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Aguila de Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (S/T)Robert Rodrigues
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Diego DeVega




early 30s








The Eagle

Allied Fighters

New Allied Fighters #7

May 2013

Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 April 2009


  • Juan DeVega (Father, deceased)

  • Carlita DeVega (Mother, deceased)

  • Sobresa DeVega (sister, deceased)

  • Julio DeVega (brother, deceased)

  • Carlos (Vega) DeVega (Grandfather, deceased)

  • Fernando Hernandez Vega AKA Aztec Eagle (Great Grandfather, deceased)




Diego DeVega was born into a well-to-do Mexican family. His father, Juan Devega, worked for the interior ministry of the Mexican government.  Diego's grandfather, Carlos DeVega, was a wealthy man with 'questionable' business practices during the 1970s and 1980s, with rumor about his involvement with drug cartels.  In 1992, his grandfather was found dead and dismembered with all evidence pointing to a "Cartel killing". Diego's father was believed to be part of a sting operation that had uncovered the grandfather's criminal involvements. Whether Diego's father was involved directly or indirectly in Diego's grandfather's death is still considered speculative...and classified by the Mexican government.

Diego grew up with private tutors, trainers and his own valet. He was driven everywhere with a security team whenever he left the family's estate. At one point, after seeing 'The Mark of Zorro' movie, Diego, became obsessed with sword-fighting and fencing. He was a quick learner, taught by the best fencing coach/trainer money could buy.  Overall, Diego was living an enchanted life.

In 1999, Diego entered a Mexican National Fencing competition.  He won 1st place easily.  The Mexican Olympic committee recruited him as the youngest Fender in Mexico's Olympic history, and were in the process of training him up for the 2000 Olympics. Diego and his Fencing instructor became a perfect mentor/student relation, once that Diego (and his family) cherished.

That's when everything went wrong.

On Christmas Day, 1999, the DeVega family and friends gathered for a traditional Christmas Day dinner feast. In all, 33 attended the gathering, including Deigo's Fencing Instructor and several of his father's co-workers and their children.  That night, Diego's mother, Carlita, announced her pregnancy to the family of what was to be her 4th child.  As everyone was raising a glass to toast, the estate came under armed attack.  Bullets shot through the windows, grenades exploded, people died all around Diego.  He saw both his mother and father cut down in a hail of bullets, along with dozens of others around the table.  His sister and brother hid under the table, but a grenade landed under the table next to them and exploded, sending Diego flying into a wall, where he promptly passed out from the concussion.


Diego woke up minutes later in the back seat of a car travelling at break-neck speeds down an old bumpy dirt night, with no headlights. Diego was covered in blood and entrails. his right leg had several large wooden splinters sticking out of it and he tasted a copper-like flavor in his mouth...blood.  The two in the car were his valet and his Fencing instructor. They were being chased by a helicopter, shooting at them.  Before Diego passed out, his Fencing Instructor shot at the helicopter, causing its engine to smoke, wherein the helicopter peeled off and away from pursuing the car.  He saw the symbol on the side of the helicopter.  It was an image he'd long remember; the image of a dog's image synonymous with the black market syndicate known as CANIS.

Diego woke up two days later in a Mexican federal hospital room, with armed Mexican Secret Service police outside the door.  Next to him was his Fencing instructor, Sandovol Solano.   Sanchez looked like he hadn't slept in days and was still wearing the same blood-soaked jacket from the night of the attack. Diego and Sandoval embraced in a tearful hug as Sandoval explained all that occurred...and that only he, Diego and the one security guard survived the attack by both CANIS and a new Mexican gang called the "Serpents of Crime".  Diego was told that his father had worked for the Mexican government as a federal investigator into some of the biggest - and most dangerous - crime families and cartels in all of Mexico.  Weeks before, a massive drug raid, in conjunction with the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) caught several major crime bosses and actually prevented another crime boss from entering back into Mexico (see Crimewave). CANIS and several other drug cartels lost hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of the raids, including most of their senior leadership. Sadly, revenge became the cartel's next weapon.  A 'mark' was put out on the DeVega family and several other Mexican agents and their families.  Death Legion and CANIS both vied for the mark, but Death Legion was too busy with their 'Christmas Special' assassination deals at the time, allowing CANIS to take the mark for the DeVegas.

Sandoval told Diego he was in the next room on a phone call from a government agent calling him to tell him to get the DeVegas out now and that others were being murdered all over the county even as they spoke. By the time Sandoval dropped the phone, the bullets had already started flying.  Sandoval got shot though his hand by a bullet that went through the wall.  Before he was able to bandage it with a cloth napkin, the shooting stopped.  Several CANIS troops reviewed the dead, verifying the DeVegas.  When one CANIS trooper kicked Diego's semi-concious body, Diego grunted. The trooper trained his gun on Diego, only for Sandoval to drive a shattered wooden chair leg up into the trooper's neck.  As the trooper fired wildly in the room (hitting and killing 2 other CANIS troopers), Sandoval grabbed up Diego and ran to the cars out front to see three of the remaining security guards in a gunfight with other CANIS troopers.  Sandoval ran up with Diego in his arms to one of the security guards and told him they had to leave or the last DeVega would be dead.  They got into the car and drove off, only to see the last two security guards die providing cover fire for their escape.  A helicopter followed, and as Diego remembered, Sandoval shot it down.  Since Sandoval knew the DeVega's worked for the federal government, they went there first.  They were taken into protective custody and the hospital, where the story of that chapter now caught Diego up to the reality that he was the only one left alive in his entire family. To make matters worse...days later, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth...and Mexico City.

In January 2000, the Soltan Star Empire, after decades of planning, invaded Earth.  The military fell first, followed by critical magical sites and finally, major cities.  Within two days, Mexico City was taken over by the Soltans.  Sandoval spirited Diego out of the hospital and went into hiding in the city's sewers.  There, Sandoval, who was also a part-time federal agent and a detective, began using his skills to map out Soltan military outposts, weapons caches and discover the Soltan weaknesses, which no until months later, were any weaknesses found.  Diego, after recovering from his wounds, started going on missions with Sandoval, raiding Soltan sites and stirring up trouble where needed.  They eventually became resistance leaders.  Thanks to help by a few surviving Technomagic sorcerers, a specialized weapon was created by Mexico's resistance fighters and was successfully field tested in several anti-Soltan raids.  The plans were sent to the rest of the world's resistance group and remaining military forces and by August, humanity kicked the Soltans off Earth and sent them licking their wounds on the far side of Mars.


When the dust settled from the invasion, Diego and Sandoval were two of several resistance heroes honored with Mexico's highest award: The Order of the Aztec Eagle.  Diego became a ward of Mexico and was sent to the finest private schools (left) in Mexico.  After completing his degree in Criminology at the University of Maryland in the United States, he went to work for the federal government as a covert agent. Over the next decade, Diego, also called the "Eagle" (due to his award), performed hundreds of missions, all in weeding out corruption, black marketeers, drugs and crime cartels from Mexico and especially from Mexico City. He eventually had to start wearing a mask so his enemies couldn't figure out who he really was, and even started carrying his old fencing swords with him after they saved him one time from certain death.  Sandoval, who had continued teaching Diego sword-fighting and fencing over the recent years, even had the swords blessed by a priest...just for luck.


In addition to his national duties, "The Eagle" also worked with the American CIA on several occasions as well, and on a couple of daring raids on a band of hero-killers called "The Exterminators" (of which that last raid caught the interest of CIA Special Agent Brown AKA John Brown AKA Major Invader). Eventually, thanks to his incredible actions and teamwork, even CANIS was routed out of Mexico once and for all.

As crime dropped to near record lows in Mexico and Mexico City started rebuilding as the new tech Mecca in the modern world, stories of "The Eagle" began to appear.  Soon, he was renamed as "Aguila de Mexico-The Mexican Eagle".  His stories of his exploits practically made him a Mexican legend by 2015.  Again and again, he was awarded accolades, Aguila de Mexico Days, festivals in his name, and of course, tens of thousands of letters and emails monthly by his adoring fans, especially the children of Mexico. In December 2015, his mentor, Salvador, died due to complications resulting from his injuries during the Soltan Invasion.  He was given a national hero's funeral, with Aguila as the lead speaker at the funeral.

In 2016, Aguila de Mexico informed his public that he was 'retiring' while he still could.  He felt he'd done his part and it was now time for a new wave of Mexican superheroes to rise to the occasion.  Although the nation was saddened, they cheered him for his decision and even made statues and new songs about him to honor his legacy.  That all changed months ago.

Recently, Aguila de Mexico, who even though retired, still followed detective work now and then, saw a strange pattern in crime in Mexico City; a disturbing trend that led him to believe Mexico and Mexico City might be in the cross-hairs of a massive explosion of crime and murder.  While investigating a warehouse of of the lake, he discovered a secret base underneath; a high tech base that was being protected by the ultra-secret world dominating organization known only as Scorpius.  There, he found large caches of an aerosol compound that made people susceptible to suggestion. He also found notes mentioning about "the assassination" planned that night...but who it was to be assassinated, he had no idea.  All he knew was he had to find a way to stop the assassination and uncover what the chemicals were to be used for.

Of course that's when HE was discovered by Scorpius guards.

After a rousing fight in his Aguila de Mexico costume and swords, he encountered what initially seemed like a decrepit old scientist being held against his will, only to find out later it was the Scorpius mastermind leader himself that went by the same name, Scorpius. Aguila hurt Scorpius with his blades, with Scorpius claiming he hadn't been hurt in 'decades' like that. As Scorpius told Aguila that his actions didn't matter, since he was 'immortal', and soon the entire world would be hunting him down for assassinating the President of Mexico. Sadly, before Aguila could do anything, he was fired upon by several heavy weapon assault bots, cutting Aguila down into a pool of blood, leaving him seconds away from death.  Using an experimental teleporter, Aguila was able to 'emergency' teleport away to a medical transporter healing station set up by his team on a Mexican navy Aegis Cruiser 50 miles off shore of the Mexican coast; one of his many backup plans Aguila usually devised, pending the difficulty of the mission.

When Aguila arrived on the medical platform, the healing equipment went into a force field lock-down and 200% overdrive to try and prevent Aguila's death, preventing Aguila's team from even being able to extract him from the platform.  In that short time thereafter, Aguila's support team told him that, in real time, the Mexican President has just been Aguila de Mexico himself in Guadalajara, Mexico. Live video coverage showed images of Aguila de Mexico stabbing the President in the chest with his swords and killing several dozen other secret service agents and personnel before fleeing the scene with one of his standards "Zorro-like" flourishes. His team watched as the live feed show Aguila on the screen...while they also saw him on the platform.  The assassin was obviously NOT Aguila de Mexico, but an impostor. At that same time, the Aegis Cruiser was electronically disabled by a massive EMP beam shot from somewhere near Mexico City.  At the same time, a flight of over 100 Mexican Cruise Missiles descended upon the Aegis Cruiser.  There was no time to abandon ship nonetheless fight back.

Aguila's team did the only thing they could do: re-transport Aguila out to any other medical teleporter platform that would accept a medical transport signal.  As such, the second Aguila was 'retransported' off the ship, the Cruiser, the Cruiser's crew and Aguila's support team died in a fiery explosive cloud of detonated Cruise Missiles.  There were no survivors...except Aguila de Mexico.

At the same time of the Mexican President's assassination, the Allied Fighters super hero team has just started up again as a team and had just turned on the power to their outdated and moldy old base.  Interestingly enough, the old medical transporter tech in the base, archaic today, was state-of-the-art in 2000 when the base was last used.   As such, when the power came back on, so did the medical transporter platform...and with it, a nearly dead Aguila de Mexico.


Luckily for Aguila, the mutant healer known as Doc Alleviation was there in the base and saved Aguila from certain death.  Major Invader, the Allied Fighters leader, allowed the Doc to secretly keep Aguila there in the base, under restraints, and until the whole 'Mexican President' assassination deal was sorted out.

It took four days before Aguila regained consciousness, and even then, only for minutes a day at a time. Aguila attempted to tell the Major about what he'd found in Mexico City...Scorpius, the chemicals, the assassination plot...everything.  However, the building Aguila had mentioned was no longer there; it was instead a new 'lagoon' for a resort off the Mexico City lake. As such, all evidence, even the sunken Aegis Cruiser itself, was not found. No evidence.  This led Major Invader to question Aguila's veracity, and thus kept Aguila locked away just in case.

A new election happened in Mexico weeks after the assassination.  A 'new' candidate was voted in by 85% of the majority; that person: Mitre Duse'. His first act was an practically a worldwide execution order for Aguila de Mexico, that he was to be captured, dead or alive, with a $100 million Peso bounty to the person who brings in the correct body.  Nonetheless to say, over 300 "Aguila De Mexicos" were murdered and brought in for the reward, but of course, none were the 'real' Aguila de Mexico. Around that same time, all of Mexico's new superheroes were found murdered, crippled for life, or had instead left the country.  In addition, CANIS returned to Mexico, as did Crimewave, the Gold Syndicate, the Maritime Marauders and many other villainous people and organizations, all capitalizing on the incredible high tech industries that now existed across all of Mexico City. Mexico City, up until recently a shining beacon of reform and the paragon of 21st century high tech, was now turning into a pirate's Tortuga.

Months later, recovered and still jailed in the Allied Fighter base, Aguila de Mexico broke out of his cell and fought the Allied Fighters in a valiant escape from their base. When he exist the base into the city of Boston, people immediately recognized Aguila de Mexico and tried to apprehend him.  The police chased him, other superheroes were called in to apprehend him, it was a city-wide manhunt.  Aguila luckily was able to find a place to hide, but the city was in lock down as the authorities went door-to-door, building-to-building to find him.  Eventually, he was found, but not by the authorities - it was by Death Legion - a league of assassins.

In an incredible story unto itself, Aguila was able to to evade three of the best Death Legionnaires, thanks in part to Major Invader.  The Major helped stop the assassins, and in so doing, overheard one of the assassins give clues to Aguila's innocence.  As a result, the Major was able to use lawyers and counselors to take the bounty off of Aguila de Mexico in the United States...after the public was allowed to hear the evidence that cleared Aguila. The American public, as usual, saw Aguila as an innocent being duped by 'authority' and sided with him as if he was an innocent victim (which of course, he was).  Aguila was soon thereafter granted asylum in the United States, Great Britain, India and Spain. After the grant of asylum, over 2/3rds of America truly believed the proof of Aguila's innocence, but some were still agitated about having an 'illegal alien' and a 'murderer' running around their cities.

With no where else to go, and still considered a presidential assassin in Mexico, Aguila agreed to join Major Invader's group, and as such, became the leader of Omega Squad, even with the bounty still on his head by a majority of the world's nations.

Today, he fights alongside the Allied Fighters, waiting for the day he can return to his country and once again take down all the criminal organizations and restore order....and kill Scorpius once and for all.





  • Bodysuit:

    • Provides good protection from physical, heat, cold, radiation, toxins, acids and energy.

  • Swords:

    • Amazing flexible steel (HY100) material strength

    • Blessed by Catholic priests

  • Smoke Bomb (1):

    • Provides a loss of 4 to 5 times normal vision for 15 seconds

    • Usually used as a distractor or a means of covering his escape/departure

  • Comms Device:

    • 250 miles range transceiver; encrypted frequencies

    • battery can last for 4 days of continuous use

  • Emergency Long Range Medical Transport Beacon (removable)(2):

    • Allows for up to 300 miles beacon range for emergency medical transportation for whoever the person is it is attached to

    • PAD:

    • Electronic handheld computer packed with 10 Picabytes of Criminology database information, fingerprints, rifling data, criminal records and many other millions of digital data comrpised by his team (uploaded and updated automatically be a remote set of secret servers).

    • Contains several types of scanners to include metalurgic, fingerprint, chemical compositions, fiber analysis and air quality.

  • Lockpick kit​

  • Electronic lock cypher/cyber key


  • Swordsman (Master)

  • Fencing (Master)

  • Detective Process and Analysis (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Master)

  • Martial Arts (Judo, Krav Maga, Akimbo) (Master)

  • Criminologist (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Boxing (Professional)

  • Legal (Professional)

  • Government (Professional)

  • Covert Operations (Professional)

  • Stealth (professional)

  • Olympics (Proficient)

  • Pilot (Proficient)

  • Race Car Driver (Proficient)

  • High Speed Boating (Proficient)

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