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Cheryl Acres












MANY Fake Names

Gold Syndicate



Don "Major Deej" Finger

9 June 2008



Butch Acres (Father, deceased?)

Eunice Acres (Mother, deceased?)

Diana Acres (sister, deceased?)




Blonde bombshell.

Killer Black Widow.

Incredible singer.

Conniving Woman.



These are but a few of the 'kinder' descriptions of Cheryl Acres AKA Acoustic Gold

In 2012, Cheryl had already amassed quite a reputation as a goldigger, flaunting herself at every rich man she knew since before she was a teenager.  Her schemes ranged from faked pregnancies to renaming herself as a once-dead heiress to outright professional larceny.  By age 20, she had tried every illegal and immoral scheme to get rich quick and kill off any that got in her way. 


Cheryl was married twice; once at 17 years of age to a gold magnate who mysteriously died on their honeymoon (she was arrested, but no proof found or wrong doing) and another time at 18 to another 18 year old heir who died in a tragic boating accident the day after their honeymoon.  Although she truly only married them for their money, she quickly learned in each case that there were secretive financial and legal safeguards in place to prevent her from obtaining any of their money from their wills.

In her early adulthood, Cheryl was trained and raised by her grifter parents to lie, cheat and manipulate others so as to allow her family to live a luxurious lifestyle,  staying in expensive hotels and resorts, feeding on the rich and using their wily skills to either extort money from their victims or outright steal their bank accounts.  By age 15, Cheryl wasn't only a pro, but decided to 'cut ties' with her 'embarrassing' and 'loser' parents, as well as her younger sister, by selling them out to mobsters. As such, her parents were killed (still to this day, with their bodies still unfound) and her sister, who was also to be killed, had escaped into the Nevada desert, never to be seen again.


With out any regard for her actions against her family, Cheryl continued on with the con as an adept social robber (influencing others to give her money). She almost always got away with it.

A few years ago, Cheryl attempted to steal and swindle from Eugene Adrastos, much to her surprise, unsuccessfully.  Placed in a dank cell on a remote island, she once again used her wily skills to free herself from the prison, but not before Adrastos intercepted her.  Rather than kill her, he offered her to Zenith Labs to pay off a debt with them, such to the fact that if Cheryl survived whatever Zenith Labs did to her, he'd get her back at a discount. Over the next few months, Cheryl was experimented on, tortured and molested by Zenith Lab technicians, scientists and engineers. Cheryl became a broken woman. Her eyes were removed and replaced with digital sonic vision implants (seeing much like sonar), looking much like fly or wasp eyes.  She was a freak. Incredibly enough, Cheryl survived all of this and was returned to Adrastos in her broken yet enhanced state.


Over the next year, Adrastos built Cheryl back up, strengthening her body, applying abnormal psychology to make her mentally acceptable to doing what Adrastos wanted her to do, and of course, learned how to use her new eyes. After being given a costume and a sonic generator pack, she was taught to use her new sonic vision (and the sonic generator's powers) to be a powerful villain, all under his control.  To ensure his control, Adrastos placed a micro-bomb in her head where he'd have remove control to explode if Cheryl somehow got out of line.


After losing one of his 'proteges' in the Gold Syndicate, Adrastos brought in Cheryl as the new syndicate villain, Acoustic Gold. On her first job with the Gold Syndicate for a simple gold robbery, she masterfully pulled off the robbery such that even the guards didn't know the gold had been robbed until the next morning.  Impressed, Adrastos offered her two other chances to test her skills.  Cheryl loved the rush of the heist and had never felt more alive and was more than willing to do the additional robberies, thanks to her mental conditioning done by Adrastos. Her compliant nature was not normal for Cheryl's original psyche, however, and as such, she had many a nightmare about her past, especially about what she'd done to her parents.


Nonetheless, since then, Cheryl as Acoustic Gold has been an incredible asset to the Gold Syndicate. She's started behaving a bit more like she used to be (a tad more manipulative, engrossed in wealth and luxury and is spending a lot of time romancing men).  She is still highly dedicated to the Gold Syndicate and is in a relationship with the Operations team leader, Goldmaster.  She knows what has been done to her and although she isn't 'happy' with Adrastos, she knows she'd be instantly killed by Adrastos if she tried anything. Since Adrastos doesn't fall for Cheryl's wily manipulations, Cheryl has basically accepted her lot in life, and by comparison, isn't as bad as being dead. She has a team ready to support and defend her, she has the team leader in love with her, and she's loaded with millions of dollars in her own secret bank accounts, living that life of luxury she always wanted...although as a crook and a villain.




Power Origin: Natural/Technology

All her unique abilities come from technology.

She is considered blind without her sonic vision implants, and cannot see as acutely as she can without the Sonic Power Generator Pack to help power and enhance her sonic vision's maximum potential.



  • Sonic Power Generator (Gauntlets and Pack)

    • Sonic Generator and Power Distribution

      • Can produce a stored energy level of 600 maximum.  This is the amount of energy available for use over time.

      • Generates an additional 20 energy per minute

      • Generator has amazing level of armor and protection, preventing it from being easily damaged

      • Each gauntlets can use sonic generator's stored/generated energy.

      • Each gauntlet contains an additional storage energy of 100 and can be eventually recharged by the Sonic Power Generator at a rate of 10 per minute.

    • Sonic Blast

      • Remarkable sonic energy attacks up to 300 feet of range

    • Frequency Altering

      • Excellent frequency manipulation to shatter objects, alter sound frequencies to that of her own choice and pitch

    • Noise Reduction

      • Using her powers, she can mute sounds of excellent intensity or less, creating a quiet, noiseless area only up to 20 feet in radius from her location

    • White Noise Generation

      • Using ambient sound, she can distort any form of active, recorded or audible sounds by creating a field of noise that can inflict good damage to any and all outside of her 20 foot sphere of influence out to within 200 yards of maximum noise generation

  • Symphonic Control/Emanation

    • Excellent sonic powers capable of the following:

    • Excellent level calming/mind control, single target; range 200 feet

    • Good level immobilization/hold using voice against multiple targets, 30-degree angle; range: 100 feet​

    • Typical level 360-degree calming/mind control; range: 60 foot radius

    • Symphonic Confusion

      • Good level application. Using her sonics, she can alter perceptions to think others, including allies, are attacking them. Effect can last up to 10 seconds.​

    • Controlled Enticement

      • Using various pitches of frequency, she has the good ability to get a targeted person/being to do what she wants for about 100 seconds, to those of typical of lesser psyches​

    • Sleep Wave

      • Excellent ability to enchant or entrance a person or persons by singing. Can even put them to sleep if she uses the right frequency resonance. Range: 200 yard radius​

  • Limited Flight

    • Using her sonic gauntlets, she can redirect their power to lift off and fly up to 100 mph, but only up to 400 feet off the ground

    • Power consumption is high, causing a 10% loss of sonic power generator power per 2 miles of travel (1/2 that for hauling up to an additional 200 lbs).

  • Sonic Vision/Radar

    • Using her sonic generation powers coupled with her high-tech sonic vision eyes, she can see things using either active or passive sonar sensing, allowing her to 'see' shapes and objects from sonic bounce-back to her goggles.  As such, she can see in the dark and around corners, including sonic mapping of a space, all up to 250 yards range in an enclosed space or up to 20 miles in open air

  • Bodysuit Protection

    • Physical protection

      • Provides typical physical protection from attacks, poor protection from energy and thermal attack, but can provide amazing protection against resonating or sonic attacks

    • Eye and Ear sonic filters

      • Eye protection allows typical physical protection and remarkable flash protection as well as seeing in the dark with her sonic Radar system (see above).

      • Remarkable hearing protection automatically falls into place any time sonic powers are generated greater than feeble levels.



  • Grifter (Professional)

  • Crime/Larceny/Robbery (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Fake Identities/Accounts (Professional)

  • Luxury Lifestyle (Professional)

  • Money/Financing (Proficient)

  • Singing (Proficient)

  • Acoustics (Proficient)

  • Judicial Systems (Proficient)

  • Gold (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • French (Professional)

    • Greek (Proficient)

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