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Skylar Shaw



Yes, but little info

early 20s








Saturnio, Saturness




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 29 Aug 09 (Saturness)



Brandon Shaw (father, deceased)

Monica Brown (mother, deceased)

Tylar Shaw (brother, deceased)

Clayton Shaw (uncle, deceased)




Skylar Shaw was born in 1994 in San Francisco's silicon valley to the unmarried Brandon Shaw (father) and Monica Brown (mother), both high-tech electronic engineers...and technomagical mages.  His parents applied their learning of high tech equipment and infused it with technomagical powers to create some amazing equipment, some of which was slowly being created for Brandon and Monica to create their soon-to-be-made-public 'Technomagitech' company.  Publicly announcing the existence of technomagic was still a very dangerous idea in the rapidly growing technomagical community, and as such, faced a LOT of backlash in their magical community.

Skylar's Uncle Clayton (on his father's side) was asked at one point to take in both Skylar and Skylar's older brother Tylar to Clayton's Detroit home while Skylar's parents 'dealt' with the technomagic community's deliberations about their exposure to the public. Uncle Clayton was also a technomagic mage, but used his skills mostly for small engine repairs, keeping his magic use a secret as was the norm for the community at that time.  Both brothers liked their uncle, but the uncle was into 'the old ways' of society and magics; 'get outside and do things'; 'use your magic training to enhance, not manufacture' etc.  One day, all their worlds came tumbling down when Uncle Clayton took the boys to go fishing out on Lake St. Claire.

The day Uncle Clayton, Skylar and Tylar went out on a boat to go fishing, the Soltan Star Empire attacked Earth (January 2000). The entire technomagical community in Detroit was decimated in minutes. Soltan assault ships went out over the lake and attacked their boat, blowing it all to hell.  Uncle Clayton was severely injured, Skylar was shielded by his uncle from most of the blast, however, Tylar was instantly killed. Skylar amazingly was able to pull his wounded uncle to a piece of the boat's floating debris, where the two of them floated for the better part of a day with the expectation that they were both going to die on the lake.

Several technomagicians fleeing Windsor, Ontario Canada in a boat came across Skylar and his Uncle Clayton, saving them. In so doing, a Soltan sCout ship also came across them (yet again). The Canadian technomagicians fired off powerful technomagical weapons, damaging the Soltan craft causing it to crash into the lake.  Together, those in the fleeing boat all made it to Lake Erie and to the coastal town of Sandusky, Ohio, hiding out with several other expatriate technomages on Johnson Island in Sandusky Bay.  There, they created a null-magical detection field using scrap boating equipment from the island's abandoned marina.  Together, the dozen or so technomages hid for the next few months, relatively in plain site of Soltan Patrol crafts and troops.  Once there, Uncle Clayton's wounds were taken care of, however, he lost his leg and arm as a result of his injuries. Together, they all learned to work together to survive, ironically, having Skylar 'fish' for their food as part of his contributions to their hidden community.

By July of 2000, the world's forces rose up against the invading Soltans, using newly acquired tech to use against the Soltans. The community was able to get access to the tech and mass produced as much as they could. After finding several resistance cells, the technomagical expatriates joined forces with them, distributed the new weapons and went on raids and attacks against the Soltans. Hundreds of the the humans in the resistance died, but the damage done to the local Toledo, Cleveland and Detroit Soltan outposts was immeasurable, causing the Soltans to retreat to Columbus, Ohio, where, within days, even that city was liberated by Earth's forces, sending the Soltans back into space to retreat to a makeshift outpost the Soltans set up on the dark side of Mars. By the end of August, the invasion was over, but Skylar's life was still in the throughs of just beginning. Where was he to go? What was he to do. Were his parents even alive? A lot of questions that needed answers over the next while.


Uncle Clayton went to California to find out Skylar's parents status, to a side finding that both his parents died. Uncle Clayton did, however, find all of their parents plans and computer data for their "Technomagitech" business' products...which were actually environmental suits and unique magical devices expected to be used for disabled and paraplegic people.  When Uncle Clayton got home, he told Skylar the sad news about his parents.  It left a heavy mark on Skylar's heart over the loss of his immediate family. Uncle Clayton, however, used the opportunity to get Skylar to 'carry on his parents' legacy' by helping him carry on with developing the parents' technomagical suits and equipment. Initially reluctant, Skylar eventually jumped in and took this as a goal in his life.


Skylar required a technical education, only available in good tech schools. California was still a disaster being rebuilt. Ohio, however, wasn't as damaged as other manufacturing and technical centers. One of the technomages that hid with Skylar on Johnson Island was a person who was now, in 2001, the new the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. As such, Skylar was 'invited' to attend a series of technical schools (that had technomagic secretly taught in them), along with Uncle Clayton being hired as one of the (secretly Technomagic) shop teachers. Uncle Clayton became Skylar's legal guardian, and thus the two of them started a new post-invasion life.  Skylar, however, never forgave the Soltans for what they did to his family nor to all those he now considered family and life-long friends.

During this time, Skylar worked day and night, alongside Uncle Clayton, deciphering Skylar's parents tech drawings and technommagical system designs, eventually breaking the codes and learning how to make all of the parents' designs.  The issue, however, was that the equipment and tech needed to produce and make these items were expensive and in some cases rare. Skylar was able to make a couple of operational prototypes of all the parents' designs, all operating with remarkable abilities, however, there was no way they'd be able to get investors to back them; magic was still treated as a big secret...even though the technomagic society was doing all they could to push the boundaries and try, once again, to go public with their existence. Maybe in a few dozen years, it seemed, that might occur, but in the meantime, Skylar studied, learned and tried to master his parents' designs and plans so that one day...he'd be able to use their designs to help others, one way or another.

Upon high school graduation (which he was the valedictorian) from his (secret) tech(nomagical) high school, Skylar and Uncle Clayton were visited by two very strange people, both saying they represented the world peace-keeping force called G.U.A.R.D.  They wanted to recruit Skylar for a job as a young engineer needed to repair and maintain GUARD technical equipment for them for a decent pay.  Skylar initially didn't like the idea, that is until, on a follow-up visit, a certain 'unique' GUARD director visited Skylar. Her 'title' was Greenwich, leader of GUARD's MYSTIGUARD division. She told Skylar she 'knew' about his technomagical skills (which she said were utterly amazing) and that she wanted to give him the 'opportunity' to help her bridge the boundaries between magic and technology, using him as a 'long term' pawn in her plan to integrate their worlds.  She mentioned that she had seen his future and that he would become 'legendary' in the next 20 years, to which she assumed in him becoming a director or leader in GUARD. As such, she convinced him enough to 'join' ASTROGUARD (of which Greenwich said was the 'right move for now'). His life was definitely going to change once again hereafter.

After attending and graduating (barely) from the GUARD Academy in Massachusetts (Skylar was socially awkward), Skylar was assigned to ASTROGUARD doing environmental suit repairs and maintenance. Ironically, the designs his parents did to create technomagical environment suits were quickly realized to easily integrate into the high tech ASTROGUARD space suits he was now assinged to do maintenance on.  Skylar spent sleepless nights infusing Technomagical systems into one particularly well-designed (and VERY expensive and experimental) ASTROGUARD space suit.  After weeks of integration, Skylar had to test all the suits capabilities. In so doing, he stole the suit and took it home to Uncle Clayton's home. Rather than go fishing (like Skylar and Uncle Clayton did at least once a month together), Skylar and Uncle Clayton tested the suit was extraordinary results.  Not only did it perform as designed, it outperformed itself thanks to unique tweaks that Skylar did with his Technomagical learnings, amping up the suit's functionality and protections. As Skylar was test piloting the suit around Cleveland, Ohio, GUARD came after Skylar and the 'stolen' GUARD suit.

Skylar didn't offer any resistance and was taken to a nearby GUARD facility, where the ASTROGUARD director, Vladimir Vorisch and Skylar's GUARD supervisors and managers arrived hours later. Director Vorisch was NOT happy with Skylar and demanded he be arrested for stealing GUARD property and performing 'illegal magical alterations' to GUARD equipment. Eventually, even Greenwich showed up to try and calm down the situation down, but the die was cast. Skylar was charged with grand theft, illegal use of deadly weapons, use of an unregistered 'weapon of mass destruction' (WMD), use of an unregistered WMD and lying to GUARD about his magical background (for which Skylar actually did do (it was a Greenwich-provided magical artifact capable of preventing any GUARD magical detection sensors from identifying his magical origin).  Skylar was charged and imprisoned for what was to be a period of 10 years, 7 years pending on his 'cooperation' in exposing the Technomagical community he had been 'hiding' in.  Uncle Clayton was also arrested, however, he was given over to MYSTIGUARD for 'detention'...which Greenwich somehow 'messed up' and he was able to escape.

Recently, the world was embroiled in movement for a pro-offensive assault against the Soltan Star Empires's Mars outpost, mostly to help prevent another Soltan invasion, but also to exact an unsaid 'revenge' against the Soltans for their invasion of Earth in 2000.  This movement was big amongst the GUARD personnel, with many of them trying to volunteer to create a contingent of Earth-based warriors to travel to Mars using Earth's only active starship, Terracer 1, and rain destruction on the Soltans there with their troops, super powered and alien expatriate warriors and eventually, a wave of nuclear missiles to put the 'dot' on Earth's exclamation mark level response.  Sadly, the world's politicians did the opposite and decided to keep Terracer 1 as an 'orbital defensive weapon' (which it was never made for). In response, several legendary military leaders worked out a secret strategic plan to initiate the pro-offensive movement's plan.  One of those elements in the plan was contacting Skylar and seeing if he was willing to use his powerful technomagic suit and skills to join the pro-offensive movement.

It didn't take but a minute for Skylar to say 'yes' to him joining the pro-offense movement.

A secret tactical team was used to extract Skylar from his prison (as well as his suit and equipment), put him in a crate and bring him up into orbit and aboard Terracer 1 as part of a standard 'food stores' shipment. Not long after Skylar was 'unboxed' and donning his suit did the 'comandeering' of Terracer 1 begin.  No one was hurt or killed in the take over and those unwilling to join the 'new' Terracer 1 crew were humanely taken to one of three nearby locations for safety. After that, Skylar was presented to the movement's new leader, Captain Starfighter, in his technomagic-altered GUARD environmental suit...a suit that still had an ASTROGUARD's 'Saturn' symbol adorned on the chest of the suit. Captain Starfighter didn't hear Skylar's meek voice when asked his name and instead told him to 'Speak up, Saturn!', to which everyone laughed, breaking the tension that up to that point was thick enough to cut with a knife. Captain Starfighter apologized to Skylar and said if he wanted to be a hero, he may need to get a proper hero name.  That became more difficult that realized.

Over the next few days while enroute to Mars, Skylar attempted to float different superhero names to others to see what they thought. In the end, no one liked his choices and instead just kept calling him "Saturn", to which Skylar finally realized, the name had already chosen him. 

Today, Saturn is a member of Terracer 1's 'Starfighters' heroes, rocketing towards Mars to attack the dug-in Soltans there...most likely as part of a suicidal one-way trip. Saturn accepts this and wants to do this to avenge his family's deaths, to cement his parent's technomagical legacy...and of course for the adventure. He is still young and inexperienced, but he is trying as best he can to be a better engineer and technomage.  He's been practicing electronics of late, but is NOT the best electrician on the ship.  

Many of the suit's capabilities have not been tested or discovered yet (marked with an "*" in Equipment section below), as well as having the suit's upper limits tested.  He doesn't even know the suit can perform its own technomagical self-repairs yet. He is excited to be part of something as epic as the Starfighters and wants to please him fellow teammates.  He still has a lot of growing up to do, but when it comes to having faced the worst case scenario in any one person's life story, Skylar can truly say he's faced it full on as a child already and that anything else that happens 'is just another chapter in his book of life'. 

On a separate note, in one of the last regular transmissions from Earth, Skylar was sent a message by Greenwich stating that Skylar's Uncle Clayton had died. No details were given other than he was buried on Johnson Island in Sandusky, Ohio, right next to Skylar's parents' graves there.




Power Origin: Natural with Magic (Technomagic) Equipment

He doesn't have any powers.  All magical abilities are tied to his equipment.


  • Saturn Body Suit (Tech + Technomagic)

    • Infused Magical Protective Aura (Technomagic)

      • Bodysuit provides the following protections:​

        • Remarkable physical, toxic/toxin, magical, mental/psychic

        • Incredible energy, radiation, temperate

      • Doesn't require any Technomagical units of energy; it's a baseline infusion (like radiation in Uranium)

    • Magic Bolts (Technomagic)

      • Fires up to remarkable level magical bolts​

      • Range: up to 300 yards

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

    • Ring Shields (Technomagic) *

      • Can generate round, ring-like (up to) remarkably powerful protective shields outward from body up to 6 feet in diameter​

      • Provides up to remarkable protections from all forms of damage

      • Range: 30 foot radius

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

    • Ring(s)* of Binding (Technomagic)

      • Can generate (up to) a remarkably powerful grappling, immobilizing and/or binding ring-like magical energy construct​

      • Each ring can hold, immobilize or grapple with the equivalent of remarkable strength

      • Considered remarkable magical material when constructed

      • Range: 300 feet max

      • Can create up to 3 Rings of Binding total, but level of each binding cannot exceed a total of remarkable Technomatical units (e.g., In creating 3 rings, all three can be good level creations, or for another example, two can be typical level constructs with the third ring being a powerfully (18 units) good level construct) *

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

    • Razor Rings (Technomagic) *

      • Can sling remarkable level magical micron-thin Technomagical razor-sharp circlets (up to 3 from each hand at a time) at targets​

      • Can slice through any materials with (up to) remarkable level protections/armoring

      • Travel at rate of 200 yards/several seconds

      • Can be remotely piloted using arm gestures and Technomagical range controlling (Saturn's agility used for remote-controlling)

      • Rings dissipate upon contact or after 21 seconds

      • Range: 200 yards​​

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

    • Environmental Awareness (Technomagic) *

      • Provides his own tactical awareness, sensors and biological tracking up to a remarkable level (acts like remarkable level Intuition)​

      • When turned on, his head becomes encompassed in a dark 'shadowy' effect, absorbing most light around his head

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

      • Range: up to 300 miles

      • Awareness information cannot be 'transferred' into technology-based equipment (aka Tactical computer); he has to integrate this 'awareness' sense with his own verbal interaction with the tactical computers to get associations

    • Flight (Tech)

      • Anti-Grav Gauntlets​

        • Currently only tested up to remarkable air/space speeds (Can do a max of amazing flight in air/space/water *​)

        • Only require poor rate of energy loss of  Technomagic units of energy for any flight speeds over remarkable speed *

    • Self-Repair (Technomagic) *

      • Provides good suit repairs to all Technomagic components and items as part of the suit​

      • 10% of suit can be repaired in several seconds of time

      • Doesn't fix regular tech equipment

      • Requires level-appropriate level of Technomagical units of energy for each use

    • Environmental Independence​ (Technomagic)

      • Allows for Saturn to exist in the cold of space indefinitely so long as the suit in on​

      • Doesn't require any Technomagic energy; it's a baseline infusion (like radiation in Uranium)*

    • Headgear (Tech)

      • Remarkable level of functionality for the following:

        • Communications Suite​

        • Audio/Visual/Interface System & Network

        • Tactical Computer

    • Belt (Technomagic)

      • Technomagic Power Generator/Power Storage

        • Creates remarkable levels of Technomagic power every several seconds​

        • Stores up to 500 units of Technomagic energy to be used/distributed as needed to the suit


  • Technomagic (Professional)

  • Magic (Proficient)

  • GUARD/ASTROGUARD operations/lore (Proficient)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Aerial/Space Combat (Proficient)

  • Electronics (BARELY Proficient)

  • Fishing (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Proficient)​

    • Spanish (Barely Proficient)

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