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Virtual Corsairs



Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 Jan 2014






Very little is known about Corsair Commander other than his (or her?) growing list of cyber attacks, thefts, federal and international crimes. 


First identified over one year ago, leaving a virtual 'fingerprint' to confirm his/her association to early cyber attacks and thefts with the 'power on' button logo, "Corsair" as he/she was simply known then has increased his/her paranoia and anger towards authorities and the world in general.

Although some of Corsair's first cyber attacks were related to electronically draining bank accounts of the rich and giving the money to the poor, it has since been ascertained that Corsair only did this when originally tied with an internet hacker gang known as the "Virtual Warriors".  Since then, "Corsair" has abandoned the "Virtual Warriors" and started his/her own war on the world as "Corsair Commander" with up to 300 elite hackers that make up the "Virtual Corsairs" cyber-crime gang.

Multiple attempts have been made to track and arrest this individual, yet each time the authorities get a trace on him/her, it always leads to a dead end.

Now that Corsair Commander is tied to multiple murders of civilians, federal agents and even a superhero, rather than hide in the shadows, Corsair Commander has instead become more brazen and deadly.

FBI profiles of this individual identify the unsub as a highly intelligent early to mid 20s in age. Unsub is an anti-social sociopath with severe parental abuse issues or school bullying issues in his/her youth.  Accent and dialect indicate the unsub has lived in the United States for a long time, with a hint of a California accent. The unsub's tendency to escalate issues identifies that he/she has broken from all reality and is instead creating his/her own world that he/she can control; a level of control that will only increase in more violent actions for each new attack he/she creates. This unsub is considered highly dangerous and extremely volatile.  People who come into contact with he/she should immediately contact the police or dial 911 and leave the area immediately, regardless of your personal belief that you are safe where you are.

You'll never be safe if Corsair Commander targets you.



Power Origin: Technological

All powers relate to equipment and weapons (see Equipment).


  • Armor

    • Provides excellent protection against all forms of attack except magic.

    • Armor is hermetically sealed, good for depths down to 400 feet and can provide internal heating to allow for cold water excursions as well as Stratospheric access.

  • Helmet

    • Provides amazing level of interlink capabilities with Internet, communications systems, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular and satellite systems (including GPS).

    • Helmet's transceiver range in 25 miles.

    • Night vision and digital thermal imagery capabilities.

    • 2 hour supply of Oxygen

    • Bullhorn broadcasting capability; can be heard up to  1/2 mile away.

    • Digital tracking and 'emergency exit' programs allow for Corsair Commander to have a heads up display (HUD) with an escape route to safety (adds three levels of intuition for escape attempts).

  • Gauntlets

    • Excellent-level energy blasters with a range of 200 feet

    • Can fire 200 blasts with fully charged power pack.

  • Power Pack

    • Provides power to weapons and armor systems; at maximum utilization, a fully charged power pack can run Corsair Commander's equipment for up to 10 hours (minus 10 minutes for each gauntlet blast).

  • Rocket Boots

    • Can allow wearer to fly from 0 to 600 mph in 10 seconds for a range of 60 miles.

    • Uses Gauntlet energy blasters for stabilization.

  • Chameleon Cloak

    • Blends cape into local scenery/colors/shades, providing remarkable stealthiness.

  • EM Pulse (external)

    • Can emit an one-shot EM Pulse effecting up to excellent-shielded (and all unshielded) electronics for a 5-mile radius.

  • EM Pulse (internal)

    • Can fire a one-shot amazingly powerful EM Pulse that will fry every single circuit, weapon and suit electronics in Corsair Commander's equipment list in < .01 seconds

    • Does not emit outside of armor or cloak.

  • EM Grenades (4)

    • Can emit a remarkable EM Pulse affecting remarkably-shielded and all unshielded electronics within a 50 foot radius of the grenade.

    • Grenades can be set with a timer up to 50 seconds.

  • Green Smoke Grenade (2)

    • Emits a green smoke fog diminishing visibility by a factor of 4 in a 40 foot range.

    • Each grenade Lasts for 12-15 seconds.

  • Trackers (2)

    • Can be used as beacon for targeting and tracking a person or vehicle.

    • Range 25 miles.

  • Computer Repair and Hacking Equipment

    • Carries a variety of gadgets and equipment that can be used to access any computer or storage device

    • Includes a badge creator device to make personnel security badges in less than 10 seconds.

    • Decipher device provides remarkable means of breaking through encryption and firewalls of any computer system.


  • Computers (Master)

  • Hacking (Master)

  • Computer Repairs (Master)

  • Communications Equipment (Master)

  • Satellite Data/Communications (Master)

  • Missile systems (Proficient)

  • Electronics (Master)

  • Networking (Master)

  • Coding (Master)

  • Kit Bashing (Professional)

  • Electromagnetic Engineering (Professional)