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Condor Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 Jul 2012



Athena Yegorovich (wife)



The "Ural" Armor design was a classified design being built in East Germany prior to Germany's reunification in the 1990s. The armor and the test site were under severe scrutiny from the west, and were monitored closely.  When German reunification occurred, the armor was expected to be scrapped, even before in had its first test run. 

The technicians that created the armor identified several major issues with the armor. First and foremost, it was dangerous to any and all who stood within two meters of the armor; it leaked energy, causing feeble, yet damaging energy burns to anyone close enough to it. The second issue was its power; it could not be metered; its incredible power discharge could not be regulated to anything lower than maximum, thus, it constantly operated at full power at all times. Third, the suit could only be worn by a man (or woman, more the rarity) that was large in frame and at least 6' 4" in height. Fourth, the person wearing the armor had to be strong enough to lift and move the heavy exoskeleton armored frame, requiring at least a consistent 200 foot-pounds of torque simply to move. Fifth, the jet/rocket pack attached to the armor (technology stolen from the United States) would require its wearer to withstand up to 5Gs of physical punishment for normal launch, landing and aerial maneuvers.

These parameters severely restricted the armor's use and as such, created a grave concern for the East German military and the technicians


After the German reunification, the armor was locked up and placed in a secure vault, along with all of its support equipment.  In 1991, an ex-Soviet aging strategist known as the Red Commissar and his band of super-powered ex-Soviet thugs, the Red Guard, attempted to steal the armor.  In a pitched battle between the new German Army and several new German super-heroes (that would eventually join together to create the Teutonic League), Red Commissar and his Red Guard abandoned the theft attempt.

In 2008, the vault was opened in order to destroy the armor and its support equipment.  While being transported to Berlin for destruction, the Condor Legion, led by their villainous leader, Condor Commander, stole the armor and support equipment.  After exhaustive searches, the German military gave up the hunt to retrieve the armor.

In 2010, Condor Commander recruited the original armor's technicians and found the perfect test subject to wear the armor: Borodin Yegorovich.  An unnaturally large, strong, and staunch supporter of all that was East Germany, Borodin tested the armor with 100% efficiency. 


The 'energy leak' issue was still a running problem, thus Condor Legion troops and villains were told to keep their distance from the armor at all times.


Dubbed "Ural", after the dominant mountain chain that exists in northern Eurasia, Borodin took the armor into battle in one of Condor Legion's attempts to take over Berlin and all of northern Germany.  The armor performed perfectly.  It outperformed expectations, as did Borodin in his use of the armor.

Today, Borodin and the Ural armor are the powerhouse of Condor Legion. 



Power Origin: Mutation (and Tech; see Equipment)

Borodin Yegorovich's great, great grandfather was exposed to the mutagenic X-65 'mustard' gas during World War I.  He died four years after returning from the war, however, he had sired sons, all of which had a latent mutagenic in their bodies.

No other Yegorovichs have shown any signs of the the mutagenic finally engaging.

  • Enhanced Human Capabilities

    • Increased (excellent) endurance, strength and balance (agility)

    • Typical physical, temperate, energy, electrical and toxic/toxin protection

    • Good mental/psychic and radiation protection



Ural Armor

  • Protection

    • Amazing physical, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Fantastic energy, electrical, radiation and magical protection

    • Remarkable mental/psychic protection

  • Enhanced Capabilities

    • Produces 4x bearer's endurance (max: unearthly)

    • Produces 3x bearer's strength (max: Fantastic)

    • Produces 2x bearer's agility and fighting (max: incredible)

  • Helmet

    • Vision

      • Night and Infra-red vision

      • Flash suppressors (max: remarkable)

      • Navigation Heads-Up Display (HUD) & Sensors Readings

    • Communications

      • Encrypted microwave and radiotelephone tranceiver with max range of 25 miles (satellite = 10,000 miles)


    • When the armor overheats from operating at maximum capacity or when operating in an environment that is greater than 200 degrees F for more than a minute, the armor's efficiency drops 10% vs all protection, capabilities and functions.

    • If the overheating continues until 30% is reached, a 75% chance possibility (checked every several seconds) can result in a complete armor generator failure (0% energy), leaving the bearer stuck in the armor with no oxygen generation or coolant.

    • Once the generator fails, the suit will continue to generate heat inside and outside the armor to remarkable levels before the armor STARTS to cool down after several minutes at peak temperature (unless cooled down from outside; pressure/temperature math is invoked here).




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