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Sea DragonsBruno Cariou
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Known, but disbelieved





Sea Dragon (extinct)








(Controlled) Aggressive; (Freed) Shy/Sad, Passive

Maritime Marauders



Don "Major Deej" Finger








Mamilus is believed to be the last sea dragon of her kind in existence. Born over 230 years ago (with an expected life span of 300), Mamilus (as her name was given hundreds of years ago) has shyly roamed under the North Sea feeding on schools of fish and fighting an occasional shark or Orca to protect itself, never aggressively attacking unless attacked itself.  Of the few times Mamilus encountered humans at sea, it was because she was being hunted as a 'sea monster', which usually led to her attacking said hunter/sailors and destroying their ships, leaving only a few living souls to tell the tale of the 'vicious sea monster' they'd encountered.

During World War II, Mamilus was attacked by a German U-Boat, which left Mamilus near death, forcing her to take refuge for a few years to heal up from her torpedoed wounds. In the 1950s, Mamilus was once again sighted and hunted.  Old and weak, Mamilus had to take off to waters above the Arctic Circle; cold waters that, thanks to its warm blooded nature, allowed it to live, but almost in a state of frozen hibernation.

As the decades went by, the Arctic Ocean waters warmed up (some say due to 'global warming' and/or climate change) and Mamilus was able to once again revive enough to exit the cold waters and return back to the North Sea. There, it found its food supply severely curtailed (over-fishing by humans), and as such made for more distant, warmer waters.  Although she was sighted in the Mediterranean Sea for a few weeks, the high concentrations of saltwater made Mamilus sick, making her go back out to the Atlantic Ocean.  Once there, she found a new source of food readily available to her like a feeding trough; the massive schools of deep-sea fish and the fish farms of the Atlantic Kingdom.

The Atlantic Kingdom, led by its maleficent regal, King Dolphin, had to attack Mamilus on several occasions over the next dozen or so years to prevent her from feasting on the kingdom's major source of food for its Ningren workers and soldiers.  Eventually, Mamilus was driven off with sonics used by the Atlantic Kingdom's troops; sonics that drove Mamilus mad and made her highly aggressive for days thereafter.  She began attacking surface merchant ships and eventually faced off against the Portuguese Navy (wherein the Portuguese, to this day, stated they 'lost' two ships in a training accident (not a sea dragon encounter)).  Wounded, brains scrambled and still hungry, Mamilus made off to the United States' East Coast along North Carolina, where it found a bounty of fish to feed from, a chance to heal...and encounter a man who would later take control of her life and actions to this day.

While off the coast, with numerous unverified sightings by fishermen and boaters, Mamilus feasted on the schools of fish and regained some of her lost health and stamina.  During this time, she once again became a hunted creature.  A band of non-profit 'monster hunters' went after Mamilus trying to gain proof of Mamilus' existence to the world. In so doing, they amassed quite a bounty of superior technology through donations and grants and as such, became a target for piracy by a river pirate known as "Rivermaster".


Rivermaster and his band of river pirate thugs, notorious for stealing, looting and raiding ships, yachts, riverside warehouses and even military vessels, took it upon themselves to steal this tech while the monster hunters when the monster hunter's vessel made its way out onto the high seas hunting for the monster; hunting FAR away from shore where no one could come to the monster hunters' aid.  Rivermaster and his thugs boarded the monster hunter's boat and killed the monster hunter crew in cold blood. While trying to steal and remove the high tech equipment, one of the pirate thugs accidentally activated a sonic device that was initially set to a low power setting; a device that was intended to be used to 'entice' Mamilus to move/swim by the boa so they could get underwater photographic imagery (and proof), however, Rivermaster's thug, in an ignorant attempt to shut the device down, instead amplified the sonics to the highest level, causing Mamilus to once again become highly aggressive, leading her to attack the monster hunter boat...and Rivermaster's pirate ship.


Both boats sank in minutes.


Since Rivermaster always had a backup plan, he had his backup team standing by to aid in their escape and in this instance ordered them to come pick them up and save them.  Although all but one of Rivermaster's crew survived (the one being the thug who ignorantly 'sonic blasted' Mamilus), who was drowned by Rivermaster himself, Rivermaster and the remaining crew were able to escape their fate at sea. One thing did come out of all of this: Rivermaster HAD to have Mamilus for himself.

Over the next few years, in his spare time, Rivermaster tracked and hunted Mamilus, devising equipment that he figured might control the great beast and make it his to command.  One such device was created that, once Mamilus was caught and subdued, could be implanted at the base of its skull and used to control the beast.  In an epic sea battle between Rivermaster and Mamilus one year, a battle that resulted in two lost ships and ten lost crew-mates, Rivermaster finally succeeded in felling the creature and implanting the control device.  Utilizing the new control device, Rivermaster was able to fine tune it to get Mamilus to do whatever he wanted Mamilus to do otherwise she'd receive sonic pain directly through her spine and into her already addled brain, forcing her to be compliant.

Since then, Rivermaster has used Mamilus as his new tool for pulling off only the biggest heists or for use in either fending off superheroes or interrupting the authorities from chasing or tracking down Rivermaster and his raiders.  Eventually, Rivermaster encountered a man named Captain Akula.  Together, Rivermaster and Captain Akula joined forces and therein brought Mamilus into Captain Akula's band of pirates known as the Maritime Marauders.

Today, Mamilus is still under the control of Rivermaster.  An updated controller has now been placed subdurally beneath Mamilus' scaly armor at the base of its skull, preventing easy access to trying to remove said controlling device.  The controller also has several different frequencies it operates with, thus preventing any form of electronic scrambling from overriding the controller's functions and remote operations by Rivermaster (that and the fact that Mamilus has also been trained and conditioned by Rivermaster to function on voice command and hand gestures even without the use of the controller now (since Mamilus knows if it doesn't perform what's asked of her, she'll get a sonic blast to the skull and spine as punishment).

It is normally a shy creature, but now, with its advanced age, also in sad and lonely.  It doesn't hate humans, but doesn't trust them either since not a single one has ever been kind to it or tried to help it.  Under Rivermaster's control, it does whatever is ordered or expected of it.  When Rivermaster doesn't need Mamilus, or when Rivermaster has to sleep, Mamilus is allowed to go independently hunt for food and rest on its own, however, Mamilus has been conditioned to respond with a certain time period to come within range of Rivermaster to be commanded once again...or she faces an unbearable pain through the control device.

With Mamilus' advancing years and no mate in sight (or possibly in existence), she truly might be the last of her kind ever; a creature that in its final years is being forced to be controlled by humans rather than searching for a mate or living out its last years in peace and solitude.





Power Origin: Natural

Being a sea dragon, its natural powers include the following:



    • Scales provide amazing protection against physical, energy and and toxic/toxin attacks

    • Scales only provide excellent protection against the cold, but fantastic protection against heat/fire/flames

    • Scales also have a biological element in them that acts as an incredible psychic shield to any/all that attempt to mentally or psychically control the creature

    • Scales also have an innate magical association in them that acts as incredible protection against all forms of magical attacks (long time exposure to Ley line energies?)


    • Due to its mass, size and frame, she have the following physical abilities:

    • Remarkable fighting ability

    • Incredible agility and aim

    • Fantastic strength

    • Unearthly endurance and stamina


    • Teeth and Claws are of amazing biological bone material and can rend any material equal or less in material strength

  • TAIL

    • When used as a whip or a battering ram, the tail can produced up to spectacular levels of physical damage in a single strike/blow


    • Can emit a stream of plasma-like flammable biological spit that, when lit by its own brain's electrical charge, can create a flamethrower-effect of amazing fire/heat/energy damage up to 500 yards away.

    • Can maintain one fire breath blast for several seconds; requires 30 seconds before it can emit another fire breath blast

    • Can only do this 10 times a day; requires  24 hours to reacquire its 'spit'.


    • Using its massive fold-able wings, it can fly up to a max speed of 300 mph to a max altitude of (deduced) 4,000 feet.

    • Its large leathery wings provide incredible protection against all forms of physical, energy, heat, toxic/toxin damage, as well as excellent protection against cold damage


    • Amazing normal, heat, night and infra-red vision

    • Amazing heightened hearing, water movement, taste and spacial senses



  • Controlling Device

    • Made of fantastic material; armored to spectacular levels

    • Device can emit remarkably strong sonics into Mamilus brain and spine bypassing all protections and armoring, causing enormous pain if applied

    • Device can receive commands across several different frequency ranges

    • Electronic signals to/from the device are incredibly encrypted and cannot be overridden or changed unless encryption is broken through first

    • Range of device signals: 250 miles

    • If device doesn't receive a signal within 10 hours, it will automatically activate and send a sonic blast into Mamilus, prompting it to go find/go to Rivermaster for further orders/actions.  The device will do this every hour thereafter until a returned counter signal is received once within range of the remote controller held/maintained by Rivermaster.

    • NOTE: If the Controlling Device sends more than 6 sonic strikes to Mamilus' brain/spine in a day, Mamilus will have the following occur:

      • It will lose two levels of endurance

      • It will lose a level of reason

      • It will lose a level of intuition

      • It will lose a level of psyche

      • It will lose two levels of agility and operate more sluggishly, almost as if brain-addled or slightly stunned

    • NOTE: If Controlling Device sends 10 sonic strikes to Mamilus' brain/spine in a day, Mamilus brain will be 100% scrambled, requiring months if not years to heal (if even possible to be healed from). No one knows the direct/impending results of 10 strikes (madness? she attacks everything? dies? becomes a mental vegetable? - UNKNOWN) 

  • Trackers (2)

    • She has two implanted separate and unique incredibly encrypted frequency trackers

    • Both trackers are made of spectacular, non-ferrous materials

    • Provides unlimited range GPS coordinates and a real-time satellite location of Mamilus 24/7.



  • Hunter/Fisher (Master)

  • Tracking (Master)

  • Marksmanship/Aim (with tail and fire breath) (Professional)

  • Sea Navigation (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Creature/Fish Sounds & Noises (including naturally occurring underwater noises/sounds) (Professional)

  • Underwater Combat (Professional)

  • Holds (with tail) (Professional)

  • Rivermaster's Sonic & Hand Gesture Language (Professional)

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