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Wayaha Rojos

Known to select few

Vigilante-Hero/U.S./ Cherokee Indian










Epsilon Rojos




Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 July 2015


Thomas Rojos AKA White Coyote (father, deceased)

Sierra Rojos AKA War Squaw (mother, deceased)



Wayaha Rojos was born the son of Thomas Rojos (AKA Northern California's 1990s native-American superhero, White Coyote) and Sierra Rojos (AKA Oklahoma's 1990s Native-American superhero, War Squaw).  In a chance encounter the two parents met during a superhero mission in 1994. For the next six years, they talked to one another over the telephone and eventually cell phone trying to get one another to come to their own particular state and 'team up', however, each had their own responsibilities to their tribe and community.  It took an interstellar alien invasion to get them together again.

In January of 2000, the Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire. For the next several months, Earth was subjected to being slaves and/or rebel fighters. Both White Coyote and War Squaw obviously became rebel fighters in their own states. Thanks to the lack of concern of the Soltans in Northern California, whatever small presence the Soltans had there were quickly decimated by the locals militias, citizen-soldiers and White Coyote.  With his home safe, White Coyote took a perilous journey to Oklahoma to find War Squaw. Once he found her, they both embraced in a long, loving kiss, never leaving one another's side.


For the next few weeks, both White Coyote and War Squaw, when not amassing a rebel army to take on and attack the Soltans, spent intimate time together as if they were soulmates finally brought together. Amidst their passionate love affair, they eventually contacted help to get weapons, supplies and support for their daring plan to drive out the Soltans from Oklahoma. Although the two spent their living days at each other's side, those living days were about to be far shorter than either of them had expected.


With new weapons made available, White Coyote, War Squaw and hundreds of other rebel citizen-soldiers attacked one of three Soltan outposts in and around Oklahoma City. In the end, the people of Earth were victorious over the Oklahoma Soltans, but not without a price. Over two-thirds of the rebel fighters died attacking and driving out the Soltans from Oklahoma. War Squaw was severely wounded, losing an arm and a leg from a Soltan bomb.  She lasted four days, struggling to stay awake until finally she succumbed to a coma.  Eventually, days later, proper medical aide arrived. When she was being diagnosed by a doctor, he discovered War Squaw was pregnant. As such, the doctor didn't dare perform any additional surgeries or operations so long as she was pregnant. White Coyote never left her side the entire time. When it was time, the doctors performed a Caesarian Section (C-Section) to remove the baby. Sadly, War Squaw died during the child birth.

Overwhelmed with grief and loss, White Coyote left and went back to his tribe in Northern California with his newborn son, Wayaha. Once there, White Coyote and the tribe Shaman performed dozens of 'Spirit Walk' ceremonies designed for White Coyote to contact War Squaw's spirit to try to talk with her in the spirit world. Sadly, try as he might, White Coyote was never able to contact her.  In his final attempt to contact her, White Coyote grew angry at the Shaman during the middle of the ritual, disavowing their gods and demanding justice for his loss...only to have an evil spirit interrupt the ritual.


There in the ceremonial longhut, the evil spirit attacked and killed the shaman and then started in on White Coyote, clawing at him as a shadowy beast. As White Coyote attempted to fruitlessly attack it, little Wayaha, who was quite the explorer now that he'd learned to crawl, crawled into the longhut on all fours, following the bellows of his father's voice. White Coyote tried all he could to get to Wayaha but Wayaha was consumed in the evil spirit's dark swirling shadows, making Wayaha cry louder and louder. White Coyote grabbed the dead Shaman's pouches of spirit dust and magical things and tossed them recklessly at the evil spirit's shadowy self, causing the evil spirit to roar in agony.  In a long, disquieting animalistic cacaphony of noise, it eventually disappeared, last seen writhing inches above Wayaha's head.  White Coyote had beaten the evil spirit that night...but his battle was far from over.

Little Wayaha cried relentlessly for months after being attacked by the evil spirit.  He'd cry himself to sleep, awaken a half hour later and cry for hours on end and repeat the cycle. Eventually, another shamon from another tribe came to help and was able to use an enchanted necklace that so as to diminish little Wayaha's crying. After that, Wayaha grew up like any other child after that, however, Wayaha was always detached and/or distant; he rarely talked to anyone (including his father) and the only conversations he seemed to have were with animals; squirrels, dogs and one particular animal - coyotes (much to White Coyote's surprise, since he himself had non such ability).  For the next 12 years, Wayaha was raised and trained in the ways of his tribe. He attended public school, but was barely able to maintain a D average in anything other than physical education, which he excelled in. Running, jumping, wrestling; he was the envy of the school, yet, thanks to his dour demeanor, he didn't seem to care one way or the other. Interestingly enough, once Wayaha started wrestling, he seemed to become more aggressive each time he did. In time, he began wrestling others in order to impart dominance over them, telling his pinned victims that he could 'break their arm with but a twist' if he so wished to do so. He become more cruel every week, leading to school discipline and eventually suspensions.

By the time Wayaha was in high school, he was nothing but trouble. He was a bully and a thug, demeaning women and threatening others weaker than himself. Sadly, Wayaha's father during those years kept putting more time into being a team leader with the San Francisco based Protectors superhero team, rather than being the father Wayaha needed (but seemingly didn't want). Wayaha had signed up for wrestling and track teams, but due to his dark demeanor, he was kicked off each team due to his unsportsmanlike attitude and his aggressive, cruel treatment of his opponents and his own teammates. One thing he was good at though - he turned out to be quite an accomplished thief.


Wayaha prided himself on not being caught stealing hundreds of things from all over town, including from the tribal elders. As expected, one day, Wayaha went too far. The police arrived at the Rojos household (White Coyote had, by that time, finally retired from superheroing and was instead training to be the next tribal shaman), where they found all the stolen goods Wayaha had taken, with his fingerprints all over all the stolen goods. When Wayaha's father asked Wayaha why he'd done such things, Wayaha ripped off the old necklace he'd been wearing most of his life from his neck and threw it on the ground, giving his father a dark, evil look, saying 'I'll do whatever pleases me. You have no control over me, you pathetic insect', and then laughed a wicked laugh as he was escorted to the police car, leaving White Coyote in a state of shock and despair.


Nonetheless to say, Wayaha was expelled from school AND the tribe, as well as taken to the a California Juvenile Detention Facility in Chico, California.  there, Wayaha, surrounded by nothing other than youthful criminals, willingly fell further into that world.  He learned all the trade secrets of the criminal world, teaching others how to stealthily steal from others, as payment for said trade secrets.  As such, Wayaha earned an amazing prison cred(ibility) during his incarceration.  His father aggressively attempted to visit him dozens of times, but Wayaha would instead intentionally get in trouble and sent to lock-up or solitary just to prevent himself from being visited. His father even attempted to deliver mail and/or packages to Wayaha's cellmates, only for Wayaha to have someone else either burn or destroy said mail and/or packages before they even got near Wayaha. Eventually, his father's efforts stopped altogether.

At age 18, Wayaha was released from the juvenile detention facility and ordered to go to a halfway house for further re-education.


Wayaha never showed up there.


Wayaha instead bolted and took off and joined a gang that worked for a criminal black market organization called CANIS. in mere months, Wayaha made a name for himself as a master thief.  He quickly rose through the ranks and became the youngest Epsilon in CANIS' history, leading several dozen troops and a subdivision in the CANIS enforcement structure.  During this time, Wayaha committed MANY atrocities and crimes.  He killed dozens of people, ordered the deaths of dozens more, stole millions of dollars of equipment and treasures from all over western United States, eventually earning himself a 'wanted' poster with the FBI for a CANIS Epsilon leader named "Rolo' (they didn't have his name right nor a decent sketch artist rendering of him (sketch made him look 35-40 years old)). At the height of his villainy, an event occurred that changed everything in Wayaha's life.

In a heist at a museum in Sacramento, California, Wayaha and four fellow CANIS trooper in his squad went to steal a priceless totem-like relic of Native-American gold recently unearthed at a recently-discovered tribal burial site. The relic, nicknamed 'Api'o' ( SkyGod), was desired by a mysterious organization calling itself "Arkeanus", who'd hired CANIS to steal said relic.  As Wayaha was removing the relic from its alarm-disable display case, a stirring occurred inside of Wayaha's gut. He felt sick and doubled over, violently heaving uncontrollably. He heard voices in his head and around him screaming a cacophony of noises. He upchucked a puddle of black bile, pouring out of his mouth and onto the ground, with the bile actually moving, clawing itself away from Wayaha's and the relic's location.  After expelling the last of the black bile, Wayaha passed out.  His fellow troopers didn't know what to do other than to grab the relic and Wayaha and do an emergency exit of the museum.  They did so and successfully got away, making it back to their secret CANIS base.  The black bile was witnessed by one of the troopers seeing it crawling away into the shadows of the museum.

The next day, Wayaha finally awoke. Wayaha felt, for the first time in his life, like he wasn't mired in darkness and shadows; instead, he felt cleansed, energized...and happy.  He felt like a great weight had lifted off of his soul, as well as what seemed like a bleak darkness removed from his being like having thick window curtains opened up so as to view a bright, sunny day that you hadn't seen or felt in forever. He felt good. He felt in control of himself. He felt like he was now driving the car that was him. Unsure as to how this all came to pass, all he knew is that black bile he coughed up and watched skitter away obviously had something to do with it all.


Just then, Wayaha's trooper squad came to visit him in the CANIS infirmary.  Although he felt he'd once had a fair rapport with these troopers before, he now felt 'dirty' being in their presence, feeling as if they disgusted him just by them just standing next to him. He didn't feel sick per se, but he did feel uneasy being next to them.  When he asked them to leave to let him 'get more rest', they did, saying they were off to get high and find some bum on the street to kick. When they left, Wayaha felt relieved; no longer 'dirty'. Thinking further on the black ooze he'd expelled, he was now sure that 'ichor' had been with his most of his life and the it made him to do dark, malicious things throughout his life up to this point. In addition to this another set of strange feelings overcame him...regret and sympathy. Sympathy for all the people he'd killed or wronged; regret for doing the dark deeds he'd enacted...and had never (up to this time) wanted to do anything about it. away his own father from his life.


His father.


Wayaha hadn't seen his father since the day he was arrested in their home for grand theft years before.  All the times his father came to visit him in jail...he felt like he now knew that his father had some type of a 'cure' with him that would've removed the darkness...the ichor...that obviously had permeated his body and soul; that's why the ichor had always found a way to prevent Wayaha from getting close to his father in prison; his father was trying to help save Wayaha from the ichor.


He knew it now.


He had been controlled and influenced by the dark oozy ichor that he'd expelled...whatever that stuff was.


He had to find his father...and now.

After an unceremonious exit at CANIS, Wayaha took an undercover CANIS car and drove to his family's tribal lands to find his father. Upon reaching the tribal land's entry gate, a man dressed as a tribal shaman stood in the middle of the road, blocking the way. Wayaha stopped and exited the car, asking for the shaman to move so he could go see his father. The shaman began chanting up a storm, with bursts of fire erupting from the campfires built along the side of the entry gate. Wayaha walked up to the shaman and asked him nicely to please move and that he was here to see his father. The shaman, in shock, couldn't believe Wayaha was able to even approach the shaman, since, according to the shaman, he'd encircled himself with wards against evil...according to him, Wayaha shouldn't be able to even walk nonetheless stand at that point. When Wayaha recounted what happened to him at the Sacramento Museum, the shaman pulled forth several talisman's shaking them aside Wayaha's head...and looking surprised even more.  The shaman relented, saying that whatever evil was once inside of Wayaha was gone.  Together, they drove to Wayaha's dad's house, but once there things got really crazy.

Wayaha and the shaman entered the ex-White Coyote's home to see what seemed to be an enfeebled, bed-ridden mass of what Wayaha's father once was. He looked deathly ill, but at the same time he seemed alert as if he could pounce up and kill Wayaha, given the chance. Upon seeing his father, Wayaha's eyes welled up and overflowed with tears. He darted to his father's bedside, begging for forgiveness for all he'd ever done. His father almost seemed to be in shock seeing Wayaha like this. After looking up to the shaman to gain what woiuld be considered a visual cue, Wayaha's father not only uttered to Wayaha that he forgave him, but asked Wayaha to forgive him too.


Wayaha's father told Wayaha of what happened that dark night in the longhouse when Wayaha was but an infant. He told Wayaha he didn't believe that Wayaha had been affected in any way by the shadowy evil spirit, that is, until Wayaha was arrested all those years later for stealing...that's when he saw that same dark look in Wayaha's eyes as he'd seen from the shadowy evil spirit than night all those years before.  He'd then realized later than next day after Wayaha had been jailed that Wayaha was influenced or possessed by the spirit. While Wayaha was processed and place in the detention facility, Wayaha's father tried to work with the tribal elders and other elders from other tribes to concoct remedies, wards, weapons and/or anything that could separate the evil spirit from Wayaha.  After coming up with some items and chants to potentially exorcise the evil spirit, he'd spent those next few years trying to get close enough to Wayaha to use the items to force the demon spirit out of Wayaha. When visitations seemed to fail, he'd tried breaking into the jail, even disguising himself as a guard, but was always caught. He'd instead started sending letters and packages filled with mystical totems, items, talismans and even recorded get said items close enough to Wayaha to try to get the spirit to leave Wayaha's body...but the evil spirit was too wise to his efforts.


One night, when Wayaha was fast asleep, the evil spirit left Wayaha's body long enough to kill Wayaha's father. The evil psirit nearly succeeded, but thanks to Wayaha's father throwing magic herbs and enchanted items at the spirit, he once again chased it away. Sadly, before Wayaha's father could be released from the hospital, Wayaha had already been let go from the juvenile detention facility. With no way of tracking of finding Wayaha, Wayaha's father instead stated he'd simply 'wait' until either the spirit or Wayaha showed themselves to them again. Thanks to a recent vision the shaman had received, they both knew that the evil spirit and Wayaha would be right here in his home. What he didn't expect was that the evil spirit had already been vanquished from Wayaha...and now, he was concerned that the vision still showed the evil sprit still battling amidst them all.  Before Wayaha's father could say any more, the lights began to flicker.


It was here.


The fire that was already dancing in the house's fireplace now roared in intensity followed by a familiar, malicious laugh resounding throughout the house.


The shaman, seemingly like a choreographed dance move, immediately went into a flurry of actions, as Wayaha's father, seemingly miraculously, shot up and began setting crystals, stones and artifacts all around them also in a blur of activity. Wayaha, confused, quickly realized the spirit was coming back for him and that his father and the shaman had set a trap to vanquish the demon spirit from, initially Wayaha, and now from Earth. Wahaya's father handed Wayaha a staff removed out from under the couch and told Wayaha to twirl it constantly so as to agitate the spirit with its whooshing sound.


The shaman began chanting and the father began tossing magical 'dust' into the air and speaking old tribal words. The evil spirit became agitated and attempted to re-enter Wayaha's body but seemed blocked from doing so. As such, it grew fearful and attempted to escape the house through its walls...but couldn't. It then attempted to possess the shaman, but with all the talismans hanging on him, the shaman stayed immune from the dark spirit's possession.


Now screeching horrific noises, the evil spirit, in a last ditch effort, tried to possess Wayaha's father...and was readily able to, much to Wayaha's surprise and fear. Wayaha's father looked over to Wayaha in the split second he was still in control of his own body and told Wayaha that he loved him. He then covered his own mouth with a enchanted talisman mask and then pulled out a large hunting knife and stabbed himself in the heart in one powerful thrust.


The spirit wailed and screeched trying to escape Wayaha's father's body, but was unable to.


Wayaha's father fell to the floor, dying. Black, shadowy tendrils and arms seemed to try to be trying to claw their way out of Wayaha's father's dying body, but instead was trapped. Seconds later, as the light left Wyaha's father's eyes, the screeching dark spirit died as well.


The shaman immediately told Wayaha to help pick up his father's body and place it in front of the fireplace. After doing so, the shaman pushed Wahaya out the front door, tossed a bag of gunpowder across the body and into the fireplace and watched as the body and the house erupted in flames and smoke. A dozen minutes later, the home was engulfed in a raging fire, eventually collapsing in on itself and left burning until the fire department eventually showed up.

Wayaha was overwhelmed with grief and remorse at the loss of his father.


The shaman explained to Wayaha that it was his father's plan and his wish to do what was done.  He'd expected the spirit to have arrived in Wayaha's body, but Wayaha had obviously found a way to remove the spirit from himself before all of this. The shaman commended Wayaha on his actions, stating that Wayaha's father was, without a doubt, proud of him.

After the fire was put out, they all went to see the burned body of Wayaha's father. The body was outlined in ash and skeleton including what looked like two demon-like appendages seemingly 'burned into' the flooring from the sides of Wayaha's father's ashen remains. The evil spirit obviously tried to exit the body, but thanks to the enchanted talismans, mask, dust and other items, the evil spirit was forced to reside in Wayaha's father's body at it died. The coroner and the police chief (a tribal member) called the incident 'a fireplace accident' and that no foul play was determined to have been involved.


Hours later, after the shaman had talked to the tribal elders, they all came over to Wayaha and expressed their sadness over the situation and the loss of Wayaha's father. They'd been told about the dark spirit and had worked with Wayaha's father for years to help Wayaha be free of the evil spirit and prepare for the spirit to take eventually vengeance on Wayaha's father once again. As such, according to the elders and the shaman, Wayaha was now officially 'clean' of the darkness and evil, however...Wayaha's soul still required something else - absolution.


After a proper burial for Wayaha's father, the elders recommended Wayaha to undergo a 'vision quest' to help Wayaha see what he needed to do to absolve himself of the dark deeds the evil spirit prompted him to do. Several days later, the elders, the shaman and Wayaha underwent a vision quest ritual ceremony. During the ritual, Wayaha saw images of a four-legged Red Coyote; he saw images of East Los Angeles; he saw an image of a black man with a shield of light; he saw a girl on fire yet not being burned; he saw a dark-skinned youth with one eye with numbers and mathematical equations dancing in the air in front of him; then, he saw a large 'longhut' where impoverished people were being fed, clothed and taken care of, all bathed in light and contentment.  The last image was of Wayaha standing with his father's staff in the light of a great firebird with the images of people's souls becoming brighter all around him...but with him making a face with a youthful smirk, followed by a quick fighting melee move and then a burst of light.


Wayaha awoke from his vision.


He'd been entranced in the vision for over 2 hours...2 hours in what felt like it had only been several seconds instead.

Armed with the visions fresh in his head, Wayaha quickly took care of his father's affairs, closed out his father's $3,114.23 bank account, packed his bags, grabbed up his father's staff, took his father's old White Coyote superhero motorcycle (now painted red by Wayaha) and rode it all the way to East L.A.. Along the way, he stopped and got a new tattoo of a coyote's paw across his chest (he'd already had tattoos on his arms, head, back and legs, but this was his new 'redemption' tattoo).


Once in East L.A., Wayaha searched for days trying to find the place he'd seen in his vision; the 'longhouse' that cared for others. He eventually found it. It turned out to be a converted East L.A. municipal transit authority warehouse that was now being used as a homeless shelter, a food distribution center and a community market to share and donate foods, clothes and services, including job training. It was just like in his vision. He was now where he needed to be...but what of the others he saw in his visions? As if on cue, the shelter's PA system buzzed into operation announcing the start of the show; a show that for $10 per person, for those that could afford it, was going to show the fantastic new teenage heroes of East L.A..  $10 later, Wayaha met that group of people he'd seen in his visions; people that made up a teen hero group calling itself Hardcorps.

Over the next year, "Red Coyote", as he called himself,  aided Hardcorps in fighting crime, helping the helpless and saving the community. His heart was filled with pride and satisfaction unlike never before. He still had an edge to his being (behaviors don't change overnight), however, he used his amazing athletic and fighting skills for good rather than evil and self indulgence. In one instance, he saved a pack of coyotes from being used in illegal dog fights. One such coyote happened to look exactly like the Red Coyote from his vision; rather than turn it over to animal control, Red Coyote kept the Red Coyote. With that, he named his new 'live' spirit animal "Rojo" in honor of his family name and trained the coyote to fight and live aside him.

Today, Red Coyote is a member of Hardcorps. His teammates like him, however, they don't like his edginess nor his fearlessness in nearly everything. They do, however, admire his resolve and charity. No one else other than the tribal elders, shaman and Wayaha know of the dark evil spirit and Wayaha's story revolving around it. The team (and world) do know that Wayaha is the son of the famous superhero, White Coyote (by figuring out his connection by name...and the motorcycle). Wayaha is a tactical thinker and a man of action. He will attack rather than contemplate. He can be aggressive, yet at the same time amazingly compassionate or considerate. He has an affinity with animals, especially Rojo, and thanks to his extensive experience in CANIS and prison, he is well versed in criminal operations and how to use that to his advantage in fighting against them.

Wayaha visits his father's grave every year and usually stays for a few days to learn from the elders and the shaman about his father, his tribe, their story, their future and what Wayaha's role is to eventually be.  Usually, the elders would leave Wayaha with riddles and missives, but Wayaha has learned to accept the challenges the elders encourage Wayaha to perform so that he eventually will become a wiser, truer warrior that one day would be a pride of the tribe rather than a horror story about an evil spirit possession him.

On a side note, the Api'o (that priceless totem stolen from the Sacramento museum) was eventually given by CANIS to Arkaenus. Arkaenus, however, discovered that it was 'incompatible' with their cult's 'workings' and tossed the totem down into a gully in the Los Angeles hlls. It was found by a hiker who earned a reward for giving it back to the state, where it was, once again, placed on display in Sacramento. Sadly, the totem seems to have recently 'disappeared' from the museum...again. Security cameras simply show the totem 'blinked out' in one frame of the digital recording of the security cameras with no one near it or attempting to steal it. Strangely enough, the Hardcorps' female Korean hero, Chilyoja, found the totem outside her door to her quarters at the team's warehouse HQ. Not knowing what it was, she took it to her room and placed it in a box of things that people gifted Chilyoja for simply being a hero. There, it remains to this day. On an interesting additional note...Wayaha's room is right next door to Chilyoja's.



Power Origin: Natural

Currently, he has no powers.


  • White Coyote Staff

    • Created for White Coyote (Red Coyote's father) by the Protectors hero team​

    • Unearthly material

    • Telescoping staff extends from1 feet long (compact state) to up to 8 feet long (fully extended)

  • Utility Belt

    • 2-Days food rations​

    • Survival equipment (Matches, mirror, compass, wire saw, thermal blanket, etc.)

    • Cellphone

    • ELT Transmitter (send signal to radio in base)

    • Lockpicks

    • Night vision goggles

    • gloves

    • Flares (3)

    • Smoke Grenade (1)

  • "Rojo" (Red Coyote Pet)

    • Red Coyote trained to do what Wayaha tells it to​

    • Bites and claws for typical damage

    • Runs at excellent speeds

    • has remarkable hearing and detection

  • Red Coyote Cycle

    • Remarkable (->250 mph speed)​

    • Remarkable material design

    • Range: 300 miles

    • Can carry 2 + Rojo sidecar (folds out)


  • Criminal organizations (Professional)

  • Crime/Theft/Looting/Stealing (Proficient)

  • Burglary/Breaking & Entering (Professional)

  • CANIS (Professional)

  • Motorcycle Riding/Racing (Proficient)

  • Modern Weapons (Professional)

  • Knives/Blades (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Block/Strike (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Pole Vaulting/Polearm Combat (Professional)

  • Environmental Awareness (Proficient)

  • Nature/Natural Science (non-academic) (Proficient)

  • Stealth (master)

  • Financing (Proficient)

  • Black Market (Professional)

  • Native American Lore (Professional)

  • Meditation (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Native Tribal Language (Master)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Filipino/Tagalog (Proficient)

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