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Ashyra 4

Not relatively known



Late 30s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

1986; 14 April 2007





Ashyra 4 was biogenetically created to become a fire-based warrior for the Solarian race on Solaria.  During her 'lab growth' period (conception to 5 years of age), rather than being born as a good-level fire-power created child, developed a unique 'mutation' of her powers to instead become an incredible-level fire powered child.  The birthing scientists were unable to deduce the reasoning of her 'mutation', but weren't about to prevent her from fulfilling her birthed role in their society.

Sadly, before she could be taught only 4 years of societal and power training, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Solaria.  It was an amazing battle, causing the Soltans a 25% greater 'loss of resources (troops)' than estimated in their pre-invasion combat statistics regarding the Solaria Invasion plans. One of the reasons was the Fire Warrior Divisions of Solaria, which fought like heroic poet warriors for their planet right down to the last warrior. Ashyra 4 was still undergoing training when the invasion happened, however, during the invasion, her using her powers made a dramatic difference in taking out the Soltan forces. The planet's emperor, Emperor Sunsario 3, gave Ashyra 4 a battlefield promotion of 'Astra' (Major) to further empower her and rally the planet's warriors. Unfortunately, the warrior forces of Solaria eventually fell before the Soltan onslaught.

Several Solarian warriors were captured and held for 'public display' on the Soltan home world as a display of Soltan power in the capital. Ashyra 4 was one of those placed 'on public display'.  Although the Soltans used power-dampening devices to prevent Ashyra 4 from using her powers, she still burned through her power-dampening device and went on a rampage across the Soltan capital, causing untold devastation; devastation that hadn't been seen in centuries on the Soltan home world.  Eventually, she was taken down brutally by Soltan forces and imprisoned, this time, in a high-powered prison aboard the Soltan Star Empire's enormous flagship.

During Ashyra 4's captivity, she was abused emotionally, physically and sexually on a regular basis. Even though she had suicidal thoughts during her captivity, she always reset herself and her mind by focusing on how she was going to, one day, return to the Soltan home world and burn the entire planet and its populace to a cinder.  This motivation is all that kept her from being broken.

Years went by until one day the Soltan flagship Ashyra 4 was imprisoned on was called in to support a massive uprising against Soltan forces who'd recently invaded Earth. When the flagship warped into Earth's orbit, Earth's combined forces took down the flagship and sent it crashing into the Sahara desert. Hundreds of Soltans escaped the crash, as did several 'galactic expatriates' and creatures.  For Ashyra 4, however, her prison was so well designed that even the crash couldn't rupture her cell walls. The power and lighting to her power-dampening device, however, was cut and allowed Ashyra 4 to unshackle herself. She tried burning through her prison walls and door, but was unable to. Days later, on the verge of starvation, a band of G.U.A.R.D. engineers were able to unlock her cell and brought an unconscious Ashyra 4 to a medical facility at one of their remote GUARD bases in Africa.

When Ashyra 4 awoke in a GUARD hospital wing, she fired up full power, ready to combat and fight whatever was around her. Instead, she set the entire hospital room on fire. A GUARD doctor, risking his life, went before Ashyra 4 amidst a cauldron of flames and tried to calm her down. When the doctor collapsed from heat exposure and spontaneously bursting into flames, Ashyra 4 realized in horror that she was killing a benevolent person who was only trying to help Ashyra 4.


Ashyra 4 used her powers to 'deflame' the entire room and the dying doctor before her. Once that was done, Ashyra 4 turned off her powers and went to the doctor's side attempting to comfort the dying, burned doctor, who sadly he died in Ashyra 4's arms. In the last moment between them, the doctor gently touched Ashyra 4's cheek in a kind gesture; a gesture that Ashyra 4 had long since forgotten the experience of.  Ashyra 4, realizing she'd just killed an innocent being, immediately broke down and cried in anguish over the doctor's body, overwhelmed with guilt over what she'd done.


Rather than send in GUARD troops, the GUARD base director, instead, went into the same room with Ashyra 4 and the now-dead and burned doctor. The base director went in without any weapons, identifying to Ashyra 4 that he was no threat. She stoop up and lifted the dead doctor's body, tears streaming down her face, mournfully asking in her alien Solarian language to help the doctor. The director carefully took the dead doctor's body from Ashyra 4 and brought the body to a medical team outside the burning room. She began rapidly talking in her native Solarian language, which the base director had no idea how to translate. Instead, the base director held out his hand as a gesture of trust. She cautiously took his hand and together, they slowly exited the room, hand in hand, out of the hospital room and into the hallway. There, she saw the GUARD troops with weapons trained on her, to which the base director motioned the GUARD troops to lower their weapons, to which they followed.  Through body language, hand gestures and holding her hand throughout their walk, the base director led Ashyra 4 to a briefing room to attempt to try and show her what had happened since they'd found her.

For the next day, the director and Ashyra 4 began a dialect using videos, drawings, body language and facial expressions to communicate between themselves. Ashyra 4 was fed Terran food (wherein she discovered chocolate) until they finally were able to get an alien translator (who'd also just been saved from the same Soltan Flagship wreckage) to help translate. 

Once everyone's stories were told, Ashyra 4 sat in awe of Earth 'defeat' of the Soltan invasion forces and of the downing the Soltan flagship. She asked if any of her fellow Solarians were found amidst the wreckage or already on Earth, but the answer to that was 'no'. Ashyra 4 was the only Solarian on Earth, and according to the translator, one of maybe the only few remaining living Solarians in the galaxy. After being told that, Ashyra 4 stated that she wanted to be honored with the last title given to her by the Solarian emperor; that of 'Astra'. From then on, all official correspondence with Ashyra 4 was in using her title as 'Astra'. When Astra asked for the Terrans to loan her a space ship to take her home, the base director sadly stated that Earth barely had the resources to do interplanetary travel in our own solar system before the Soltan invasion, nonetheless now. That's when Astra quickly realized that she may now be marooned on Earth for her foreseeable lifespan.

After weeks of discussions, training with and exhibiting her powers, a tour of places around Earth was provided to Astra, as well as the opportunity for Astra to tell others her tale and most likely ask other people about potential ways to get Astra home (or, more to the point, what would it take to get Astra to stay in GUARD). During her 'tour', she was able to many many people. Astra saw kindness, humanity and love, the like of which even exceeded her own people's. This alone was enough to connect Astra to her previous life on Solaria, thus making her feel like Terrans were kin to her.


When Astra's story was told to the general populace, Astra received tens of thousands of messages and video of sympathy and condolences for her and her people; a sentiment that Astra herself became overwhelmed with emotionally.  Her empathy towards the Terrans was sincere. She wanted to help the Terrans in a way that she couldn't help her own people. As such, with GUARD's help, she was able to use her powers in dozens of ways to help rebuild and clear locations at needed. She also discovered 'super villains' on a couple of occasions and actually helped stop them alongside GUARD

GUARD eventually formed a space-themed superhero group called the "Astroguardians", however, thanks to  GUARD's ASTROGUARD Operations Director, Vladimir Vorisch, he didn't 'want' alien beings on his team. This actually caused a rift between Astra and GUARD, feeling as though something as ridiculous as xenophobia would become such an issue. To that degree, Astra was instead, by direction of Vorisch, relegated to doing 'nothing' for 'nobody'.  Astra felt caged again. Her desire to help now seemed 'unwanted' and she was chomping at the bit to go off and do something...more to the point, find a way to massacre as many Soltans as she could.

After years of being sidelined, Astra was about to make her own attempt to create a makeshift spacecraft and pilot it and herself to at least Mars to where the forces that had once invaded Earth were said to reside on the dark side of the planet. As she was staging this plan, a couple of 'Pro-offense against the Soltans' guard personnel contacted her.  They told her of a secret plan that was being made to take the fight to the Soltans at Mars using the Terran's relatively new Terracer 1 space cruiser; a cruiser that was currently being regulated as a defensive platform in Earth's orbit rather than an offensive weapon.  Astra, who respected the Terran civilization, felt that in joining them, she'd be betraying they kindness and friendship and initially declined to join them.


Two days before the pro-offensive movement was about to secretly deploy their forces to commandeer and man Terracer 1 and take the pro-offense forces to Mars, Astra was contacted once again. This time, by the same director that she'd originally met at the hospital in Africa for the first time.  That person was now retired from GUARD, but, according to him, he'd been in on the planning for this as 'executive #3' in the pro-offensive movement's hierarchy, all being led by a legendary GUARD hero, Admiral Black. This time, Astra sat and listened to what was being said. After discussing this for over an hour with 'executive #3', she deduced that the pro-offensive movement was maybe the right way to go after all. Agreeing to join the movement, Astra was assigned as one of the Terracer 1 'spaceborne defenders' who would fly in space alongside Terracer 1 providing protection to the ship, but only incapacitating vice killing any resistance they might meet in this brazen act.  With that Astra had but one more thing left to do before she climbed back on the 'kill Soltans' train; she had to let all of her supporters, friends and constituents know what she was about to do and why.


In a long, detailed 'farewell' e-mail and blog post set to be auto-delivered within an hour of the expected pro-offensive movement's Terracer 1 plan initiation, Astra wrote to all of her friends and acquaintances identifying her love for the Terran race and their amazing humanity and conscientiousness towards others. She also noted that Earth's 'warrior spirit' wasn't unlike her own Solarian race, stating that if she was ever considered to be kin to anyone, it would be the people of Earth. In a heartfelt goodbye, she stated she was now going off to avenge her world of Solaria and avenge and defend her adopted kin of Earth in what she said was 'her last act of kindness to the galaxy'.

Astra not only aided the pro-offensive movement's actions, but sadly discovered early on that Admiral Black, most all of his executive staff, of which 'executive #3', her first friend on Earth, were all killed during the Terracer 1 takeover. Astra grieved for her friend, swearing on his planet's core that she'd see this mission through to the end, hopefully, eventually, making her way to Solta and destroying the entire planet.

Today, Astra is considered one of Terracer 1's super-powered 'Starfighters'; a band of heroic powered and skill unique personnel teamed with the rest of the crew of Terracer 1, that expect to make their way to Mars and wipe out the Soltans there. She is a fierce warrior and a true, die-hard friend.  She can get emotional, but does not let it affection her fighting or duties. Due to her sexual abuse at the hands of the Soltans, she cannot bear children, nor is it easy for to romantically or sexually connect with others, even though she desperately wants to. She is not xenophobic and considers Terrans a wonderful race of amazing beings, most of which have a 'warrior spirit' in their soul.  She is mindful of her role and place in things and will rarely speak her mind or override anyone, however, if she sees a a pathway that is better, she will speak up and provide the proper reasoning for it (which most of the time, she deduces correctly). She has learned to talk in Terran and has come to respect they customs, however, she seriously doesn't understand why genetic bioengineering is not a norm on Earth, since it prevent unnecessary birth defects from becoming an issue with those born. On the flip side, she truly admires how parents raise their children on Earth; the loving, nurturing and emotional process these parents do has long touched Astra's heart.


  • Solarian Physiology (+ Mutant aspect, + bioengineering)

    • Strength is good (innate bioengineering increased this x1)

    • Endurance is incredible (mutation increased this x2)

    • Agility is good (innate bioengineering increased this x1)

    • Fighting is excellent (innate bioengineering increased this by x2)

    • Intuition is excellent (innate bioengineering increased this x2)

    • For Astra, she has typical protection versus physical, heat and toxic/toxins; she has good protection versus cold; she has remarkable protection versus radiation

    • For Astra, she has normal sight plus poor thermal vision as well as night vision

    • For normal Solarians, their physiology requires them to breath the same type of atmosphere as Earth as well as eat food at least twice a day, however, for Astra, she has a more unique physiology about this (see Environmental Independence below)

  • Fused Mutation + Bioengineering-based Powers

    • Fire Generation

      • Can generate incredible fire and heat energy without the the key fire ingredients (oxygen, fuel, heat).

    • Fire Bolts 

      • Can fire off up to remarkably powerful blasts of fire from her hands

      • Range: 300 yards

    • Fiery Explosion

      • Can create a full 360-degree explosion from her center outward for remarkable damage to the immediate area and applicable adjacent damage thereafter​

      • Requires her to concentrate for several seconds before she can perform

      • The explosion will require her to check against her endurance; it takes a lot out of her to do this

      • Requires at least 1 minute to recharge to perform this same power stunt again

    • Melt

      • Can increase heat to immediate area up to incredible levels or to anything she touches​

      • Range: 40 feet max; tries to keep it to touch or within 4 feet radius max

    • Fire Aura

      • Generates up to a remarkably strong fiery aura around herself

      • Provides up to remarkable physical, energy and temperate protection

      • Provides up to incredible radiation protection

    • Environmental Independence

      • Does not need to breath

      • Does, however, require to consume food and water/drink but only once every 2 days minimum (wherein she has a voracious appetite!); she burns off any extra calories with her powers in seconds

    • Flight

      • Incredible speeds:

        • In atmosphere: 1200 mph (Mach 1.5)

        • In space: 400, 000 mph

        • In water: 60+ knots


  • Environmental Suit

    • Provides rapid cooldown when her fiery aura is off (normally <6 seconds)​

    • Provides good physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides incredible thermal/heat protection

    • Provides incredible radiation protection

  • Communications Array Headpiece

    • Incredible material protection versus physical, toxic/toxins, temperate, radiation, energy​

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with 200,000 miles space range, 200 mile in atmosphere range, 20 mile in water range

    • battery lasts 3 days

    • Contains a toggle-able emergency beacon activation (that she's used to transmit morse code messages on occasion)


  • Military Operations (Professional)

  • GUARD Operations (Professional)

  • Earth History (Proficient)

  • Solarian History (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Spacecraft Piloting (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Tactical Reasoning (+ Reason) (Proficient)

  • Tactical Intuition (+Intuition) (Proficient)

  • Environmental Awareness (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Solarian (Professional)​

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Soltan (Proficient)

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