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Golden Key
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Extraterrestrial of unknown origin/Villain



Single (N/A?)







Serial #: AU-197-01/3

Gold Syndicate



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Dec 2008


None known





When the Gold Syndicate robbed Fort Knox, they found more than gold bars there - they found an imprisoned extraterrestrial being designated as 'Au197'.

Au197 was used primarily to provide emergency healing and resurrections to 'highly critical' people, such as key government officials and those in the executive branch of the United States. Au197 was kept at Fort Knox for an additional reason as well; should anyone try to steal the gold, Au197 was tasked with irradiating the gold to not only make the thieves sick with radiation poisoning, but to make the gold trackable with radioactive tracking devices. Also, with Fort Knox being a fortress into itself, it was safer than Au197's original location they'd kept him at which was Area 51 and eventually, the secretive base called Ground Zero.

When Goldmaster of the Gold Syndicate invaded Fort Knox to rob it of its gold, he encountered Au197. Goldmaster initially fought Au197, but within minutes, Goldmaster found out Au197 was more a slave-captive than a Fort Knox protector. After talking to it, Goldmaster convinced Au197 to escape with him and be 'free' from his slavery.  Au197 left with Goldmaster and the Gold Syndicate raiders happily, and for the first time since its alien ship had crashed in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico and was abducted by the US military, Au197 finally got to see the outside world.

Free of Fort Knox, Au197 swore eternal friendship with Goldmaster.


Au197, one day, was jokingly called 'Gold Syndicare' by a Gold Syndicate Trooper in regards to Au197's ability to heal others 'better than any health care insurance system on the planet', to which Au197 said, "I want that as my new name". To this day, Au197 is now called Gold SyndicareGold Syndicare loves healing his Gold Syndicate friends; he also dislikes anyone hurting his Gold Syndicate friends, especially those 'superheroes' that he keeps encountering every time Gold Syndicare is taken on gold raid missions (robberies). It is a highly committed friend and a mean enemy when his Gold Syndicate 'friends' get hurt by others.  It has killed dozens of times and has no issue killing those it doesn't like.


On an added note, Au197, when it was captured in 1947, had severed head and brain damage as a result of his alien spaceship crash in Roswell. Military surgeons attempted, over decades, to help repair the brain damage, but Au197 still has a massive loss of memory when it comes to what it is and where its from.   All it knows is that it is an alien, that aliens are scary to Terrans, and that he's been a slave-captive to the Terran military and government for decades. He has no idea what species it is, where it comes from or for that matter, any desire to want to go back to its people (seems like it's scared to even attempt to return home or try to go back to its home planet wherever or whatever that is).  As such, it is happy to be with the Gold Syndicate and is happy to do anything for his friend, Goldmaster and his friends and troops.




Power Origin: Mutant (alien)

  • Radiation Source

    • When its radiation power is active, It has an unlimited radiation energy source (it's its own radiation generator).

    • It can overtax itself if it attempts to generate more than amazing levels of radiation at a time

    • If overtaxed, it burns out its radiation source/energy and reverts to a 100% feeble physical thin, alien body

      • The depowered body takes between 50-100 hours before it can possibly reactivate its radiation powers (requires a high level of endurance to reactivate after its 50-100 hour regeneration time).

      • Until its Radiation Source power is reactivate, it has no radiation source-based power capabilities at all

        • Retains is typical reason and intuition, as well as its excellent psyche.​

    • Radiation Blast

      • Incredible radiation discharge from its hands or eyes.

      • Range: 400 yards ​

      • Can emit alpha, beta, gamma or neutron radiation on whim (usually uses alpha/beta to get others temporarily sick; uses gamma or neutron radiation when it REALLY wants to hurt someone).

    • Protective Aura/Radiation Emission

      • Protective Aura:

        • Provides amazing protection against all forms of physical damage (energy body)

        • Provides unearthly protection against radiation damage

        • Provides incredible protection against all other forms of energy damage

      • Radiation Emission:

        • Can control and emit up to excellent amounts of radiation over time from its body​ over every several seconds per combined emission

        • Max Range for radiation emission from body: 20 feet

        • Normal range for use of this power, when activate, is usually no more than 1 foot from its body

        • Usually Alpha/Beta radiation, but when upset (looses psyche), it starts to emit neutron or gamma radiation instead

    • Healing Aura

      • Can generate radiation to aid in healing any carbon-based biological being or creature at incredible levels.

      • Allows for 40% healing maximum over time (time depends on level of health of being (i.e., feeble person, 40% healed in 2 seconds time of exposure to healing aura; a remarkably strong/healthy person would be healed 40% in 40 seconds instead)​

      • Automatically 'heals' itself at incredible levels over time, so long as its radiation source power is active.

    • Resurrections​

      • It can resurrect carbon-based biological beings to 10% health condition at an incredible capacity.​

      • After 4 attempts of trying to resurrect a being, if it cannot resurrect said targeted being, the being would be considered 'resistant' to any and all further forms of resurrection and any attempts at using its Healing Aura on said being...forever.

    • Pain Inducer​

      • While using neutron radiation at a good level, it can induce pain and weaken a being's health​

      • Range" 100 feet (decreases by 20 feet for each additional target)

      • Can only focus on a max of 3 targets at a time, however, each additional target beyond the first target lowers the level of pain induction for each target (i.e., 1 target=good level; 2 targets=typical level; 3 targets=poor level)

    • Flight/Hover​

      • While powered up with its radiation source, it:

        • Can fly up to good speeds in the lower (troposphere) atmosphere​

        • Can fly up to incredible speeds in upper (stratosphere to exosphere) atmosphere

        • Can fly up to monstrous speeds in space (beyond exosphere)

        • Has no max altitude and can fly up to and into space

        • Cannot carry any additional weight other than its own body weight when it flies/hovers

  • Psionic Communication

    • Natural ability (not radiation source related, but species related)

    • Can communicate (in any of over 100 Terran languages and dialects (and a few alien languages it has been surprised to use)) telepathically up to a 5-mile range of his location

    • He cannot 'read' minds so much as 'understand' their thoughts (psycho-empathic telepathy)

  • Vision​

    • Natural ability (not radiation source related, but species related)

    • Can see in ALL spectrums of light at excellent level (including X-Ray)​

  • Hearing​

    • Natural ability (not radiation source related, but species related)

    • Can only 'hear' (through its small, weak ears) at a poor level

    • When others 'speak' verbally/audibly to it, it usually cannot hear the sounds unless the sounds are within a 4-foot range

    • As such, its hearing provides excellent protection against sonic powers/damage







  • Biology (Professional)

  • Medical Science/Medical Surgery (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Over 100 Earth languages (Professional)

    • Several random alien languages (Professional)

      • It doesn't know what languages it knows until the alien language that's spoken to it is 'automatically' recognized, to which it responds talking in said alien language without knowing how it knows how it 'can' talk in said language)

      • 20% chance it can recognize other alien languages.

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