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Amar Pranay Bachchan
















Don "Major Deej" Finger

15 Jan 2015



Mother (deceased)

Father (deceased)

Uncle (status unknown; supposedly dead)



Born and raised in East Los Angeles as a 1st generation India-American for his family, Amar Pranay Bachchan has had one hell of a life already and he's not even 16.

His parents came to America on a work visa, with his father working for his wife's brother, who owned an electronics store in East L.A.. Sadly, his father wasn't much of a technical wiz and was relegated to cleaning, stocking and operating the cash register, sometimes as long as 20 hours a day. His mother took three jobs in a dry cleaners, a day care and a home cleaning service, where, again, 20 hour days were common.  They worked hard to scrape together what meager pay they could. In time, the father's brotherly employer began 'withholding' the father's pay because the store wasn't making enough profit. Amar's father demanded his pay and instead was beaten by his brother-in-law and his thugs. They were practically slaves to the work and still didn't have enough money to even break away and get their own place (they were living in the basement of the brother-in-laws apartment; one without a working toilet or running water).  Things had to change...and they did.

Amar's mother became pregnant with Amar, forcing her to have to stop work her las couple of weeks before Amar was born; of course she was 'fired' from all her jobs as a result. Amar's father, with no pay for months now, had enough. The day after Amar's mother gave birth to Amar (in a hospital, however, no way to pay the bills), Amar's father stole (reappropriated?) the money that was due him and picked up Amar and Amar's mother at the hospital and tried to leave East L.A.

They never made it past the city line.

The brother-in-law's thugs found baby Amar and his parents and brought them back to the electronics store. There, Amar's dad was murdered with his body cut up and tossed into a dumpster. Amar's mother, since she was 'family', was forced into working for her brother as a slave, working long, hard hours and raising her son who 'officially' would become the brother's slave once Amar reached the age of 10, working for his mother's brother (Amar's uncle, as it is) to pay off the 'debt' of the father 'stealing' from him, according to Amar's uncle.

For the next several years, Amar and his mother lived and worked in the electronics store's basement, never being allowed to leave except to go to the local YWCA for a shower and shopping (Amar's mother had to cook all the meals for her brother and his family too). During that time, Amar, with little to do, began learning about electronics. He took things apart, put them back together again, and by age 7 was actually helpful with the business.  Amar's uncle enjoyed having a 'dutiful' nephew around and started leaving electronics magazines, books and computer programs with him to learn and master. Amar LOVED to learn and took to it like water. He also loved building things, kit-bashing with whatever he could. As a result, he was able to cobble together computers and equipment using electronics equipment found in the trash (to which of course the uncle sold, selling the items at twice the cost, stating the store's 'unique proprietary' designs were unlike any other electronics store/business in the area). As such, Amar became quite the valued member of the electronics store's staff, eventually becoming the ONLY member of the electronic store's staff (since Amar didn't have to get paid, why not make him do ALL the work?). Amar's mother, however, had other plans.

One night, not long after Amar's 12th birthday, after another day of Amar being physically and mentally abused by his uncle for 'underperforming' (again, as always, each day), Amar's mother had enough. She cooked up a banquet for her and her brother's family (and thugs) for an India holiday, however, she poisoned all the food. She made sure for Amar to NOT eat the food, stating she'd 'feed him later'. At the banquet, they readily ate Amar's mother's meal (they did, after all, love her cooking), and then, one by one, they all started getting violently ill, foaming at the mouth and passing out...dozens of them, including her brother's own kids (her nieces and nephews, all of which were rotten to the core). None died, or were supposed to die; only get violently ill. Amar's mother broke away from the poison-fest and grabbed up Amar and a bag of their personal things and tried to escape...only for Amar's mother to be shot in the head as she tried to exit the building; shot by her brother (Amar's uncle) who collapsed, heaving and upchucking seconds later.

Amar was overwhelmed with grief, however, he had other things to worry about...two of his uncle's thugs were still not as affected by the poison. They grabbed up Amar, leaving Amar's dead mother on the steps.  When Amar's uncle tried to roll over to say something, one of the thugs knelt down next to Amar's uncle, took the uncle's gun and shot the uncle to death right in front of Amar.  The two thugs stated that they'd been waiting for an opportunity to take over the stupid store and cash in on it and Amar, selling everything to CANIS for a profit. Taking two clips of ammunition from Amar's uncle's dead body, one of the thugs said, 'no witnesses' and went downstairs, shooting and killing all of the violently ill relatives in the basement; 12 in all. Amidst all of this Amar struggled to get free, but was unable to to. When the thug holding onto Amar struck Amar with a laptop computer to get Amar to stop struggling, Amar grabbed the laptop's cord and wrapped it around the thug's arm and head, making the thug fall over. Amar bolted from the electronics store, running up and out the front door and out into the street.


Seconds later, the thugs exited the store and began chasing after Amar.


Amar darted in and out of alleys and streets, running through yards and empty lots until he saw a line of people entering a large warehouse; it was a homeless shelter.  Amar ran screaming for help to the people in line, exhausted (Amar was, after all, quite out of shape and fat; not much exercising while stuck in a basement). He pointed behind him telling the people he was being chased by bad men that killed his mother, but no one was there (the thugs gave up the chase and instead went to 'clean up' the crime scene and start working the sell of the store's merchandise, and quick).

Amar was taken into the shelter and calmed down by the shelter's leader, a teenager named Michael Parks. Amar was so overwrought and exhausted that he basically passed out. When he did awaken hours later, he began telling Parks, in Hindi, all that had happened. Parks, nor anyone else, understood Hindi.  Rather than call the police, Parks kept Amar overnight to see what he could do, since Amar passed out once again from stress, exhaustion and grief.


Two days later, Parks brought in a local who lived in India decades before and was able to speak some Hindi.  In a broken translation, the translator told Parks what Amar said happened. Parks, who was also known in the community as the teen superhero, Saint Michael, went off to the electronics store to see what was what.

When Saint Michael arrived at the electronics store, the place was immaculate; it smelled of industrial cleansers and incense. Two Indian men were 'minding' the store, cleaning and sorting when Saint Michael came in. Saint Michael told them the story Amar told him, they politely laughed and mentioned that 'that' boy was a vagrant who always came into the store stealing from them, and was caught several times breaking in and sleeping in their basement. There were no 'dead' people, and they had no idea about this 'mother of his'.


All was good...according to these two men.


Saint Michael wasn't able to tell from the scene, but he felt something was wrong there...but had no way of proving it.


Rather than draw attention to himself (or Amar), Saint Michael told the two men that the boy seemed to have died of a coronary the other day due to his 'exertion' while running from...whatever it was he was supposed to have been running from.  Saint Michael was only curious of the boy's 'last words' where anything that he, as a citizen of the community, needed to follow up on...and told the two men that he was satisfied with their rendition of what had (not) occurred. Saint Michael left, thanking the men for their time. By the time Saint Michael made it to the street corner, he knew; he knew those two men were responsible in some way. Their eyes alone told volumes that they were up to no good.

After days of nighttime surveillance on the electronics store, Saint Michael was able to gain enough proof to call the police and raid the store. Sure enough, bodies were found stored in a basement's freezer box with proof of poisoning as well as the body of Amar's mother with the bullet still lodged in her head; a bullet that matched the gun that one of the thugs was found with when the police arrested the two thugs.  The two thugs were sent to prison for life on multiple counts of murder. Amar was never mentioned in any of this, leaving Amar completely disassociated from anything legally relating to the proceedings. Amar, however, was now a non-person; other than the birth certificate in the local hospital where he was born at, Amar didn't least, not until Saint Michael once again came to the rescue.

Through some local 'legal eagles' providing pro bono legal services for Saint Michael, Saint Michael was able to get Amar his U.S. citizenship, his birth certificate and a social security number, making him a legal U.S. citizen. Saint Michael, as Michael Parks, was allowed to become Amar's legal guardian. As such, Amar was now able to live in the shelter with him and his other super heroic and highly skilled teammates that made up a local teen hero team that called themselves "Hardcorps".


Thanks to Amar's remarkable electronics skills and kit-bashing ability, he was able to dumpster-dive and use thousands of trashed electronic parts and make computers, devices and hundreds of amazing inventions for the himself, Hardcorps and the shelter (which were sold to help make money for the disenfranchised and homeless). Amar loved living with his new family of Hardcorps and even started getting in shape and learning how to fight. With his new lot in life, Amar has decided that he needs to help others that are in as bad a state as he once was in.  He also remembered that his mother always told him to help others less fortunate than he was, even when he had nothing. Saint Michael, one night, went back to the electronics store and found Amar's mother's bag of personal family items, Amar was able to learn about his family and that his father had been murdered by his uncle as well, thanks to his mother's diary and letters she'd written to one day give to AmarAmar still goes to his mother's grave in a potters field outside of East L.A. at least once a month, bringing her her favorite flowers, African Marigolds.

Today, Amar as 'Tekhead', is a member of Hardcorps and still lives in the Hardcorps Center with his guardian, Michael Parks AKA Saint MichaelAmar is going back to school, but had to start at sixth grade due to his gaps in education.  He's quickly jumped to 8th grade now, but is still the oldest kid in his class. He studies diligently and in the evenings, reads and creates more amazing electronics equipment, toys and devices, all for sale (or donated to poor children), including refurbished laptop computers for other kids to use to learn from. His remarkable technical skills have allowed him to create unbelievable and unique gadgets for the team to use in the field against bad guys. Tekhead is primarily 'the guy in the chair' for the team, but, on occasion, he does go out in the field, where he's proven his worth time and again.

Tekhead is a level- headed, focused young teen, however, he is prone to anger about others 'complaining' about their lot in life when those others had a better start in life than he did.  He will violently get up in their face and bring up his parents story and their sacrifices and even fight others who push the issue even further. He's gotten into fights several times with even his own teammates, however, he is always quick to apologize and make amends.  He loves his Hardcorps family just as much as he loves his deceased parents.

The electronics store is currently closed and up for sale by the bank, however, there have been several break-ins of late according to police reports.  Things were broken into, including wall panels removed showing what seemed to be hidden storage bays for things now missing from them.  No one knows who has been breaking in there. Tekhead nor Saint Michael or any of the rest of Hardcorps have returned to the store (other than Saint Michael's one time return to get Tekhead's mother's bag). The Police don't seem to care one way of another.

On a side note, it was recently brought to light that the body for Tekhead's uncle was never found. The arrested store thugs told the police they'd 'tossed his dead body in a dumpster out back' minutes after killing everyone else, but when investigated, there was no body and the dumpster had been emptied into a garbage truck within an hour of the reported body dumping, to which the dumpster was empty. No further investigation was done, and no attempts were made to try and find the body at the garbage truck's dumping spot at the landfill.  The case, as far as the Police are concerned, is closed.


What happened to Tekhead's uncle? Is he buried in the landfill under dozens of feet of trash, or is he still alive? If Amar's uncle somehow survived his experience, Tekhead may be in more trouble than he knows. 



Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.


  • Body Armor

    • Provides typical protection against physical, temperate, toxin/toxic attacks

    • Provides poor protection against energy attacks

    • Provides excellent protection against radiation attacks

  • Tekhead Helmet

    • Electronics Suite

      • Contains a full system of remarkably powerful communications, video, sensors and internet-connective networking.

      • Transceiver allows for access to any and all WiFi and Telecommunications tower access (he's hacked all services in California and neighboring states for access)

      • Has 250Mb/sec download and 100 Mb/sec upload capabilities

      • Can stream live video to and from his helmet

    • Loudspeaker

      • Can broadcast his voice to a range of 1/4 mile

    • Sensors

      • Visual lenses allow for night vision, infra red, ultraviolet, electronic tracing/mapping, heat/thermal, x-ray and even magical energy tracing (can see ley line energy pathing)

      • Sensors can detect the same as with the visual lenses, plus, a wide variety of frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum, including microwave, radio wave and even psychic waves

    • Equipment Interfacing

      • Helmet also contains a neural link to all of his gadgets and devices allowing for remote access, voice command or tracking.

    • Fire Control/Drone Control System

      • Remarkably accurate contact evaluation and targeting system that also links to drone operations, control and sensors

    • Powered by Force Bolt/Field Generator (see below); only uses 20 units of power/hour​

  • Belt/Storage

    • Remote Tracer Devices (6)

      • Provide electronic tracking up to a 4-mile range

      • Batteries allow for 2 day activation (temperatures pending) before being depleted

    • Drones (4)

      • Each contain cameras, sensors and even an excellent one-shot knock-out dart with a range of 200 feet that can be fired remotely

      • Can fly up to excellent speeds, up to 600 feet above the ground

      • Typical body; remarkable control, but no armoring

      • Silent motors/propeller vanes (<20 dB)

    • Grenades (total: 10)

      • Sonic (good) (2)

      • Exlposive (good) (2)

      • ECM (good) (1)

      • Plasma Fire (good) (1)

      • Smoke (good reduction in visual in target area) (2)

      • Flash/Bang (good flash and poor sonic) (2)

      • Web Bomb (good immobilization sticky webbing in area) (1)

    • Electronic Hacking Devices (?)

      • Carries a variety of items and tools used to hack into electronics systems, networks, security access controls, cameras, facial recognition software and several dangerous computer virus thumb drives that, when used can crash any computer system/network up to a remarkable level of sophistication/encryption/security

  • Force Bolt/Force Field Generator

    • Arm Devices house stored energy for max of 300 units of power that can be used for the following:

      • Force Bolt (good physical damage); range 100 feet

      • Force Bolts can be used for attitude and flight control when flying with the Rocket Pack (see below)

      • Force Field (good physical, toxic/toxin, radiation, energy protection); either in a bubble (4 foot radius all around him and anything/anyone inside the range) or shield (4 feet out in front of where gloves are aimed, covering 5' x 5' shielded area max)

    • Generator can self-generate good energy over time (100 units/hour)

  • Rocket Pack

    • Can be used to fly up to excellent speeds for 5 minutes max

    • Max altitude - 600 feet AGL

    • Can carry/allow to lift off with up to 300 lbs of additional weight

    • Requires solid rocket fuel

    • No attitude/flight controls other than using Force Bolts (see above)

  • Master Computer: 'Saraswati'

    • Remarkable level of reason/knowledge and informational access

    • Remarkable level of security/encryption protection

    • Used as primary focal point for all comms, video and network transmissions

    • Programmed the unit with limited AI, allowing the Mater Computer to interact with him (far better than having Alexis!(TM))

    • Tekhead has several other remote servers located worldwide to store, backup and access his data should his own Master computer sever at the Hardcorps Center HQ be disabled/damaged


  • Electronics (Master)

  • Computers (Master)

  • Kit-Bashing (Master)

  • Computer Networking, Storage, Programming (Master)

  • Drones (Professional)

  • Rockets (Proficient)

  • Engineering (Proficient)

  • Aeronautical Design/Engineering (Proficient)

  • Energy Generation/Distribution (Proficient)

  • Mathematics (Master)

  • Physics (Professional)

  • Chemistry (Professional)

  • Sound/Acoustics (Proficient)

  • Security Access/Control Systems (Professional)

  • Armoring (Proficient)

  • Shelter Management (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • East L.A. navigation (professional)

  • First Aid/CPR (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Computer Languages (Professional, in over 30 different languages)

    • Hindi (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Filipino/Tagalog (Barely Proficient)

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