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Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 14 Jan 2007







Zenith Labs built several types of robots for distribution and use with its secretive operations to help augment and support its Augmentation Powers Enhancement Teams (APETs).  Once such robot series, E-BOT 4E1-1, was considered a veritable tank of a machine that was originally to be built for Prince Adrastos of Adastros Investments for security to his secretive money laundering floor of his business.  Unfortunately, Adrastos' business was shutdown on racketeering and money laundering charges, and the prototype was instead left to the side, finished, yet never activated. Zenith Labs considered the prototype way too expensive to mass produce and instead shelved the whole series.  The prototype was kept off to the corner of the factory floor gathering dust for nearly four years.


The protoype's designer and builder, Professor Robert Gould-Durst,  had left Zenith Labs and was working on projects for CANIS when he was caught and jailed by G.U.A.R.D. in a raid on CANISGould-Durst, knowing he'd be killed outright by CANIS or Zenith Labs for being captured and potentially interrogated by the police, set off a signal he'd programmed into E-BOT 4E1-1to hone in on his own bio-tracker/ transceiver (a composite, initially inert (once activated, it turns into a transceiver) implant he'd placed under his skin in his forearm) to create enough of a distraction for Gould-Durst to possibly escape.  Once Gould-Durst activated the signal, E-BOT 4E1-1 came to life.  It started tearing through the Zenith Labs factory floor, destroying dozens of other assembly line robots and servers with all the other active robotic schematics, thus destroying whole series of Zenith Labs robot lines.  Zenith Labs sent out two of its secretive super-powered agents to stop the prototype, but instead those 'agents' were hospitalized as a result of their fight with E-BOT 4E1-1.

Eventually, E-BOT 4E1-1 made its way to the GUARD HQ. Dozens of GUARD troops, police and SWAT teams were called in to stop the prototype on its trajectory through Boston and towards GUARD's HQ, but to no avail.  Eventually, GUARD sent in its own super-powered teams to stop it, yet again, unsuccessfully.  Eventually, the prototype made its way to GUARD's HQ and tore through two floors of the HQ before a separate super team, the Yankee Minutemen, arrived on the scene.  One of their teammates, Maine Man, was the only one capable of stopping the robot, using his magically-empowered axe.  Maine Man eventually chopped E-BOT 4E1-1 to pieces before the team's leader, Minuteman, was able to damage the prototype's mobility core, thus causing it to stop moving.  

When Gould-Durst was shown the played-back security footage of E-BOT 4E1-1's demise, he had a fatal heart attack.  Interestingly enough, his death prompted a specialized signal between Gould-Durst and the prototype, merging the builder's thoughts and unconscious mental faculties to upload to the prototype.  It was Gould-Durst's way of achieving what he considered to be "a means of reaching a limited immortality for himself". Although Gould-Durst's memories weren't uploaded, his mental state, being angry, aggressive and disliking GUARD, the police and others of authority, transferred to the prototype, making the limited internal circuity and diminished Artificial Intelligence (AI) capacity to that  of a caveman's mentality, but with technical knowledge and skills to not only repair itself, but for use in limited situational troubleshooting and solution generation.

Gould-Durst's body was never claimed by family and instead cremated and left in a potter's field type graveyard.  The device under Gould-Durst's skin was destroyed during the cremation, thus E-BOT 4E1-1 no longer had a signal or purpose to hone in on. During Gould-Durst's funeral and cremation period, E-BOT 4E1-1's pieces were locked in a vault in one of GUARD's Boston warehouses where it was to be further analyzed by GUARD's robotics experts, all of whom were busy with other the time. 


While E-BOT 4E1-1 was locked away in the vault, it started to repair itself, all the while never moving or letting on it was performing self repairs.  Rerouted power in the prototype's network prevented anyone in GUARD from monitoring what it was doing.  After three months, the prototype repaired itself and thus simply waited for the opportunity to escape.  Four months later, it had the opportunity to escape.

A group of engineers finally got around to E-Bot 4E1-1's analysis. When they entered the room, E-Bot 4E1-1 stood up, killed the engineers and escaped from the facility.  It made its way to the last known location of Gould-Durst - the crematorium.  There, E-BOT 4E1-1 followed by dozens of GUARD, police, SWAT teams and helicopters, the robot searched for its creator, but to no avail. Unsure what next to do, it started rewriting its algorithms, looking for its next orders.  The police, rather than reason with E-BOT 4E1-1, instead, commenced attacking it.  It's defensive and offensive protocols kicked in and quickly began fighting the police, wounding 40% of those present including downing a police helicopter.  At one point E-BOT 4E1-1 went behind the remnants of the crematorium and found a man calling himself Goldmaster there.  Goldmaster ordered E-BOT 4E1-1 to stop and asked it what it was trying to do.  E-BOT 4E1-1 stopped its aggressive actions and told Goldmaster it was looking for its creator to provide orders and update its own process algorithms as its hard-coded procedures dictated.  Goldmaster had originally shown up at E-BOT 4E1-1 crematorium battle by order of  Prince Adrastos who requested Goldmaster to track and return his old security robot he'd bought but never previously received from Zenith Labs many years before (seeing as E-BOT 4E1-1 was being shown live on TV as it rampaged through the crematorium). With E-BOT 4E1-1 asking for a 'master', Goldmaster decided to take advantage of the situation.  He tried to tell E-BOT 4E1-1 that he, Goldmaster, was E-BOT 4E1-1 master now.  The E-Bot instead stated that Goldmaster was not listed in its 'directory of authorized personnel' and could not comply.  As E-BOT 4E1-1 was about to attack Goldmaster, Goldmaster instead mentioned Adrastos' name.  E-BOT 4E1-1 stopped short of its attack and grabbed Goldmaster up, demanding to be taken to his '4th listed choice'.  With that, as the police rounded the corner of the nearly destroyed crematorium, Goldmaster activated his teleporter system and teleported him and E-BOT 4E1-1 back to one of his hidden bases he had as part of being the leader of the villainous Gold Syndicate team, leaving the police dumbfounded and confused over E-BOT 4E1-1s sudden disappearance.

Back at the hidden Gold Syndicate base, E-BOT 4E1-1 met with Prince Adrastos.  Once it verified Adrastos identity, E-BOT 4E1-1 requested a series of answers from its owner to perform specific functions and ensure existing safeguards were established.  After several hours of discussions and question answering, Adrastos and the E-BOT 4E1-1 were complete with all but one item: E-BOT 4E1-1's new name.  Adrastos decided upon a meld of his owner's last name and a word using 'gold' in it, thus Goldust was designated as the E-Bot's new code name.  Adrastos' became Goldust's new primary master and followed his orders; , Goldmaster was allowed to be the next in line to give orders, so long as they didn't conflict with Adrastos' orders (some of which were filed in E-BOT 4E1-1's secretive and encrypted files).

Painted in gold paint, Goldust was placed into the Gold Syndicate as its new strongman. Since then, in many of its fights, whether victorious or calamitous, Goldust has updgraded its weapons, armor and systems so as ensure greater odds of victory over its opponents.  Goldust's only major design flaw, however, is its access to wireless data and frequencies.  Its limited AI, coupled with its older baud-rate transceiver are unable to be upgraded due to its primacy protocol; no one other than Directory contact #1 (Gould-Durst) is allowed to change, alter, repair or replace its AI and wireless data transfer equipment.  Seeing as how Gould-Durst is no longer alive, no one else can override Goldust's primacy protocol without E-BOT 4E1-1's computer memory and processors being destroyed (which it has back-ups internally and through hundreds of unlisted remote computer locations all around the world (through its baud-rate modem)

Today, Goldust is a powerhouse for the Gold Syndicate.  It has no morals or humanity and as such could easily rip an opponent's body in half rather than shoot that same opponent.  It follows Goldmaster's orders in the field, however, on occasion, Prince Adrastos has sent Goldust on missions for his own personal reasons. It is also learning to adapt to combat encounters, constantly upgrading its weapons, sensors and armor to augment its existing powers/capabilities depending on its opponents or mission parameters (i.e., to combat a group of aerial combatants, Goldust may load mini-missile packs in its gauntlets to use for air-to-air combat).




Power Origin: Technology

  • E-Bot 4E1-1 Body and Frame

    • Monstrously strong physical capabilities.

    • Its heavy alloy and layered composite material design normally provides unearthly levels of endurance and stamina in combat.  All electronic systems in the frame are housed in Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)-proof materials, thus providing Amazing protection from any form of EMP burst or blast.

    • Goldust is covered in amazingly strong armor, providing equally strong physical protections, Incredibly strong armored joints and incredible levels of protection from energy based attacks, unearthly levels of temperate and radiation-based attacks, yet at this time, no protection against magical attacks.

    • Since it's brain is circuitry and memory chips, it has an unearthly resistance to mental assaults and attacks. 

    • In the event it is engulfed in an electromagnetic field, it can produce a short 6-second reverse magnetic field that can negate the original magnetic fields effects, however, it can only be used once an hour.

  • Sensors and Communications

    • Goldust contains a remarkable short range radar system, capable of identifying and receiving signals up to 30 miles away.

    • Internal radar can feed data to its tactical computer and algorithm data-banks to bolster its combat fighting and agility by 2x when in identified combat situations (for targeting with blasters, missiles, etc.).

    • Goldust has full telescopic normal, infrared, ultraviolet and night vision, allowing it to see clearly up to 5 miles away, or 20 miles digitally (pixelated).

    • Communications equipment can only operate up to a 10 mile range across a wide variety of bands and frequencies.

    • Can upload or download data using a 10 Mbps baud rate of transfer.  It can connect to the internet, but it is far slower than normal modern means of wireless connectivity.  It cannot augment this capability otherwise it will overload Goldust's AI and cause its safety circuits to shutdown Goldust's upload/download capabilities until a 10 hour repair period is done.

  • Limited AI, Logic and Troubleshooting/repairs Features

    • Goldust has the academic knowledge of a typical person, however, when it researches or references a particular topic of knowledge it desires, it increases its level of knowledge on the subject one-fold each hour it studies the topic, to a mastery level of remarkable.

    • Goldust's limited AI utilizes a 'short term memory' system that will clear itself every 100 hours of operation to allow new data to process and store.  Once something was learned 100 hours ago, Goldust's AI will either file it under 'short term purge' or file it away for permanent remembrance in its 'long term' files,

    • Goldust's systems have an integrated and networked self repair system, allowing a good rate of regeneration (10% of its health regained per hour). These same systems can mend, replace, weld and reconnect broken or remove circuits, systems and appendages over time.

    • The limited AI is also a learning computer; if it was damaged due to a particular attack once or twice, it will devise countermeasures to ensure it can block, counter or evade the same attack the next time by increasing its intuition two-fold against each remembered/experienced attack.  This knowledge, however, can possibly be purged after 100 hours of memory storage as per design, or retained in long term memory.

  • Gold Stasis Polymer Spray/Hardener/Solvent

    • One of its weapons is a polymer spray that can cover/coat anyone/thing in an incredibly strong, thin gold polymer coating that will immobilize and/or hold a target in place

    • Dries and hardens to full potency in less that 2 seconds upon impact with anything other than gases (air) that is is solid or liquid state. Does NOT allow for air to pass through (if target is living and mouth/nose is covered in the polymer, they can suffocate).

    • Range: 40 feet

    • Also has a polymer solvent spray to undo the polymer's hardening effects; same range

    • Has enough spray to cover a total of 400 square foot area before the polymer has to be reloaded as a Gold Syndicate facility.

  • Missile Launchers (6)

    • 6 retractable missile launcher devices in gauntlets and on torso and shoulders that can launch excellent explosive missiles​

      • Missiles have 5 mile range​

      • Missiles are targeted through Goldust tracking/tactical systems, but if disconnected from Goldust's signal, still have a good targeting system based on fire control coordinates and algorithms at time of launch.

      • Can fire 2 missiles at a time (but not from same launcher)

  • Energy Force Beam Eyes

    • Can fire powerful remarkable physical force beam from eyes​

    • Range 30 yards

    • Can fire once every 30 seconds for a 5 second duration at a time

  • Energy Blasters (2)​

    • Two gauntlet energy blasters (one each gauntlet) that can fire excellent level energy blasts

    • Range: 200 yards

    • Can fire over 200 energy blaster shots before gauntlets require recharging

  • Gravitational Energy Wings​

    • Can be deployed from back unit, looking like energy tendrils of gold dust, that can levitate Goldust and allow him hovering capabilities of up to good air speed​

    • Max. Altitude: 60,000 feet

    • Can be used in conjunction with boot and back rockets to add an additional 20% range in air travel

  • Movement and Agility

    • Goldust can run up to 60mph

    • Goldust can leap over 300 yards in a single bound.

    • Boot and back rockets, when deployed, allow it to fly for a duration of 10 minutes at 600mph at a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet.  Both Boot and Back Rockets require Liquid Oxygen (LOX) replenishment once depleted.

    • Without using its tactical computer, it has excellent agility; with its targeting computer, it has incredible agility (see Talents).




See Powers.



  • Mechanical/Electrical Self-Repair (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • Over 100 languages and dialects of Earth (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Tactical Strategy AI/Gould-Durst reason-merge:

    • + Fighting (Proficient)

    • +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

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