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Quenton Mansfield














Biological father (deceased)

Sharla Mansfield (Mother, deceased)


Demolition Party



Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Feb 2017




Quenton Mansfield is a psychotic, demented mongoloid of a man who enjoys inflicting pain and destroying things; as a matter of fact, his whole life has prepared him to become nothing but this.

Within a month of his birth, Quenton's mother was divorced.  According to his biological father, he could see it in Quenton's eyes that 'something was wrong with that child'. Quenton was physically stronger than average (mongoloid, was the term used at the time), and as such, broke nearly everything he touched. His mother, Sharla, with no job or means of support, shacked up with every loser she could to get by.  Sharla eventually found work on a late shift in a factory, leaving Quenton with her abusive boyfriend in their trailer park home. Her boyfriend would routinely beat and smack the baby, scream at it, and even throw it around the trailer to get the baby to stop crying in the night.  More nights than less, it didn't work, and instead he left baby Quenton usually struggling to survive in bruises from his torment. Sharla was usually beaten by her boyfriend every time she tried to go to the police over the matter.  Eventually, Sharla and her boyfriend got into a knife fight and both died, leaving Quenton a ward of the state.

As with most adoption agencies, couples looking for a child are very picky, and Quenton with his 'crazy eyes', strange square -shaped body and slow development didn't put him high on any couple's adoption list.  When Quenton was old enough, he was sent to a Catholic Boys Home in Baltimore, Maryland, where, unfortunately, Quenton was also 'abused' there for years.  By the time Quenton was a teenager, he was still working on his 6th grade skill levels, barely able to function with the other kids, who relentlessly teased and bullied him.  The final straw for Quenton happened one day while on a field trip.

At the Baltimore Natural History Museum, Quenton and his classmates were touring a display of rare antiquities from early man, pottery tens of thousands of years old, fragile animal skeletons of early dogs, and so forth.  It was there that one of the biggest bullies of the class decided to perform a cruel prank on Quenton.  He told Quenton that he was 'specially chosen' to retrieve one of the Neanderthal skeletons on display at the main floor and that he had to quickly bring it to the Catholic teacher in less than a minute, Quenton, not knowing better, hefted the extremely heavy skeleton and its base (much to the surprise of the bully) and ran with it back to the Catholic teacher; the bully stealthily tripped Quenton in mid run.  The skeleton and case crashed across the floor in hundreds of pieces.  

By the time the museum curators, staff and security finished with them, the Catholic Boys Home was to pay restitution for over 2 million dollars of damages. The Catholic teacher deduced that Quenton was solely responsible.  Back at the school dorms, the teacher viciously whipped Quenton within an inch of his life.  After that, Quenton was again beaten and pommeled by his fellow classmates.  When they finished beating on him, they left laughing at his misery.

At midnight that night, Quenton had more than enough of being abused.  He went outside looking for a weapon; a weapon to get even against each and every one of them.  He found an old metal pole with a concrete base that was littered on the lot, picked it up over his shoulder and went into the boy's dorm wing, locked the doors and windows and beat each of the 40 boys to death with the concrete-based pole as a bludgeon. He then went to the teacher's room and did the same thing to them. Quenton then went on a rampage, destroying everything with his bludgeon in the building, in the church, in the rectory - everywhere on the grounds.  Quenton for the first time since he was born, smiled and enjoyed the destruction.   He actually started laughing maniacally while smashing and destroying the priceless religious antiquities in the church.  Quenton had finally gone over the edge of sanity and humanity.

When the police arrived the next morning to the destruction and death, Quenton was sitting in the cafeteria eating a bowl of cereal, just like it was any other day, except Quenton and his bludgeon he set on the table beside were were both soaked in blood.  When told to get down on the ground, Quenton attacked the police and anyone else who dared attack him. We was eventually subdued, but killed two police officers and put 10 others in the hospital in the process. After judicial review, Quenton was admitted to the psyche ward of the nearby children's hospital, but thanks to a legal document snafu, Quenton found himself in an adult insane asylum instead.  There, Quenton quickly learned how to be even more evil than he'd already become by interacting with the insane inmates.

On the anniversary of his captivity at the asylum, Quenton killed several staff members with the same type of weapon he used at the Catholic school, as well as once again destroying anything he could smash in view.  This time, Quenton was hauled off to a maximum security psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.  The media harangued on Quenton's treatment and his condition, calling everything associated with what was happening to him (or by him) as a "Master Disaster", which Quenton liked that term so much, he took it as his new title.  At the asylum, Quenton escaped after killing dozens of the staff and, after smashing most of the building's things, torched the hospital, leaving the remaining insane to die in the fire. To this day, Quenton is believed to have died in that fire.

Eventually, Quenton's meanderings brought him to Washington DC, where he intended to 'have a talk with the President of the United States' about how he'd been treated.  On the way there, a couple of super-powered villains had stolen highly classified technology and documents from the Pentagon and were on the run from the military and the Washington DC police.  At one point, when Quenton was crossing the street two blocks from the White House, the two villains ran across his path while they being tear gassed by the police.  Seeing these two being 'bullied', Quenton walked over to the policemen and beat them to death with their own nightsticks.  Quenton then grabbed up each of the villains by the arm and told them he'd save them.  He took them to an abandoned store front where they were able to elude the police and the military.  The two villains, were actually known as Dilapidator and Cannonade, were on their latest heist for their power-broker, Zenith Labs.  Both of the women thanked Quenton for his help and brought him with them back to their hideout.


After determining who Quenton was and his history, Dilapidator and Cannonade introduced Quenton to Zenith Labs. Zenith Labs offered Quenton enhanced super-powers, so long as he paid for the procedures to get him his new powers.  Quenton of course agreed and weeks after obtaining his new powers was introduced to a group called the Demolition Party (which included Dilapidator and Cannonade) so as to earn more of the money he needed to pay off his debt to Zenith Labs.

Today, Quenton is the happiest he's ever been. He is still with the Demolition Party and considers them family. If any of his teammates ever gets hurt (by police, a super-hero, etc.), Quenton goes into his "Master Disaster" mode and goes nearly berserk, attacking and destroying things until his teammates either calm him down (or extract him) or he's finally beaten into unconsciousness. As for some of his spare money he sets aside from his Zenith Labs payments, Quenton is planning on using that money to one day buy his own island so he and his 'family' can get away from all the mean heroes and people of the world.




Power Origin: Natural/Science

  • Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Super Strength

      • Has amazing strength, capable of lifting over 2 tons without effort

    • Enhanced Endurance

      • Has fantastic endurance, capable of only need (and that barely) 1 hour of sleep a day.

  • Dense Skin

    • Skin provides remarkable protection against physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin and radiation damage

  • Mental State

    • Due to his brain damage, he has the equivocal of excellent psionic/mental protection due to his abnormal brain patterns

  • Super Leaping

    • Fantastic leaping of over 650 feet across, 450 feet up, and 1000 feet down

  • Run/Swim

    • Can run/swim at  good speeds (45 mph on land, 39 knots in the water)

  • Protected Senses

    • Has excellent protection for eyes, ears, smell and taste

LIMITATION: Mental Acuity/State

Due to being beaten severely in his childhood, plus abnormally slow brain development, Quenton's IQ is low, making his reasoning poor at best.



  • Master Disaster Armor

    • Shoulder, Arm, Leg, Helmet and Back Armor

      • All held on with good leather straps

      • Provides an additional incredible layer of protection over the areas covered by the armor against physical, energy, temperate, toxic and toxin damage

      • Provides an additional layer of fantastic radiation protection over the areas covered by the armor

    • Body Suit

      • Worn under the armor

      • Provides poor physical, toxic/toxin and temperate protection

      • Provides feeble energy protection

    • Helmet Horns 

      • Made of amazing material strength and sharp at the ends

  • Improvised Bludgeon

    • This is a weapon that Quenton like to pick from a battle location and used as a physical weapon. It can range from a metal fence pole (with a block of cement on the base), a basketball pole, a car door, a fire hydrant cover, or his favorite, a building steel support column.

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted telecommunications transceiver with a 25 mile range (without cell/satellite towers) or unlimited range (with cell/satellite towers)



  • Video Games (Proficient)

  • International Beer Can Collector (Professional)

  • Cartoons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee and Bludgeon fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Scrapbooking (Proficient)

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