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80s (lifespan: ~340)

Married (on 3rd wife)











Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 6 Oct 2010


Jartho-Mar (Wife 1, deceased)

Jartho-Taz (Wife 2, deceased)

Jartho-Rok (Son, deceased)

Jartho-Sari (Daughter, deceased)

Jartho-Del (Wife 3)

Jartho-(Unknown Name) (son)




Jartho-Tog is the Warrior Prime for the planet least he was...before Herielditia was invaded and possibly destroyed by the Soltan Star Empire about 30 year ago.

Jartho-Tog was quite the fighter in his youth, always challenging others to fight him, mostly so he could learn to fight better.  He graciously appreciated anyone who would take time to spar with him and would routinely espouse respect for any who beat or defeated him in a fight.  His self-created honor system actually and surprisingly took a foothold in the Herielditia society, after their planet having its first initial encounter with the Soltans, wherein it was found that the Soltans were a conquering empire bent on wanting Herielditia's magic-rich world. This new trend of 'honor' fighting allowed the Herielditains an opportunity to train up for combat, even at the youngest ages, to better prepare themselves for WHEN, not IF, the Soltans would attack the planet.


The Herielditians were very 'techno-magical' in their magical practices, imbuing machinery and equipment with magical power and/or properties to operate or function. Technomages created unique armor, weapons and devices for those that would become the planet's warriors.  Most of these weapons were remarkably strong, but because of Jartho-Tog's popularity and the 'founder of honor fighting', he was awarded, when he came of age, a fantastic set of armor and a powerful, spectacular mace/energy weapon.  As such, Herielditia was primed for defending itself. Not long after, the Soltans invaded Herielditia.

For the next 20 years, the Soltans fought the Herielditians.  The Soltans took over a majority of the planet in the first year of their invasion, especially to the magically-rich lands and continents, where the Soltans siphoned every erg of magical energy they could, turning the once-magically lush and rich lands into barren wastelands.  During this time Jartho-Tog, by this time simply called Jartho, fought as the leader of the planet's resistance fighters against the Soltans. It was a losing battle. No sooner that Jartho and his Herielditian warriors took down a thousand Soltan troops, another 2,000 would come to replace them. As such, the 20-year battle continued, as did some semblance of life for the HerielditiansJartho got married twice, both to warrior women...both dying in combat. He lost a son and daughter as a result of the Soltans as well.  After marrying his third wife, quick to become pregnant with their son, the Soltans led an final offensive against the last of the Herielditian resistance warriors. It was the last time he'd see his new wife...or his planet...ever again.

Over 200,000 Soltan troops, in a final assault, tore through the remaining 7,000 defending Herielditian resistance warriors. The battle waged for days of non-stop fighting, bombing, death and destruction, but in the end all that was left was a shuttle of over 300 surviving innocent Herielditian survivors and a dozen Herielditian warriors, one of which was their Warrior Prime, Jartho.  In the final push of the Soltan assault, the last dozen warriors fell to the Soltans, including Jartho, but not before the shuttle was able to warp out into space, escaping the Soltan pursuit.  Jartho and two other warriors were bound in powerful shackles, dearmored and deweaponized and used as part of a 'victory parade' displaying the 'conquered' Herielditian warriors as some of their prizes in the parade's long line of pillaged treasures.  Two of the three remaining Herielditians were publicly executed before the Soltan Prime Grandmaster, leaving Jartho as the sole living Herielditian Warrior; a title and 'prize' that the Grandmaster decided was worthy of keeping as a trophy, along with Jartho's powerful armor and mace weapon.

For the next year, Jartho was basically placed in an equivalent 'stockade' in the public square, starved near to death, made available for the citizens of Solta to walk up to Jartho and spit on him, beat him, or, for a few Soltan dollars, be given the 'honor' of shooting him with an energy blaster in the face.  Jartho got shot at least 50 times a day. His endurance and hide allowed for him to overcome the energy blaster damage, but in his weakened, starved state, that many shots at him a day put him close to death by the end of each said day. The thing that was amazing is that Jartho, in the miserable state of health he was in, didn't die.

The Soltans eventually got bored of 'publicly shaming' and abusing Jartho (since it was no fun to hurt Jartho when he didn't react to any pain or damage inflicted unto Jartho).  As such, the Grandmaster had Jartho moved to an alien prison.  There, Jartho was able to get his strength up enough to actually perform a prison riot and kill several dozen Soltan prison guards. Jartho, after being subdued, was moved to the highest security prison on Solta Prime where, once again, Jartho broke free and not only killed dozens of Soltan guards, but actually led a full blown jail break, freeing several dozen alien prisoners upon the Solta Prime populace, wherein those escaped prisoners created a lot of death and destruction in the outer lying districts for days on end thereafter, eventually resulting in several hundred dead Soltans (including women and children) before the last of the escapees were either killed or caught and executed.  Jartho was caught and was executed several times...but Jartho wouldn't die. No matter what they used to kill him, he survived it. Poisons. Bleedings. Limb removal (they grew back). Heart removal (it grew back).  That's when the Soltans realized something new...Jartho was an immortal being, totally unique amongst his species. The scientist of Solta decided it was now worth studying Jartho to see what made him tick.

Jartho, for the next 28 years, after being transferred to a Soltan Star Empire flagship, was imprisoned in one the most powerful cells in the galaxy aboard the ship and was experimented on routinely thereafter. The experimentations were torturous, yet Jartho still kept his 'honor' and humor, using them as weapons against the Soltans, infuriating the Soltans at every turn.  On several occasions, Jartho overheard conversations of an 'elusive band of 250 surviving Herielditians' that the Soltans had been hunting in hopes of finding Jartho's purported 'son' to be amongst so the Soltans could capture and test to see if Jartho's son was also immortal. With that ray of hope that his wife and surviving son. This gave Jartho hope that one day, somehow, if he could ever figure out how to escape the Soltans, that he'd go on a warrior's quest to find his family and the remaining surviving Herielditians and save them all. Until then, Jartho maintained his resistant, yet honorable, demeanor against the Soltans...that is, until the flagship got called away on an emergency call to aid the Soltan forces who'd recently invaded a backwater planet called "Earth".

Within minutes of warping into Earth's orbit, the Soltan flagship was attacked and severely damaged, sending the flagship careening through Earth's atmosphere and crashing into their Sahara Desert.  Miraculously, Jartho survived...but just barely.  He was crushed under thousands of tons of debris, smashed to a pulp.  It took him weeks to regenerate enough of himself to even move.  That's when the 'Terrans' (Earth people) found Jartho amongst the debris.  Jartho had no idea about the Terran species, but knew that any species capable of destroying the most powerful Soltan starship in the galaxy in mere minutes MUST be a worthy ally in the fight against the Soltans.

Jartho's broken body was taken to a secure facility in Egypt where Jartho was fed and nursed back to health. A 'psychic translator' named Selgate was able to help communicate between the Terrans and Jartho, allowing Jartho to tell his tale to the Terrans and theirs to Jartho.  Nonetheless to say, the Terrans considered Jartho's fight against the Soltans to be 'epic and legendary' and considered him as much an hero as an ally.  Sadly, Jartho's injuries were extreme.  It would take years before he was able to get himself into a condition just to walk and move without prosthetics or wheelchairs.  During that time, the Terrans found Jartho's armor and weapon amidst the ruins of the flagship and gave them back to Jartho who, again, was in too poor a shape until recently to even don and use them again. Instead, Jartho used the years to heal and retrain himself, as well as learn about Terrans and any other galactic news he was told of by whatever few marooned aliens he came across. One piece of news was 'rumor' that Herielditia had been completely destroyed...but the alien telling that story didn't even know what a Herielditian looked like until it met Jartho has taken that news with a grain of salt, hoping instead to one day verify that claim with his own eyes. Someday.

Not too long ago, Jartho was in a healthy enough state to start retraining himself to get back into fighting trim. As such, the organization that was working and caring for Jartho, G.U.A.R.D. (specifically, ASTROGUARD division) started integrating Jartho's training into training and 'honor fighting' within ASTROGUARD's "Astroguardians" superhero group.  Jartho did not join the Astroguardians, since he didn't consider himself 'fit' enough to be worthy to fight alongside his new friends and warriors (which all the Astroguardians duly noted that Jartho, even in his worst day, exceeded any Astroguardian's fighting capability by over 200% at least). To top that off, the ASTROGUARD leader, Vladimir Vorisch, wouldn't let Jartho join the Astroguardians team anyway for what Vorisch considered were 'security' reasons.  Regardless, Jartho eventually got in shape enough one day to state that he was 'worthy' enough to perform honorably as a Warrior Prime once again for the Herielditians.  Again, Vorisch said 'no', resulting in an angry Jartho nearly killing Vorisch in an 'honor fight' over the situation.  Jartho instead was imprisoned for his assault on VorischJartho knew his path with the Astroguardians was over, but as it was, with no way to leave the planet (since Terrans had no decent interstellar ships or means of travel), he'd have to find his own way off the planet, with the goal of finding his family and the surviving Herielditians, saving and protecting them and killing as many Soltans as he could along the way. An opportunity arose not long after this realization.

A pro-offensive movement had grown across the populace of Earth; a movement that wanted to exact a form of revenge and take an offensive posture against the Soltans, specifically against the Soltan forces that fled Earth months after their failed invasion of Earth, winding up basing themselves on the dark side of Mars.  The Terrans wanted to amass a small army and, using the only means of stellar travel available, the planet's only starship, Terracer 1, as not only a way to get that small army to Mars, but to use as a weapon against the Mars-based Soltans.  In a surprising turn of events, several of Jartho's human GUARD jailers plotted with Jartho in a plan to secret Jartho (and his armor and weapon) to Terracer 1 and have Jartho join them on Terracer 1 to take the fight to the SoltansJartho whole-heartedly agreed to this.  Within day, the plan went into effect and amazingly, Jartho was able to be transported (in a crate of 'rations') aboard Terracer 1 just as Terracer 1 was 'commandeered' but the pro-offensive movement's forces, resulting in the take-over of Terracer 1Jartho was freed from the crate and was introduced to the movement's new leader, Captain Starfighter, a man that Jartho knew and respected from ASTROGUARD

Today, Jartho, along with his Herielditian armor and mace/energy weapon, are now part of the Terracer 1's "Starfighters" - a heroic group intent on taking the fight to the Soltans...starting at Mars! Jartho is a powerful, heavy and engaging character. In combat, he is one of the best in melee and hand to hand combat. His tail is as such a weapon as an appendage. His armor is amazingly protective and his mace/energy weapon is indeed fantastically powerful.  He is the true powerhouse (and tank) to the team.  He doesn't get angry or riled-up in combat; it's as if he's on a Sunday stroll for the most part.  He is honorable, fighting someone only to the point of defeat. Soltans, however, are worthy of death, and as such, he has little to no mercy for in battle and fighting. He holds to the Herielditian Warrior code of Honor in all things. He is humorous and loves to tell good jokes. He sincerely admires Terrans and their tenacity, although he doesn't consider most of them 'very honorable', especially Vladimir Vorisch. Jartho yearns to find what's left of his race especially his son and wife, if they are still alive, all of which he hasn't seen in over 30 years.



Power Origin: Herielditian Mutant

  • Self-Regeneration

    • Amazing self-regeneration power allowing for regrowth of any and all body parts and limbs with the except of the head (or in the case of regrowth, FROM the head as a body regeneration apex point)

    • Can, at highest level of endurance, heal up to 50 units of health every hour (0.5 units/several seconds); this scales with endurance level

    • Self-Regeneration is separate for Endurance regeneration; endurance must undergo normal healing processes independent of self regeneration.

  • Self-Resurrection

    • Amazing ability to resurrect one-self within 50 minutes of death, dismemberment or atomization

    • Resurrects with the lowest health point, using any or all atomic mass, no matter how little is left over, to regrow from starting with the head.

    • Self Regeneration (see above) is diminished to a feeble state until Jartho gains an equal level of health, to which the self regeneration rate increases to the next level. (if he reaches feeble health (2 units), he'll have poor self-healing applied, and will continue until fully recovered).

  • Enhanced Herielditian Physiology

    • In his fully healthy state, Jartho has the following physiological enhancements:

      • Fighting is incredible

      • Agility is typical

      • Strength is amazing

      • Endurance in fantastic

    • Body Armoring

      • excellent versus physical, toxic/toxin, radiation

      • good versus energy, heat

      • poor versus cold

    • Senses & Protective Senses

      • Sight and smell have remarkable detection and capacity

      • Sight and smell have good protection against flash and damage, respectively

      • Hearing and taste is poor, with typical protection

    • Claws/Talons

      • fingertips and toetips are razor-sharp talons of remarkable levels of thickness/material strength

      • Can rend any material up to level thickness of remarkable material strength with his own strength and talons in one swipe

    • Prehensile Tail

      • As strong and armored as rest of body

      • Can operate as a separate limb

      • See 'Tail Rings' for unique weapon capability with tail under 'Equipment')

    • Running/Swimming

      • Excellent land speed of up to 25 mph/swim speed of 10 knots

    • Leaping

      • Amazing leaping - 50 feet across, 40 feet up, 110 feet down

    • Environmental Adaptability

      • Color of his skin/hide/armor is camouflage capable; within 1 minutes time, can camouflage to surroundings, providing good stealth capabilities, but ONLY for skin/hide/armor, not costume or outer armor

      • Can operate in low oxygen atmospheres; only requires 6% Oxygen to operate in

      • Can hold breath for over 30 minutes at a time

WEAKNESS: Argon is toxic to Jartho in feeble of greater amounts, negating his enhanced/inherent toxic resistance, causing poor damage over time to which his self-regenerating drops to feeble levels vs Argon specifically


  • Herielditian Warrior Prime Armor

    • Provides the following protections based on its power source (or lack of power source):​

      • Basic, Unpowered Armor

        • Fantastic radiation protection

        • Amazing physical, toxic/toxin, magic protection​

        • Incredible energy, temperate, psychic protection

      • With Magical Empowerment (Arcane, Technomagic, Alteration, Nature, Druidic magics only, differential based on mana storage in belt)​

        • Linked to Mana Storage in Belt (see Magical Power Conduit Belt below)​

        • +1 protection to all basic, unpowered armor

        • Damage done to armor in excess of basic unpowered stats will drain mana from the Belt until the belt is empty, then the basic unpowered armor stats come into play

  • Helmet

    • Has same protections (unpowered or empowered) as the Herielditian Warrior Prime Armor​ (see above)

    • Sensor Array

      • Remarkable series of biological, science and atmospheric sensors​

      • Remarkable tactical computer interface (does not make decisions or prioritizations for Jartho, only data)

      • Remarkable radar, sonar and microwave directional ranging and detection system

      • Range for all sensors: 3 miles or less, pending on planar curvature/obstacles​

    • Audio/Visual Communications Suite​

      • Remarkable level encrypted communications and video play/record system with high yield, fidelity and capacity​

      • Can store up to 300Pb of data and information

    • Visor

      • Provides normal, thermal, night, infra red visions​

    • Computer​

      • Contains entire history, data and (some) videos of the Herielditian race, culture and speices as well as the planet​

      • Can store up to 300Pb of data and information

      • Contained and protected in an spectacular level armored encasement vs all forms of damage

      • Interactive voice or text/typing (via Gauntlets) interface

      • Linguistics/Language Translation Library/Translator

        • Stores over 300 alien languages + 50 popular Earth languages​

        • Can be used to decipher and institute linguistics analysis and language building algorithms as needed

  • Gauntlets

    • Has same protections (unpowered or empowered) as the Herielditian Warrior Prime Armor (see above)

    • Has keypad for 'texting' info and/or non-verbal commands to armor/helmet

    • Has remote detonation controls for Tail Rings (See Tail Rings below)

  • Power Conduit Belt

    • Can store up to 100 units of magic/mana and other types of energies from any of the following energies only:​

      • Arcane, Technomagic, Alteration, Nature, Druidic magic energy

      • electricity/ionized energy

      • plasma/thermal energy

    • Stored Magic energy/mana can be used to empower the Herielditian Warrior Prime Armor, Helmet, Gauntlets and/or Anti-Grav Boots (see above)​

    • When magical energy/mana is drained from the belt, it will require a recharge of allowable magical energy/mana to be replaced/used for future use/application

  • Anti-Grav Boots

    • Has same protections (unpowered or empowered) as the Herielditian Warrior Prime Armor

    • Provides remarkable flight speeds for air, space and water

    • No max altitude requirements

    • Can be empowered by Magical Power Conduit Belt and/or self-contained Boot Power Storage Units

    • ​Boot Power Storage Units​

      • Can be charged by the following sources to allow for up to 3 hours of standard anti-grav use (with 500 lbs additional weight)​

        • Arcane, Technomagic, Alteration, Nature, Druidic magical energy (<10 minutes recharge, pending transfer rate)

        • electricity/ionized energy (1 hour, pending transfer rate)

        • plasma/thermal energy (30 minutes, pending transfer rate)

  • The Jartho Weapon

    • spectacular material strength vs all forms of damage​

    • Has a telescoping shaft allowing the weapon's normal length of 7 feet long to vary between 4 feet and12 feet in length.

    • Stores up to 100 magical/mana, electrical energy, ionized energy, thermal energy and/or plasma energy for weapons use only

    • Can perform/be used for the following applications:

      • Bludgeon

        • Strength + 1 level damage up to total of monstrous level for physical damage

      • Clamp​

        • Four prongs can be manipulated at hilt by weapon bearer (requires excellent strength to operate) to act as a grappler, clamp, grabbing claw, holding device and/or immobilizer​

        • Clamp will induce up to amazing level of strength immobilization/holding strength

        • Clamp, when grappled with an object, with certain energies, can drain said energies to the weapons power storage system or charge the grappled object from the weapons power storage at a remarkable rate with any of the following energies:

          • Arcane, Technomagic, Alteration, Nature, Druidic magical energy

          • electricity/ionized energy

          • plasma/thermal energy

      • Energy Blaster​

        • Can fire off a burst of remarkable energy at a range of 300 yards​

        • Gets energy from Power Conduit Belt​

  • Tail Rings

    • Carries and/or wears up to 40 'tail rings' of various inner diamaters​

    • Each tail ring is made of amazing material strength

    • Each tail ring function is designated by the ring's color

    • Can place up to any 10 rings on his tail at any time using his Backpack's Tail Ring Storage Device (see below)

      • ​Ring Options & Their Functions (all made on Terracer 1)

        • Red - Excellent Force/Concussion Explosive Device

        • Green - Excellent magical/energy explosive device

        • Yellow - Good toxic gas (affects any with good or less endurance/protection to toxics/toxins) over 12-15 seconds

          • Likes to use these in a series of ring throws one toxic gas after another at adjacent targets to cover an larger area​

        • Gray- Excellent acid liquid (typical damage over time to excellent or less materials for up to 1 minute)

        • ​Gold - Razor sharp edges (can cut up to amazing material with level thickness)

        • Purple - Magnetized upon impact, creating an excellent strength magnetic field attracting any and all metals within a 20 yards range (various draw rate pending on metallic weight and/or whatever is securing/holding them); field operates for 20-21 seconds before being depowered

        • White - Good flash upon impact; lasts only for 5 seconds; affects immediate target/area+ diminished for each adjacent area thereafter 

        • Blue - freeze liquid of excellent intensity/freezing state transformation/hold/immobilization upon impact with target

        • Orange - Good heat/fire/combustion damage upon impact to immediate target

        • Brown - Good sonic damage upon impact to target/area; lasts for 12-15 seconds total

        • Black - Excellent strength web/net immobilization upon impact with target + poor electrical discharge for 20-21 seconds; constricts to level of target strength struggling against it, up to excellent strength

  • Backpack

    • Amazing material strength encasement versus all forms of damage​

    • Audio/Visual/Comms Suite Booster Unit

      • When activated, extends audio/visual range to over 300 miles for 30 minutes

    • Tail Ring Storage Device(40)

      • Can carry a variety of up to 40 different tail rings in the pack, easily accessible for Jartho's tail to be inserted up into and manipulate the order of ring insertion of rings onto or removal off of Jartho's tail (electro-mechanical device made by GUARD)​​

    • Storage Space

      • Two closable and lockable bins provide no more than 5sq. ft. of storage space each

      • Lock requires good intuition and agility to overcome


  • Herielitian History/Lore (Doctorate)

  • Herielditian Warriors/Operations/History/Code (Master)

  • Magical energies (technomagic, arcane, druidic, nature, alteration) (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Blocking/Deflecting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee/Hand to Hand Fighting (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Tactics (+1R/+1 Intuition) (Professional)

  • Weapons manufacturing/design (Proficient)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Explosives (Proficient)

  • Metallurgy (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Physical Therapy (Proficient)

  • GUARD operations (Proficient)

  • Starships/operations (barely proficient)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Herieldtian (Master)​

    • Soltan (Professional)

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Arabic (Professional)

    • Italian (Barely Proficient)

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