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The Gold Syndicate's Executive Committee is a well kept secret amongst those in the Gold Syndicate.  The ties that these executives have to the Gold Syndicate and their actual businesses would lead to the destruction of the the businesses and extensive jail time for all.

To be a Gold Syndicate Executive, one must be voted in with an 50% vote, wherein the Syndicate leader does NOT vote unless for a tie-breaker.  Each business in the syndicate provides 20% of their profits and capital in the form of gold.  This gold is then warehoused in secretive locations around the world.  Only the Gold Syndicate Leader and the Leader of the Syndicate's top enforcer have access to the list of vault locations and the access keys to the vaults. The "Golden Key" is a sought after item that many criminals and gangs wish to steal so as to 'get rich quick', thus creating an intense atmosphere for gang warfare and all-out combat to obtain 'the key'.

Executives meet once a year at a secret location known only to the executives. There, they each provide their 20% profit and capital for adding to the Gold Syndicate's vaults, plan for the next fiscal year's corporate engagements and contracts, identify new threats and vote for the inclusion of any new executives.  Each executive candidate MUST be fully screened and MUST operate outside the executive committee for 3 years before even being considered by the 4th year of their association (wherein they are simply called "Golden Associates").  Once voted in and ratified, a Gold Syndicate is a member for life...that is...until they die.


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Golden Icon Studios
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Glast-Domer Securities
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Golden Spire Designs
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