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30 (60 in human years)








Zargyl the Arcanist

Atlantic Kingdom



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Jan 2019



Syreis (wife)

Mandolvis (son)

Arcaria (daughter)

Darolvis (son)




Zargyl is a 2nd generation Ningren Specie Mark 50 series bio-engineering clone, formulated and created by the leader of the Atlantic Kingdom, King Dolphin.

Kargyl, created/born on 1 November 1990 in Atlantis was bio-engineered for mutli-tasked personnel and coordination services.  In the first 9 years (18 for a Ningren; they age and mature twice as fast as humans), Zargyl was already leading combat engineers towards building new, well armored and incredibly protected military outposts.  In January of 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, and with it two of the Atlantic Kingdom's cities, Neptunis and Clanoch, looking to rip the magical energies from those cities for their own space-faring purposes.

Thanks to Zargyl's coordination, he was able to amass the military forces and all support units into an effective 'web of defense' which actually held off the Soltans for nearly 3 months into the invasion.  Sadly, the Soltans found a flaw in the web and broke through, but not before Zargyl was able to evacuate nearly all of the city inhabitants and only lose about 5% of the kingdom's military forces in the retreat.

For the rest of the invasion, the Atlantic Kingdom fought back, creating new technology to decimate and disintegrate the Soltan warriors and their ships.  As a result, the Soltans stopped all efforts on trying to conquer the Atlantic Kingdom three months before the rest of the planet was able to push the Soltans off-planet, thus liberating Earth from the Soltan invasion forces. Zargyl was considered a hero of the kingdom overnight.

For the next 14 normal years (28 for him), he applied himself to studies and application of his ability to 'read' people.  During that time, he was able to prevent a Cold War with the island nation of Oceania, and instead worked out a mutually beneficial treaty exchanging weapons for resources. This brought the kingdom its first ever alliance.  Again, Zargyl was considered a hero of the kingdom once again.


During this same time, Zargyl was taught arcane magic skills out of Clanoch where he was able to unlock psychic powers and arcane energies that allowed him new magical powers and abilities.  In 2015, Senior Advisor Zargyl was promoted to the new title as head of King Dolphin's royal court as the king's Vizier - Viceroy Zargyl.

As part of King Dolphin's new global strategy to make the world love him instead of hate him, Viceroy Zargyl has become an ambassador for the kingdom to the other nations of the world. His ability to 'read' people is much like the same innate skill that any Scorpio of the Astrological sign has.

Today, Viceroy Zaargyl goes about his duties running the kingdom's royal court for King Dolphin.  This makes him the #1 person behind King Dolphin for positional authority of the throne should King Dolphin ever be kept from the kingdom or killed...but seeing as he has tharted capture and death nearly 40 times already, it is quite clear that Zargyl will only continue to 'fill the gap' as necessary for the kingdom's authority figure until King Dolphin somehow miraculously returns once again.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane)


  • Mental Domination

    • Mental Hold

      • Prevents a target from moving or reacting.  Target can still breath, see and think, but all body muscles, as controlled by the brain, are locked in place.  This is a remarkably powerful magical domination.

    • Confuse/Mass Confuse

      • Can confuse a single target or up to 3 additional targets within a 30 yard conically front (40 degree) view range.  It is a remarkably strong ability to distort a target's perceptions, making those that are allies to be viewed as targets/villains.  The effect last for 30 seconds per person, and can be reapplied, but the target(s) psyche can be used to either fight or prevent the confusion so long as the target(s) psyche in of an excellent quality or nature.

    • Sleep

      • Can activate sleep receptors in brain, causing a single target or up to 3 additional targets within a 30 yard conically front (40 degree) view range to immediately fall asleep. Target can be awoken if jostled or attacked. The effect can last up to 1 minute if target(s) not awoken.

  • Arcane Energy Manipulation

    • Arcane Bolt

      • Does good magical energy damage to a target up to 100 yards away.

      • Can be used every several seconds.

    • Arcane Energy Blast

      • Does excellent magical energy damage to a target up to 50 yards away.

      • Can be used once every 20-22 seconds.

    • Arcane Energy Pulse

      • Does excellent magical energy damage to targets within a 50 yard radius of Zargyl.

      • Can only be used once every 2 minutes and requires several seconds to built up prior to emitting the pulse

  • Innate Ningren abilities

    • In water:

      • Can swim down to 100,000 feet in depth

      • Unaffected by cold (good ranked cold) of the water

      • Can see in the dark (3x human visibility)

      • can swim up to 40 mph for over 1 hour before tiring

      • strength and endurance are excellent

    • Above water:

      • Unaffected by cold (good ranked cold)

      • Can see in the dark (3x human visibility)

      • can run up to 40 mph for over 2 hours before tiring

      • strength is remarkable; endurance is excellent

      • Can leap over 50 yards in a single bound, and over 35 feet in an upward bound


Must be immerse in water (or wear a damp body/moisture suit) every 10 hours or be at the risk of losing a level of endurance each 10 hours. When endurance drop to lowest level, he goes into shock for 1 minute before dying (has 1 minute to get water to him to stabilize for the next hour)


Zargyl does not 'fly' well in aircraft.  He has been known to 'get sick' during or after the flight. Even with the smoothest ride in an aircraft, he is still disoriented and nauseous. No medications have helped...all except for physically knocking him out (as King Dolphin did to him once).



  • Viceroy Suit

    • Armoring

      • Provides excellent protection from any and all forms of damage, including magical.

    • Translator

      • Built in translator provides translations for ALL nations and languages of Earth, including Soltan and Ningren.

    • Moisture Seep

      • Provides bearer with slow, steady moisture system, keeping his Ningren skin from drying out.  Fully charged, the suit can provide a week of moisture before it had to be wetted/prepped for seepage.

  • Viceroy Staff

    • Provides excellent energy blast up at a target 200 yards away coupled with a powerful knock-back capability that can be fired off three times per minute.

    • Must be recharged after 20 uses.

  • Science and study pouches

    • Has several pouches on his suit where he keeps several science lab items for analysis, sensor readings and testing.

  • Cape

    • Fire retardant cape can withstand incredible heat and fire energy, protecting anyone or anything wrapped in it from the heat intensity.

  • Personal Teleporter​

    • Can teleport Zargyl (and only Zargyl (DNA coded)) from anywhere ON EARTH to Atlantis

    • One time use only (used for emergencies)

  • Fleet of Vehicles​ and Drivers

    • Cars, boats, skimmers, planes, rockets etc. all built by Atlantic Kingdom (no surface dweller vehicles)​



  • Perception (doctorate)

  • Intuition (Professional)

  • Psychic Enhancements (Master)

  • Education/Reason (Master)

  • Languages (Master)

    • Can speak and write up to 20 Earth languages (English, Spanish, German, Latin amongst these), including Soltan and Ningren

  • Diplomacy (Master)

  • Political Science (Master)

  • National Systems/Protocols (Professional)

  • Technologies (Proficient)

  • Arcane Magic (Professional)

  • Organization & Leadership (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Military tactics (Professional)

  • Strategic resource development and management (Professional)

  • Specie studies (Proficient)

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