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Red Dynasty

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Real Name Unknown



China: Yes, World: No

late 20s








~40 alias names

Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 Feb 2012



Unknown (believed to be related to Manchurian Murata though)



This unknown Chinese state 'hero' is a devout communist as well as heir to the most legendary magical sword in all of China - the Golden Sword of Sui Renshi.

The Chinese government trained Red Dynasty in professional martial arts, combat, and swordsmanship (especially with the Golden Sword) all in secrecy.

Recently, Red Dynasty showed up with Manchurian Murata demanding to be placed in with the latest iteration of the Allied FightersMurata was allowed in, but the furious Allied Fighter's leader, Major Invader,  refused to have Red Dynasty, whom the Major considered a 'communist Chinese spy', in his ranks.

In conjunction with this, the United States Secretaries of Defense and State both stipulated that if Red Dynasty was allowed into the Allied Fighters, that the Allied Fighters would lose their classified security clearance and access. Murata also stated that if Red Dynasty wasn't allowed on the team, then Murata would leave too.  Major Invader angrily conceded and allowed both Manchurian Murata and Red Dynasty on the team...and losing the team's U.S. classified and government security clearances in the process.  Major Invader was not happy with this arrangement especially having Red Dynasty on the team, but, as the Major mentioned later, "easier to watch him when he's with us, than not have him with us and not knowing what he's up to".


Today, Red Dynasty disparagingly plods through his Zeta Squad teamwork 'training' with Manchurian Murata, but mentions each day how 'beneath' him all of their training is and that his skills are already superior to any and all combatants in the whole of the Allied Fighters


Regardless, Major Invader is keeping a very watchful eye on Red Dynasty...especially since the Major thinks Red Dynasty might have secret ties with the new Chinese superhero team, the Champions of China, and that there might also be a familial tie-in to Manchurian Murata...a tie-in that Murata has 'changed the subject' about several times already...



Power Origin: Unknown.

As it is, the listed powers here may be based on equipment, but nothing has been proven that they aren't actually Red Dynasty's innate powers.

  • Kinetic Energy Field

    • Red Dynasty has an ability (magical, technology-based, mutant or science-based?) to create an excellent-ranked  protective field around himself against any physical or energy attacks.  Most bullets bounce/fall from the field, reminiscent of the kinetic amplifier field power of Kinetic Avenger.


  • Body Armor

    • Red Dynasty wears good protective armor from head to toe

    • The helmet, gauntlets, belt and boots are excellent in protecting him from all forms of attacks.

    • Chameleon Color Shifting

      • the armor (all of it) has been coated in an electronic paint that can be changed to any color combination with a dial adjuster on his belt

      • solar-powered/charged: max life with full charge = 12 hours; no charge, battery only= 4 hours

      • Can be shorted out with any form of a good-level magnetic and/or electrical attack or pulse

      • Predominant color combinations used:

        • black for stealth operations

        • red/yellow for Chinese affiliation (default)

        • red, white & blue (used to piss off Major Invader)


  • Golden Sword of Sui Renshi

    • Unbreakable magical Golden Da'o Sword, created in 1035.

    • Cuts any physical, energy and magical creations to an increased level's damage above the wielder's strength.

    • The sword contains magical properties that the bearer can manipulate by saying certain ancient Chinese words.  These powers include:

      • Sonic attack. Creates a good sonic screech that can disorient people within 12 feet of the sword.

      • Self-illumination. Can light up an area up to 6 feet in radius.

      • Frightening evil spirits.  Any magical evil spirits or demons become remarkably fearful and run away for miles or elsewhere whenever said evil spirits are within 12 feet of the sword.  This works on most low-level evil spirits.

      • Hovering flight. Allows Red Dynasty to fly/hover at 20 mph to a maximum altitude of 200 feet above ground level at the time of hover

  • Allied Fighters Earwig

    • Audio radio transceiver

    • 250 mile range; lasts 3 days on battery

  • Sub-dermal Tracker (not public knowledge)

    • Place by Chinese government; implanted under skin at base of skull, near spine

    • 1000 mile range

    • Battery lasts for 1 year

    • Those who know it exists:

      • Chinese government

      • Red Dynasty

      • Major Invader (discovered it on his own; the others (of course) don't know he knows)



  • Melee fighting with Golden Sword (Unequal)

  • Martial Arts - Fighting with hands (Master)

  • Martial Arts - Oriental Weapons (Melee) (Master)

  • Martial Arts - Oriental Weapons (ranged) (Master)

  • Martial Arts - Staff fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts - Acrobatics/Dodging (master)

  • Martial Arts - Focused accuracy (master)

  • Martial Arts - Initiative/swiftness (master)

  • Stealth (proficient)

  • Chinese Socialism/Communism (Professional)

  • Spying/Intelligence Gathering (Professional)

  • Chinese Military/Government (Professional)

  • High Tech Weapons/Systems (Proficient)

  • Computers/Networks (Professional)

  • Communications Equipment/Satellite Communications (Professional)

  • Pilot (single & multi-engine, prop and jet) (professional)

  • Navigation (professional)

  • Spirit Magic (proficient)

  • Olympic track & field athlete (decathlon) (silver medalist) (Professional)

  • Olympic 10,000m Runner (gold medalist) (Professional)

  • Olympic Gymnast (silver medal-individual; gold-team) (Professional)

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