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Nantale Zena

Not widely known

Lethoso & South Africa/Villain











Virtual Corsairs



Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 July 2022



None identified




Nantale Zena was born in Lesotho, Africa, however after showing her mental acuity, she received a private scholarship to South Africa where she applied her genius-level skills towards computer systems designs. By age 16, she was already working on quantum storage drives and quantum processing.  That's always when the bottom of this story falls out.

A rich, jealous classmate (and his father) decided Nantale's research would better 'benefit them' rather than Nantale, so...they killed her.

Nantale, amazingly, minutes later, was revived. She had a mutant power with electricity, shocking her heart to life.  She then went and killed the son and father, which was classified murder, making her a fugitive. Hunted by INTERPOL, she ran until she encountered the Virtual Corsairs (SG). Today, 'Firewall' and the Virtual Corsairs have teamed together, making the world pay for its byte at a time.




Power Origin: Mutant/Technology

  • Electrical Generation

    • Has a mutant power of typical level electrical generation.​

    • While conscious, she can control this power and use it for the following:

      • Electrical Blast​

        • Typical electrical blast up to 60 feet away​

        • NOTE: when used with stored electrical energy, can perform a one-shot single level increase (and range increase) electrical blast

      • Electrified Personal Field​

        • When activated, provides typical energy, physical, temperate, radiation and psionic protection​

        • When this field is activated, anyone touching her body will automatically receive a typical level electrical shock/jolt.

        • When this field is activated, anything (non-living) touching her body is subject to typical level electrical shock, deionization and/or electro-magnetic damage (non-compounded). This may cause computer hard drives, in her hands while this power is active, to be wiped completely.

        • NOTE: Can maintain this field for a total of 1 hour a day; longer than that requires checks against her own endurance.

        • NOTE: when used with stored electrical energy, can increase field protection level by one whole level for two minute's time total

      • Electrical siphon​

        • Can draw electrical energy and temporarily store it up to 60 additional units worth.​

        • NOTE: Can use the stored electrical energy for a one-shot temporary level-increased electrical blast or electrified personal field for protection.

        • NOTE: After one hour, if this stored electrical energy isn't dispensed/dispersed, she will start to take feeble damage every minute until she dies

      • Ionization

        • When activated, can disrupt all forms of electromagnetic operations, communications and electric-based energy fields at a typical level up to 6 feet from her body​

        • Can only maintain this for a total of one minute per every one hour

        • NOTE: Can use the stored electrical energy for a temporary level-increased Ionization, using the same time-based limitations.

        • NOTE: After one minute's time of using Ionization (which is her normal limit per hour), she will start to take feeble psionic damage every following minute until she dies

    • When unconscious, she does not control her power, thus causing the following effects:

      • Electrified body​

        • Body will generate good level electrical field, zapping anyone or anything with good electrical damage trying to touch her​

        • Body's generated good level electrical field will also protection her at a good level from all forms of energy attacks, physical attacks, psionic attacks and even temperate attacks/damage.

        • Discharge until Death​

          • Her electrified body will continue to generate this electrical power for up to 24 hours, where, upon reaching 20 hours, her health will begin to deteriorate and the electrical energy she generates will start to destroy her body until she dies​

          • Has a suit that helps prevent this (see Equipment below)

      • Self-Resuscitation

        • The electrical field in her body, when unconscious, also acts like a defibrillator, restarting her heart.

        • Good resuscitation ability with this power.

        • If she resuscitates, she will have 1/4 health (will have to heal normally) and 1/4 Electrical Generation power level (feeble) for first hour after resuscitation, with level increase per hour thereafter until she is back to typical level Electrical Generation.





  • Enhancements

    • Increases fighting capability by 1 level (Max: Good)

    • Increases agility capability by 2 levels (Max: Good)

    • Increases strength capability by 1 level (Max: Good)

    • Increases endurance capability by 2 levels (Max: Good)

  • Armoring

    • Good physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Excellent energy, magnetic, electrical and temperate protection

    • Remarkable radiation protection

  • Fire Generation

    • Shoulder Storage Tanks:

      • Each should tank carries up to 20 charges of Liquified Napalm (see below) per tank

      • Tanks and supply lines are made of Incredible material protection against all forms of damage (psionic/magical are exempt)

      • Liquified Napalm

        • This is a Class D fuel; continues to burn until the fuel is used up

        • Cannot be 'smothered' or 'deprived of oxygen' or have its heat removed'; it's its own fuel source; it'll continue to burn until it reaches zero consistency

        • Can be 'wiped/washed' off, but has a poor 'sticky' state to it, clinging to the surface it is attached/applied to until burnt out

        • Fire and Melt Effect:

          • Once a 'charge' (application of a small volume of liquified napalm (~10 cubic inches) comes in contact with object/person/ground, etc. after being fired from the Fire Gauntlets (see below), the charge's volume of liquified napalm will initially produce a good fire/heat damage effect and will continue to burn (melt) with a diminished level of damage after every several seconds of burning until the fuel 'charge' drop to a level of 0 consistency.

    • Fire Gauntlet (x2):

      • Gauntlets and supply lines are made of Incredible material protection against all forms of damage (psionic/magical are exempt)

      • Each blast from each gauntlet = one charge of liquified napalm, provided from the Shoulder Storage Tanks

      • Fire Gantlets are NOT cross-connected to each Shoulder Storage Tank

        • left tank supplies left gauntlet

        • right tank supplies right gauntlet

      • Fire Blast/Melt:

        • See Liquified Napalm above for effects/damage

      • Firewall Stunt:

        • Can emit liquified napalm to make a fiery 'barrier'/wall of good intensity fire/heat/flame with 2x loss of visibility when attempting to see through the flames/fire wall​

      • 100 yard range​ per charge/blast/firewall stunt

  • Leaping

    • Good leaping of 100 feet across, 70 feet up and 140 feet down.​

  • Self Contained Life Support System

    • Provides oxygen and air scrubbing equipment in helmet allowing for 2 hours of closed-circuit life support

  • Electronics Suite

    • Security System

      • Requires a complex (remarkable level) security method to override and access this suit and its systems

    • Communications/Audio/Video Package

      • Excellent level of comms, audio and video

      • planetwide range and remote link capability

      • Can see in normal, night, thermal and electronic trace views

    • Sensors/Mini-Computer

      • Excellent level of audio, visual, microscopic/telescopic vision, all spectrum vision, auditory reproduction (can talk in other person's voice (helpful for bypassing audio security access)), atmospheric, electro-frequencies detection sensors, reliable level-identified energy/frequency scans (can determine levels of power, sounds, frequencies, sources, etc.), heat signature scans, etc.​

      • Can sense and obtain data from from own body and any and all controlled cyber-bots or devices and weapons in control of.

      • Onboard computer provides excellent reason, intuition through interactive computer/audio link.



  • Computer systems/designs (Professional)

  • Quantum storage/procession (Professional)

  • Networking/Computer communications (Professional)

  • Academia (Proficient)

  • Computer Labs/Systems (Proficient)

  • Hacking/Computer Crimes (Proficient)

  • Audio/Video/Communications (Proficient)

  • Electricity (Professional)

  • Fire Studies/Effects/Generation (Proficient)

  • Armoring/Bodysuits (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Sesotho (Professional)

    • Southern Bantu (Professional)​

    • English (Professional)

    • Sotho (Proficient)

    • Zhosa (Proficient)

    • Zulu (Proficient)

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