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Master Mylnis

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

9 Feb 2019







Mylnis was created as an enhanced, bio-engineered creature based on the recombinant DNA of Ningren specie #3.  It was born in the Atlantic Kingdom's capitol, Atlantis, in Lab 1 on 1 December 1992. This particular Ningren, 3X00001-12-1-92, was specially created by King Dolphin to be a smarter version of any Ningren than ever before. Using the DNA of a human, a dolphin, an Orca, an octopus and a penguin, King Dolphin created a new life form based on plasmatic energy comprised within an energy body.

From its infancy, 3X00001-12-1-92 proved its intelligence.  It was problem solving complex actions before it was five years of age.  Due to its energy form, as it grew, it became more difficult for it to maintain its molecular cohesion, especially amidst the growing amount of electro-magnetic energy that it was exposed to.  As a result, King Dolphin was able to encapsulate it in a hollow metallic sphere, completely protecting it form the outside energies.  'Mylnis', as it came to be called, was even able to levitate the sphere and fly about, but due to its inability to mechanically or physically interact with things, it had to have others perform its actions for it, which usually led to huge delays in productivity and even some fatal accidents for said others.


Once again, King Dolphin created an robotic construct body and aligned it to be controlled by Mylnis.  As such, Mylnis was now able to operate independently of others, thus allowing incredibly fast and new scientific breakthroughs.


That's when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in 2000.


Mylnis was transported to a remote Atlantic Ocean lab where for the next few months, Mylnis created and developed new and powerful weapons to defeat the invading Soltans.  Within four months, the new weapons prototypes were being built and distributed to not only the Atlantic Kingdom's warriors, but to the surface world's warriors that were also under the Soltan invasion's cloud. Thanks to Mylnis, the weapons provided a critical means of turning the tide against the Soltans and eventually driving them to Mars, abandoning their attempt to take Earth's resources and uses its beings as slaves on other worlds. As a result, Mylnis was made Lead Scientist for the Science Services.

Over the next decade or so, Mylnis exceeded her abilities again and again.  New technologies; new science discoveries, new means of aquaculture...even cures to several surface-world cancers.  By 2012, Mylnis was promoted to the Atlantic Kingdom's Royal Court as its new Master Science Advisor.  There, Mylnis was able to directly confer with all elements of the kingdom to ensure that Science Services was accommodating everyone in the kingdom in every aspect.

 Today Master Mylnis, as the kingdom's Master Science Advisor, continues her ability in maintaining a 10 to 30 lead ahead of nearly all surface nations and their science developments.  She is a rationalist, and although she is still programmed to defer to King Dolphin as per its DNA coding, she has, on several occasions, made decisions without fear of King Dolphin's concerns.  She has been chastised several times by the king, however, all were minor infractions and not worth following through on any form of punishment.  She doesn't required sleep, and if not at the Royal Court, she can almost always be found in the lab.

Lately, she has been 'escaping' her confines of the metallic ball/body, in a newly developed and evolved energy form reminiscent of a purple octopus with a spine.  In such a state, she is translucent, however, just as susceptible to electro-magnetic attacks and waves, causing her undo effort to maintain her form.  She is also attempting to create a more massively shielded form using natural elements in the form a large rock-like creature, but she is far from skilled to maintain that form for more than a second or two before she reverts back to her metallic sphere/robotic body.





Power Origin: Science

New Ningren Life Form

Mylnis was born as a mass of coalescing energies.  To prevent dissipation into the ether of the atmosphere, she has been placed in a metallic sphere to prevent discorporation.  She has recently learned to mentally form a new Energy Form, and as such, can stay in that form for hours at a time.  Only recently has she learned to use mass to form an elemental form, but she is still months if not years away from maintaining other than a few seconds in that form before having to return to the metallic sphere/robotic body.

  • Abilities While in Metallic Sphere (robotic body abilities listed in equipment below)

    • Energy Blasts

      • Good level plasma energy blasts​

      • Fire once every 3-4 seconds

      • range 200 yards

    • Energy Arc

      • Good level 30 degree frontal arc blast​

      • Fires once every 5-7 seconds

      • range 100 yards

    • Flight/Hover

      • Can fly/swim at 35 mph (30 knots)​

      • In sphere, can dive down to 50,000 feet before sphere implodes

      • In air, can fly up to 10,000 feet before sphere ices and becomes brittle

    • Energy Shields

      • Can create energy shield around sphere (and robotic body), providing excellent energy, mental and temperate protection​

  • Abilities in Energy Form

    • Can perform same abilities as in Sphere plus:

      • Energy Bolts

        • Excellent level energy bolts​

        • Fires once ever 12-14 seconds

        • Range 200 yards

      • Luminous Blasts

        • Good level light-based bolts​; 50% chance of blinding target

        • Fires once ever 5-7 seconds

        • Range 400 yards

      • Psionic Plasma Wave

        • Good level energy in a 45 degree frontal wave​ that can hit multiple targets

        • Fires once ever 12-14 seconds

        • Range 150 yards

  • Abilities in Elemental Form

    • Can perform same abilities as in Sphere plus:

      • Enhanced Strength, Endurance and Protection

        • Gains fantastic levels of strength​

        • Gains unearthly level of endurance

        • gains Incredible level of protection versus all forms of attack, including magic




Metallic Sphere/Robotic Body

  • Sphere

    • Amazing level material hollow metallic sphere

    • Provides monstrous levels of protection versus energy, electro-magnetic energy, cosmic or even plasmatic attacks

    • Sphere is protected with inset magical ward providing excellent protection versus magical attacks

    • Can house and support Mylnis' energy form in it indefinitely; energy form can exit sphere at will

    • Sphere can fly/hover with (and only with) Mylnis' flight/hover power (see Power above).

    • Sphere material cannot withstand depths greater than 50,000 feet bsl or heights greater than 10,000 feet asl before the sphere's materials begin to fail.

  • Robotic Body

    • Enhanced human-like abilities

      • Can leap over 200 yards in single bound

      • Can run up to 45 mph (swim at 39 knots)

      • Circuitry and dynamic motor/motivators have amazing protection versus electro-magnetic attacks and can reset/restart/reboot if initially damaged

      • Allows for incredible levels of accuracy in fighting, dodging, and perform delicate engineering and precision operations.

      • Allows for remarkable strength and endurance based on body materials

    • Armor

      • Body is armored in remarkable strength material, resistance to all forms of energy, physical, temperate, toxic/toxin attacks

      • Resistance to monstrous levels of radiation, but can slowly absorb and emit levels of radiation at a feeble rate per hour of exposure for duration dependent upon the type of radiation absorbed (1 year to 10,000 years).

    • Rocket Boots

      • Can fly up to 450 mph for 2 hours, max altitude is 10,000 feet (7,000 to 8,000 feet asl is recommended)

      • Speed and distance suffers a 15% loss for each additional 200 lbs of weight carried by the body.

Armor's collar provides control access of the sphere head to the rest of the body; if this collar is damaged, the body can no longer communicate with the sphere/energy form of Mylnis.



  • Energy Science (doctorate)

  • Life Science (doctorate)

  • Engineering (master)

  • Rational/Logic Thinking (master)

  • Human Psychology (professional)

  • Hydrodynamics (professional)

  • Aquaculture engineering (professional)

  • Quantum Science/Engineering (master)

  • Undersea construction (master)

  • Weapons and Defensive Shields (Master)

  • Acrobatics (proficient)

  • Aerial combat (proficient)

  • Languages (Master): Read/write/understand 40 languages including Soltan and Ningren

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