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Known but no believed

Hawaii elder god/Villain


3,000 years +










None stated in mythology

God of the Underworld

Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 May 2017

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Milu, a three millennia-old elder god of the Pacific Ocean region, and a self-created 'god of the underworld' (Polynesia's version of Hell called Lua-o-Milu) that entrapped and contained the souls of millions of human beings over time, is the leader of a combative team of super-powered warlords and miscreants located all around the Pacific region. This band, now called the 'Kaha Koa', under Milu's 'leadership' intends to take-over everything in the Pacific Ocean region, and eventually, the world. Milu, however, is just in it for vengeance...and the souls.

Millenia ago, Milu was but one of many elder gods that roamed the Earth.  Another younger elder, the goddess of volcanoes, hula and the creator of the Hawaiian IslandsPele, was a thorn in Milu's prestige as a god. Milu ruled by fear and dedication (to one's ancestors), while Pele provided a more austere interaction with the humans of Polynesia.  Pele, known by many different titles, to include Pele-honua-mea ("Pele of the sacred land") and Ka wahine ʻai honua ("The earth-eating woman"), was worshipped by the islanders far more than Milu. As such Milu and Pele had quite a few 'disagreements' in their millennia of existence.


At one point, in the MDU, Milu felt overtly 'slighted' when Pele 'moved' a flow of lava from destroying a village and its inhabitants, thus preventing Milu from getting the dead's souls. Furious with her, Milu darkened the islands, leaving the islanders lost in the sunless void of darkness and afraid. Groups of them sacrificed themselves (or more to the point, the tribal chiefs volunteered certain tribe members) by jumping of cliffs to their deaths to appease Milu and bring the back the light. Pele, in a fit of rage, created the eruption of Maui's Haleakalā volcano and fought with Milu on the godly plane. In the end, Pele won, forcing Milu's essence into imprisonment at the deepest point of the Marianas Trench, leaving him there for centuries, stewing in anger over what Pele had done to him. Milu swore that when he was finally free, he would destroy Pele and all his fellow elder gods and any of their god's protectors, leaving Milu to take all the souls of the world, making him the ultimate and only surviving elder god to rule the Earth in its entirety...forever.


Pele over the years, sadly, lost her powers as her fellow elder gods all died off while humanity grew in ascendency to its current status. In 2000, when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, Pele was already weak. She was the last remaining elder god left on the planet, except for the imprisoned Milu. Using all her remaining powers, she did what she could to save the Hawaiian Islands from the alien invaders using sympathetic magical energies against the Soltans, however, she also had to use her powers to keep Milu caged. Milu, sensing Pele's waning strength, intensified his attempts to escape, keeping Pele further weakened. By August of 2000, the Soltans had nearly drained Earth of nearly all its magical energies, leaving both Milu and Pele so weakened, both basically were on death's door.  Thanks to the world's combined human and super-powered forces, the Soltans were driven off Earth as well as re-releasing the stolen magical energies back into Earth at nearly 400 times the level it once was. The flood of new magical energies super-powered both Milu and Pele, preventing their deaths, however, Milu was too quick in his reactions and broke free of his captivity in the Marianas Trench.  For the next few years, Milu, obsessed with vengeance against Pele, built up an army of sea creatures and super-powered undersea warlords from all over the Pacific basin. When he finally amassed enough of an army to combat Pele, he attacked her...and killed her, winning his vengeance and making him the last elder god left alive on Earth.


Unknown to Milu, several 'contingency actions' had been activated on Earth by Pele moments before her death to help save the world from Milu's eventual malicious machinations.  One such contingency action of Pele's was using the last of her powers, moments before her death, to empower several human Polynesians with amazing powers; powers that would be expected to be used to save Hawaii and its Polynesian brethren from Milu's forthcoming onslaught. Other contingencies included one of Pele's sisters, Hi'iaka, who, when born several centuries ago (as a demi-god), was expected to side with Pele and fight against Milu (sadly, that story took a WHOLE different turn! See MDU's Hi'iaka's character entry for more on that!). Nonetheless, even with other contingencies activated to attempt to stop Milu, Pele was now dead and Milu decided it was time to claim victory (and souls) of and from the Pacific region.


Milu initiated his conquest first by taking human form and empowering it with his god-like powers (which was the only way for his powers to be used at their unearthly level). Once done, he personally led the charge of his massive invasion into the most sacred of Pele's treasures - the Hawaiian Islands.  Although Milu was initially successful and took over all of the Hawaiian Islands, it wasn't long before Pele's empowered champions banded together with military and local islanders to take back most of the Hawaiian Islands. In an amazing epic story all unto itself (see Pacific League and individual entries for its heroes, as well as history for Kaha Koa's warlords), Milu was driven back to the Hawaiian island of Niihau, where, try as they might, Earth's forces and Pele's champions (now called the Pacific League) were unable to fully defeat Milu and his warlords. To that end, a cease fire was arranged with Milu through the Pacific League's leader, Princess Kamehameha

As a result of his failure to conquer the Hawaiian Islands, Milu's warlords went their separate ways, back to their regions, all with massive losses to their troops, weapons and supplies. It would take years before any of the warlords were able to garner enough troops or resources to even mount local attacks against humans in a warlord's own territory.  Milu, after the cease fire attempted to place himself back onto his elder god plane of existence to realize he no longer could; Pele, as one of her contingency actions, ensured the elder's plane became a one-way door upon her death; once Milu exited that plane and into a human form, the plane's door was closed permanently.  Milu, for the next few years used every iota of his power and knowledge to pierce the door to the plane, but was unsuccessful. As a result, Milu is now stuck in a mortal body; a mortal body that has maybe 20 years of life left in it due to the voracious dark energies of his powers eating away at said mortal body. He cannot create a new body without first leaving the existing one, and the only that that was ever able to be done was through the elder god's plane of existence.

Milu was stuck in a dying mortal shell. What's more is that he also didn't have access to his 'souls' in his Lua-o-Milu (Milu's self created Hell that existed on the same plane as the elder god's plane), thus causing his powers to wane even further. To top that off, he didn't even have his army or warlords; they'd all abandoned him due to his failure to take the Hawaiian Islands.

For the next few years, Milu was able to create a 'soul extractor' that allowed him to siphon souls and place into a localized magical 'space' (not plane) where he could freely feed off of to empower himself. In doing so, Milu began to 'reform the band', so to speak, and get his old warlords back to his side.  Milu has been successful in garnering a tentative alliance with a handful of them. Milu intends that once he's solidified control on his warlords, he'll be poised to lead them once again into conquering the Pacific region, most notably through the Hawaiian Islands again...and over the Pacific League's dead bodies.

Today, Milu continues his plots and machinations against humans. Although Milu leads his fellow "Kaha Koa" warlords, they have yet to team together in full strength, thanks to their ornery and untrustworthy natures. Milu's Kaha Koa is supposed to become the most powerful undersea army in the world. This time, however, Milu will go in with plans, strategy, tactics and a far better understanding of what he is up against. Milu's sought-after goal is Hawaiian conquest and what he considers a payback against Pele: killing her empowered 'Pacific League' champions.

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Power Origin: Magic

NOTE: Before describing and listing his powers, Milu is currently locked out from entering his godly plane where his powers at far more powerful. While he is on Earth and not empowered through access to his godly plane, his powers are diminished by at least 4 levels, leaving him angry and vengeful. To that degree, for this entry we will list the baseline max power in parenthesis "( )" and his current max powers on Earth in bold text. 

  • Dark Energy Control/Manipulation

    • Can create and control tendrils, beams, blasts, shapes, clouds and voids of dark energy at an incredible (unearthly) capability

    • Range of control is 400 yards (1000 yards)

    • Can decreased visibility down to pitch blackness against a target or space with remarkable (fantastic) capability

    • Can raise up to 4 (10) dead bodies/warriors (necromancy) every several seconds to a max of 40 (1,000) dead bodies/warriors, all that do his bidding

    • Dead Bodies/Warriors:

      • Stats vary depending on level of decay of body; the following is an average:

        • Stats are all typical (remarkable) levels

        • Melee fighting/speeds are poor (remarkable) physical attacks

        • Dead bodies/Warriors have feeble (typical) reasoning and are all under his control (psyches=amazing (on either plane))

    • Create and/or form Dark Weapons/Shapes:

      • Can create dark energy shapes of blades, axes, maces etc. with his dark energies, usually forming images/shapes of ancient Polynesian melee weapons​

      • Can impact a target (sharp or blunt) with up to amazing physical or dark energy damage

      • Range of the use of such dark energy-shaped weapons don't usually exceed 20 feet (60 feet) from his body.

  • Life/Soul Drain

    • He has feeble (remarkable) ability over time to draw life (aka 'health') from a target. This amounts to about 2% (30%) of life drained every several seconds.

    • He can drain a target's psyche at an poor (excellent) level over time. Once the targets psyche is drained, the body goes into a coma with no brain activity and the soul of the target gets absorbed into Milu (and/or his realm).

  • Self-Healing

    • Has an excellent (fantastic) self-healing capability allowing up to 20% (60%) of personal health healing per minute's time

  • Resurrection

    • He CANNOT (can) bring a living being back to life (by either returning the target's soul or importing another soul into a body; body returns with 10% health).

  • Near-Immortal Being

    • Can live for tens (hundreds) of thousands of years

    • Upon reaching a complete loss of health, her body will remain in a fiery, cocooned fetal-positioned stasis wherein she will heal, regrow any lost limbs and recuperate her powers. In this stasis, even in her current depowered state, she is considered to have unearthly protection.

    • At the end of her lifespan, rather than go into stasis, she can impart her vast powers to others, the land, the planet or simply allow it to 'vent into space', at the rate of 10,000 (10 million) energy units.

  • Dark Energy Sheath/Aura

    • Can form a protective aura around himself providing remarkable (fantastic) energy, toxic/toxin, physical, magical, temperate and mental/psionic protection

  • Environmental Awareness

    • Can sense any living soul bound being/creature within 1 (5) miles of his location.

    • Can sense any dead, decaying or non-soul bound being within 5 (25) miles of his location.

  • Dark Energy Blast/Bursts

    • Can shoot remarkable (fantastic) dark energy blasts up to 300 (600) yards away every several seconds

    • Can shoot a burst of incredible (spectacular) dark energy up to 250 (700) yards away every 30+ seconds if allowed to focus

  • Hover

    • He can hover and slowly move in the air, using dark energy tendrils to aid in his aerial movement

    • He can hover up to feeble, 15-20 mph (good, 250-300 mph) airspeeds.

    • Altitude max is 10,000 feet (no max altitude)


  • Godly Plane Access

    • Normally, Milu was able to traverse the earthly plane and the godly plane, which included his own self-made Polynesian Underworld realm called Loa-O-Milu, a realm where Milu stored and kept his souls to empower, educate, torture and/or reutilize to his own diabolical whims. This was usually done, via the Earthly plane, by touching a dead piece of a Koa Tree or branch (a living Koa tree gave other gods access to the rest of the godly plane, like his great niece, Hi'iaka, but not to his realm; dead Koa only for that).

    • He is currently unable to access the godly plane or Loa-O-Milu due to Pele closing it off to him and all remaining (existing) Polynesian Pantheon gods (this also, included said great niece, Hi'iaka) upon her death, mostly to stop Milu's ascent and to spite Milu.

      • The access cannot be obtained unless someone with dimensions travel capabilities of unearthly levels provides a POSSIBLE means of access.

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  • Milu's Helmet

    • Spectacular magical material

    • Provides additional amazing psionic/mental, radiation protection

    • Provides additional incredible magical protection

    • Doesn't allow (does allow) him to see into the Earthly plane from his Loa-O-Milu realm.

  • Forearm & Shin Armor

    • Spectacular magical material

    • Provides additional remarkable physical energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides additional incredible radiation protection

    • Remarkable protection against (cannot be) psionically, mentally or magically manipulated or controlled

    • Cannot (Can) provide navigation 'pull' to direct him towards any Koa wood, alive or dead, within 1 (5) miles

  • Soul Skulls (Soul Storage) (8)

    • Located on Milu's belt

    • Each skull stores one specific soul of one of his most dedicated dark servants

    • Can use this to 'replace' a person's lost/removed/dead soul in a living body, allowing the skull's soul to take over and inhabit said body

    • This is only a psyche swap; no powers, but skills can and will be allowed to be carried over

    • Soul transfer lasts either 3 (30) days or when the dark servants soul wishes to return to Milu's Soul Skull storage again

Dark Ocean.jpg


  • Polynesian History & Lore (Doctorate)

  • Lua-O-Milu (Ultimate Expert)

  • Polynesian Pantheon of Gods (Doctorate)

  • Polynesian Cultures/Societies (Master)

  • Polynesian Cuisines (Master)

  • Polynesian Death Cults, Chants, Methods (Master)

  • Dark Energy control/manipulation (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Traditional Polynesian Weapons Maker (Master)

  • Navigation (Master)

  • Life Energies/Human Biology (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Breaks (Professional)

  • Hunting (Master)

  • Magic Capabilities/Functions & relic creation (Master)

  • Polynesian Weapons (Master)

  • Aquatic Life: Pacific Ocean (Doctorate)

  • Dimensional Energies, Realms & Teleportation (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • All of the Pacific Region languages (Master)

    • All other languages (Proficient)

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