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Robert baker












Boston Bob, Captain Baker




Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Sep 2007


Steve Baker (brother)

Joy Baker (sister)

Clyde Baker II (brother)

Clyde Baker (father)

May Baker (mother, (deceased)




Air Force Test Pilot Captain Robert "Boston Bob" Baker was testing the manned Jupiter mission's environmental suit when everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

A US Air Force boxing champion and notorious test pilot, Captain Baker was conducting a final Trial & Acceptance Demonstration (TAD) of the Sealed Trans-Atmospheric Telemetric Armored (STRATA) Suit to several NASA engineers and executives.  During the demonstration, about a mile away, one of the Galactic Expatriate aliens, a megalomaniac named Magistrate Andromeda, sought to commandeer rocket fuel from the Cape Canaveral spaceport.  Communications were jammed, thus no signal was sent out to ask for help.  Several dozen armed guards attempted to stop Andromeda and his troops but nothing penetrated his energy field.

Without a moment's hesitation, Captain Baker, still wearing the STRATA Suit, activated the suit's boot jets and intercepted Magistrate Andromeda just short of the fuel tanks.  Flanked by over 20 other energy-weapon carrying aliens, Andromeda ordered his troops to attack Captain Baker.  Since the STRATA Suit was designed to operate in Jupiter's heavy gravity (264 % that on Earth), the armor's exoskeleton and structure were upped to an amazing level to compensate.  Equipped with only his fists, Captain Baker fought through the 20 alien troops and went one-on-one with Magistrate Andromeda.  The suit's power reserves were only charged enough for the demo, ergo, the suit's power levels dropped rapidly in the fight.

Captain Baker was on the ropes.

As the captain was being pommeled repeatedly, he grabbed a large piece of the platform there was in front of the fuel tanks and punctured the fuel tanks, creating an explosion that leveled a 1/2 mile of fuel storage, an open runway and a natural bird preserve.  Magistrate Andromeda was ejected by the explosion over 5 miles from the blasts epicenter, splashing down in the ocean.  When the authorities went to fish him out of the ocean, they didn't find the Magistrate's body; only his shoulder armor and part of his helmet.  Baker, as a result of the blast, was buried under 10 feet of super-heated metal debris which, using the last ergs of energy of his suit, he cleared away to escape the raging fires.  He collapsed in front of the paramedics so as to ensure no one tried to rush into the raging fires to try and help him.

After the incident, Captain Baker was awarded the Silver Star medal, however, due to his multi-million dollar destruction of the facility, he was forced off the project and was detached from the Test Pilot program.  With only a 'desk job' awaiting him, he quickly resigned his commission deciding instead to try to get in with the international security force called "G.U.A.R.D." as a potential pilot.

When interviewed for the job, the the Director of GUARD, Neil Norton himself, showed up at the interview, and instead offered a different job for him.  "How'd you like to wear the STRATA armor again?", the director asked.  Stunned, Baker replied "yes", only to find out that GUARD had a 'copy' of the armor's designs and they had been building a copy of the suit secretly for their ASTROGUARD Division, however, with the advent of a new ASTROGUARD team of "Astroguardians", they didn't need the suit anymore. The director did, however, think that Baker might be interested in donning a modified and more powerful version of the armor and join a group more up his alley.  The group: The Aeroguardians.

Baker took all of one second to say, "I'll take the job!".

Taking the new codename, "Stratotanker", Baker has truly found his calling and is the happiest member on the team. Who else gets to don one of the most powerful sets of armor on the planet AND fight every day?


"VERRRRY FEW", according to Baker.





  • The STRATA Armor, with the GUARD upgrades, provides amazing protection and strength feats


  • The energy gauntlets can be used for incredible melee combat and are double layered to provide fantastic protection.


  • The jet/Rocket Pack on the back of his suit allows for travel up to and including the exosphere, with a range variably depending on atmosphere, out to 1200 miles to a maximum speed, again depending on atmosphere, of 600 mph.

  • He can carry over 5 tons in addition to his own armored weight of nearly 700 lbs (doesn't do well on soft flooring surfaces or unsupported flooring).

  • His helmet has all the advanced communications, high speed internet burst network, and sensors.

  • He also has a fire-suppression system in his suit, along with a deployable and inflatable 5-man raft in each shoulder mount.

  • His generator system is based on an experimental compact version of what is used for in the Skyport perpetual engines.

  • Capsules on his belt are loaded with survival equipment; thermal blankets, food, water, first aid equipment heaters, flashlights and cooling packs



Leadership (Proficient)

Military (Proficient)

Pilot (Professional)

Test Pilot/Test Operator (Professional)
Marksman (Professional)

Engineering (Professional)

Aerial Combat (Professional)

Aerial Warfare (Professional)

GUARD Regulations (Proficient)

Boxing (Professional)

Martial Arts: Judo, Karate (Proficient)

First Aid/Field Medicine (Proficient)

Triage (Proficient)

Search and Rescue (SAR) (Proficient)

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