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Ludwig Sinn













Damonenmeister, Gremlinmeister

Condor Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1 Mar 2014


Wilhelm Sinn (great grandfather, deceased)

Andreas Sinn (father, deceased)




To understand this individual and his 'minions', we must first start back in Germany just prior to the start of World War II.

Adolph Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was about to catapult Europe into a massive war (WWII).  As such, he'd amassed massive amounts of troops, weapons, airplanes, name it.  One additional thing Hitler wanted, and was obsessed with, was the occult.  He sent dozens of the best in the occult field searching for powerful mystical artifacts, looking to use them to empower his reign. One such occultist, Professor Wilhelm Sinn, discovered an ancient tome in a buried arcane book found in a monastery in Olybin, Germany.  In that tome, he recited a spell that unleashed dozens of mystical creatures, now commonly referred to as 'Demons'.


These demons immediately started imposing havoc on the expedition, killing several people as well as unnaturally attacking anything electrically generated, like the portable generator, lights, and a couple of nearby running vehicles.  Strangely enough, Professor Sinn correlated the 'demons' actions as those of another mythical creture called 'gremlins', which were notoriously blamed for breaking and damaging mechanical and electrical equipment.  As such, these little menaces were eventually killed or captured and placed in lead crates where they could not escape.


After researching the tomes further, Professor Sinn discovered a passage mentioning of a sword created to control these Gremlin/Demons; the sword of Theodoric the Great, a first century king of the Ostrogoths.  The tome mentioned the sword was left with Theodoric's body, buried deep 'underneath' a false crypt built for Theodoric.  Wilhelm went to Theodoric the Great's burial site in what is now Ravenna,  Italy  There, he and his team found the true tomb of Theodoric the Great, and with it, his sword.  They collapsed the tomb, preventing others from ever discovering what they'd found, and took the sword with them back to Germany.  There, when the Gremlin/Demons were released from their iron boxes, once they saw the sword, immediately capitulated in a servant-like manner, for reasons to this day is still unknown. 

Professor Sinn's find was mentioned to Hitler, who wanted to have the gremlin/demons used in a 'field test' by dropping them onto London in a masqueraded aerial bombing raid, dropping the gremlins behind enemy lines with the instruction to create havoc upon Britain's mechanical and electronic war machines.  With nearly two dozen gremlins under his control, Wilhelm was parachuted into the remote countryside with the gremlin/demons; as the new "Gremlinmeister" (Gremlin Master), he unleashed the gremlins on the Royal Air Force's aircraft factories and airfields, creating excessive mechanical and electronic issues.  The problem was, most of the land the RAF had their airfields on were high in iron content, preventing the gremlins from being able to effect their powers to the fullest degree.  As such, the gremlins had a very limited success rate.  Professor Sinn was brought back on a German U-Boat with his gremlin/demons.  Once back in Berlin, Professor Sinn was ordered to give over the sword and power as the Gremlinmeister to a high-ranking SS Colonel known as the infamous "Baron Berlin". 

Unwilling to submit control of the gremlin/demons to anyone but himself, Professor Sinn lied to the Nazis, instead stating that in order to transfer the leadership of the gremlins to Baron Berlin, they'd have to perform a mystic 'ceremony' the following night, which he'd need time to prepare for. 

Professor Sinn, that night, snuck out of Berlin with several iron crates of Gremlins, the  sword, the tome and a mystic staff he'd just discovered weeks before.  He was able to go undetected all the way to Olybin, Germany, where he hid amidst the Sandstone mountainous region under an old uninhabited castle-monastery at the peak of the Olybin Hills.  There, he buried the iron-boxed gremlin/demons (who didn't require food or sustenance to survive, and went into a state of stasis when bound in iron anyway), the sword, the staff and the tome deep in a hidden cave under the castle. 


Professor Sinn later went back to Bonn, Germany, his hometown, where one of Baron Berlin's minions found him.  After months of torture and interrogation, Professor Sinn died of his wounds, never once revealing the location of the gremlin/demons, staff, sword or tome. Professor Sinn's secret treasures, since 1940, were never found; secret treasures that not only included the gremlin/demons, tome, staff and sword, but the woman he'd also loved...and their unborn twin sons.

In 1985, Ludwig Sinn, the great grandson to Professor Wilhelm Sinn, was born.


Ludwig's father Major Andreas Sinn once a revered pilot in the East German Soviet Air Force, was treated with contempt and was routinely denigrated after the German Reunification in the 1990s. Major Sinn, feeling he had no future, committed suicide, leaving his family with nothing. As such, Ludwig worked feverishly in his teenage years to make a living for his mother (who suffered from depression as a result of her husband's suicide), and his six siblings.  Ludwig worked in the mines by day and studied by night, all the while taking care of his family.


In his last year of school, Ludwig was presented a rare scholarship to college towards earning a German History major at the Bonn University.  He not only earned his degree, he was also allowed to work towards his masters degree in the same field. By this time his siblings had grown and the responsibilities shifted to the other siblings. Sadly, Ludwig's mother was institutionalized by Ludwig's sophomore college year due to her condition, which continued to grow worse every year.  As part of his master's study, that next summer, Ludwig was invited (for pay) to dig in and about the Olybin Monastery...a place that Ludwig had previously learned in his genealogy studies that his great grandfather (Professor Wilhelm Sinn) had worked at in the late 1930s/early 1940s. That's when fate came full  circle for the Sinn family line.

Ludwig Sinn, while working at the Olybin monastery historical dig site, encountered an old feeble woman.  She followed Ludwig, constantly staring at his face.  Finally, Ludwig turned to her and asked what he could do for her.  She beamed at him and said, "Ah! Wilhelm! It is you! I saw you earlier this week and knew it had to be you! You've come back for your treasures! I've done as you asked! I've kept our secret from the Nazis! They still have no idea.  Here! I've kept the key to the castle's underground vaulted cavern! I also kept all your papers! Here! Take them! I'm so happy you are alive and able to resume your work! God be with you, herr professor!".


Puzzled, Ludwig attempted to correct her that he had no idea what she was talking about, but the old woman instead held her finger to her lips and said, "Go! Quickly! Before we're discovered! I must get back to the pub before the Gestapo finds me missing! Go! and Good luck, Professor Sinn! Make us proud!".


Holding an old bulky envelope the old lady gave him, he started after her, only to see, once he rounded a building's corner, her body collapsed into a mud puddle in the gutter.


Minutes later, paramedics confirmed the old woman's death as most likely heart failure. Townsfolk stated she had recently been taken with Alzheimer's disease and had been reliving much of her past from World War II, when she'd worked as a German history teacher.

That night, Ludwig finally looked at the contents of the envelope.  It contained an old steel key, and several pages of notes and scribblings of and about the Olybin Monastery and Castle and passageways and caves under the castle's ridge. The notes were signed "Prof. Wilhelm Sinn" - Ludwig's great grandfather.

The next morning, Ludwig called in sick for the dig he was supposed to be working at and instead geared up and followed the directions to the tunnels under the monastery. After several hours of getting through the narrow and dangerous caves, Ludwig came upon an iron door with a key lock. Using the steel key, he inserted it only to see a glow and mystical symbols dance about the keyhole and key, allowing the door to unlock and open. Once inside the vaulted cavern, he saw several iron crates, heavy with rust, but still locked and closed. The creates seem to be in an order of 'open me first', and as such used the same magical key to open the first crate. It opened as the iron door did, revealing a wrapped ancient book...and an ancient sword.

That's when his flashlight batteries died and the sword provided an eerie reddish glow to the room, providing limited light.

Ludwig, knowing it would take time to unravel this ancient find, took the sword and tome with him, using the sword's glow to light the way back to the surface.

After spending several nights using his laptop computer, Ludwig translated the Ostrogoth's Gothic language from the tome's writings using the Codex Argenteus as a reference.  In addition, he also completed deciphering his great grandfather's notes.


Ludwig, now knowledgeable about the contents of the iron crates (loaded with the in-stasis gremlin/demons), the magical staff and the sword of Theodoric the Great, finally went back to the secret vaulted cavern and using the key, the tome, armed with the sword and the magical staff, Ludwig opened the crates with the demons.  Once opened, the demons slowly awoke and exited the crates. Once they saw Ludwig with the sword, they submitted to him - all twelve demons that he'd released. Realizing the power he held, he knew he had to learn more and come back to take on the legacy that his great grandfather once held, except this time, he'd do it for the good of those of Germany...his Germany...not this corrupt capitalistic Germany that threw away his father's legacy and indirectly cause his father's suicide and his mother's depression and (by that time) manic madness.

Locking the iron door, placing a mystic ward (learned from the tome) on the door to prevent the demons from getting out, Ludwig spent the next two years studying about the gremlin/demons, swordsmanship, the secrets of the magical staff and practicing several spells he'd learned from the tome. He'd quit his college career, leaving only a letter to the college headmaster that he was 'learning more' in his own studies than he would ever get from the university. Nonetheless, Ludwig basically fell off the map of any contact with family, friends or his peers and instead focused all his time to learn to be that which his great grandfather once was - "The Gremlinmeister".

Years later, Ludwig was now trained in the use of the sword and had become a fairly decent mage.


Finally, Ludwig returned to the Olybin to take command of his several gremlin/demons in the vaulted cavern.


When he arrived in Olybin, however, things had changed. The town was nearly empty, with the few remaining telling stories of 'massive hauntings' in the area, strange noises, ghostly apparitions and possessed people.  It didn't take long before Ludwig felt he was being watched. On his way to the cavern entrance, he saw a beautiful woman in a short skirt, wearing a beret, standing in his path. She smiled...and that's when her eyes glowed and he blacked out. 

When Ludwig awoke, he found himself bound to a chair in an interrogation room, reminiscent of the old STASI East German Intelligence historical images he'd read/learned about years before. The same woman was there with a smile. She talked to Ludwig asking him his reasons for being in Olybin and who he was working for.  She wanted especially to know if he had any ties to the international protective force known as G.U.A.R.D..  Ludwig instead said nothing. As such, he saw the woman's eyes glow again, and just like last time, everything went black.

When next Ludwig awoke, he was in the presence of an armored man who called himself "Condor Commander".  Ludwig was familiar with Condor Commander and his Condor Legion; they were socialist terrorists trying to revert Germany, especially East Germany, back to a socialist government and policy, as well as align Europe to the same ideology.  They were killers and murderers, but Ludwig, over the years, actually admired Condor Legion's actions, thinking several times how beneficial it would be to bring back the world his father had once been praised in.  His father's "Hero of the Soviet Union" medals and the respect of being the best pilot in East Germany during the Cold War were days that Ludwig always considered the best. Now, there before him, was the leader of the legion himself. That's when he noticed he was no longer tied up and that they instead were in an office instead of an interrogation room. Little did Ludwig know that from this moment in time, he was about to become more famous than his father ever was. 

After hours of discussions, walks through the underground hidden base that was called "The Aerie", Condor Commander explained that Olybin was their hidden base and that, after the woman's mental interrogation (Madame Stasi, being her name), Condor Commander believed the two of them would be able to work together for the glory and benefit of Germany in making in a socialist nation once and for all.  Ludwig was a tad disconcerted with all that was happening, but felt as if Condor Commander and him had known each other for years. As such, Ludwig told Condor Commander about EVERYTHING he'd been doing for the last few years and volunteered his abilities and self to the Condor Legion's goals.

Over the next few years, Ludwig, who was called "Demonmaster" (Damonenmeister in German) now, used his magical abilities and demon controlling skills to fight with Condor Legion.  As such, the demons Ludwig left in the vaulted cavern...bred.  By the time Ludwig finally opened the iron door to the vaulted cavern, there were now hundreds of demons alive, all submissive to long as he held the Sword of Theodoric the Great.

Today, "Demonmaster" is still a member of the Condor Legion, fighting the western democratic forces to press the socialist ideology of what was once that of the Soviet Union unto that of Germany and Europe, fighting the military, spies and even superheroes in the process.  He is an astute, learned man.  He has deep convictions of his socialist views and as such, spouts them at every turn.  He has honed his magical abilities over the years, and has truly become a true super-villain to fight against...even if it seems Madame Stasi seems to have some type of hold on him...




Power Origin: Natural (Magic-Based)

Daemonmeister doesn't have any powers, but wields magic abilities through his runes, tomes. sword and walking stick (See Equipment below).




Sword of Theodoric The Great

  • The sword itself is made of an unknown unearthly metal (possibly meteoric)

  • Against magical weapons, spells and wards, the sword has an infinite level of protection, able to cleave through any magic barrier, ward, or object.

  • Sword has an unearthly ability to transmit control of demon-like gremlins to a full level of submission to anyone (with a soul) who wields the sword.

  • In darkness, it can illuminate a feeble reddish glow from the blade, enough to be able to see up to six feet in front of the sword's wielder. The glow only occurs if the sword is wielded by a person with a soul.


Demon Summoning/Control

  • Ludwig can summon up to a maximum of 6 demons per minute, but usually keeps at the most five with him in combat due to the level of control he has to exert on them to keep them in check.

  • The demon-like gremlins each, when controlled by the sword's bearer, can disrupt electronics within a foot's distance of themselves at an excellent level; with concentration and direct physical contact, most mechanical contraption operations can have their mechanical functionality and frequency of operation disrupted, causing mechanical devices such as gears, levers, switches, bearings, etc to fail. 

  • Gremlins can pro-create, however, only once every year, birthing their offspring within days after fertilization.  Within two months time, the baby gremlins are strong and big enough to disrupt frequencies...and breed.  Gremlins can live to be thousands of years old.  Their brains are not very developed and are limited to more animistic tendencies than problem-solving or deduction.


    • The demon-like gremlin weakness is iron; the more iron there is in the region or a nearby device, the more it diminishes the gremlin/demons ability to disrupt the equipment's frequencies, whether electrical or mechanical.

    • When encased in iron, the gremlin/demons go into a state of stasis, much like a suspended animation state, where, once freed from the iron encasement, will awaken slowly, and within a minute's time, become vicious to any and all (except the bearer (who must have a soul) of the Sword of Theodoric the Great).


Body Protection

  • He wears a body suit that provides good physical, temperature, radiation and energy protection.  He is a good fighter, however, he is only typical in his strength and endurance. 

Mystical Wards

  • Ludwig carries several full charged magical wards that, when on his person and charged, each provide a good level of magical protection; coupled, they can compound each other, adding an additional level of good magical protection to a maximum of incredible levels of magical protection.

  • He can five these wards to whomever he wishes to provide the protection, provided the receiver must have a soul.

  • Ward charges last for 2 days before needing a recharge via a 5-minute incantation (from the Tome or from Ludwig's memory).

Magical Staff

  • Made of magically-grown ironwood, the staff in monstrously strong.

  • It contains an ambient unearthly magical charge of unearthly levels of magic. These energies can be used to do the following through the staff and it (mandatory soulful) wielder:

    • Magical Bolts (up to excellent magical energy levels)

    • Illumination (up to excellent brilliance)

    • Protective field (provides up to excellent magical shielding, expended at an equal rate per several seconds against the staff's magical charge)

    • Voice amplification (excellent ranged voice amplifying)

    • True Sight (disrupts all magically-based illusions up to an excellent rank)

    • Invisibility (can provide invisibility to self or group (again only those with souls) for up to 5 minutes before the staff is drained of this ability; takes an excellent charge of energy to perform and requires 20 hours to re-allow Invisibility to be reused again).

    • Magical Detection (only requires a Feeble amount of magical power to perform); can detect magical energies of typical or better for over 25 miles; power uses the staff to point the direction of the magic being detected.

Tome of Ostrogoth Magic

  • Book that contains up to 100 spells, wards and directions for the use of Ostrogoth Magic.

  • Currently, Daemonmeister has learned 50% of these and can perform them without referencing the Tome, however, the other 50% require the Tome.  Of those learned, none are above the level of good in intensity or power.




  • Germany History (Professional)

  • European History (Proficient)

  • German Language (Master)

  • English (Professional)

  • Gothic-speak (proficient)

  • Demonology (professional)

  • Arcane magic (professional) (Knows a piece of each school of magic, except Technomagic, Death magic, holy magic or dimensional magic)

  • Mining (Proficient)

  • Education Systems (Professional)

  • Swordsmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts (Dodge/Evade) (Proficient)

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