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Sharyn Wright
















Don 'Major Deej' Finger

19 Jan 2017



Antonio Wright (Foster father)

Maria Wright (Foster mother)

Dwayne Wright (Foster Brother)



Found on the steps of an East Los Angeles Fire Station's back door, 'Sharyn' (the name that was pinned to her blanket) was placed in the Los Angeles Orphanage system and later, at age 4, taken in by a kind East L.A. foster family, Antonio and Maria Wright.  Their only son, Dwayne Wright was autistic (higher order), however, needed help with socializing and communicating with others; Sharyn became the sister, tutor and confidant Dwayne needed.

By the time Sharyn became a young teenager, she discovered that her foster parents hadn't told her she was a foster child, and that no one knew who her parents were. The first night after her argument about that with her foster parents, the house mysteriously caught fire, burning down and destroying everything they owned. The Fire Marshal identified that the fire started in Sharyn's room, leading everyone to blame Sharyn for their situation. As such, Sharyn tearfully ran away from home and started her new life on the streets at age 13.

For the next couple years, Sharyn found herself in situations where a 'fire' would suddenly just occur on, near or around her. She always fled from the scenes, preventing anyone from tying her to them, however, Sharyn began to think she was simply cursed...that is, until she used her new powers, for the first time, in a controlled setting.

While sleeping under a highway overpass one rainy night, Sharyn attempted to start a fire to stay warm. The several matches she had left all failed to light the fire. Sharyn, angry and irritated, thought 'wouldn't it be nice if one of those random fires that start up around her actually started up here and lit her small campfire'....and it did.  She quickly realized she had the ability to create combustion, feed oxygenated fuel and expand, intensify, decrease and control fire and its effects and temperatures to a remarkable level.

Soon, she started showing off for street performing to get a few bucks, until the police saw what she was doing. While hiding from the police, Sharyn hid in an old warehouse that was run by an East L.A. gang.  In that warehouse, she overheard the East L.A. premiere real estate conglomerate leader talking to the gang's leaders about 'making benjamins' for chasing people out of certain businesses and properties so that the real estate developers could 'move in' and get the land cheap and build new apartments, including the promise of 'new modern homes' for them and their fellow gangsters.  Sharyn, while trying to distance herself from one of the gang members patrolling the warehouse, knocked over a drum of oil, causing all of the gang members to converge on Sharyn and the suits to 'cut into the wind'. Sharyn, lying in a pool of the oil, was about to be shot for hearing too much when she ignited the oil.  Thankfully, she only caused 2nd degree burns to several of the gang members (no deaths), however, the entire warehouse went up in flames.  Sharyn survived while being consumed entirely be the flames without a single mark or burn on her (except for her clothes, which were all burnt off). She ran for what seemed like forever, eventually hiding in someone's small backyard, where she slept overnight reeling from her experience and later taking some clothes off the yard's clothes line and taking off to tell someone...anyone...about what she'd heard that night.  She found that person with Michael Parks AKA 'Saint Michael'.

Michael Parks was an outstanding volunteer youth leader who was already by age 17 running a homeless shelter, a food distribution center and a charity clothing/foods center.  She'd heard on the streets that if you had any problems, 'Saint Michael' was the one to talk to, and that she did.  Michael, who'd recently learned he himself had unique and special powers, teamed up with Sharyn and a few other friends to find out more about the conspiracy Sharyn overheard. To make a long story short, Sharyn's story was confirmed, but sadly, there was no way to garner an indictment against the real estate conglomerates with their high-end lawyers and money. As such, most everything Michael and Sharyn had to say was swept under the rug by the local media, the politicians and of course the real estate moguls.  Nonetheless to say, Sharyn was a marked woman, and as such had to go undercover...which she did with her new orange hair look.

Going by a new superhero name 'Blaize', Sharyn became a new member of Saint Michael's 'Hardcorps' youth superhero group based out of East L.A. Together, she and the Hardcorps team routinely attempted to uncover the malicious plots of the gangs and the real estate moguls, as well and dozens if not several dozen other criminal and conspiratorial issues that were affecting East L.A.

Today, Blaize is still a member of Hardcorps. She lives at the Hardcorps Center (HQ) and is luckily not known as Sharyn Wright, but instead as simply 'Blaize'. One of the teammates, Tekhead, created a false death certificate online for Sharyn, mostly to prevent the conspirators from using her foster family against her had she been considered 'alive'.


Blaize is a party girl with extensive street smarts. She knows how to hustle to get into a club and knows how to work guys to get them to buy her things.  She does have a true heart of gold for those in need of help though. In truth, Blaize, to this day, is still heartbroken for having to leave her autistic foster brother all the years before. With Sharyn being considered dead, Blaize knows there is no way she can ever go back to him or her foster parents. She checks up on them secretly from time to time, sometimes leaving rolls of hundred dollar bills she'd hustled from club boys, stuffed into the Wright's mail box.  She is crafty, sneaky, a party girl and a true street tough who doesn't back down from a fight. She's also begun to think she may be bisexual, but she has yet to explore this in detail at this time.



Power Origin: Mutant

  • Fire Generation

    • Can remarkably generate, control, start, manipulate, increase and decrease intensity of fire, starting from her own body, outwards to within 300 feet.

    • Effects can only go as high as remarkable intensity, but only for 30 seconds before she looses a whole level of intensity for up to 1 hour's time.

    • Has to have oxygen in the air to provide for fire to occur.

  • Fire Blast

    • Can generate a good fire blast up to 100 feet away

    • Can generate an excellent intensity fire blast, but requires 15-17 seconds to draw power to make it; once done, she cannot perform a fire blast effect for at least 30 seconds

  • Body Resistances

    • Fantastic protection from fire, heat, temperate damage

    • Incredible radiation, energy protection

    • Excellent toxic/toxin protection

    • Poor physical protection

  • Senses

    • Has normal and heat/thermal vision


  • Clothes - ('Blaizegoo')

    • Thanks to Tekhead's internet discovery (ok, it was a classified military site he got the info from), Blaize can mix up a special chemical solution that she applies/coats her clothing and wearable articles so as to prevents them from burning and/or melting up to remarkable levels of heat/flame; any higher than that, they'll burn/melt off.

    • Called "Blaizegoo", she coats all her wardrobe and jewelry and shoes in this stuff.  It allows for the clothing fabrics to breath and doesn't make a noticeable sheen.

    • Each chemical used in the solution, separately, can easily be bought in any pharmacy, feed store and/or supermarket.

    • Blaizegoo, once applied, lasts for 30 days (or 3 washes) before a new coating of Blaizegoo has to be reapplied

    • She keeps several 20-gallon small drums of Blaizegoo in the Hardcorps Center base


  • Street Sociology/Operations (Professional)

  • Homeless Shelter/Operations (Professional)

  • Food Service/Pantry/Food Distribution Center Operations (Proficient)

  • Dancing (Professional)

  • Club/Party Scene (Professional)

  • Hustling/Bribery/Gambling (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Cooking (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee hand-to-hand/kick/Tai-Bo fighting (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Korean (Proficient)

    • Urban-speak (Professional)

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