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Shiro Miasto


American (actually Japanese)/Hero

Yes (after he left Earth)











Brains, Cadet Commander, Shiro Mitsuhara (guardian's given name), PS1-M1-ND-05




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1991; 30 Jan 2010


Toyama Mitsuhara AKA Psimind (brother, doesn't know is alive)

Mari Mitsuhara (self-appointed Guardian)

Karen Miasto (foster mother, deceased)

Ken Miasto (foster father, deceased)

Caitlin Miasto (foster sister, deceased)

James "Jim" Miasto (foster brother, deceased)

Yuima 'Yugio' Miasto (foster sister, deceased)



Not long after Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire in the year 2000, the Japanese government started work on what they deemed as a 'weapon' against any who would dare to attack Japan that way again. Thus the Psycho-Synaptic Inception (PSI) Project came to be.

The plan was to grow superhuman test tube babies, gene-coded and DNA modified humans that, once grown and trained, were to, in the event of a national crisis, use their minds to create a psychic web network for any of a variety of purposes; mentally calm scared citizens, mentally direct armies and/or attacks without communications equipment, use mental powers to enter an enemy's mind and either shutdown their mind, mentally control them or use 'inception' to dissuade them from their actions.

A few years later, the first batch of lab-created subjects were born in birthing vats.  By age 5, most of these new 'PSIs' as they were called, began to exhibit their new mental powers.  They were taught to control their powers, as well as disciplined harshly for using their powers wrong (or for that matter, doing anything 'wrong' by the scientists' views).  As a result, most all of the PSIs began to disconnect from their 'human' handlers and began communicating with each other via their psychic network, all the while using 'inception' to prevent the psychic security and monitoring team from knowing they were using their powers thus.

A few years ago, one of the female scientists fired from the PSI Project went public, voicing the 'inhuman' treatment the lab-created children were receiving, forced to become weapons rather than people.  As that scientist was doing a live interview, she went into seizures and died on live TV. An autopsy identified she died due to a sudden 'brain tumor' rupturing.  The public went wild demanding the government shutdown the project and save the children.

Instead, the Japanese government used their emergency fail safe system - genetically implanted 'brain bombs'' that, when subject to a series of frequencies and lights, would cause each PSI's brain to painlessly shutdown and die, with the body shortly thereafter bio-disintegrating into a pool of unrecognizable (or untraceable) organic goo.

All 350 PSI Project "PSIs" were subjected to the fail safe system.  345 PSIs died from their 'brain bombs'; 5 did not.

The five that survived were aided in their escape by a female PSI Project scientist, Professor Mari Mitsuhara. Minutes before the 'kill order' was given, she was able to round up at least five PSIs (she wanted more, but didn't have enough time), wrap their heads in aluminum foil found in the kitchen, and spirited them out of the lab through the sewers and out into the real world, which for the five PSIs, was the first time ever.

Prof. Mitsuhara got them to an old biology lab her dad built on the island of Dogo.  There, using solar powered generators for electricity in the small abandoned research facility, she inserted biological 'shunts' to the brain bombs, as shunts to the triggers than would cause the PSI's bodies to disintegrate into goo.

All during this time, the Japanese government's black ops agencies hunted for the remaining five. The Japanese government was able to publicly suppress the 'rumor' of the PSI Project and the 'lab-created children' as all part of a poor brain-damaged woman's imagined fantasy.  Secretively, the whole PSI Project was shutdown and 'disinfected', leaving no trace to anything...or do with the project...other than one missing professor (Mitsuhara) and 5 other unaccounted for PSIs (initially, they were believed to have 'disintegrated' into drains in the bathrooms, but Japan's black ops agencies and their paranoid thinking thought otherwise).

Over the next few years, Professor Mitsuhara worked to 'normalize' the five PSIs, teaching them about humanity, the world and Japanese history, as well as continuing their fast-paced education they'd started in the PSI Project facilities.  By age 12, each of the five PSIs had at least the equivocal of one bachelors degree in a field of their own choice. She also taught them focus in using their powers through martial arts, having them practice every day in their makeshift dojo.

By the time they were 15, the worse happened - they were found.

Sadly, G.U.A.R.D.'s Psiguard Division triangulated the location of five unique psychic signatures using a new algorithm tracking program.  GUARD's Psiguard sent a team to Dogo Island off of Japan to 'encounter' what they'd detected.  Again, sadly, the Japanese government's black ops team that had been unsuccessfully hunting the PSIs for years were also spying on GUARD and Psiguard Division, so when they discovered Psiguard making a 'beeline' to Dogo Island, they quickly assumed the five PSIs had finally been found.

On Dogo Island, while Professor Mitsuhara was teaching the five PSIs martial arts in the dojo, GUARD's Psiguard sauntered onto the grounds without provocation. Professor Mitsuhara greeted the GUARD team kindly, introducing each of her students (whom she'd named since).  When the Psiguard team leader stated the reason for their uninvited visit, Prof. Mitsuhara told them the story of who the student were and the secrets of Japan's dark PSI Project over the next few minutes. Before any discussion was conducted about what they'd all do from there, over two dozen Japanese Black Ops mercenaries alighted into the camp, dropping gas grenades, spraying the dojo with bullets from positions rappelling out of the trees and out from behind dark corners, all in an attempt to kill everyone present.  Three of the PSIs were mowed down and killed before they could even react.  One of the remaining two PSIs fought back, while the other one ran off into the woods and over a rise with several 'suicide' drones pursuing him. The drones were rigged with contact explosive detonators. They chased after the fleeing PSI, later exploding in the distance. It was expected that the fleeing PSI was killed by the suicide drones. That PSI was the one we now call Shiro AKA 'Braynes'...and he didn't die.

In the end, unbeknownst to Shiro, all of the Japanese Black Ops mercs were killed, leaving only one other PSI alive along with four GUARD Psiguard team members and a dying Professor Mitsuhara.  That PSI, Toyama (later known as Psimind), went on to become a hero with GUARD and the superhero group, the Protectors. ​Profesor Mitsuhara died believing only one of her remaining five PSI 'children' survived.

After the incident on Dogo Island, the Japanese government's PSI Project was publicly outed by way of the World Council.  Reparations were beset on Japan to compensate for the murder of hundreds of PSI Project scientists (carried out as part of their 'disinfecting') and were forced to shutdown all efforts to ever impart a 'kill' order on Toyama/Psimind

What happened to the PSI that supposedly was blown-up by suicide drones? Well, 'Shiro Mitsuhara' AKA Braynes, survived. He used several self-made gadgets to fake out the suicide drones causing them to prematurely explode. Using his mental powers, Shiro was able to sneak back to the battle site JUST AFTER Toyama/Psimind had been ushered off the scene, leaving Shiro to see GUARD cleaning up the bodies of his fellow PSI sibling...and the dead body of his 'first mother', Professor Mitsuhara, be taken away.

Shiro used his illusion powers to mask himself in hitching a ride on a GUARD transport from the island. Once at the GUARD base, a 'PSI alert alarm' went off (sensors indicated Shiro's use of his powers), causing everyone on the base to go into an alert mode. Shiro took off and was about to get free of the base when Shiro received a mental message from a Sistarian alien called "Selgate", who was working at the same base, alerting him to instead hide in a certain building so as not to be found. Selgate was an alien who was working with GUARD (more in a 'captive assist' manner, at that point) with their Psiguard division. Selgate understood that this particular PSI would be used as a weapon and as a spy in GUARD's XGUARD Division if he was found out to exist. Selgate knew that Shiro's 'brother', Toyama, was already in GUARD's custody and that HIS future was already decided upon for Psiguard and XGUARD Division training and operations even before Toyama had arrived.  Selgate felt sorry for Shiro and wanted instead to do right by him and as such, broke every rule that GUARD had. She secreted Shiro off the base one night and had him live instead with a foster family located in California that Selgate 'influenced' to take care of him.

To help Shiro 'Miastro' (his new name with his new foster family) from being detected mentally, Selgate created and gave Shiro a 'helmet' to prevent any agency anywhere in the world from tracking him and/or the use of his powers.  The going 'reason' that Shiro's (mentally 'influenced') foster family, the Miasto family, believed as to why Shiro needed a helmet was due to a (fake) birth defect that left his skull bones 'brittle', thus the helmet was to provide physical protection for his 'medical condition'. The foster family Selgate chose was a Japanese-American family that was heavily westernized; they loved exercise, movies, fun, family time and learning. It didn't take long for Shiro to fall in love with his new foster family. He cried sometimes remembering his fellow PSI brothers and sisters. As far as Shiro was concerned, they were 'murdered' by the Japanese government. He also thought often of his 'first mother', Professor MitusharaSelgate kept a mental link with Shiro to ensure his safety (which inversely, also connected Selgate's sister, Psygate, into that link). During this time, no one else was aware or suspected of Shiro's connection or true nature...that is, until the day he took off his helmet for a bit too long.

Selgate usually worked their shared/protective mental link time to 'synchronize' when Psygate or Selgate could 'mask' Shiro's time with his helmet off (I mean, seriously, having 'hat hair', having to wash one's hair once in awhile and let it breathe...these are important issues to a teenager!). Sadly, in an unplanned situation, Selgate nor Psygate were able to provide the proper psychic protection for a length of time for Shiro.  Even though the sisters taught Shiro mental defense techniques, which he used and applied when he had his helmet off, he quickly drew the awareness of a centuries-old immortal psuedo-psychic and a very powerful and dangerous villain named Scorpius.


Scorpius, upon detecting Shiro, immediately knew that Shiro was a powerful psi-based being, the kind for which Scorpius had been hunting for for centuries so as to steal their powers. Once Scorpius got a bead on Shiro's psychic location, he sent hundreds of his Scorpius forces to Shiro's neighborhood in an assault of massive proportions to get at and take Shiro, regardless of the collateral damage that ensued in the neighborhood...or to Shiro's new foster family, the Miastros.


The neighborhood turned into a war zone in a minute's time.


Try as he might, Shiro tried to fight against the Scorpius forces and to save others, including his foster family, only to watch the slaughtered of those he was trying to save happen before his own eyes. While fighting Scorpius' forces, Shiro was also fighting a constant mental attack from Scorpius himself who was trying to 'influence' Shiro to give up and give in to him and give Scorpius Shiro's own mental powers. Shiro was seconds away from being abducted and mentally taken over by Scorpius when a band of strange aliens arrived on the scene and fought back Scorpius and his forces. These aliens were a secretive loose-knit band of marooned aliens left on Earth after the Soltan Invasion on Earth that GUARD's Astroguard division had amidst their ranks to secretly help support GUARD. They were called in by none other than Selgate herself.

These aliens - Jartho, Tixe', Astra and of course Selgate - fought an amazing battle and saved Shiro. Sadly, as the remaining Scorpius forces retreated from the battle, the leader, Scorpius, projected to Selgate that as long as Shiro was alive, he'd find a way to get at Shiro and take his mental powers since Shiro was so 'untrained' and 'easy prey'. Selgate knew, in her soul, that Scorpius would never stop hunting for Shiro after he'd 'tasted' the mental power capability (and potential) that Shiro had (Selgate (and Psygate) had previous battles/dealings with Scorpius before, but even Scorpius conceded that the Sistarians were 'too powerful' for him to conquer). Selgate knew she couldn't protect Shiro forever and also knew he needed more training than time...or the Sistarians...could afford. She also knew that soon, Selgate herself was about to embark on an as-yet undisclosed mission to join a potentially suicidal run at Soltans residing on the dark side of Mars. She hadn't told Shiro of this yet...but instead, deduced that her mission might actually provide better odds at survival for Shiro if he instead joined her in the same mission; a mission that, if successful, could train Shiro to be a psychic combatant that would easily rival Scorpius and thus prevent Scorpius from ever attempting to take over Shiro's powers every again.

After saving Shiro from Scorpius, Selgate and her alien friends discussed about the Terrans' 'pro-offensive' movement to go to the dark side of Mars to combat the Soltans there...and the idea of brining along Shiro to prevent him from falling into the hands of Scorpius and instead use Mars combat mission as a 'training' session to prepare for Shiro to return to Earth in a condition that would allow him to counter if not combat Scorpius on a mental level of powers.  Selgate's alien friends all agreed to the idea and pledged their full support. When Shiro was told of the same idea and plan, not only was he happy to go be a 'superhero' who was going into space, but to also go 'save the planet'. Shiro wanted to learn and experience what it was going to take to not only stop the Soltans, but to one day combat and potentially defeat a millennia-old villain such as Scorpius in the process (as well as secretly learn how to use his powers to finally get justice for his murdered PSI brothers and sisters and 'first mother').

Over the next couple of weeks, Shiro made all the funeral arrangements for his foster family and the innocent neighbors killed in the Scorpius attack.  All the while, Selgate and Psygate went into a 'sleepless' mode to ensure that Scorpius couldn't find Shiro in any way. Shiro remained shielded until the day came when the 'pro-offensive movement' to take the fight to the Mars-based Soltans finally occurred. Together, Shiro, Selgate and a band of aliens and a large band of pro-offense movement Terrans all commandeered the only Earth-created starship, Terracer 1, and took off into space to go fight the Mars-based Soltans. Together, this 'pro-offensive' group became known to everyone as the Starfighters.

Today, Shiro, still a teenage in physical age, goes by the hero code-name of "Braynes" (his original designation from the PSI Project was "PS1-M1-ND-05", but Shiro doesn't know that) and is more like a 'normal' teenager rather than a genetically-created weapon. He is quite adept with pop culture, movies and trends, and fancies himself a self-styled superhero in doing what he is currently doing. He's becoming more mature than ever, looking at things through a more 'critical' lens now that he's training to better himself with the Starfighters. Thanks to everything he'd experienced through Professor Mitsuhara's mentorship and his foster family's loving guidance, he is now a stable and capable young man bent on helping 'save the world' as one of the greatest heroes in the Starfighters.



Power Origin: Science

  • Project Illusions

    • Good level mental/psychic power​

    • Can project up to 10 illusions to 10 targets within range for a maximum of 10 minutes/hour

    • Range: 100 yards

  • Psychic Probe/Scan

    • Good mental/telepathic power​

    • Can be used on any target with a typical or lower psyche within a 100 yards range

  • Mind Link

    • Shiro has a direct, remarkable level mind link with Selgate (and inversely with Psygate, Selgate's sister)​

    • Range: 3, 000 miles

  • Mental Defenses

    • Good mental/psychic protection against attack/control​

  • Increased Reasoning

    • His knowledge and brain functions operate at a remarkable on the average​

    • IF he is placed in a power dampening field/controller, his reasoning drops to typical immediately


  • Suit

    • Cybernetic Hacker Equipment

      • Incredible cybernetic communications ​with machines, technology, software, integrated hardware data, data streaming, electronic wifi signals/streams, microwave transmissions, radio/televised transmissions, etc.

      • Unless a direct connection is required, he is able to to access non-direct (frequency/microwave, etc.) data and electronic feeds up to 400 yards away to as low as a feeble signal strength

    • Suit Protection​

      • Good magical protection

      • Excellent physical, toxic/toxin protection​

      • Remarkable energy, temperate protection

      • Incredible radiation protection

  • Helmet

    • Illusory Projection Booster

      • Amplifies his existing illusion powers and range to a remarkable level

      • Can project up to 30 illusions to 30 targets within range for a maximum of 30 minutes/hour

      • Extends illusion powers to a range of 300 yards

    • Multivision Visor/Tactical Projector

      • Remarkable level for telescopic and microscopic normal, Infra Red, UV, X-Ray, Heat, Electronic/Frequency tracing, Nightvision, multispectral​

      • Provides Heads-Up Device (HUD) projection on inside of visor

    • Partial AI Computer Interface (PACI) Program & Sensor Array

      • Incredible level of computer-based knowledge, data and sensor inputs running with with an interactive computer AI called "PACI" (pronounced 'Pak-ee')​

      • Much like Marvel's Iron Man's Jarvis and Friday

    • Atmospheric Sealing/Breathing System​

      • Provides a solid  seal (see suit protection values) against external effects/conditions​

      • Mini-Molecular Converter (M2C) Device

        • Provides up to 20 hours of oxygen in space​

        • Provides unlimited oxygen using mini-molecular device that has access to any and all other forms of gaseous element

          • device expels and dumps unprocessed elements as waste products​

    • Head Protection

      • Remarkable psionic/mental protection​

      • Good magical protection

      • Excellent physical, toxic/toxin protection​

      • Remarkable energy, temperate protection

      • Incredible radiation protection

  • Belt

    • Hyper-Invention Equipment Materials

      • Carries a WIDE variety of gizmos, devices and tools allowing him to kit-bash and hyper-invent at a remarkable level​

  • Energizer & Flight Pack​

    • Anti-Grav Flight Segment​

      • Self-powered Anti-grav unit

      • Allows for him to carry up to 500 additional pounds of weight

      • Can fly up to 250 mph for a max distance of 1,500 miles pending on pack overheating (500 miles if operating in temps already at 100°F+)

      • Material strength: remarkable composite materials

    • Energizer Segment​

      • Self-contained kinetic/dynamic remarkable-level power generator system​

      • Material Strength: Incredible composite material

      • Can generate/produce up to 300 units of power/minute through movement, solar, gyroscopic and/or gravitational dynamos

      • Can store up to 3,000 units of power total


  • Hyper-Invention (Master)

  • Engineering (Master)

  • Science (Master)

  • Mathematics (Master)

  • Stellar Navigation (Proficient)

  • Pop Culture (Proficient)

  • Movies (Proficient)

  • Mind/Brain Studies (Professional)

  • Psychotelepathy (Master)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Karate/Tae-Kwon-Do (+Fighting) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +1 Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: 1 minute study = +1 Initiative/Intuition vs. target (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • All commonly used Earth languages (40+) (Professional)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • Sistarian (Proficient)

    • Nentaxian (Proficient)

    • Solarian (Proficient)

    • Herielditian (Proficient)

    • Gatian (Proficient)

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