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Carol Turner




mid 30s










Celeste Turner AKA Katrina Allsop AKA Katrina King (wife, deceased)

Karen King

Demolition Party



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1 June 2015




Carol Turner was once a famous Liberian freedom fighter nicknamed "Cannonade" during the last Liberian Civil War of 2003. She and her squad of female sharpshooters kept order amidst chaos, rapes and looting during the civil war. She was deemed a national hero as a result. After a United Nations-brokered peace deal went into effect, Cannonade turned in her AK-47 and started on a career with Hollywood, Bollywood and the international social scene that netted her millions of Liberian Dollars.  She became the 10th most wealthy person in Liberia's history....that is, until an old enemy decided to get even with her.

Bulano Taylor, a relative to the previous Liberian leader (from the same 2003 Liberian Civil War mentioned), who was humbled and humiliated before his troops by Cannonade during the Civil War got his revenge by drugging, kidnapping and torturing her.  For over a year in 2010, Carol was kept in a disgusting, filth-ridden cement prison cell, beaten, tortured, raped and physically mutilated nearly every day. Finally, at year's end, on New Years Eve, Bulano, disgusted with the scarred, starved and sickly remnant that was Carol, had her 'mercifully' tossed off a ledge down into a ravine known for its venomous snakes ('Snake Ravine'). Carol, miraculously not only survive the fall, but actually got caught in vines, suspending her from the trees for the next few hours until she was found by a local Herpetologist and his team that was out doing their job to round up snake venom for study and medicinal purposes. The Herpetologist and his team helped get Carol down from the treed canopy and back to the best hospital in Liberia's capitol, Monrovia.  Once there, Carol demanded her private doctor and a private hospital room and asked everyone to stay quiet about anybody finding or treating her.  As such, Carol was able to get just what she wanted, however, it seemed to be nearly in vain; her injuries, malnutrition and condition were fatal in nature; there was little chance she'd live past the next few days.  That's when her doctor, a man who'd had recent 'dealings' with Zenith Labs, had an idea; an idea that would most likely save Carol's life, but if so, would turn Carol into something she may not actually want to be again.


Carol was flown to Zenith Labs in Botswana where, upon her arrival, she was immediately taken to a secret lab where a band of doctors and scientists worked on her day and night in shifts, not only keeping her alive, but making her 'better'.  After months of surgeries, experimentations and medical recuperation, Carol finally awoke from her coma-like state, a new woman. Carol awoke to a perfect body; no scars, cuts, deformations nor pain for that matter. She quickly realized she was far stronger than ever before when she went to grab the rails on her medical bed and crushed the rails without any effort. The only thing that was truly visually different about Carol was her head and body's was all platinum blonde, and not black like her hair once was (a resultant of the experiments done on her).  After a few hours of getting her bearings, she was introduced to her private doctor who explained that the only way they were able to save her was to bring her to Zenith Labs for experimental surgery and...modification.  As such, the doctor told her she'd now have scientifically-provided super-powers and that, it she chose to continue on living, she'd be responsible for having to pay Zenith Labs for their miraculous work.  Carol, excited and pleased to hear that she had a second chance at life (and an opportunity to get revenge on Bulano Taylor and his associates), was more than willing to 'pay' the medical bill her doctor mentioned...that is until she was told what the cost was.

Carol didn't even have 35% of that money, even if she sold everything she owned.

Feeling defeated once again, Carol asked for options, or some form of arrangement.  Zenith Labs, of course, set up a 'payment plan' (relatively to the sum of $200 million a year) for the next two decades to pay off her 'bill'. Unsure how she'd get the money, Carol left Botswana after a few weeks of relearning how to walk again and how to use her powers.

After Carol paid a hefty sum from her existing bank account to one of Zenith Labs' fake shell company accounts, she went back to her previous palatial home, only to find a band of young squatters living out of there instead. They'd ransacked and destroyed nearly everything in the home. Her bedroom had been turned into a meth lab and her living room was turned into a sex palace. Carol was furious. Of the fourteen squatters and stoned clients that Carol found in her home, only one survived her fury. The one who did survive was found barely alive with severe body and brain damage (and not long thereafter, was allowed to die when his respirator was turned off after doctors classified him as officially 'brain dead').

Carol, outraged over her home's denigration, packed up what things she could, took one of the remaining vehicles (none her own, they'd all been stolen and sold off). She drove to an old civil war friend's house on the outskirts of Monrovia, a friend named Celeste Maldano. There, Carol told Celeste all about what happened to her and what she'd seen and done at her home, killing dozens of degenerate youths. Celeste, who'd always had a secret love for Carol (a love that was illegal in Liberia, even today), comforted her in her hour of need. Over the next few days, Carol realized she needed to find a way to start working to 'pay off' her debt, or, as per Zenith Labs protocols, she'd be either killed with her implanted bomb in her skull or found and dissected alive by Zenith Labs' own doctors...all for the pursuit of medical science, of course. Celeste and Carol both agreed that they needed to first deal with the priority issue - revenge. Bulano Taylor, and his associates, must die...but for Bulano, not an immediate death, but instead, a slow, painful death.

After a few days of reconnaissance on Bulano's compound, Carol and Celeste (Celeste loaded with machine guns, knives, ammunition magazines, grenades and wearing her old 2003 Civil War clothes) broke into a party hosted by Bulano at his residence and wrecked untold havoc.  Dozens died that night. Carol used her new plasma energy blast powers to kill anyone that was not Celeste of Bulano. As a result, every single of Bulano's associates and guests died that night, including an attending corrupt Liberian Minister of Health who was secretly working for Bulano. Bulano attempted to escape in a car, initially trying to use it to ram Carol. The car hit Carol, but Carol was left unharmed; Bulano, however, was ejected through the windshield, and landed broken, bloody and unconscious dozens of yards in front of the obliterated car. Bulano was now Carol's to torture.

As such, Carol and Celeste pulled off one of the greatest female-led mass murders in the nation. The sad thing was, Carol felt 'good' about killing others. While she was on her killing spree that night, she'd remembered what one of the Zenith Lab doctors told her before she left Botswana, that her severe brain injuries she'd received as a result of Bulano's torture were indeed excessive and that they were incapable of reversing some of her brain damage due to the severity; the doctor cautioned Carol to be watchful to having extra-violent episodes or thoughts that may surface if possibly triggered.  With that remembrance, Carol knew she'd changed...and decided she liked it.


Celeste and Carol took Bulano to a vacant hill-bound shack once owned by Celeste's uncle, who long since passed away. There, Carol and Celeste brutally tortured Bulano as equal to the torture Bulano did to Carol.  After nearly two months, Carol was able to get Bulano to give up his access codes to his other homes and compounds as well as his international bank accounts and resources. During this same time, the hunt was on for the 'Woman Butchers (more commonly referred to as 'Bitches') of Monrovia', initiated by Liberia's president complete with a bounty and reward for their death or capture, all to be carried out by the Liberian military and police. They didn't know 'who' the two women were that did the mass murders, but only that they were black, one in a blonde wig shooting 'magic bolts' from her hands, while the other was only listed as a a militant woman with lots of machine guns. With international warrants out for the arrest of these two poorly described women, Carol and Celeste knew it was only a matter of time before the shack they were in would have its door knocked on by the local police or military.  With that, using her American contacts, Carol was able to get some 'shady' people to help get her and Celeste out of Liberia and to the United States. Before they left, a beaten, cut-up, tortured and starved Bulano was cast into the same 'Snake Ravine' where Carol was expected to die. As far as Carol was concerned, her revenge was done. She was ready to move on to a new life; a new life she soon realized was better with Celeste in it.

Once in the United States, they gained new identities, passports and identification papers (courtesy of Crimewave) and drained Bulano's international bank accounts dry to the sum of $350 million.  That allowed for at least a year's reprieve of Zenith Labs' payments.  In that year, Carol and Celeste toured all over the United States and became very close. Celeste eventually confided in Carol that she'd always loved her and soon thereafter, Carol truly fell in love with Celeste. In Liberia, even today, polygamy is considered legal, however homosexuality and same-sex marriage is not. With that in mind, both Carol and Celeste knew they could never return to Liberia, and instead got married in a small wedding chapel in Las Vegas, with Celeste Maldano taking Carol's last name (unofficially) and becoming Celeste Turner (Officially they were, in their Crimewave-provided identities, Karen and Katrina (Allsop) King). Together, they were happy and content...until Zenith Labs somehow found them and reminded them that Carol's next payment was due in mere months.

Carol, knowing she now had to find a way to 'get back to work', found a costume she liked and while wearing it, took her old codename of 'Cannonade' again and started a crime spree, robbing banks, doing armored car heists, and taking down any highly illegal sex palace operations she could find (usually freeing the sex slave girls and women she'd find there). Over the next few years, Cannonade earned quite the reputation as an official super-powered villain, and as such, had several encounters with the police and even a couple of superheroes. Each time, she was able to get away, but in her last superhero encounter, she realized her luck was starting to run out. She was nearly defeated and captured. That led her to realize she'd be leaving her love, Celeste, alone. Celeste hadn't been involved in any of the robberies or battles thusfar, mostly at Carol's request, but after her last superhero battle, Celeste demanded to help her by being Carol's 'side kick' so as to ensure Carol wouldn't get caught, covering Carol's back. Carol was extremely apprehensive about all this, but loved and trusted Celeste enough to know it was a choice they'd both have to make sacrifices to so as to allow their relationship to continue tp move forward.

During a bank robbery weeks later in Texas, Cannonade and Celeste encountered the superhero Fire OpalFire Opal quickly defeated Cannonade, stunning Cannonade in the process. Celeste attacked Fire Opal with an endless barrage of automatic machine gun fire, keeping Fire Opal pinned down, however, due to Fire Opal's crystalline armor, two of Celeste's machine gun bullets deflected off of Fire Opal's armor and rebounded back at Celeste, going through Celeste's heart, killing her nearly instantly. Fire Opal attempted to try and save Celeste by administering First Aid, but Cannonade regained her faculties long enough to see the bloodied body of Celeste being beaten on by Fire Opal (who was simply trying to thump Celeste's heart back into action, poorly so, might I add). Cannonade, in an emotional and primal scream, knocked down the bank's support columns and brought the entire bank down on top of everyone and ran off with Celeste's body in the chaos. The bank's collapsed killed at least ten people and injured another tow dozen others, some severely. Fire Opal survived, but spend the next days digging through the debris trying to find survivors rather than chase Cannonade.


Carol made off with Celeste's body back to one of their homes (Celeste's favorite home) in Atlanta, Georgia. There, Carol buried Celeste in the backyard. A statue and a plaque honoring Celeste mark the spot she is buried. Celeste's favorite flower, Chrysanthemums, are routinely refreshed at the statue to this day.

Enraged and furious at superheroes (especially Fire Opal), Cannonade went on a rampage through Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Minutes before the entire super-group called the American Patrol was to show up to do battle with Cannonade, a man calling himself "The Foreman" encountered Cannonade.  In that short time, he convinced Carol that not only would she be defeated by the American Patrol, but that he wanted to offer her a place with him and his crew to make money and get even at the rest of the world in the process.  Reluctantly, she agreed and shortly thereafter, joined the villainous ranks of the "Demolition Party".

Today, Cannonade is still considered a founding member of the Demolition Party, and as such, has a means to be able to pay off Zenith Labs' fees, all the while, being able to beat up inanimate buildings and object to get her rage out, and, on occasion, beat-up superheroes.  She misses Celeste terribly, and to this day, has yet to find a new love in her life. She is now a very focused, determined woman who sees things as either 'for profit' or 'the simple joy of destroying'.  She is cool with her teammates, but still does not tolerate anyone or anything related to sex crimes, human trafficking or slavery. She doesn't hate men, but definitely puts them in their place them should they show their 'Neanderthal ways'. Torture, on the other hand, she has learned to like; she's the team's 'go to woman' for such things now.


On a related item, rumors have arisen about a masked man in Liberia who is heading a military coupe in the nation, citing for the 'return of the Taylors'.




Power Origin: Science


  • Plasma Energy Bursts

    • Can emit up to remarkable levels of energy, thermal and/or force burst damage from each forearm/hand up to a range of 30 yards in a 15 to 30 degree arc in front of her (see Gauntlets in Equipment below for Energy Beam power feature)

    • Effect causes targets to sometimes be knocked back and knocked down due to the force of the blast

  • Physiological Enhancements

    • Remarkable level of strength (can lift between 750 and 1000 lbs. effortlessly)

    • Incredible level of endurance and stamina

  • Running

    • Can run up to 35 mph or swim 30 knots of speed

  • Leaping

    • Can leap up to 50 feet across, 30 feet up and 75 feet down without hurting herself

  • Dense Skin

    • Due to her augmentation, her skin provides:

      • typical protection against physical attacks

      • excellent protection against toxin/toxic, energy and temperate and attacks

      • incredible protection against radiation attacks



One of her main vulnerabilities though is her senses; they are all still typical and can be affected just the same as any normal person.



  • Body Armor

    • Cannonade wears composite material chest, upper leg, crotch and upper body armor that provides the following additional protection:

      • Good physical, toxic/toxin protection

      • Excellent energy and temperate protection

      • Remarkable radiation protection

  • Gauntlets

    • Made of Incredible composite material

    • Provides incredible protection to her hands and forearms against all forms of damage except psionic/mental and magic

    • Provides fantastic radiation protection

    • Plasma Energy Beam Channeling

      • Adds a focused plasma-channeling system so as to create plasma 'beams' rather than 'blasts'

      • Increases the her plasma energy bursts' range to 300 yards and allowing her to target better and apply her power's maximum capability to remarkable levels in a beam rather than a blast

  • Jet/Rocket Boots

    • As jets, they allow her to fly up to 300 mph for 300 miles max to an altitude of 3,000 ft AGL

    • As rockets, allow her a means of a one-shot use for emergency escape, flying her up to 1200 mph (Mach 1.4) for a max range of 500 miles, capable of reaching a max altitude of 50,000 feet; once turned off, they cannot be turned back on or used; requires fuel replacement for next use.

  • Belt

    • Emergency Beacon

      • 25 mile range; lasts 3 days on battery

    • Flash Pellets (10)

      • Each provides typical flash explosion, mostly diversionary or temporary flash/blind an opponent

    • Portable Wind/Atmospheric Monitor

      • Used to help identify conditions for sniper-level targeting and/or shooting

  • Shades

    • Provides normal, night, infra red, ultra violet and thermal vision (colored lights atop the shades signifies which mode they are in)

    • Provides 200x telescopic vision (like a rifle sight)

    • Provides good polarized flash protection

    • Battery powers shades for 2 days



  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Plasma Energy (Proficient)

  • Rifles/Handguns (Professional)

  • Military/Junta Operations (Professional)

  • Construction (Proficient)

  • Demolitions (Professional)

  • Explosives (Professional)

  • Building Demolition Planning (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Aerial Combat - Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Liberia History/Geography (Proficient)

  • United States History/Geography (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • Liberia Unique Dialects and First People Languages (50% known) (Proficient)

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