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Fight The PowerPublic Enemy
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Hardcorps Limited (LTD) (HC LTD) is a non-profit charitable organization in East Los Angeles, California in the United States.

Created by Michael Parks AKA the East L.A. hero 'Saint Michael' and supported and sponsored by the East L.A. Mayor, Hardcorps LTD was created to support the citizens and community of East L.A. with food, shelter, job training and family support for those in need.

Based out of an abandoned East L.A. Transit Authority Warehouse (now called Hardcorps Center), the youthful heroic group calling themselves 'Hardcorps' have setup and continue to operate this amazing facility where the needy can get the help and assistance they need today at no cost other than to 'help others also in need'.

Aside from charitable donations, the organization performs demonstrations of their powers and skills for all to see (check their schedule on the Hardcorps LTD website; demonstrations are subject to change pending on weather and the team's chaotic 'super-heroing' in the community). We ask for voluntary donations to all those who come to watch that can afford to do so.

All donations to Hardcorps LTD are tax-deductible and are in keeping with IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). We encourage you to send donations to Hardcorps LTD via our website or call 1-800-555-CORP today. 100% of your donation goes to HC LTD.


If you can't help financially, Hardcorps LTD can always use your personal assistance as a volunteer at our food pantry, clothes exchange, shelter and/or job skills assistance center, located at Hardcorps Center (Ya!Go! Map It!). Help us help them!


Be 'Hardcorps' and Help East L.A. today!

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