decimated upon the start of the invasion.  Manager believes the invasion had 'agents' on Earth established to destroy or impair any forms of military or superhero response to the invasion prior to the start of the invasion.  It is now believed that Earth has been infiltrated by Soltans for years.  With the testament given by alien Dae'lt, a correlation has been developed. Unable to get messages out to any form of GUARD leadership or military/resistance groups, new PITS Manager has aligned all resources to save Dae'lt's life and hope to interrogate and/or obtain intel from said alien once fit to talk.

10 January 2000 @ 1645Z

ALien Dae'lt regains consciousness.  Alien Dae'lt, speaking in perfect English, asked for status of the Soltan Invasion, only to be dressed down by PITS Manager, demanding intel on the Soltan Invasion.  Not only did alien Dae'lt agree to giving the intel, but asked to be part of the opposition to fight against the Soltans.  Classified discussions and intel swapping with Dae'lt continued for next 4 hours until Dae'lt passed out from exhaustion.

Intel from Dae'lt confirmed with several independent sources (now available through HAM radio communications).  New GUARD Director (finally  communicating as of 9 January 2000) informed of veracity of Dae'lt's intel.  Operation: Delta designated for interaction with Dae'lt towards aiding and potentially stopping Soltan Invasion.

19 January 2000 @0300Z

Alien Dae't, although physically unable to be moved due to previous injuries and still considered in critical yet stable condition, provides intel, data, history and psychology of Soltan Star Empire and its invasion force (see separate entries Soltan Star Emprire and Soltan Invasion of 2000 for additional details).  Intel provided effects opportunities to access Soltan computer terminals for more data, invasion updates and potential targets and progress of the invasion.  Data relayed through new worldwide comms network established by Soviet Guard villain group, available to any and all anti-Soltan fighters.

30 August 2000 @ 2325Z

Soltan Invasion thwarted.  Earth liberated. Soltan Star Empire retreated from Earth and apparently have amassed on dark side of Mars.  PITS Manager an Renegade Soltan Star Empire Commander Dae'lt were critical key elements in providing intel and data to all resistance fighters, directly leading to liberation.  United Nations new Secretary General issues Medal of Freedom to PITS Manager and a full pardon for Renagade Soltan Commander Dae'lt.  Dae'lt accepts assignment to GUARD Operations.  Dae'lt wishes to provide any and all help to prevent Soltans or other alien races from ever harming Earth.


Operation: Delta completed.

15 October 2010 @1600Z

Soltan Intel sifted through from the Soltan Invasion of 2000. Soltan Star Empire Renegade Commander Dae'lt, according to Soltan records, was listed as 'killed' for treason against the Soltan Star Empire.  No reports have identified that the Soltans believe Dae'lt to be alive.


GUARD Agent Dae'lt transferred to Astroguard Division.

12 March 2016 @ 0800Z

Astroguard Intel Manager Dae'lt transferred to Astroguardian supergroup team. All files redacted and classified for level 35-50 access only. Transfer is to remain classified for duration of assignment.  Dae'lt shall assume a secret identity as superhero codename: Delta.  Answers to Astroguard Commander and to Astroguardian team leader, however, Astroguard Commander shall enforce all efforts to support Dae'lt and to prevent discovery of Dae'lt's identity. 


See Psyche report below for additional details.






SUBJECT: G.U.A.R.D. Agent Dae'lt

  • GUARD Operations Division

    • Astroguard Subdivision

      • Astroguardian Group

        • Astrogaurd Gagarin Space Station



After 57 sessions with the alien Soltan Dae'lt, the following critical issues and motivating factors have been assessed.



During her covert mission for Solta on Earth, Kae'lt had disguised herself successfully as a female human.  Her mission was to set timed proton bombs in all Baton Rouge military barracks, vehicles and major facilities. While performing reconnaissance for bomb placement seven months prior to the actual Soltan Invasion on 1 January 2000, she met with  Daryl Dalton, an environmentalist and an arcane magic user from what she referred to as 'a secret underground magical Conglomerate city on Earth'.  She fell in love with him and together, he showed her how he used magic to help people and the environment.  After learning more about the people of Earth, Dae'lt knew she could not go through with her Soltan mission.

She exposed her true identity to Daryl Dalton who remained romantically and emotionally charged with her regardless of her alien race.  He did, however, attempt to get Dae'lt to try her best to stop the invasion and help save Earth.  Dae'lt radioed to her fellow Soltan undercover operatives that the invasion should be scrubbed but, instead, several operatives found Dae'lt and Daryl to kill them. Daryl was disintegrated right in front of her, while she took several blaster hits and several deep blade wounds, one near her hearts.  She was left for dead in her camouflaged hideout, however, she was able to get to a car and drive to the only place she knew might listen to her - the GUARD Intel Station code-named: Quagmire.

Once there, she told them all about the Soltan Invasion plans, but was too late to provide any good details due to her injuries and coma-like recovery state. Throughout the rest of the invasion, she provided intel to Earth's forces as best she could.  She wanted to physically go out and fight her once-fellow Soltans in combat and kill them for what the did to Daryl, but she was too weak and unable to do much physically.

After the invasion, she fit in with GUARD personnel and became an intergalactic intel agent and eventually deputy commander until finally being asked to participate in some action role, to which she was transferred to Astroguard and the Astroguardians.

With the Astroguardians, she has provided a conflicting psychology.  She demands a great deal from the Astroguardian leader, Astroguardian, much like Soltan Commanders demand a great deal from his subordinate leaders.  Although at times curt with her teammates, she loves them with all her heart and has stated time and again "I'd give my life for them any day".  She believes her interactivity with the Astroguardians will help 'toughen them up' for any future Soltan encounters, as well as several alien race encounters she has identified towards being more 'aggressive' and 'commanding' towards.

With all other humans, she is a delight. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which, according to her, Soltans don't have.  She also relishes nature and those that fight for it, again, which Soltans care little about.  She also still cries and yearns for her lost love Daryl Dalton, such that she swears she cannot 'mate with another' so long as he is the forefront of her mind and soul.

Her contentious attitude towards Astroguardian may prove to be a catalyst for a bigger struggle of leadership and/or rights to lead with Astroguardian.  She is, however, trying hard to get Astroguardian to be a better and tougher leader, but she believes he will have to learn through the 'school of hammers and blades' first, as she puts it.


As identified in the last 125 reports, Dae'lt's loyalty to fight and protect Earth is unquestionable.  There is no trigger or motivation stronger than her love for humanity, the nature of Earth and its inert magical energies, which she believes makes Earth a 'paradise' amongst the galaxy's planets.

Even though she has been tested several times to check her loyalty, she has passed with 100% scoring. Only once was she aware of the test, and even then didn't fault GUARD for testing her; she said she's surprised they hadn't tested her more already (which GUARD has)..

Although the Starfighters sent Dae'lt a secret communique asking her to join their team in stealing Terracer 1 and taking the fight to the Soltans, she declined the offer, stating that Earth's best offense was its people enacting as the planet's defenders, not as a suicide assault team.


She is happy in what she is doing.  With a Soltan lifespan of 150 years, wherein she is only 65, she is considered a young commander even by her empire's standards.  Since old age for Soltans does't really start until they are 120 years of age, she is in perfect health, mentally and physically to continue her actions with the Astroguardians.


Continued standard monthly sessions with focus on her aggressive demeanor toward Astroguaridan, as well as determine any additional changes in her psychology, but with Psygate of Psiguard ensuring they have already done a thorough and deep psychic scan with positive results, it seems that Agent Dae'lt continues to remain an internal 'non-threat'.


Psyche Report
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