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Not relatively known



50 years








Tixe' Convocation Alpha




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 23 Mar 08


Ka-Ree-Tixe' (Wife, status unknown)

Kro-Ree-Tixe' (son, status unknown)

Ree-Ree-Tixe' (daughter, status unknown)



Atch-Ree Tixe' (pronounced "ticks-AY") is one of only several hundred remaining Gatian species from the planet Gatia (as per NASA's planetary designation, Wolf 1061clocated in the Wolf 1061 system. Gatia was invaded hundreds of years ago by the Soltan Star Empire who took over the planet and mined it for its rich mineral resources. The winged Gatian species on the planet were decimated as was the Gatian food supply, basically having the Soltans starve out the Gatians for those the Soltans didn't outright kill.

Most remaining Gatians hid amidst the mountainous terrain of the tidal-locked side of the planet in clusters, barely surviving. Some Gatians were forced into slave labor when the Soltans discovered the Gatians were highly adaptable to process learning and accessing tall/high structures, equipment and vessels.


The Tixe' convocation were Gatian slaves 'trained' to perform highly technical maintenance and operations to planet-landed Soltan space craft requiring repairs and/or routine maintenance. Due to the Gatian adaptability to the -50°C temperature and thin air atmosphere, the Gatians were perfect for performing actions on the outer hulls of large, landed Soltan ships. Atch-Ree was the youngest of the Tixe' convocation and was the most technologically adept towards doing highly complex engineering feats.  His flight agility allowed him to rapidly fly up to access hatches, bays and external ship equipment making Atch-Ree quite invaluable for starship repairs. Since most of the Tixe' convocation had been raised and trained 'in captivity' as slaves, they knew little to no other life. That eventually changed for Atch-Ree and the Tixe' convocation.

One Soltan Starship commander, Captain Krand'ahl, was known as a cruel and inhumane captain. He hated other alien species and despised relying on any other 'aliens' touching his ship or working on it.  As per the Soltan command, the Gatians were 'authorized' to work on the commander's ship, but the commander was notorious in finding any excuse to prevent any aliens from touching his ship...including outright murdering them.

Atch-Ree and his wife Ka-Ree were both working on a Soltan building's high rise structure while the rest of his convocation was assigned to work on Captain Krand'ahl's ship. When Captain Krand'ahl was told that Gatian slaves were working on his ship, he exploded in rage and personally went to an airlock, donned a space suit and grabbed his 'renown' battle axe and killed the first Gatian that he came across, which was one of the Tixe' convocation. He hacked at the Tixe' Gatian until the Gatian was unrecognizable. When the other Gatians saw this, they flew off, but were ordered by their 'masters' to 'get back to work'.  Even though the Gatians tried to explain what had happened, their masters didn't care and ordered them to 'resume their work' or be shot out of the sky. The Tixe' Gatians 'followed orders' and went back to Captain Krand'ahl's ship, once again, leading the Captain to hack apart another of the Tixe' Gatians, this one being the son of the Tixe's convocation's leader (the Alpha).


The Tixe' Convocation leader attacked Captain Krand'ahl, but was killed in combat with the Captain. When a Gatian alpha is killed, the convocation's Gatians let out a 'convocation screech' that couild be heard for many miles that recalls any and all convocation Gatians.  As a result, over three dozen Gatians arrived and 'protected' their brethren, actively attacking and tearing at Captain Krand'ahl.  Sadly, over a dozen of the Tixe' convocation's Gatians died fighting the Captain.

That's when Atch-Ree and his wife Ka-Ree arrived to the scene of the fight.

Captain Krand'ahl continued to fight against the Gatians, swearing he'd kill everyone of them. Atch-Ree, the next strongest in the convocation, fought hard against Krand'ahl, especially after Krand'ahl severely wounded Ka-Ree, Atch-Ree's wife. Atch-Ree killed Captain Krand'ahl and tore the captain's spine out of his body and produced a 'victory screech'. With this, the remaining Tixe' convocation Gatians acknowledged Atch-Ree's kill...and his rise to become the new Tixe' convocation alpha. After 'alpha ascension screeches' confirmed the convocation's 'vote' to have Atch-Ree as the new Alpha, Atch-Ree, now simply designated as "Tixe'" in name and title (since he was now the leader and Alpha), ordered the rest of his convocation to attack the Soltans and damage the Soltan Starship.

The Tixe' convocation obliterated the Soltans and blew up the Soltan well as hundreds more Soltans and several other Soltan Star Empire starships and cruisers there at the repair docks.  This was considered to be the most devastating 'uprising' ever against the Soltans in hundreds of years, making Captain Krand'ahl out to be a martyr for the Soltans and a battle cry to obliterate the Gatians.

For the next couple of years, the Tixe' convocation, as well as all other slave Gatian convocations on the planet, had fled and connected with the other 'wild' Gatian convocations on the tidal-locked side of the planet. On that side of the planet, weather and temperature conditions, prevented most Soltans and/or their equipment from being able to find and/or kill the hidden Gatians. These were tough years, leading to more starvations and deaths, but also good came in those years in the sense of live births, two of which were Atch-Ree's wife giving birth to a son and daughter.  Sadly, their time together was limited.

The Soltans basically had a 'bounty' put out for the Gatians and as such mercenaries and bounty hunters came calling from all over the galaxy to earn their prize money. The Gatians, as such, became more hunted than ever. Gatians caught, captured and/or killed by these hunters sold them for lots of money. Gatians were served up as 'fine cuisine' on some planets, while other caught Gatians were put in zoos, or were put on display (like pets) or simply 'killed and stuffed' and put in museums and influential homes and palaces.  This led to only several hundred Gatian left alive when Atch-Ree was finally captured while trying to lead a band of bounty hunters away from his family's aerie.

Atch-Ree was sold as a 'prize' by Captain Krand'ahl's brother, Mohd'ahl...who was the Weapons Officer on one of the Soltan Star Empire's flagships.  There, Atch-Ree was kept in a viewable prison room where Mohd'ahl would invoke a variety of torturous devices, gases and poisons unto Atch-Ree, torturing him daily for the killing of Mohd'ahl's brother. This went on for years. Atch-Ree was very weak, but each time Atch-Ree was close to death, Mohd'ahl ensured Atch-Ree would get 'healed' and then restart waves of torture once again.

In the Earth year of 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire.  After several months of amazing resistance, the people of Earth, designated as "Terrans", actually fought back enough to require an emergency response by the Soltan Star Empire, which sent the flagship (with Atch-Ree on it) to Earth to help 'decimate the resistance once and for all'.  The opposite, in fact occurred when the flagship arrived in Earth's orbit and was immediately severely damaged by Earth's combined forces, causing the flagship to crash into the Sahara Desert.

Only a few hundred of the flagship's complement survived; two of them amazingly was Atch-Ree...and Mohd'ahl. It took days before Earth's G.U.A.R.D. forces were able to start sifting through the flagship's debris to find any survivors. GUARD found Atch-Ree barely alive. Not knowing Atch-Ree's physiology, an avian veterinarian was called in who actually did more good than expected in stabilizing Atch-ReeMohd'ahl was also found amongst the debris, and seeing as he was Soltan, Terrans already knew about Soltan physiology and, doing what doctors do, they saved Mohd'ahl.  Sadly, days later, Mohd'ahl woke up and started decimating everyone non-Soltan around him. In the next wing of the hospital, Atch-Ree, still recovering and realizing the Terrans were good 'beings', heard Mohd'ahl's battle cries. Atch-Ree broke free and went and fought Mohd'ahl, saving dozens of Terrans in the process...and finally killing Mohd'ahl. A Sistarian (who also survived the flagship's crash') was able to intermediate between the Terrans and Atch-Ree, translating and identifying to the Terrans that they had no reason to fear Atch-Ree, whom she properly designated at his proper title as 'Tixe''.

Over the next few weeks, "Tixe'" was further healed. Thanks to the Selgate the Sistarian, Tixe' was able to understand more of what was going on, where he was and realize that he was VERY far from home...and most likely unable to get there anytime soon. With that, Tixe' felt obligated to help the Terrans and did so for the next decades or so with help in engineering, alien relations and acting as a 'guardian' of the Terrans with the GUARD ASTROGUARD division. Sadly, while in ASTROGUARD, the leader, Vladimir Vorisch 'dismissed' Tixe' from ASTROGUARD, where, instead, Tixe' was relegated to work with the Resources division - a place that was not exactly suited for an avian race being in a human organization.

During this same time, Earth was embroiled in a push to perform a pro-offensive movement against the Soltans who'd fled Earth in their failed invasion attempt in 2000. Those Soltans were based on the dark side of Mars and, as far as anyone on Earth believed, they were amassing for another invasion. Earth's governments instead wanted a more 'defensive' posture against another invasion. The pro-offensive movement, made up predominantly of veterans, survivors or family or relatives that had fought or died against the Soltans, instead, took a different tactic - action. In an incredibly well-planned series of events, the pro-offensive movement's members amassed their ranks, organized and secretly commandeered the only operational Earth starship, Terracer 1, and took off from orbit in what was basically considered as a suicide run against the Mars-based Soltans.

Tixe', while working in GUARD resources (and NOT liking it) was secretly informed of the plans of the pro-offensive movement. Tixe' not only volunteered to join them, but swore allegiance, in the name of the Tixe' Convocation and the Gatian civilization, to Earth/Terra and its warriors going to engage the Soltans. Tixe' respected the Terran bravery and drive to do this and as such wanted to be a part of the movement and be in the front lines against the Soltans Tixe' also hoped that from Mars, he'd hoped to find a way to get home to his world and maybe get the Terrans to help him save his people.  Nonetheless to say, the pro-offensive movement took in Tixe' and the plan with Terracer 1 went off (mostly) without a hitch.

Today, Tixe' is a 'Starfighter' aboard Terracer 1 en route with the other pro-offensive movement personnel, also called 'Starfighters', to Mars to decimate the Soltans based there. Tixe' is an honorable being and a fierce, vicious warrior.  Tixe' respects humanity and believes that the Terrans may be the only species in the galaxy capable of actually stopping the Soltan Star Empire.  Tixe' does feel 'removed' from the Terrans, but, at times, Tixe' feels an emotional connection as well as a warrior's connection with the Terrans; a connection that Tixe' himself didn't even have as much with his own kind.

Tixe' wants to return to Gatia and to his convocation and his family, whom he hopes has all survived over the decades against the Soltans. Tixe' knows that he must fight his way to Gatia and hopefully, bring the armies of the galaxy with him against the Soltans in order to liberate what's left of his species from slavery and extinction.



Power Origin: Natural (Gatian)

Gatian Physiology:

  • Natural Body Protections

    • Poor energy, magic, psionic/mental protection

    • Typical physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Good temperate, radiation protection

  • Physical Characteristics

    • Excellent fighting skills

    • Remarkable agility

    • Excellent strength

    • Excellent endurance

  • Claws/Talons/Beak

    • Remarkable strength material

    • Can pierce up to excellent material

    • Does strength + level damage

  • Flight

    • Good flight speed in air

    • Wings are made of excellent strength bone material

    • Good stealth flight vs audible

  • Thin Atmosphere Breathing

    • Can breath in thin oxygen atmosphere (<4%)

  • Senses

    • Remarkable vision, hearing and environmental sensing

    • Vision is normal, thermal and night vision


  • Body Armor

    • Excellent physical, toxin/toxic, energy protection​

    • Remarkable temperate, radiation protection

  • Razor Claw Gauntlet (2)

    • GUARD/Soltan-fused tech​

    • Fantastic material blades and gauntlet​​

    • Retractable three-claw assembly per gauntlet

  • Communications Sash

    • Provides long-range communications up to 300,000 miles​

    • Frequency attenuates to Gatian hearing and sounds

    • Provides translations for 50% of Earth languages and 50% of Galactic languages


  • Gatian Lore/History (Professional)

  • Soltan Starship Engineering (Professional)

  • Terran Starship Engineering (Professional)

  • Terran Engineering (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Aerial Combat (+Fighting) (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Intuition after 4 rounds of focused effort) (Proficient)

  • Claw Fighting (+Fighting) (Professional)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Gatian (Professional)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Earth bird languages (Proficient)

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