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Madame Stasi

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Der KommissarAfter the Fire
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Staci Stromovik (AKA 'Host #35' AKA Gabriel Gast ('Gisela'))

Ultra Secret




Single (engaged as 'Gisela')










Gabriel Gast (IM 'Gisela'); Dr. Gabriele Leinfelder, Host #35, Major Stasi

Condor Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

22 Sep 2012


  • Karl-Heinz Schneider AKA Karl-Heinz Schmidt (Fiancee')

  • Vladimir Stromovik (Assigned as Staci's 'father', deceased)

  • Frances Stromovik (Assigned as Staci's 'mother', deceased)




Madame Stasi is actually a re-composition of the Cold War East Germany Intelligence Spy Gabriel Gast AKA 'Gisela' in a new, younger body of 'Staci Stromovik'; a socialist woman who continues to this day to be one of the best spies in the well as a dangerously powerful psychic and mentalist.

The life story of Gabriel Gast can be read here. Summarized, she was a woman with a doctorate in Political Science who acted as a double-agent between the Cold War's West and East German spy agencies, then known as West German intelligence service ("Federal Intelligence Service" / "Bundesnachrichtendienst" / BND) and the State Security Service (Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD), commonly known as the Stasi, respectively.  In all truth, 'Gisela' (Gast's spy name) had always worked for the Stasi. Her recruitment and subsequent affair with Karl-Heinze Schneider AKA Karl-Heinz Schmidt (a Stasi spy) is a tale worthy of being a series of best-selling spy novels unto itself. After Germany's  Reunification, 'Gisela' was considered the 4th most damaging spy of the Cold War.  In 1990, she was eventually 'outed' as a spy and spent time in prison from 1994 to 1998.  What no one but a few select know is that she was never in prison during this time, but instead was working with an ultra-secret ex-Stasi team that was attempting to engram their team of spymasters' thoughts, memories and experiences unto the bodies of younger children so as to, one day, continue their spycraft, in younger bodies now with decades of expereince and knowledge, all for the good of a new socialist empire.


Between 1994 and 1998, the East Germany Stasi spy network had stolen the technical documents of mind-transference from the sadistically evil genius known as Doctor Phlebotinum.  In dozens of experiments in a hidden lab in Dresden, Germany, test subjects had their minds wiped, or the the younger bodies became mental vegetables, with nearly all of their neurons fried in the process. In 1998, as 'Gisela' and her lawyers were on the verge of getting her release from 'prison', the German Police discovered the secret lab.  With only several technicians, five young children, and 'Gisela' on site, they knew they were out of time.  'Gisela' volunteered for what would be the last attempt to try the 're-composition' process.  She ordered a child, only known then as 'Host #35', tied down to the transferal table and had the technicians hurriedly strap 'Gisela' onto the other table. Seconds later, the equipment's transferal machinery came to life and began the pain-staking mental transference. Rather than be a perfect mental transference, or, as all previous tests had produced, mentally vegetative bodies, this transference instead yield something amazing.

Not only did 'Gisela's' mind successfully transfer to child #35's body, but the process also unlocked amazing mental powers in the host child.


As the transferance completed, the German police barged in. Two of the technicians opened fire on the police, keeping them at bay.  Other technicians removed the unconscious bodies of 'Gisela' and child #35 and exit the lab through an underground tunnel to safety. The remaining technicians did what they were ordered to do - destroy the transference machine and do all in their power to take the plans and schematics to a safe location where they could use said plans/schematics to make a new transference machine again at a later date.


None of the remaining technicians made it out alive, including, what is believed to be the aforementioned transference machine plans and schematics.

A stray shot by a German Police officer in the lab punctured a hydrogen tank, causing the entire lab to be obliterated completely.  The only survivors were the 2 technicians, 'Gisela' and child #35. 'Gisela' was taken back to the prison where she had 'supposedly' been incarcerated in for the last 4 years (wherein days later, she was released from prison, strangely enough with no recollection, to this day of her experiences at the lab in Dresden), and has since been allowed to live her life, writing her spy novels and pushing for a new socialist empire (through a political party now, vice a spy agency).  Child #35, however, was taken to an ultra-secret contact who was considered a last resort if the transference project should succeed or go sideways - that man was Vladimir Stromovik.


Vladimir and his wife. Frances, were part of an East German 'sleeper' cell that was called upon usually to help ferry Stasi spies in and out of Dresden back in the Cold War. Since German Reunification, Vladimir and his wife had been fretting about the now 'public' Stasi documents and any potential leads that would out the Stromoviks as sleeper agents of the Stasi. When the Transference Machine technician showed up with 'Host #35', who was still unconscious from the mind-transference two hours prior, the Stromoviks were sincerely concerned that it was now only a matter of time before they'd be found out. They all had to leave and now.

Within 20 minutes, the Stromoviks, the technician and Host #35 jammed into a fully packed car and drove south to a small German berg of a town only known as Oybin.  There, Vladimir had a sister they all could stay with; a sister whom Vladimir hadn't seen in 6 years; a sister who'd recently lost her alcoholic, abusive husband (under mysterious conditions, one might add); a sister who was more than willing to take in family, friends and even the still-unconscious child. A day later, 'Host #35' awoke.  The eyes were not that of a child, but instead were those of a trained spymaster taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. When Vladimir entered the room, 'Host #35' left out of bed, grabbed a glass vase, shattered it against a night stand and jumped uponVladimir with the grace of a wildcat, holding the broken vase's shattered points up to Vladimir's neck, demanding, "Who are you? What is the codeword!!??", to which a truly surprised and scared Vladimir stated 'VLADIMIR STROMOVIK!!! The codeword!!!".  Host #35 then applied more pressure to the man's throat with the sharp vase shard and demanded "REGION AND DESIGNATION NUMBER!", to which Vladimir stated "YZK...and...999".  Instantly, the child, Host #35, unmounted Vladimir and set the broken vase down on the nightstand without reservation. "Debrief me. NOW."

Over the next several hours, Vladimir, Frances and the technician got Host #35 AKA 'Gisela' up to speed on what had happened. During the debriefing, the technician kept thinking that Gisela was now very different from her former self; she was very aggressive and seemed to not be herself. The technician also thought about the reason that 'Gisela' was brought in on the mind-transference experiment, one that even 'Gisela' didn't know; the reason being that the ex-Stasi premiere were embarrassed by "Gisela's" unprofessional romance with her purported fiancee, Karl-Heinz Schneider AKA Karl-Heinz Schmidt, and had instead desired that Gisela would have her mind 'destroyed' using the mind transference had been done to dozens of other Stasi spymasters that they wanted to 'permanently' keep quiet.  The technician soon realized the error of thinking about all this during the debriefing, because, as a result of the mind-transference, host #35 AKA 'Gisela' had new psychic powers...including the power to read the technicians.

In a fit of rage, Host #35 AKA Gisela used her new powers to telekinetically lift and throw the technician across the room.  In doing so, Host #35's eyes glowed an eerie red hue.  She jumped across the table like a professional acrobat and onto the technician's chest and stabbed him time and again, all while ripping his mind to shreds, leaving the technician a dying, mauled, catatonic vegetable of a man. A horrified Vladimir and Frances looked on in horror...just as Vladimir's sister walked in.

Vladimir's sister was assaulted with a mind blast from Host #35 AKA Gisela that left Vladimir's sister in a coma on the floor.  The host/Gisela then lifted Frances up off the floor in a telekinetic hold, asking the Stromoviks is they desired to aid her (Host/Gisela) or receive similar treatment.

Both Vladimir and Frances vehemently agreed to do what host/Gisela wanted them to do.

The host/Grisea released Frances from the telekinetic stranglehold.  That's when the Host/Grisela set a new plan into motion; one that would establish her to become the greatest spymaster in the world...and not the 4th of the Cold War.

After a day of direction, Vladimir and Frances now became 'parents' to their long-lost daughter, Staci Stromovik AKA Host #35 AKA 'Gisela'. Staci then ordered the technician to be ground up and fed to pigs in a nearby field. Once that was done, Vladimir's sister's mind was 're-conditioned' to believe that Staci WAS and ALWAYS HAD BEEN the Stromoviks daughter, and had all irregularities in her memory wiped and replaced.  Since Staci had never done this before, it took her a total of two days to perform, leaving her exhausted and worn.

When Staci finally collapsed from exhaustion, she awoke minutes later, but strangely enough, talking and acting like a scared five-year old girl; a girl who was designated as "Host #35" several months before.  Gisela's mind was in deep sleep, allowing the original girl's mind to resurface and take over her own body.  She'd been kept in a dark dank cell below the lab for months before after being kidnapped from her home in Dresden.  She only remembered her name 'Catherine' and not her last name.  She remembered she had brothers and sisters and parents, and as such, at this time, started crying out for them in her native German language. The Stromoviks, unsure how to respond to this, calmed her down and told her that she had 'lost' her parents and that he, Vladimir, and his wife, Frances, would now take over caring for her. Unsettled, but happy to have someone to be safe with, she hugged them and asked if she could call them 'Papa' and 'Nana', to which each agreed. After some discussion and trying to explain 'Catherine's' dilemma, 'Catherine' said she felt the other mean lady, stating she ('Catherine') would only come out when the 'other' was asleep.

In 2000, the Soltans Star Empire invaded Earth. Staci, suing her mental powers, was able to shield herself and Stromoviks from being detected by the Soltans, and as such, were able to survive the invasion.  At nights during the invasion though, when 'Catherine' was awake, the Stromoviks had to teach and coach Catherine to use her mental powers to retain/maintain the mental shield to keep them all safe. As such, "Catherine' started learning to use her powers when she was awake, yet she was sincerely fearful of ever daring to use said powers against Gisela, whom she considered 'the monster'. eventually, the Soltans were chased off of Earth by its super-powered and military defenders, and life went back to a semblance of normality.


As such for the next two decades, this 'two-minds-in-one-body' situation continued.  By day, Staci would plot, research, and train to be the best spymaster she could ever be, all the while at night, 'Catherine' would get home-educated by the Stromoviks, and even at times, taken out to the movies or for ice cream.  All was going well until 2010 when a new 15 year old Staci was asked how she enjoyed the movie she went to the previous night; Staci, using her psychic powers, saw that person's viewpoint of herself and the Stromoviks going to a theater in town late at night. Staci had felt as if there was 'something' buried in the back of her mind; she finally realized...Host #35's mind was still alive.

Furiously, Staci stormed back home to the Stromoviks and psychically began to assault them.  That's when Catherine emerged on the mental plane of their mind.  In an argument/battle that occurred for only seconds in their minds, Catherine won out for a short while and released the Stromoviks from the psychic assault on them.  Together they held each other and wept, all the while Staci was furiously trying to take back mental control.  After a stalemate of a mental battle, both agreed to let things be as they were; Staci would have control of the mind from 6am to 6pm, and Catherine would have control of the mind from 6pm to 6am each day, all of course, with the added caveat that NONE of the Stromoviks would be hurt, assaulted or mentally controlled any longer.  Staci agreed, but swore that this 'battle' wasn't over.

For the next two years, the 'mental accord' was followed. At age 17, however, with Catherine still being a virgin, Catherine wanted to experience boys and sex, all the while Staci demanding to NEVER allow that to ever happen to 'her' body. As with any teenager, Catherine found a handsome boy and the two fell in love one night and had sex weeks later, all against Staci's 'recommendations'.


Sadly, Staci broke the accord in the most cruel and ruthless way possible.


Staci mentally controlled Catherine's boyfriend to kill the Stromoviks (Vladimir, Frances and Vladimir's sister) and himself in a fiery car crash that put their vehicles careening down a mountainous slope, with both cars exploding at the bottom, killing them all, leaving both Staci and Catherine utterly alone since Catherine was 5.  Catherine raged against Staci's mind, but was so depressed and sad, she instead, retreated into the dark recesses of their mind, never regaining control from then and even into the present.

Not too long ago, Staci, now with a masters degree in Psychology from online colleges (plus Gisela's original doctorate in Political Science), met with a designated socialist terrorist named "Condor Commander".  The two hit if off and shortly thereafter, "Madame Staci" was born.  Using her psychic powers, she helped in manipulating and controlling dozens if not hundreds of wayward people to join Condor Commander's 'Condor Legion' - an army of ex-East Germans who hate reunification and want the blessings of a socialist empire back in Germany and to spread across to all of Europe.  Madame Staci, as 2nd in command of the Condor Legion, has been a vital driving force for the legionnaires and their goals.  She is still cruel and vicious, but has learned to re-apply her previously learned spymaster skills into how she does things today. With her mental powers and several decades of knowledge and experience, all wrapped up in a 25 year old's body, Madame Staci sees the future as not only a new socialist empire, but her as its Premiere.




Power Origin: Science (Psychic)

  • Mental Control

    • Mesmerize

      • Painfully assails a target with good psychic energy, rendering them unconscious. The target will remain asleep until awakened or attacked.​

    • Levitate

      • She can send a single target violently into the air, then slam them with typical strength to the ground. This power can bring flying foes to the ground.​

    • Dominate

      • Painfully tears at the mind of a single foe. Dominate deals good psionic damage and renders a foe helpless, lost in their own mind and unable to defend themselves.​

    • Confuse

      • She can confuse an enemy at a good level, forcing that foe to believe his/her friends are not who they appear to be. If successful, the enemy will ignore Madame Stasi and attack their own allies. If she confuses someone before they has noticed her, her presence will continue to be masked.

    • Re-Conditioning

      • Madame Stasi has the excellent ability to 're-condition' (rewrite) a person's mind, so long as the person isn't able to resist. If they do ​resist, a separate 'percentage' of the 're-conditioning' will only be done, leaving the remainder as 'gaps' or outright 'remembrance' of the re-conditioning.  Hypnosis to this degree will remain with the person until either a sincerely traumatic event happens to the person (regarding the reconditioned memories/thoughts) or until they receive a serious blow to the head or other form of psychic trauma that causes the mind's neural network to attempt to 'repair' itself.

    • Mass Hypnosis

      • Performed against a group of foes at no greater to a 200 yard radius which puts them to Sleep. The targets will remain asleep for some time, but will awaken if attacked. This power deals no damage, but if done discreetly, the targets will never be aware of your presence.

  • Psionic Assault

    • Psionic Dart

      • This basic attack does typical psychic damage, and can slightly reduce a target's attack speed by 6%.​

      • Range 60 yards.

    • Mind Probe

      • Grip the minds of your foe with a Mind Probe. She must be in direct contact to pull off this attack that wrecks havoc on your foes synapses, dealing up to excellent psychic damage while reducing their attack speed by 20%.​

    • Mental Blast

      • This basic attack does up to excellent psychic damage, and can slightly reduce a target's attack speed by 20%.​

  • Psionic Stealth

    • Has a remarkable psychic 'masking' ability, preventing and and all telepaths and psionic sensors from detecting her.

    • She can project outward of 200 feet, an excellent mental 'directive' to any and all minds within range to 'not see' her. This does NOT work on animals, insects or fish.

  • Two Minds, One Body

    • The current body of 'Stasi Sturmovik' AKA 'Madame Stasi' hosts both of the minds of 'Catherine' AKA Host #35 and Gabriel Gast AKA 'Gisela'.

    • Currently, then Catherine/Host #35 mind has regressed and is not in control

    • Both minds know how to use the body's powers, however, both minds' reason, initiative and psyche, as well as their individual talents, character and morals, are what make the difference in their independent abilities.

      • Catherine/Host #35 - kind, pleasant, young minded, spirited emotional (basically that of a teenager)​, and quick tempered. She also gets overly wrought when faced with tragedy, loss or life/death decisions.

      • Gabriel Gast/'Gisela' - Patient, learned, astute, studious, eye for detail, skilled spymaster diagnostic-level thinking, manipulative, professional liar, only emotional when her old fiancee' is brought up.


    • With the exception of psionic stealth, Madame Stasi's powers cannot and will not affect robot minds, programming or circuit boards

    • Only highly evolved neural networks on par with excellent or better Artificial Intelligence (AI)  can be damaged using her psychic powers, for which the AI/AI body will only receives 1/2 damage.​



  • Damage Reduction Field Generator

    • Reduces all physical, energy, temperate, radiation, toxic and toxin attacks by 2 levels​

    • Must be manually engaged

    • Battery only lasts 1 minute

    • Generator Can be set for max 12 second overload, causing a force bubble of incredible strength to expand outward in a 20 foot radius for 6 seconds before it collapses; NOT safe to be in the bubble's radius (will get crushed); generator is destroyed in the process

  • Kevlar Gloves

    • Provides typical physical, temperate, radiation protection​

    • Provides poor energy protection

  • Belt

    • Made of excellent Kevlar material​

    • Contains 250 feet of thin excellent strength cable with grapple hook (not used for rappelling, but can be used for grappling, pulling or sliding across in appropriate (typical or better) body armor is worn, otherwise it will cut through your skin like a wire.

  • Spy Sunglasses

    • Heads-Up Display (HUD) from satellite/microwave/WiFi feeds

    • Internet Voice and Thought Search Engine from satellite/microwave/WiFi feeds

    • Micro Video Recording System/Camera Transceiver

    • Hyper Hearing Device/Earwig (range for hearing: 60 yards)

  • Flash Bangs (2)

    • Two small capsules that can create a typical strength loud noise and light emission for 2 seconds; destroyed in processes​

  • Heels with Blades

    • She has heels with retractable composite steel (amazing material), sharpened blades in them (4 in. long each)​

  • Psychic Web/Amplifier/Psychic Defense Beret

    • Beret contains a neural network that can be switched to one of the following excellent features at a time:​

      • Psychic web

        • allows others with psychic powers to mentally communicate over a 20 mile range​

        • allows other without psychic powers to mentally communicate over 200 yards​

      • Amplifier​

        • For a total of 24-30 seconds, the neural web allows Madame Stasi in increased her power damage, range and/or intensity an additional level​

      • Psychic Defense​

        • Can be used to create an incredibly powerful psychic/mental shield around Madame Stasi's mind for up to 6 minutes. With this on, she would also be psychically undetectable to anything or anyone with psychic senses up to an incredible level.

  • Electronic Scrambling Device

    • Once turned on, it has the incredible ability to scramble any and all electronic frequencies (expect those used by the Condor Legion or Madame Stasi)​ for a 2 mile radius for a maximum of 6 minutes.

  • Vehicle Recall Device

    • When activated, the vehicle aligned for recall will remotely navigate to the device's beacon. Once at the recall location, the vehicle will hover/idle/float in a default mode until activated by the vehicle's own controls​

  • Drone/ Drone Controller

    • Miniature drone of typical capabilities (no noise) can be used for up to a max 6 mile range for 6 minutes of flight, controlled by a miniature controller. ​

    • video and full spectrum sensor package can be transmitted to the Spy Sunglasses



  • Catherine/Host #35

    • Psychic defense (proficient)

    • Social Media (Professional)

    • Pop-Culture Movies (proficient)

    • Music (proficient)

  • Gabriel Gast/'Gisela'/Staci Stromovik/Madame Stasi

    • Spycraft/Use of spy devices (Master)

    • Stasi operations (Master)

    • Stealth (Master)

    • Political Science (Master)

    • Psychology (Master)

    • German History/Lore (Professional)

    • European education System (Professional)

    • Double-Agent Spy (Professional)

    • Disguise (Professional)

    • Marksmanship (Professional)

    • Martial Arts (slam/stun) (Professional)

    • Martial Arts (+ fighting) (Professional)

    • Martial Arts (Dodge/evade) (Professional)

    • Acrobatics (Professional)

    • Wrestling (Proficient)

    • European Law (Professional)

    • edge melee weapons (professional)

    • blunt melee weapons (professional)

    • tactics (+ initiative) (professional)

    • Soviet Military (professional)

    • Military vehicles (Proficient)

    • Pilot (Proficient)

    • Parachuting/Interdiction (proficient)

    • meditation (+ intuition) (proficient)


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