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Aaron Walker




Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 25 Dec 2006



None Identified at this time



Inspired by many of today's veteran superheroes, young Aaron Walker decided to become the next technology-based superhero and create his own powerful, armored suit; a suit he could use to help people...maybe even save a few lives as well.

Hitting the books as early as age 8, Aaron studied constantly, always getting "A"s in his classes.  After he was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aaron worked on a triple major in advanced metallurgy, alternative power and weapons science.  Years later, he achieved his Masters degrees in both Engineering AND Science.

He found a job with a reputable technology firm, but soon learned that anything he proposed was far above 'status quo' for the company.  Instead, he fumbled with jobs that were far beneath his skills and learning.  The nation's financial crisis and rising unemployment even further hindered is ability to find a place where he could apply his incredible engineering skills.  That's when he made a fateful decision - he'd go into business himself.

Within the first two years of his newly-created company, "Walker Technologies" of San Francisco, California, Aaron was able to achieve several government contracts for weapons systems for the Navy and the Air Force.  With some money in the bank and his family's inheritance nearly spent, he started designing the armor he believed he was destined to wear. Hundreds of failures later, Aaron was finally able to wear his first battle armor, which he designated as "Ascender Armor Mark 1".

The first time Aaron went out as the superhero "Ascender" was far from perfect. He destroyed two cars on the freeway, sending five people to the emergency room...all to save a duck crossing the highway.


The public was not amused.


Weeks later, Aaron aided the police in a bank robbery, however, after Ascender was done setting up a complicated trap for the bad guys to be caught in, he found out they'd escaped through a floor access into the sewer system.


Again, the public was not amused.

That's when it happened.

An old super-group called 'The Protectors' that had been around since 1975, was not only being shutdown, but was broadcast by a band of villains on live TV that they were going to raid and destroy the Protector's old base (which had recently been converted into an Emergency Services Management Center) now that the last living Protector (that went by the code-name "Redwood") was dead.


Redwood was one of those veteran heroes that Aaron looked up. He always considered the Protectors to be a truly inspirational hero group; a group he was not going to allow to be destroyed without a fight.


Donning his new Mark II armor which he'd modified with new armoring and several new untested gadgets, Aaron flew to the old Protectors' base - an old shore artillery platform from World War II on the Presidio's coastline property. There, he encountered not one but dozens of super-powered villains, mercenaries, thugs and gang members, all working together to access and destroy the building. The hostage TV camera crew was still broadcasting live. Knowing there was no way to stop all of them, he made an impressive speech to the villains and them asked if any other heroes willing to help could join him, they could stop the wave of crime that was permeating the entire Bay Area.  With that, ashamed to use the name "Ascender" (thanks to his lackluster start with that name), He told everyone his name was "Protechtor" with a 'tech' for technology and then charged into battle. Protechtor fought them all simultaneously, keeping each one on the ropes long enough to concoct a means by which to defeat them. One by one, the villains started to go down.  That's when the site become flooded with more villains and thugs than Protechtor could handle. He fought for several minutes, barely making any headway, all the while his new armor as his gadgets started failing one by one, making him more vulnerable each minute. Again, Protechtor pleaded through the TV camera crew for any and all heroes with the will and capability to help stop these "Villains of our Bay Area", but sadly, no one seemed to show...not even the police.

It soon became a cacophony of painful hits and damage. No sooner than he finished defeating one villain, merc or thug, another would attack.  Protechtor finally collapsed in battle from the pain and fatigue.

That's when Aaron's pleas were finally answered.

Several new superheroes showed up within minutes of each other.  Protechtor got helped back up and continued to fight with these new heroes, all the while the TV camera crew caught every second of the battle. Protechtor's armor was shredded; he was bleeding all over it.  Components were fizzing electrical shorts and yet Protechtor got up after each hit and kept after the bad guys. Shortly thereafter, the police showed up, as did the local Army National Guard unit and finally US Army Apache attack helicopters from nearby Fort Ord.

After 20 minutes more of battling, the heroes and local police and army units won.  Over 60 super-powered villains, mercenaries and thugs were hospitalized and/or arrested on the site. Dozens more set out from the the site, creating havoc and mayhem in their wake, shooting innocent civilians, children, etc, all while fleeing to escape the authorities.

The battle-weary heroes that came to help Protechtor were about to depart when Protechtor asked them instead to help 'protect' just a little more.   He asked for them to break up and patrol the streets and alleys and find all those that were continuing to do evil that day (which seemed like everywhere in the city that day).  They all fidgeted for a moment, but then agreed, and off they went to help stop the additional criminals and gang members that got away and/or were continuing in their path of death and destruction.  That included Protechtor who shakily got to his feet and flew off to do the same thing - protect the people.

Over the next 12 hours, those heroes inspired everyday people, as well as the police and the National Guard to go out and stop the wave of criminal actions occurring well into the next day's morning.  It was an exhausting, news-filled, stressful night in the bay Area, but in the end, Protechtor and his new 'Protectors', as the media was calling them, saved the day.

Protechtor had chased a dangerous psychotic villain code named "Nuek M. High" (who was one of the villains beating up Protechtor earlier at the old Protectors base) across the city, trying his best not to engage the villain in the residential areas he was running through. Finally after a long chase across the Oakland Bay Bridge and onto the UC Berkeley campus, Nuek M. High, got into the campus' only nuclear reactor facility. It was a small reactor, however, if placed in a "China Syndrome" condition, the reactor could spew a radioactive cloud hundreds of miles long and irradiate everything with lethal levels of radiation for up to two miles.  Thanks to his knowledge in engineering and energy, Protechtor not only stopped the villain from even starting a China Syndrome, but also encased the radioactive-powered villain in a thickly-shielded, Hafnium-lined tanker, where Nuek M. High was eventually subdued and removed from the city (Nuek M. High is now in a high security prison on the Moon).

In the end, over 225 villains, thugs and mercenaries lay either dead, defeated, hospitalized or had simply 'given up' thanks to the heroes and the local police and military units. Half of the crime cartel, Crimewave, was arrested and/or hospitalized, causing a new gang 'blood war' between Crimewave and the Protectors, according to Crimewave's leader, Crimemaster.  Over three dozen Death Legion assassins were taken down, causing the local Death Legion base of operations to be discovered and raided, shutting it down permanently to this day. 

After all of this, Protechtor finally succumbed to his injuries at UC Berkeley, exhausted and unable to stand up.  One of the heroes arrived and took him back to the old Protector's base, where a medical triage room helped to get him stabilized.  The only reason they didn't take him to the hospital was he was wearing a helmet and the heroes were unsure if it was right to reveal his identity. As such they placed a mask over his face to keep his identity a secret.


A day later, Aaron awoke. By this time a professional medical team had taken care of him on site.  He was stable, but would need  time to recover. Each of the heroes who helped him were there when he awoke.  They were also hurt and bandaged, but seeing them spoke volumes as to the character each of them engendered.  He thanked each one individually in turn.


That's when the legendary Major Deej of the hero group known as the Challengers showed up.


Major Deej personally thanked each person there (including the police and military personnel) and told Protechtor that he should be proud of the stand he took the previous day. He exclaimed that if he ever needed his help, the Major would be there with a simple phone call (which he gave a card with the number for such a thing)...however, he added, it seemed like Protechtor already had a fantastic team already to do the job that obviously got done.  He praised each one of them and explained the need for their continued vigilance in protecting the innocent and those that cannot protect themselves. With that, Major Deej left (as did all the camera crews), leaving only the heroes that helped Protechtor out the day before.


After several minutes of discussion, each was given a number to call to keep in contact, since each of them did not want to be part of a team at that time. Although Aaron tried, they were too engaged in their personal agendas to put any effort into a team.  Aaron was devastated over this.  Rather than dwell on the negative, Aaron started to devise a way to get them all together again...and it started with his next hospital visitor - the Mayor of San Francisco.  After a wonderful photo op, Protechtor asked for a moment alone with the mayor.  Aaron stated that the city 'needs' heroes like the Protectors and was wondering what could be done about that. Realizing a perfect political advantage, the mayor and Protechtor worked out a plan to make the "Protectors" one of the greatest things to be done in the Bay Area in decades.


After a couple weeks of recuperation (and mayoral interactions), Aaron, as Protechtor, contacted his fellow heroes and told them they needed to show up 'if for no reason than for the children' at the San Francisco City Hall on January 24th for the "Protectors Day" proclamation and annual celebration day and each of them being awarded a key to the city.  Each of them agreed to show, but disliked the attention and insisted they'd not agree to anything beyond that.


On that day, the heroes showed up to a full-blown media regalia for the newly anointed "Protectors Day" and the presentation of the keys to the city to each of the heroes, which included awards of recognition to several policemen and National Guardsmen who (posthumously) earned the same honor after losing their lives in the same day's actions.


After the day of media, photo sessions and accolades, Protechtor tried to get the team to meet again at the Protector's base the next day at noon.  None of them agreed, but all of them showed up nonetheless.


Protechtor explained a plan to restart the "Protectors" group and wanted each of them to be new member heroes. He told them he got the Mayor to fund the group $5 million a year and that they'd never 'have' to go on humanitarian-based missions if they didn't want to or if they chose democratically against a majority vote between the active members of the team. After a week of convincing and cajoling, they all agreed to attempt to do this for a one year, temporary basis where they'd vote at the end of that year on whether to continue or not as a team.

After an incredible year of being the Protectors, all of them unanimously agreed to continue the team.

Since then, Protechtor and the Protectors have continued to fight the good fight, protecting the citizens on the US west coast and beyond.

Aaron's business, 'Walker Technologies' has been getting tons of work since then.  Aaron's designs he'd dreamed of building were now being mass produced and bought by businesses everywhere around the world, bringing in hundreds of millions in revenue each year, most of which he gives to charity and/or uses on updating/upgrading his armor and the base.  After assigning a new Vice President for Operations to take over the day-to-day operations of the business, Aaron has since found the time to do the other thing he dreamed of - being a superhero; being a 'Protector', or more to the point being a "Protechtor" in a new Mark III suit!



Power Origin: Normal/Technology.


Powers: None (All abilities are based on his technology and armor). 



Mark III Armor:

  • Armoring

    • Unearthly radiation protection

    • Incredible physical, energy, temperate, toxin, toxic protection

    • Excellent psionic/mental protection

    • Good Magical protection

  • Helmet

    • Same​ armoring as above

    • Incredible visual/flash protection to eyes

    • Incredible audible/sonic protection to ears

    • Holographic emitter for AHI (see below); range: 10 areas 

  • Gauntlets

    • Made of amazing material providing like level protection versus physical, temperate and energy

    • Unearthly radiation protection

    • Up to remarkable levels of energy blasts; rate of fire: 1 per several seconds​ for each gauntlet

  • Boot Jets/Flight

    • Boots are made of amazing material providing like level protection versus physical, temperate and energy.

    • Unearthly radiation protection

    • Allows for flight with speeds up to Mach 1.2

  • Rocket Pack (Optional Accessory)

    • When worn, allows wearer to fly up to Mach 2.5 (~1500 mph) with a max altitude allowance of 80,000 feet.

    • Made of fantastic composite materials, allowing the same level of protection versus physical, temperate and energy.

    • Unearthly radiation protection

    • Allows for full speed flight for up to 2 hours or Mach 1.5 for 3.2 hours, pending on additional weight and altitude.

  • Power Generation

    • Unearthly shielding versus all but psionic and magical

    • Excellent psionic and magic protection 

    • When fully charged, the generator unit can store up to 400 units of power

    • Generates 2 units of power every several seconds

    • Has a variety of adapters to draw in or expel power through a converter that can select alternate current (AC), direct current (DC), ionized energy, positronic energy, plasma energy or cosmic.

  • Electronics Package

    • ECM Protection

      • Amazing level of electro-magnetic protection​

    • Communications

      • Worldwide satellite access. Capable of interfacing with any and all national and international non-government controlled communications and GPS satellites​. Range: Unlimited on Earth

    • Computer Interlinks​

      • Connected with WWW via Walker Tech VPN (which uses the comms listed above)​

      • 3500 Mbps max speed

      • 'Ascender' Holographic Interface (AHI) tied to massive Walker Tech Server Network for complex troubleshooting and analysis

  • Surveillance Equipment

    • Video and security camera access to multiple national and international non-government cameras

    • Infrared, Night vision, Ultraviolet, Radio, low-powered X-Ray and Normal light vision

    • Systems recording and analysis

    • Tactical computer provides incredible accuracy and intuition

  • Variable Unique Components and Gizmos​

    • Unique weapon and/or devices with a power rate not to exceed incredible ​and incapable of drawing more than 120 max power units (total) - cannot be recharged; one shot devices.

      • Environmental Sensors​

      • Frequency modulators/diffuser

      • power amplifiers

      • power converters

      • nanoprobe/nanobyte repair units

      • electro-magnetic devices

      • Radiance pods

      • Radiation pods

      • Laser/Cutting Beam Devices

      • Survival Pod (makes water and food paste for total of 10 days)

      • Shield (provides circular 2 ft. radius energy shield from gauntlet connection (left or right gauntlet) for additional incredible protection versus physical, energy, temperate, radiation, toxic, toxin and plasma for max of 1 minute time.

      • Cosmic energy emitter


  • Electronics (Master)

  • Engineering (Master)

  • Energy Creation/Procurement/Storage (Master)

  • Energy Conversion (Master)

  • CEO (Professional)

  • Business (Master)

  • Metallurgy (Master)

  • Digital Communications (Professional)

  • Holographic Engineering (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Construction (Proficient)

  • Finance (Proficient)

  • Wrestling (Proficient)

  • Chess (Professional)

  • RPG Gaming (Professional)

  • Computer Engineering/Design (Professional)

  • Literature (Proficient)

  • Environmental Science (Professional)

  • Environmental Engineering (Professional)

  • Chemical engineering (proficient)

  • Mathematics (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • German (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Chinese (Barely Proficient)

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