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Frau Tiermeister

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Olga Grundweld













Condor Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Aug 2012


Viola (Vitoskin) VanGosh (mother, deceased)

Micheal VanGosh (father, deceased)

Joseph Grundweld (guardian, deceased)




Olga Grundweld, today's "Frau Tiermeister', is the only daughter of Viola Grudweld; a circus 'gypsy' who was once the 20th century's 'Frau Tiermaster' of European circus and carnival fame.

Back in to 1970s and 80s, Viola Vitoskin was one of the greatest acts provided by the European circus scene.  She would amaze audiences with incredible acts with lions, tigers, bears, hawks and to some extent, even fish.  Her shows brought in thousands of people, all the while making a ton of money for the traveling circus and carnival groups.  She moved from group to group not because she was getting paid more, but because of the emotional wreckage she would leave in her wake.  By day and evening, she'd put on the most spectacular animal show in Europe, but by late night and into the mornings, she would bed nearly anyone who paid handsomely for her.


It was said 'Frau Tiermeister', as Viola was named, would do 'anything' sexual for a decent price.  As a result, she had steamy relationships with the circus ringmasters and the circus crews, notably causing jealousy and dissension in each circus or carnival she traveled with. Eventually, she was either forced out of a circus/carnival group or would be attacked by the angered crew or patrons of the groups. She thus became a 'gypsy' of circus and carnival animal trainers/acts. With her magical arm and wrist bands to control the animals and insects, she would always take her prized critters with her whenever she left, leaving circuses and carnivals devoid of the expensive and 'stolen' animals, as the police reports would later account.

In the 1990s, Viola made it across to the old Soviet eastern block nations, all of which were now burgeoning with desires of democracy and freedom from the end of the Cold War there, and while there, Viola's animals, insects and talents won her new crowds...and new 'late night' activities.  She eventually found her way to an old Soviet circus that was run out of East Germany.  There, Viola finally fell in love with a man she truly wanted to be with the rest of her life - the East Germany Circus' Ringmaster, Michael VanGosh AKA 'Ringmaster Mike'.  Through the thin years of the 1990s in East Germany, Viola and Michael worked together to keep their circus family cared for.  Viola would have her animals hunt for food, which would bring back freshly killed deer, rabbit or pigs back to the circus for all to eat and enjoy; far better food than a majority of East Germans enjoyed in those austere days before Germany's reunification.

In 1997, Viola finally married Michael and took his name.  On December 1999, their first and only child, Olga, was born.

Less than a month later, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

Viola and Michael, along with their circus family, fled from one city to the next, to the countryside, and eventually were entrapped at an old monastery in Oybin, Germany.  There, the Soltans annihilated the circus family...all except Viola and Olga.


Viola and Michael were both shot by energy rifles while fleeing from the Soltans at the monastery. Michael died blocking additional shots from the Soltans, allowing Viola and Olga the time they needed to hide in the tunnels below the monastery. Viola was still seriously injured from her wounds, but was still able to conjure the magical power needed to control the animals in the immediate area to attack the Soltans.  Every animal within a mile's radius converged on the Soltans, eventually causing the Soltans to retreat from the monastery.  Sadly, all of Viola's circus animals, including her lion, Leo The Great, died by the weapons of the Soltans.

Days later, Viola shuffled into a small village a few miles away from Oybin. Viola was near death with her wounds gangrenous. Olga was burning with a fever and exhausted from the journey.  Luckily, Viola happened upon a man whom she'd once had a 'late night' tryst with at one of the circuses she'd performed with; the man, Joseph Grundweld, took her in and helped Viola and Olga to a semblance of health. Sadly, weeks later, Viola succumbed to her injuries and infections.  Before Viola died, she begged Joseph to care for Olga as if it was his own daughter, and to raise her with a life far better than the gypsy circus life she lived.  Joseph agreed.


Weeks later, after falling into a coma, the original Frau Tiermeister, Viola (Vitoskin) VanGosh died.

Eventually, the Soltans were chased off of Earth months later, leaving Joseph with a motherless child. Viola gave Joseph her 'heirloom' armbands and wristbands and told him to give them to Olga when the time was right, along with a letter not to be opened until that same time.

Joseph, an third-rate archaeologist who dug up unique rocks to sell to tourists, tried to make a living the best he could over the next few years, stating that he was Olga's 'guardian', and was legally appointed so.  Together, as Olga was growing up, they both worked at excavations, all the while getting home-schooled from her guardian, Joseph.  It didn't take long before the 12 year-old Olga started to become as promiscuous as her mother. Joseph did his best to lead her from that life, but by the time Olga was 15, she ran away from home, never to return.


Thereafter, Olga traveled all about Europe, traveling with her passport she got weeks before she ran away from home.  She stayed with boys and men, living off of the boy's/men's income and homes, and when she got bored, she left to go be with another. In 2016, at the age of 17, Olga was apprehended by the German police and brought back to her father.  Angry and spiteful the whole trip back to Joseph, she changed her demeanor once she saw that her guardian Joseph, who now looked like a shell of a man - a man who only had weeks of life left due to cancer.

Olga and Joseph talked for awhile, updating each other on what each had been doing. Joseph didn't want to 'interrupt' Olga's new life, however, he had something important he had to do before he died.  Joseph then handed Olga an small iron chest with a velvet lining with two armbands and two wristbands in it, as well as her mother's red and yellow sash she wore as "Frau Tiermeister", and an aged enveloped addressed to "Olga".

Olga read the letter (which basically summarized everything you've read up to now), and mentioned that the arm and wrist bands were magical and could be used to control animals, insects, and with practice, fish.  Olga wept over the letter and cried apologetically in Joseph's arms.

For the next week, Olga and her guardian Joseph, spent the best quality time either had ever had in each others' life. A day after that week's time, Joseph was hospitalized and died days later.

Months later, after taking the last of Joseph's left over money, selling Joseph's house, and embarking with nothing other than a duffle-bag of clothes, memories and mementos, Olga once again set off traveling.  Her first stop, however, was basically to be her last on this purported trip - the Oybin Monastery.


While at the Oybin Monastery, she discovered the town was practically uninhabited.  The few that remained spoke of a deadly haunting that had taken over the area.  Dozens of deaths were reported, with the dead sporting visages of absolute horror and fear as their death masks. While there, she found an abandoned house and stayed there. In the middle of the night, a pack of hungry wolves entered the house Olga was in.  As they pounced upon Olga, who was wearing her mother's arm and wrist bands, she tried to block the wolves, only to discover that the wolves stopped short and instead sat in front of her looking more like fun-living puppies instead of a vicious wolf-pack. The wolves now sported red did Olga, once she saw her face in a broken mirror across the room.

The letter from Olga's mother was true; the arm and wrist bands were magical and could be used to control animals.

For the rest of the night and into the morning, she practiced her new magical abilities with the wolves, hundreds of cockroaches, rats and even a hive of wasps.  It was easy for her, so long as she maintained concentration; concentration she'd learned from her guardian, Joseph, while excavating archaeological dig sites.


By morning's light, she had forged a strong bond with the alpha male wolf, whom she called "Wolfen".  That's when a strange woman entered the abandoned house Olga and her new critters were inhabiting; her name: Madame Stasi.

Madame Stasi talked to Olga in a friendly manner, asking her what she was doing there and what she (Madame Stasi) could do to help her on her way.  Olga noticed that Wolfen didn't like this "Madame Stasi" constantly growling at her with its hackles up, and as such, Olga invoked her magical powers in controlling several critter groups, predominantly the wolves.


That's when Madame Stasi's eyes went red...and Olga blacked out.

During this 'black out' period, Olga, instead, was being mentally controlled by Madame StasiMadame Stasi interrogated Olga and learned about her past and her new magical animal-control abilities.  As such, Madame Stasi and her leader, Condor Commander of the villainous Condor Legion, instead, decided to brainwash Olga to believe she considers the Condor Legion her home and for Condor Commander to be her 'surrogate' father figure, wiping her memory of her guardian, Joseph, from Olga's mind and instead replacing Condor Commander in all memories where Joseph was. After Olga's brainwashing, Madame Stasi released Olga's brainwashed mind to fold her into her new 'home' as a memory-altered magically-enhanced warrior of the Condor Legion. 


NOTE: The frail, cancerous form of Joseph still resides in Olga's memory (emotionally ingrained); it's a memory that, to this day, Olga is VERY confused about.


What seemed like days later, Olga awoke within a cavernous underground base's sleeping quarters.  The passageways were adorned with banners, flags and statues all stipulating "Condor Legion".  Strangely enough, Olga felt comforted knowing this.  Madame Stasi entered the area with a nice smile. Olga immediately felt like she's known Madame Stasi for years. Over the next few hours, Madame Stasi (re)introduced her to the legion and leaders that were Condor Legion, including the legion's leader, Condor Commander. Again, Olga was happy to be able to (once again) among them, and as such, believed them to all be her 'family'.

Today, Olga, taking on her mother's title as "Frau Tiermeister", continues to be a member of the Condor Legion.  She confides in Condor Commander and Madame Stasi regarding EVERYTHING that negatively affects the legion (like, for example, when she hears grumblings from unsatisfied troops wherein she'll inform Condor Commander and/or Madame Stasi about their 'treasonous' behavior).  Madame Stasi's control is absolute over Olga, however, when Olga's isn't controlling her critters, they have a tendency to attack/threaten Madame Stasi (and yes, Wolfen still hates Madame Stasi).





Power Origin: Natural (Magically-enhanced via magical artifacts)

Frau Tiermeister has no true powers, just abilities in using the magical items she wears and/or retains (see Equipment below).



  • Therian Armbands

    • Incredible control over any animal or insect. Can control up to five species at a time (hivemind  of bees, wasps, locusts, etc., counts as one specie) including a hawk, a bear, a lion, etc.

    • Cannot control mammals

    • Has the ability to control fish but requires an amazing feat to do so, and requires a considerable amount of focus (may lose control of other critters she's controlling at that same time)

  • Vambrace of the Veil

    • Excellent control of dark energy up to a max of 200 yards away

    • Excellent energy blasts

    • Excellent level of in-placing holding or immobilization

    • Excellent transfer of health from a target (or targets) to heal allies equally within a 20 ft radius of Frau Tiermeister

    • Excellent inducement of fear into a single target

    • Dark shadowy figure has been rarely seen emanating from some of Frau tiermeister's dark energy control actions, however, nothing is known or understood of this shadowy figure (good? bad? controlled?)

  • Magical Staff

    • Can fire up to good magical energy blasts up to 100 yards away

    • Stores an unearthly amount of energy that can be siphoned off of used for magical energy blasts, but only at good rates

    • Requires 24 hours to recharge once fully discharged and/or drained

    • Made of monstrously strong material with unearthly protection against any form of magical attacks

    • Can be used to create a good magical/physical/energy/temperate/radiation shield for several seconds until the staff is drained of the stored magical energy

  • Animal/Critter Army

    • Wolves/Wolf Pack (up to 3)

      • 'Wolfen' (Alpha Wolf)

        • 100% loyal to Olga/Frau Tiermeister regardless of whether its being controlled or not)​

        • Doesn't like Madame Stasi (will bite her to go for her neck)

        • After several seconds of concentration, Frau Tiermeister can magically 'evolve' Wolfen to that of a Dire Wolf, which is 3x more powerful in all aspects; Wolfen 'devolves' after one minute's time and cannot be 're-evolved' until at least an hour thereafter.

    • Bear

      • Can control bears within a mile once her magical powers engage

    • Wasps

      • Can control any swarm of wasps within a mile once her magical powers engage

    • Predatory/Large Bird(s)

      • Can control any bird within a mile once her magical power engage; she usually likes to use predatory or large birds



  • Beast Control (Master)

  • Archaeology (Proficient)

  • Animal Studies (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts (dodge/evade) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts (+ Fighting) (Proficient)

  • German History/Heritage (Proficient)

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