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Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 Oct 2009

Image by Coline Haslé


The history of Tezcatlipoca is long and varied. Mythology sets him in many different lights, functions, roles and conflicts. It was believed he was eventually 'knocked down from being the sun' by an angry brother god, however, legend wavers as to the follow up after that, other than the fact that one day...he simply disappeared.


When a being calling himself Tezcatlipoca appeared in the Veracruz, Mexico region almost a decade ago, demanding his followers to come 'rejoice in his return', there of course was disbelief and ambivalence, couple that with the fact that Tezcatlipoca was using an archaic version of the Nahuatl language, and of course a lot got lost in translation to his requested 'followers'. As such, Tezcatlipoca became annoyed when his followers didn't come forward to follow him. He set forth darkness across the skies, plumes of dark energy erupted all about the region, gusty winds and what was dubbed as a 'very smart Jaguar' were cast upon the populace. Due to the locals' relatively remote region, help didn't come for them until days later, but by that point, Tezcatlipoca had enough new followers flocking to him to be appeased, with all of them disappearing into the jungle mountain regions...for at least a year.

After a year, satellite imagery identified a massive energy and heat plume in the Veracruz mountains, not far from where Tezcatlipoca was seen a year previous. There, a new clearing in the jungle's mountains showed what looked like an unearthed pyramid; a pyramid being unearthed by a few hundred 'followers' (slaves, more to the point). This pyramid was considered to be one of the remote pyramids used by Tezcatlipoca. The main temple, the 'Grand Temple' (Templo Mayor) was actually based out of Mexico City, Mexico in what was once called Tenochtitlan. The main temple, in recent decades has been unearthed on the outskirts of Mexico City, however, it was considered severely degraded due to Hernán Cortes' conquest and plundering in 1521. Nonetheless, when people were sent to investigate the site, none would return. Aerial flights over the pyramid resulted in lost aircraft, drones and pilots.  It wasn't until the (at that time, young) Mexican superhero known as Aguila de Mexico, on one of his unique missions, was able to find his way into the region, barely making it out alive after engaging after fighting with Tezcatlipoca directly. As such, the Mexican government knew Tezcatlipoca to be a threat, but had little to no resources to stop him. As such they let Tezcatlipoca be, and he, they...for awhile.

During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Mexico City was practically decimated by the Soltans. Reports stated that Tezcatlipoca directly attacked and destroyed a few hundred Soltan troops and vehicles, but not before the Soltans used a unique magical-based weapon on him, seemingly killing Tezcatlipoca.


For more than a decade, Tezcatlipoca wasn't seen. His mountain pyramid seemingly vanished into the thick jungle to which, once again, anyone who went to find the place...never came back alive.  Eventually, locals in the Veracruz, Mexico region once again started 'disappearing'...and once again, heat blooms from satellite telemetry identified that Tezcatlipoca hidden pyramid palace was once again operational.  As before, drones, troops and explorers attempted to enter the region...and again, disappeared and/or came back dead.  When a seasoned Aguila de Mexico once again went to investigate Tezcatlipoca, Aguila was abducted and forced to become a sacrificial warrior for Tezcatlipoca. For one year, Aguila de Mexico was drugged, tempted and psychologically enticed to want to sacrifice himself for Tezcatlipoca as part of his ritual, to which beautiful brides were to be given to him, luxuries of incomparable wealth and feasting provided, however, Aguila, at the last minute before the sacrifice, attacked Tezcatlipoca, sending Tezcatlipoca into what is considered as a 'dark void' within his pyramid; avoid that had imprisoned him several times before, according to what Tezcatlipoca had told Aguila in their private chats. Tezcatlipoca's dark void imprisonment was a temporary fix to stop Tezcatlipoca, but it was all Aguila de Mexico needed to free several hundred enslaved locals, Mexican troops and explorers. As a result, Aguila de Mexico gained international fame and celebrity status for his defeat of Tezcatlipoca.

As always, Tezcatlipoca was able to break free of his dark void prison, but this time with the help of Milu, the Polynesian god of the underworld. Tezcatlipoca associated Milu to be the Mesoamerican god called Mictlantecuhtl, the Aztec god of death.  To that degree, Both Milu and Tezcatlipoca decided to work together, first to aid Milu to take over Hawaii, then have Milu help him in taking over Mexico City/Tenochtitlan, allowing him to finally rebuild his empire and his Grande Temple (Templo Mayor) once again.

Sadly, Milu's forces were beaten weeks after Milu's forces took over Hawaii. In the aftermath, Tezcatlipoca was furious in having been defeated by 'lesser beings', and as such went back to his hidden palace in Veracruz, Mexico to slowly bring it back into operation again. There, over the next few years, Tezcatlipoca gained more followers and worshippers, but pretty much kept to himself except for several ventures/attacks to show his power and influence...and to remind Mexico that Mexico City/Tenochtitlan would eventually be his.

Today, Tezcatlipoca continues to reside in his Veracruz hidden mountainous jungle pyramid home. It's been said about 300-400 followers have 'voluntarily' chosen to attend and worship Tezcatlipoca. His power and craving to take back Mexico City/Tenochtitlan, but he also knows that the heroes of the era are more than enough to stop him should he dare to take it back. As such, he has once again opened up a dialect with Milu, hoping to combine the forces of other regional warlords in the Pacific Ocean area to once again attempt to take over the world...and provide Tezcatlipoca with his grand prize - Mexico City/Tenochtitlan...and its millions of inhabitants that he would make worship him.

Image by Coline Haslé


Power Origin: Magic

  • Dark Energy Control/Manipulation

    • Can emanate, form, control and shape dark energy at incredible levels.

    • Can use it to darken, cover, shade or hide things in darkness at incredible levels, covering up to 4 square miles in volume.

    • Can emit dark energy blasts at remarkable levels

    • Can use dark energy tendrils to immobilize and/or hold a person/being with remarkable strength, up to 30 people/beings at a time

    • Can manipulate dark tendrils like 'fingers', stretching for up to 400 yards to move, hold, manipulate or 'feel' things (cannot see through the tendrils, though)

    • Can create a dark energy burst from his body that emanates outward 360-degrees at remarkable levels to his adjacent area and diminished for each consecutive area beyond

  • Flight

    • Can magically hover/fly slow up to 20 mph max at an altitude of nearly 20,000 feet ASL

  • Leaping

    • Excellent leaping capabilities; 150 feet up, 200 feet across, 350 down​

  • Enhanced Physiology

    • His fighting, agility and strength are all at remarkable levels; his endurance/stamina, however, is amazing

    • Body's density provides remarkable protection from all forms of damage

  • Vision

    • Can see into astral, infra red, ultraviolet, normal and night vision for sight

  • Self-Sustenance

    • Does not require oxygen, water, food or sunlight or gravity to survive. Feeds off the dark's energy (see LIMITATIONS)

  • Limited Immortality

    • Ages 1 year for each 500 years of natural time


LIMITATION: Sunlight/Unfiltered Untraviolet Light.  Being enshrouded in pure sunlight and/or UV Light prevents him from recharging himself with dark energy. So long as he is in this form of light, he cannot recharge his powers for his storage (4000 units baselined). When drained, he retains his limited immortality, but would lose all his other powers, becoming a normal human with good physical capabilities (who ages 1 year for every 500 years).

LIMITATION: Missing right foot.  He lost his foot in battle with his brother millennia ago and uses a golden foot/boot replacement therein. He can still run and move as if he'd never lost his foot.

Image by Coline Haslé


  • Helmet (Soul Collector)

    • Stores a copy of Tezcatlipoca's own soul so that, if he was corporally defeated, his soul would be retained in the helmet until someone puts it on, to which an incredible level mental transfer occurs, wherein Tezcatlipoca's soul takes over the target's body wherein he can eventually fined a way to transfer his soul back into his 'dead' body (which doesn't necessarily decompose; it just goes into stasis).  The other soul trapped in the helmet can be 'expelled' by Tezcatlipoca at his whim (that's what he usually does).

    • Amazing magical material strength

    • Provides incredible protection against all forms of damage other than magic (magic protection is amazing)

  • Gauntlets (Slave Binders)

    • Can produce excellent level mental control, confusion, manipulation and/or sleep to a target or up to 20 targets max

      • Effects can last from 1-20 hours from one application, depending on strength of the target's psyche​

    • Amazing magical material strength

    • Provides incredible protection against all forms of damage other than magic (magic protection is amazing)

  • Boots (Fleet Foot)

    • Allows Tezcatlipoca to run up to amazing speeds in less than one second (500 yards), making it seem like he 'teleports' from one place to another.

      • Can only do his speed run every 24-30 seconds of time (needs to recharge)

      • Can only do this 20 times an hour max or boots will stop working for over 2 hours​

    • Amazing magical material strength

    • Provides incredible protection against all forms of damage other than magic (magic protection is amazing)

  • Belt Skulls (Anti-Magic Wards)

    • Each skull provides incredible magical detection prevention

      • Range: 5 miles

      • Requires recharge once a month; takes 10 minutes to recharge each skull using dark energy magics

    • Tezcatlipoca  ​​is known to leave a skull from his belt at his pyramid(s) or hideaways or base locations as needed to prevent magical detection of place.

Image by Coline Haslé


  • Mesoamerican History & Lore (Doctorate)

  • Geography (Master)

  • Dark Energy (Master)

  • Regal Politics (Master)

  • Human Sacrifices (Professional)

  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Stone Age Architecture (Professional)

  • Hunting (Professional)

  • Agriculture/Farming (Professional)

  • Landscaping (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Spear/Axe/Mace Weapons Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Sports (Professional)

  • Competitive Events/Games (Professional)

  • Astronomy (Proficient)

  • Jungle Life/Animals/Insects (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • All Mesoamerica languages (old, dead or new) (Professional)​

    • English (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Professional)

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