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Sally Porter


American/ French/ German/Villain










Various names

Gold Syndicate



Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 Feb 2018


Gordon Porter

Father, deceased

Beatrice Porter

Mother, deceased (murdered)

Porsche Porter

Sister, missing




Sally Porter is a self-proclaimed 'sorceress' from an unknown magical society called 'The Conglomerate' who also did a brief stint with a rival magical society called Arkaenus.


Sally's family was quite the drama machine. Sally had a younger sister, Porsche, who stayed behind with their father in the Conglomerate. Sally and her mother decided to leave Gordon Porter (the father to Sally, husband to the mother, Beatrice), who died a year later (while attempting to perform Dimensional magics that no one had used/knew how to use in nearly 2000 years), while the sister was listed by the society as 'missing'. Sally's mother took Sally to a rival magical society (one that the mother was once raised in, but escaped from by age 15 in a torrid, unauthorized relationship with Gordon, who was from the Conglomerate) called Arkaenus so as to initially hide from the father, only for the mother to be killed by Sally when Sally's mother tried to get Sally to 'sell her soul' to become a member of Arkaenus. Instead, after killing her mother, Sally escaped Arkaenus and instead went looking for a life of her own, using her unique magical powers to make herself rich and wealthy.  She did ok, but needed 'normal' people to help her fit in and maintain her status, since she didn't understand much (at that time) about the real world outside of the magical societies she'ld been raised in.

As such, a few years ago, Sally hooked up with Goldmaster of the Gold Syndicate.  Goldmaster plans the robberies, she provides the gateways into and out of the robbery site and/or vault.  She gets paid in dollars, the Gold Syndicate keeps the gold. As far as Sally is concerned, she's very happy with that accommodation. She discovered the term "sally port" in a conversation one day, and since her name was similar to this, she took on the code-name "Sally Port" as her new title.

Sally Port enjoys her new 'gold' standard of life, but when asked to aid in the next robbery, it usually takes Goldmaster time to talk her into helping him with the next robbery; its a game she plays to get more money or benefits for 'her' time. To that degree, she's become quite the debutante and only engages in in combat if the antagonists piss her off. Other than that, she doesn't hang around the Gold Syndicate bases, but instead lives like a queen out of several penthouse apartments all over the world.  She is usually seen clubbing and partying all around the world, and has became an underground celebrity with her 'bad girl' status working with the Gold Syndicate.  She uses many aliases (especially in regards to her bank accounts and real estate) so as to keep the detectives and authorities off her trail, however, they've frozen several of her accounts of late and seized a couple of overseas apartments, causing her to find more time for doing jobs for her 'gilded' friends, as she calls them.

Sally Port is selfish, arrogant, narcissistic, snooty, manipulative and demanding. She's pretty much a nymphomaniac as well, desiring sex nearly every night, from whom, she doesn't care, so long as he (or she) is sexy, young, hot and good in bed.


Sally has an evil tinge to her soul. She uses her powers as recklessly as can be, not caring who gets hurt in the process. She's been known to use her portals to sever arms, hands, fingers or other body parts on those that upset or 'displease' her.




Power Origin: Magic (Arcane/Dimensional/Charm)

  • Teleportation (Dimensional)

    • Long Range Teleport

      • Can Teleport at a remarkable level to distances over 3000 miles away in a single jump.

      • Takes 12-15 seconds to generate the magical energy to use this power

      • Is a personal teleport power or she can teleport one person at a time, again taking 12-15 seconds to generate each teleport action

      • Can only do 6 Long Range teleports back-to back (with the 12-15 second wait time for each port) before she becomes exhausted. She'll need at least 5 minutes to wait to do another set of Long Range Teleports

      • If Sally doesn't wait the allotted 5 minutes between Long Range Teleport sets, she can loose endurance and potentially fall unconscious from stress and exhaustion for anywhere between 1 and 100 hours of time before she can be woken up again.

    • Combat Teleport

      • Quick personal teleport power (think Nightcrawler in Marvel Universe) that can be used at a remarkable level.

      • Range: 300 yards max.

      • Can perform up to 3 teleports in several seconds, however, must wait for 30 seconds before she can perform a Combat Teleport function again; to do otherwise drains her endurance a whole level and can potentially cause her to pass out (which means there is a 30% chance she WON'T teleport where she intends and instead can teleport unconsciously somewhere else in range...or INTO something in range.

    • Fold Space

      • Teleports enemies from up to 100 feet away into melee range of caster.

      • Requires 2 minutes to perform each use of this power.

    • Team Teleport

      • Can create a large (20' Diameter) portal hole for others to walk through at an excellent level.

      • She can create and open this type of portal to open for up to 2 minutes, but cannot do two Team Teleport portals at same time

      • Once she closes a Team Teleport portal, it'll take her 5 minutes to focus and re-energize to open another one. Any loss of concentration in doing this will require her to start over again for the 5 minute countdown.

      • Cannot do more than 5 Team Teleports a day or will fall into a coma for 1-100 days.

      • Max Range: 200 miles

  • Glamor (Charm)

    • She learned a glamor spell that allows her to look beautiful and sensual all the time

    • Excellent level spell; lasts for several days before it needs to be recast

  • Gravity Control (Arcane)

    • Object Manipulation

      • She has the remarkable ability to lift, hurl and/or move objects up to 300 lbs

      • Max range: 300 feet

      • Can only focus on one object at a time

    • Gravity Well

      • She can create an excellent level gravity 'singularity' which will draw objects up to 200 lbs into its core/gravity hole.  Once inside the gravity core/hole, a person/object can get crushed at an excellent rate over time.

      • Once inside the gravity core/hole, it acts as a double powered (incredible level) hold on the object/person.

      • Lasts only for 2 minutes before the gravity core/hole completely shuts down (leaves anything that was in the core/hole to drop harmlessly to the ground (in whatever state the core/hole made of the person/object).

      • Max Range: 200 yards

      • Can only create 2 Gravity Wells a day, otherwise will fall into a coma for 1-100 days

      • Cannot create 2 Gravity Wells at same time without costing her endurance and possible stun/unconsciousness for up to a minute.

    • Gravity Hover

      • She can hover using gravity powers, only on herself, to move/fly up to 10mph up to 1000 feet AGL.

      • Can only do this for a max of 10 minutes before she tires out.



  • Earwig/Comms Link

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with internal 25-mile range or unlimited cellular/satellite comms link

    • Battery lasts 3 days

  • Mobile Handheld Computer

    • Super-high powered, 512-bit encrypted, 100Tb storage, 1Gb/sec data stream feed, hand held computer the size of a cellular phone. 

    • Uses is to make financial transactions on the fly as well as ensure her 5-star restaurant reservations are in...even during a mission halfway around the world.

    • Battery life: 5 days before recharge is needed



  • Finances (Professional)

  • Sex/Sex Industry (Professional)

  • High Society (Professional)

  • Real Estate (Proficient)

  • Stock Market (Professional)

  • Modeling/Glamor (Proficient)

  • Celebrity Lifestyle (Professional)

  • Business (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Magical Societies (Proficient)

  • Magic objects/artifacts (Proficient)

  • Arcane magic (Professional)

  • Dimensional magic (barely proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Latin (Proficient)

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