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Rico Adalberto Gonzalez
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Jan 2015


Robertha 'Momma' Gonzalez (mother)

Cristóbal 'Cruz' Gonzalez (Father)

Jorge 'J-Man' Gonzalez (older brother)

+ 3 other siblings 

asphalt street top view.jpg



Born and raised in East L.A., Rico Adalberto Gonzalez has never known a life without poverty, personal fulfillment nor family, that is, until he met the young teens of Hardcorps.

Rico's parents and his relatives are all criminals. They steal, bribe, cheat, gamble and get themselves drunk and into fights nearly every other day. Rico's four siblings went on to emulate their parents and relatives and have since found themselves in jail, in drug rehab or simply down and out, pimping themselves out as a minions for super villains or gangs.  Rico, however, broke the cycle.

As a toddler, Rico loved to climb. He climbed on everything. He climbed cars, trees, fences, houses and eventually tall buildings to simply do his other favorite thing - parkour (athletic roof-to-roof adrenaline runs).  Not only was he good at all this, he was VERY good. Rico's balance is and was simply remarkable. His timing and synchronicity was second to none. He was able to evade, dodge and run from trouble just as fast as he got into it. The only difference was...he was not like his parents of relatives.

At age 7, Rico saved a boy from being hit by a bus. A day later, he saved an old woman from getting mugged by throwing a brick at the old woman's assailant and leading the assailant on a 10-block 'chase-me' game, leaving the assailant winded and exhausted, allowing the old woman to get home safe and call the police on her assailant (yah, the exhausted assailant had no fight left in him when the police hauled him away 15 minutes later).


Rico felt good doing those things.


Throughout his youth, Rico's parents tried to get him to do crimes for them (squeeze between security bars to steal from cash registers, etc.), however, Rico consistently and purposefully 'messed up' each attempt ('oh, I'm stuck in these security bars. I can't move. Man, now I can't steal from the cash register in there'). As such, he actually enjoyed flubbing each crime his parents and relatives tried to make him do. Whenever a relative did the crime in place of Rico, within days, Rico would usually find a way to steal the stuff back from his relative(s) and return it to those that were stolen from, usually with a note that simply  said 'sorry'.

As such, Rico (nicknamed "Rag" (his initials: 'R.A.G.')) was also very skinny in his teenage years. In the East L.A. public school system, that makes you an automatic target for everyone else except the geeks. He memorized the streets and alleys of L.A., using his parkour, agility and running skills to evade the bullies. In time, he started setting traps for them to slow them down. As such, his creative mind found hundreds of ways to set up elaborate and fun traps.  He got quite a rep for what he did.


Eventually Rico's parents got wise to him making up his fake excuses to commit crimes and attempted to 'discipline' him, however, Rico ran away and abandoned his family, eventually winding up at a nearby homeless shelter that was a converted East L.A. municipal transportation warehouse. There, he encountered other kinds and caring teens and young adults that were more than normal; they all eventually became 'Hardcorps'; a band of young superpowered and highly skilled teens trying to help out the East L.A. community as best they could.

Today, 'Streets' as he is known now, resides (lives) at the Hardcorps Center (same place) and is a member of Hardcorps.  He is a fun-loving Black-Latino who enjoys helping others, seeing his street traps 'go off' and having Hardcorps as his new family. He tries real hard to be a 'suave' lady's man, but instead, his good soul and good nature tend to chase off the young teen girls who are all simply looking for 'bad boys' to hang with.  Regardless, Streets is a creative and artistic genius. He does spray paint tagging to an art, he sets up his traps with a style and panache that usually results in a the trapped person getting his image recorded by a cell phone camera, a security camera or sometimes right in front of a cop (traps that drops a bad guy right on the hood of a parked police car, for example) so that way the police have something on those who got snared in Streets' traps.

Currently, Rico's relatives and siblings are all looking to cash-in on Rico; his own parents have put out a bounty and a mark on Rico for $2,500, dead or alive; an extra $500 if alive, so Rico can be properly 'disciplined' by his parents before he's killed by them. They are not going to get any Christmas cards from Rico this year...that is, unless he uses said cards to draw his 'loving' family members into one or more of Streets' traps... ;-)


asphalt street top view.jpg


Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.

asphalt street top view.jpg


Knives (4)

Remarkable material

Shades (2)

Provide at least typical flash and intense light protection.


He has a backpack he wears that has a WIDE variety of stuff he carries so as to kit-bash whatever it is he needs to make traps, use for escapes or carry cans of spray paint which he uses to tag walls and alleys with an "H" for Hardcorps.

NOTE: Streets uses ANYTHING as a weapon that he can kit-bash or craft into one. He makes elaborate traps from trash, junk and debris in alley ways and vacant lots and dumpsters, quickly, easily and usually with quite a bit of flair and panache.

asphalt street top view.jpg


  • Kit-Bashing (Professional)

  • East L.A. Street Navigation (Master)

  • East L.A. Lore (Professional)

  • Trap Making (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Parkour (+Agility/Balance) (Master)

  • Climbing/Crawling (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Tumbling (Professional)

  • Thrown weapons (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Korean (Proficient)

    • Filipino/Tagalog (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Barely Proficient) (Learned from watching/reading Manga)

    • Chinese (Barely Proficient)

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