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M.C. Renault

Game Strategy Plan
Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)Sting
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Rosemary Renault*




early 30s








Mission Coordinator




Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 Oct 2008​




*As Rosemary Renault, her position in SAR Inc., GUARD and the Aeroguardians is public knowledge. As "Lisa Swan", she is considered dead as a result of a car crash in Washington D.C., with all records of her previous life available in their respective public and military files (with her military operations records considered 'classified' and sealed for Pentagon-listed 'eyes only' access).



Lisa Swann started her career as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), learning and participating in Ground Search and Rescue, earning her student pilots license before her driver's license, and becoming the CAP National Cadet of the Year during her junior year in high school. In high school, she was the top performer in Track & Field, helping her school earn a national title, and her, national honors. With a 4.2 GPA, she graduated from high school with honors.  From there she attended and graduated from West Point graduating with a dual degree in Organizational Behavior Studies and Systems Science and Theory, with honors. 

After graduating from West Point, Lisa was assigned to Army Intelligence and quickly rose through the ranks to Captain in just three years. Soon thereafter, the Pentagon demanded her expertise in Army Special Operations.  Getting field experience, she successfully led dozens of secretive missions taking out terrorists, kidnappers and hostage takers.


After being promoted to Major, she was reassigned to a top secret U.S. government tactical analysis group; a group that was composed of some of the most brilliant, yet controversial men and women...and the world.  While there, she became 'uncomfortable' with the missions and the mission personnel and instead resigned from her position and the military.


The day after she left her job and the military, she was abducted.


The abductors were a  mysterious group of men claiming to be associated with an organization only known as "Scorpius". They wanted to recruit her to their organization, and were willing to pay handsomely for her involvement so long as she did what they told her to do and kept Scorpius a secret.  Knowing that this 'Scorpius' organization is one she'd been researching and attempting to quell in her Spec Ops days, she knew no good could come from working with them. She knew she had to escape or she would surely be killed. She went along with their plan, only to buy time to devise an escape.


While transporting Lisa in a stealth-like plane, heading to what seemed like Central America, she broke free from her bonds and battled with her abductors. The plane was damaged in the fighting and careened into the ocean.  She was the only survivor.  Knowing she only had days to live in the open ocean, she crafted wreckage pieces of the plane, forming a raft, and then jury-rigging a makeshift propulsion system.  While propelling herself to shore, Lisa knew that somehow, someone she knew had compromised ehr.  The problem: she had no idea who it was that double-crossed her.  As such, she knew that she'd have to figure out a way to let "Lisa Swann stay dead, and assume a new identity.


A few hours later, Lisa reached the shore. Surprisingly, she'd run ashore in Acapulco, Mexico.  There, she hid and buried her makeshift raft, following up with obtaining a bright red party wig she found in a beach trash can. Once in disguise and clear of the beach, she walked her way back to the United States border.  Once there, she knew she knew she was going to need help to get across the border and into the United States, however, there was no one she trusted; all except one - her old high school boyfriend, Isaac Armstrong.

Isaac was now the CEO of his own Search & Rescue company called SAR Inc.  He received  Lisa's call and quickly directed her to one of his SAR Inc. manufacturing buildings a few miles away from her location.  That night, Isaac flew to the same site in Mexico where he finally met up with Lisa after the many years since they'd seen each other.  After a few hours of Lisa explaining EVERYTHING that had happened to her, Isaac called a friend of his own, that he trusted, that also had a run in with Scorpius as well; Neal Norton, an executive officer in the worldwide protection organization known as G.U.A.R.D.


A few hours later, Neal, Isaac, a certain black ops duo only designated as "Mr & Mrs. Black" and Lisa went over all the info and data that Lisa told Isaac earlier.  Neal told them all that as he was flying to their location, he saw a newsfeed about Lisa's death in an auto accident in Washington D.C. and that that only her dental records confirmed her burnt body's remains. Everyone there knew this was now a cover-up at the highest level. As such, everyone in the room agreed, Lisa Swann had to stay dead.


In Lisa's place, GUARD created a new identity for her as Rosemary Renault, an executive with SAR Inc. Liking the idea of going from her original black hair to being a 'redhead', she had her hair surgically changed to red, and had a bit of plastic surgery done to change key identification features on her face, hands and feet, including fingerprint alteration.  After establishing her fake identity, new residence and all the doctored documents she'd need, Neal Norton and his team 'slipped away' off on a separate mission, while "Rosemary" and Isaac flew back to his SAR Inc. HQ to get "Rosemary" integrated into her hew secret identity and job.


Rather than sit behind a desk, "Rosemary" found a niche in Isaac's business.  She was an amazing organizer and within months, had SAR Inc. organized better than it ever had been, making a 10% increase in SAR Inc's profits as a result of Rosemary's reorganization.  While there, she also worked hard at becoming SAR Inc's Master Mission Coordinator, a role Lisa/Rosemary was practically born for. Even though Neal and Isaac wanted Lisa/Rosemary to keep a low profile, she knew she couldn't shy away from using her talents to help save other people's lives. 


After qualifying and obtaining the Master Mission Coordinator position (voted overwhelmingly by the senior SAR Inc personnel), Lisa/Rosemary coordinated some of the most dynamic and impossible rescue missions ever devised by SAR Inc.  Thanks to her coordination skills, and in conjunction with the incredible efforts in SAR equipment and platform research and applications, Issac and SAR Inc won a Nobel Prize for their life-saving techniques, equipment and humanitarian practices.


Shortly thereafter, SAR Inc, through negotiations with GUARD and its AEROGUARD division, provided a near billion dollar contract for the rights to build and use SAR Inc's equipment and practices. As such, Issac was going to turn over operations of SAR Inc to Lisa/Rosemary, however, Neal Norton though it might be better to have "Rosemary" be a bit closer in GUARD, and devised an opening for her in AEROGUARD's new super-powered group called the "Aeroguardians".  Lisa/Rosemary was initially reluctant to cross over, but after discussing it with Isaac, she told Isaac that as long as Isaac joined and led the Aeroguardians, she agree to work with GUARD from there on. Today, her title in the Aeroguardians is "M.C. Renault", with the "M.C." meaning "Master/Mission Coordinator".

To this day, it seems no one is the wiser as to Lisa's secret identity.  She has happier than she has been; working side-by-side with incredible people, saving lives, calling the shots when needed and doing the impossible every day. The most enjoyable aspect of her time working with the new Aeroguardians is her time with Isaac, whom she thinks, she is falling in love with.






Lisa/Rosemary's powers all come from the equipment in her SAR Suit, complete with jet/rocket pack, utility belt, good physical, heat and cold protection, a Heads-Up Display (HUD) helmet system, extended and multilayer video and audio communications equipment and arrays.

More to Come!



Her military training in Martial Arts has taught her offensive and defensive assault skills, coupled with her rifle, small arms and shotgun training.


More to Come!

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