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Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 29 Aug 09 (Saturness)



Psygate (sister)




Selgate is a Sistarian alien psychic energy being who, with her sister, Psygate, crash landed on Earth in 2000, both of whom were detained on a Soltan Flagship that crashed in the Sahara Desert at the end of the Soltan Invasion of Earth. Near death, Selgate and her sister Psygate were found by G.U.A.R.D. when GUARD arrived at their crash site. GUARD's medical workers, scientists and engineers nursed the energy beings back to health. Gracious for the kindness provided and amazed at their incredible generosity, sincerity and desire to save them, both Psygate and Selgate decided to aid GUARD and the Terrans for as long as they were needed. Selgate, wanton for stopping the Soltans from further aggression, teamed with GUARD's ASTROGUARD division in a new android body, while Psygate went on to form GUARD's new PSIGUARD Division. 


​Once established, Selgate aided ASTROGUARD personnel in learning about the 'galaxy' and many of its unknown, living civilizations, planets, languages and species.  Selgate also helped train ASTROGUARD in how to fight certain species and beings, identifying some or all of their weaknesses.  Although Selgate was forward and forth-coming with all she knew to help 'bring the Terrans up to speed' about the galaxy, the ASTROGUARD direction, Vladimir Vorisch, had issues with a powerful psychic being 'integrating' with his personnel and teams.  As such, Vorisch instead had Selgate answer and talk only directly to long as he was wearing a psychic dampener device preventing Selgate from potentially reading or controlling his mind...which she never did nor wanted to do, but for which Vorisch, in his paranoid state, believed Selgate was already doing to others.


Eventually, Selgate was able to 'read' off the peripheral fears and emotions of Vorisch and confronted him about her and his fear of her.  Vorisch immediately demanded that Selgate instead be isolated in a command center where she could 'be the most use' behind a psychic shielded wall 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The same order went out to do against Psygate, to which Psygate, understanding the fears that Terrans had about mental invasions of their thoughts, agreed to...Selgate, on the other hand, did NOT agree to this.


As a result, Selgate, instead, was placed in a 'room' (loaded with psychic filter and protections) where she basically stayed in until someone needed her for some 'mission'.  Selgate went along with this, but quickly realized that this 'working condition' was not good for any of them.


Along that same time, a worldwide movement had grown towards wanting Earth to take a more 'offensive' approach to the Soltans that had fled from Earth at the end of its invasion and had since based themselves on the dark side of Mars. A fair portion of people on Earth wanted not only justice and revenge, but wanted to 'send a signal' to the Soltans to leave Earth and the Solar System alone for good.  Although many folks joined up with pro-offensive movement organizations, the governments and politicians of Earth instead decided to take a more 'defensive' tactic by using resources to place around Earth to help defend against any 'next' invasion that might happen.  The pro-offensive movement, however, put in place plans to instead take action - action that Selgate herself would eventually be part of.


While 'whitling' away in her 'room' for two months, one of her 'assistants' (basically, guards) mentally allowed Selgate to scan his mind, revealing his desire to tell Selgate about the pro-offensive movement and its desire to take on the SoltansSelgate was MORE than happy to hear this and also wanted revenge not only for what had been done to her and her sister, but because the Soltans were the ones responsible for the genocide of their species, leaving on Selgate and Psygate, as far as they knew, the only Sistarians left in existence.  To that end, Selgate wanted to make the Soltans pay. She mentally informed her 'assistant' (guard) she was willing to go along with whatever it took for her to help and join in with the pro-offensive movement teams. Selgate also mentally informed her sister, Psygate, of the unfolding situation, wherein Psygate stated she wanted to stay behind with the Terrans in case Selgate's (and the pro-offense movements) plans failed. To that Psygate swore secrecy and to tell her first ever 'lie' to the Terrans stating that she'd have 'no idea' of what Psygate had planned to do (and eventually, did).


Days later, Selgate was freed from her 'room' and secretly transported to the only Terran starship, Terracer 1, that was in orbit, currently being re-built in space dock to become a 'defensive' platform vice an offensive vessel.  There, once aboard Terracer 1, she secretly met up with other pro-offensive leaders and thanks to her mental powers, was able to help the pro-offensive teams in safely and calmly 'commandeering' Terracer 1 and getting people off the ship that didn't want to go to battle with them on Mars.  Her actions prevented dozens of potentially life-threatening incidents, however, she was unable to stop one particular crewmember of Terracer 1 from gunning down most all of the pro-offensive movement's leadership. Selgate felt responsible for not 'seeing' the sketchy crewmember and swore to the pro-movement teams that she'd do all she could to ensure this wouldn't happen again.


The new pro-offensive leader, Captain Starfighter, who'd known of Selgate from before in ASTROGUARD, welcomed her with not only open arms, but an open mind, allowing her to routinely 'read' his thoughts so that they could 'mentally converse' about his thoughts and actions and if he was being 'too aggressive' or even 'too passive'.  As such, Selgate and Captain Starfighter has become the greatest of friends (and maybe eventually a bit more!).


Today, Selgate is part of Captain Starfighter's "Starfighters" aboard Terracer 1 as they make their way to Mars to take on the Soltans based on the dark side of that planet.  Selgate is very much a warrior, but is also a psychic energy being wrapped inside a robot body that she controls and uses for her own protection and in combat.  She uses her powers ONLY against her enemies (aka Soltans or other oppositional forces) and never on her teammates or Terrans unless they give express permission for her to do so.  She's never willingly 'read' another person's mind without their permission, even if she is ordered to do so (which Vorisch tried to get her to do several times unsuccessfully).  She is a kind, gentle being, but when engaged in combat, she is a whirlwind of action and power.  She has NO DOUBT about using her powers against her enemies.


Selgate considers the Terrans as 'kindred spirits' to her and wants more than anything to ensure the Terran race doesn't go the same way as her Sistarian race - into near extinction.



Power Origin: Natural

  • Sistarian Innate Physiology

    • Physically-Manifested Mental Energy Body/Being

      • Its state is an energy sphere of pure psionic/mental energy​

      • When out and 'free floating', it takes up about 5 square feet of space

        • Can form/compress into a 1 sq. ft. space (usually into the GUARD Robotic Body's Helmet/Sistarian Enclosure (See in Equipment below))

      • Considered to be a mental energy of incredible power (psyche)​

    • Protections

      • Unearthly physical, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

        • requires disintegration-rate level damage to affect the psionic energy at a physical level

      • Amazing mental/psionic, magnetic, electric energy and radioactive protection​

    • Immortality

      • No one, including the Sistarians, know how long they can live​

        • Queries identify that Selgate has been around for at least 25, 000 years​

    • Telepathy

      • Remarkable ability to read minds​

      • Ranges: 3 miles to single-target; 30 yards for 30+ targets

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

    • Telekinetics

      • Remarkable strength psycho-kinetic (physical) manipulation that enacts for the following functions:

        • lifting

        • movement

        • holds

        • grapples

        • immobilizations

        • blocks​

      • Range 30 yards max​

      • Can manipulate up to 3 targets at once

        • Can manipulate 1 additional target with an ensuing drop in telekinetic strength/power​ and range

          • Example: If manipulating 5 targets, telekinetic strength will only be at good strength/power for each manipulation at only a range of 10 yards

    • Psionic Bolt/Blasts

      • Excellent psionic/mental damage bolts versus:

        • active, electrical-impulse/synaptic thought process brains/beings (normal human brains)​

        • any being/state composed of psionic, spirit, astral energy

      • Good physical effect if the being/object is other than what is listed above​

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

    • Mind Crush

      • Remarkable mental damage within close proximity/contact​

      • Range: 6-8 inches from Sistarian Energy Body

      • Can only be performed once a minute

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

    • Confuse

      • Incredible ability to confuse targets​

      • Maximum targets: 40

      • Drops a level of effect for each 5 targets

        • ex: for 30 targets, can only confuse down to excellent level​

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

    • Sense Alteration

      • Calming

        • Remarkable ability to overcome a target's anxiety, fear or inaction (overriding target's psyche)​​​

        • 30 people total

          • Power effect drops after first 10 people/beings are 'calmed'​

            • example: for 30 people, power effect of calming will only be good level​

      • Create anxiety/fear/inaction

        • Can do the opposite of creating calm (overriding target's psyche)​

        • 30 people total

        • Power effect drops after first 10 people/beings are made 'anxious/fearful/inactive'​

        • example: for 30 people, power effect of being made anxious/fearful/inactive will only be good level

      • Deaden nerve/mental impulses

        • Psychically negates a target's electrical nerve impulses to the target's brain/processing center, thus making the target's endurance the caster's psyche level, so long as the power is applied to the target(s)​

        • 3 people total

          • Power effect drops after first person/being's nerve/mental impulses are deadened

          • example: for 3 people, power effect will only be at a good level for each target

      • NOTE: This can be used on a dying (endurance losing) target to negate death, but only so long as the power is applied

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

    • Flight

      • In its energy form can fly at a speed of 15 mph max​

      • No altitude limitations

      • Can only fly before becoming exhausted (depleted) for 40 hours

    • Senses

      • Can 'sense' live, coherent (non-animal) thought activity up to 300 miles away, but cannot 'read' their thoughts/actions

      • Can sense other psionics/mentals with powers up to 300 miles away from typical levels to higher

        • Sensing range increases equitable to one additional level for each level of psionic/mental power sensed above typical​

        • Mental/Psionic powers sensed greater than incredible can cause disruption of all of Selgate's mental powers

          • Would require an active attempt to perform any and all mental powers/attacks/simple functions (feat)​

      • NOTE: Cannot work on robots, equipment that uses solid-state drives/memory/chips

LIMITATIONS: COLORS & NORMAL LIGHT VISION - Selgate cannot see in the normal light spectrum; has to manifest Infra Red and Ultra-Violet and Thermal vision to 'associate' spectrum colors that are NOT equitable to normal light spectrum colors (example: dark normal light colors equate to 'warm tones'; white equates to non color/void of substance, etc.)



  • GUARD Robotic Body Mark XXIIC

    • Physical Enhancements​

      • Fighting is excellent

      • Agility is remarkable

      • Strength is incredible

      • Endurance is amazing

    • Body Design/Protections

      • Helmet/Sistarian Enclosure​

        • Amazing material strength versus all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magical​

        • Remarkable magical protection (dependent)

          • Requires a recharge of the magical ward once every 5 days by Faindus, otherwise this protection is not available​

      • Robotic Frame

        • Amazing material composite materials​

        • Amazing material strength versus all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magical​

        • Remarkable magical protection (dependent)

          • Requires a recharge of the magical ward once every 5 days by Faindus, otherwise this protection is not available

    • Robotic Flexibility

      • Limbs, waist, hands, feet and head can rotate a full 360 degrees of position allowing such things as crab-walking and unnatural positioning​

    • Self-Repairs

      • Has a good self-repair nanobot function​

        • Can repair 100% of its damaged systems in 10 hours

    • Communications Suite

      • Remarkable encrypted telecommunications ​transceiver array with all bands of frequencies

      • Range: 300 miles; limited to 20 miles on-planet (pending on planet's horizon arc)

      • Anti-Grav Boots

        • Remarkable speed in water, air and space​

        • Powered by Robotic Body's Kinetic Generator

        • Range: Unlimited (based on generator power)

    • Kinetic Energy Generator/Storage

      • Remarkable kinetic energy generator​

      • Creates 30 units of energy every several seconds

      • Energy Storage

        • Storage cells can carry up to 500 units of energy total​

        • Cells are lined with amazing composite, non-conductive materials (amazing protection from damage)

    • Enhanced Sensors

      • Telemetry​

        • Can use frequency, light, life, energy and ionization sensors at remarkable levels​

        • Range: 300 miles

        • Can connect with like-styled electronics sensor system (in range) to correlate sensor info (protection: remarkable)

      • Soltan Detection

        • Tuned to detect any and all Soltan life signs, energy/magic signatures, vessels and/or Soltan-based tech and magic weapons energy​

          • Incredible level detection​

          • Range: 4,000 miles


  • Sistarian Lore/History (Doctorate)

  • Galactic History/Lore (Doctorate)

  • Mental Energy/Psionics (Master)

  • Physics/Science (Master)

  • Soltans (Professional)

  • Psychic Warfare (+Psyche) (Professional)

  • Psychic Defenses/Anti-Detection (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • 50% galactic languages (Master)​

      • Soltan (Mater)

    • 40% Earth languages (Master)

      • English (Master)

      • Spanish (Master)

      • Russian (Master)

      • German (Master)

      • French (Master)

      • Mandarin Chinese (Master)

      • Arabic (Master)

      • Hindi (Master)

      • Japanese (Master)​

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